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“L..Lyrim this isn’t what you…”  

Lyrim yelled which even made the two Lazuras officials shudder slightly. “You indulgent prick….Our father...for a girl...For this girl...You let our father, who we are flesh and blood of….Who helped bring us into life, be exiled to god knows where..”

Ginta was shocked to see his brother talk like this. He was angry but knew Lyrim was indeed right. “L..Lyrim I…” Lyrim smiled as he gave a soft laugh, looking at Kaia.

“You know what Kaia, I changed my mind. I don’t want to be the Hytio clan leader anymore… Screw it, I don’t even want to be a part of it. I’m renouncing my own clan.”

He turned to look at the officials to which they nodded, leading him to the carriage. Ginta ran towards him as if to tell him to stop, but one of the men got in his way and emitted a sort of killing intent.

Ginta stood dead in his tracks. “-They’re both experts no doubt. Most likely more powerful than me if we arent using a T.Gear. Then again, it’s forbidden to use one in the capital without permission..-”

Ginta had no choice but to stand still. The King himself, as well as Lazuras, were involved. And to make matters worse, his brother didn’t mind either.

Ginta looked at Lyrim, who had just gotten in the carriage with one of the men. He then called out in a last ditch effort. “Lyrim, think about what you are doing! If this is the choice you make, there is no turning back”

Lyrim turned to gaze at him and spoke “Right now my life is miserable. Living in your shadow, I'm outcast by the clan as well as others. If there is a chance I can make myself better, I should take it. If there is risk involved then a man should face a challenge head on.”

Lyrim had truly wanted to advance. Staying here in his brothers grasp, who hardly helped the situation, would only make things worse. Lyrim continued as he gazed at the princess. “You ruined my family and you are the cause of all this.”

Everyone was shocked, including the two officials. No one dared speak to any royalty as such, but considering Lyrim himself was important and one of a kind, a slip like this was reasonably forgivable.

Kaia spoke as the last official got inside. “Lyrim wait!” But all she was met with was the sound of the carriage door shutting and the horse like creature moving along.

5 Minutes had passed and Lyrim was leaning against the edge of the carriage interior, resting his head on his hand. One of the officials spoke. “Lyrim, in the future, Lazuras cannot make sure you won’t go unpunished should a slip up like that occur again.”

Lyrim gave a frustrated look and nodded. Lazuras to begin with had several branches. Each kingdom had their own HQ, but with them being close to the kingdoms there are rumors of those members being under the nobles payroll.

Of course, the evidence to go with this was the Lazuras spies that had played a role in proving his father was plotting to overthrow the King. The only positive measure this held in the end was that the main Lazuras branch had tracked these spies down and dealt with them.

Was the price of gold really worth it to them? Lyrim pondered quietly. Several hours passed, Lyrim had fallen asleep, but the sudden stop of the carriage made him slump down slightly. Opening his eyes, he gazed outside with awe.

What greeted him was a large building unlike any he had ever seen before. It was out of this world. The building itself was like a military fortress with guards stationed everywhere. And not just the casual knights, these were T.Gear users.

“We are exiting now.” One of the officials spoke, breaking Lyrim from his curious trance. Lyrim turned to face him, noticing one had already exited, and then both Lyrim and the other man exited, only to be greeted by a young woman in uniform.

She had black hair that ran to her shoulders. The hairstyle itself was nothing fancy, but it was a clean look. Then again, this was Lazuras’s HQ, no need to show off when there is so many interesting things to pay attention to.

Other than her hair, she had a fair complexion, with a gentle sort of angelic smile with green eyes and some makeup and red lipstick that didn’t ruin her image. She wore circular earrings that seemed to be nothing special. Her nails weren’t painted, but her hands seemed somewhat rough.

Most likely due to her previous training. The women spread her lips and spoke to Lyrim as the two guards walked and stood by her side. “You must be the new unique test subject.” Lyrim raised a brow “Test subject?”

She chuckled, covering her mouth slightly as she laughed. “Hehe, sorry, it’s a joke. My name is Rina, I’ll be in charge of making sure you don’t have any issues, as well as overseeing everything”
Lyrim cautiously gazed at her. He found it hard to believe her words before were a joke.

In the end, he gave in the moment he saw her hand extend. He took it and softly shook it. Although his curiosity had gotten to better of him. “What exactly am I needed for here?” He didn’t really know himself.
This was a sign of his impulse of wanting to get away from his brother. He didn’t know what they needed him for, but he came anyway. He knew what would happen. “Don’t worry dear, you will be shown soon. Follow me please.”

It didn’t seem like she intended to continue the greeting for long. The 4 of them made their way towards the main building, and after the correct ID was shown they were let inside. The entrance to the facility was pretty scary for someone who hadn’t seen such things before.

To the sides were creatures that had been captured and were most likely going to be used in T.Gears. Lyrim couldn’t help but name a few. “T..That’s a Beast level Plains Hound. I thought they were all dead?!! Oh oh! Isn’t that a Mega Beast Steel Rhino?? Whoa…”

Rina couldn’t help but grin. It seemed Lyrim was pretty knowledgeable. “Lyrim, they never told me you seemed to be smart” Lyrim turned a soft shade of red as he kept quiet, not knowing how to respond.

Rina softly laughed again, her sweet voice almost calming. “Were here.” It had taken 5 minutes of walking down several corridors and clearance areas before they arrived at a lower facility. The entrance was several meters tall as well as made from material used for T.Gears

“Why does this area seem so much more fortified than the rest?” Lyrim asked nervously, wondering if there was something dangerous. Of course Rina reassured him. “Don’t worry, behind this there aren't any creatures, but something important nonetheless.”

As the two officlas stood outside, keeping guard, Lyrim spoke “They’re not coming?” Rina was quick to respond as the large metal doors began to open, releasing a gust of air. “They're not allowed. This is a special zone.”

Lyrim raised a brow and looked in forwards. The light from the room blinded him for a bit before his eyes adjusted, but even then the sight was incredible. His eyes, after adjusting, had grown wide with shock.

In front of him, the inside of the room was more like a mini storage facility. Several people were working on technology never heard of before. There were T.Spheres being made as well as several T.Gears that looked high ranked being examined. But what caught his eye was the large square gate that seemed to span 20x10 meters. It also had several pipes hooked up to it.

“T..That’s a field portal...But why is it so big?” Rina gently patted his back, causing him to take a step inside. He looked around and her voice began to speak. “This is where our technology is developed, as well as where research is conducted. Mainly. That field portal is what you will be using. It’s a new prototype.”

Both Lyrim and her stepped inside, and had entered further. Looking around curiously, Lyrim couldn’t help but want to sneak off. But Rina made sure he hadn’t. As they entered even further, they arrived at a small control area where several people dressed in what appeared to be science coats conducted research.

But what stood out was a man who didn’t seem to fit in. He seemed bored and not interested with things, but Rina’s voice seemed to snap him out of it. “Lord Bray, you do not look too happy” The man turned to look with a ‘Huh’ like expression at the source of the voice.

“Rina, there you are. I’m at my wits end in this place. I don’t fit in, a man like me.” He blinked, gazing at Lyrim with a smile “Oh, who have we here?” He spoke with interest. Lyrim’s eyes seemed to shine. “B..Bray, 7th hero of the survival crusade, and owner of the Catalyst set Earthquake…”

Bray couldn’t help but laugh “Hahaha, this boy. I don’t know who he is but I like him already” Rina cleared her throat with the smile on her face not leaving. “This young boy is Lyrim Hytio, the one with the ability that is a godsend for us”

Bray blinked and leaned closer as he examined him “Hmmm, I was expecting someone a little uhh… Older” Lyrim frowned and replied “Although I’m still young, I like to think I’m reasonably aware and mature Sir.”

Bray only chuckled again before nodding “He has heart, I’ll give him that. Well then, I take it protocols happened, meaning you didn’t tell him anything?” It seemed he knew things well, especially Rina, who nodded with her smile still there.

Lyrim, who looked back and forth between the two, was shown to a nearby room with a single table with several chairs. As him and the two others entered, the sound of the outside world seemed to vanish.

“Whoa..” Lyrim hadn’t heard about any noise cancelling technology before. Bray spoke with a smile “Like it? The eggheads made it. Noise cancelling metal. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s going to be used for a lot of things.”

One could only assume military use as well. The three of them took their seats. Lyrim on one side, while Bray and Rina sat next to each other several feet apart. Bray cleared his throat and gave a serious look.

“Lyrim, how old are you?” Lyrim spoke like he was at a job interview “I’m turning 12 this year Sir..” Bray placed his hands on the desk and gazed even more carefully at him, while Rina seemed to go through papers that had already been here since before they entered.

“You know, they tell me you can absorb natural energy, like the creatures we use for our T.Gears. You only found out a while ago, doesn't that scare you?” Lyrim only shook his head. “Well I've dealt with things before.. It’s still new and I don't think I can believe it. Afterall, I don't feel any different?” He spoke almost questionably. “Very good. Rina, come with me please, I want to discuss something with you.”

Rina blinked and replied “But we only just sa-” She didn't finish, seeing the look in Bray’s eyes. She would then stand up without question and leave. Bray then spoke. “Lyrim, we will be back soon. Please remain here.”

Lyrim had a feeling something was going to happen, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He waited there patiently. Before he knew it, a large section of the room’s ceiling had opened up and a strange, somewhat transparent mist had seeped in. It had no color or taste but it was incredibly frightening, as if he were about to die.

“W..What's going on!!” Lyrim quickly backed off. He was still a child at heart. The chair he was on falling as he ran to the door “Let me out!! Let me out, let me out!!” He banged on the door, a frightened look on his face.

The strange mist had engulfed the entire room, including him. Knowing he would probably die, he huddled up and shut his eyes, waiting for the end. But it only took a few moments before he opened his eyes again to see nothing happened.

In fact, other than dying, he felt great. As if his entire body had been cleaned and every pore on his skin opened up. He didn't feel hungry, in fact he felt as if something warm had entered his stomach. He felt relaxed but energetic.

He looked around curiously, wondering what was going on. He then figured it was maybe some sort of mist to clean the body or rejuvenate it, but he was still angry that they hadn’t told him. Maybe this was what they wanted him for.

As several minutes turned to a half hour, then a full hour, then 2 hours. He was sitting on his chair again, tapping the table, bored out of his mind. The strange mist would then be sucked up into a powerful vacuum, and a few seconds later, the entire room was normal. Lyrim though, still felt great.

“Hmm?” He looked around before seeing the door open. Following Bray were several men dressed in science outfits with the Lazuras emblem on them, which were 4 swords crossing over a purple shield.

The scientists went over to Lyrim and began to look at him as if seeing if something happened or examining changes. Lyrim though, was frightened. As if he had been infected with a disease. “What’s..going on?!” Bray walked over with a soft laugh.

“Boy, you're incredible! I haven't seen anyone withstand that before. Even I have trouble staying in that for more than 5 minutes” Lyrim was still confused, wanting to know what it was. Rina, who shoved her way through, cleared her throat as she began to explain.

“We weren't sure if your ability was legitimate or if something was wrong...So Bray..” She looked at him, narrowing her eyes to which he laughed nervously “Decided to flood the entire room with a sort of synthetic natural energy to see if your ability was real.”

Lyrim was quiet as the scientists examined him more and began writing reports. “So if I didn't have this ability...“ Bray intervened “You would have died a few seconds in” Lyrim didn't feel so good anymore. He felt like puking.

“Y..You were willing to kill me…?” Bray raised a brow, becoming all the more serious. “Lyrim, this isnt a place for fun and games. Weren't you the one who told me you felt more mature?”
Lyrim bit his tongue. He was right, so he went along with it.

Rina smiled, walked by Lyrim, and patted his back. “On the bright side, your ability is real. You absorb energy as much as a natural creature. This means we can go along with our 2nd phase.”

Lyrim looked up at her worryingly “Second..phase?” Rina only smiled, and Bray spoke instead of her. “That’s right, infusing you with your T.Gear” Lyrim’s face, previously scared out of his mind, had lit up. To think he would have a chance to own a T.Gear.



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