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herifo had been with lyrim for nearly two hours explaining things about lazuras and the cool things they get to do almost as if trying to convince lyrim to come. “w..whoa you get to visit new worlds before they are even availible? thats incredible.”

lyrim at heart was still a child allthough he had been forced to mature somewhat for his own survival one couldnt give away there childish dreams.

herifo then smiled as he sat backwards on a chair his arms on the edge of it. “so lyrim what dreams do you have” as if on que lyrim who was seated up began to think. he remembered his father and had seen him wearing his own t.gear it was incredible.

not only that but it was also beautiful and powerful he could crush hundred ton boulders with a single fist. “i..iv always dreamt of having my own t.gear” herifo grinned and cleared his throat. “well you know lyrim you caused quite a stir at lazuras.”

lyrim blinked curiously as he asked. “i did ? what do you mean?..” herifo continued. well the boy who has the ability that can absorb natural energy not even my t.gear has that let alone others. you even gave them hope for something.

hope was a strong word used these days and lyrim hadnt ever really thought about it considering his circumstances everyday after all was a somewhat struggle to survive. “what do you mean something?” lyrim raised a curious brow.

“oh thats right “ herifo chuckled. “you dont know yet.” herifo looked around before leaning in to whisper. “dont tell anyone this and not even the higher ups when you meet them. but we are working on a special t.gear ment for travelling the higher leveled planets and your the only candiate for it.”

lyrims eyes lit up like fireworks he bassically figured the words unique special and higher level planets was a sort of incredible accomplishment he had completly forgotten about the danger. at that moment the hospital door to the room lyrim was in shot open.

standing there was carmella with her hand on the door she looked directly at lyrim. allthough both him and herifo were gazing at her with a confused expression. carmella then smiled as she made her way towards the other side of the bed opposite of herifo.

“you must be lyrim. oh my those damned bullys must of hurt you bad. but you look so cute” she spoke with  a grin as she placed both hands on his right arm. lyrim turned a soft red as he was quiet. herifo gazed at her quietly before clearing his throat.

“im sorry carmella but i was discussing some important things with lyrim i would like to ask you to leave” carmella glared at herifo they clearly knew who each other were she responded. “i dont think thats fair is lazuras trying to recruit all the bright children these days?”

herifo glared at her and as she glared back a voice called out from the front. “there you are…” it was kaia who folded her arms just under her breasts causing them to plump up slightly. she stepped to the side to which ginta entered and looked around his focus on herifo.

“sir herifo..what an unexpected suprise? what business do you have with my little brother. “herifo responded as he stood up “sorry ginta but that is between me and lyrim..” as he made his way forward and passed ginta who emited a sort of cautious aura herifo spoke to lyrim.

“tommorow two lazuras officials will come to pick you up we have discussed things with the headmaster and king its all on you now lyrim..” those words had caused ginta kaia and carmella to nearly jump in shock what sort of things had they been discussing previously.

lyrim silently nodded before looking at his bed with a straight quiet face. ginta walked over and stood at the side of the bed. “lyrim what did you and him speak about…” lyrim gazed up at him with a glare.

“none of your business…” lyrim clearly had no intention to tell ginta anything. “idiot..” ginta shook his head as he started to show anger. “you dont understand that lazuras isnt an organisation that you should take lightly.. your still a kid..”

lyrim narrowed his eyes. “you are to...your only 2 years older then me...why should i listen to you tratior…” gintas eyes showed anger as he clenched his fist. and with one swift movement hes hand had swept up across the bed towards lyrims cheek. he had hit his brother.

lyrims body shook slightly as hes face had turned towards the window and he even saw carmellas shocked reaction. he had never been hit by ginta before. it was a powerful pain and stung quiet a bit for some reason it hurt more then when the bullys were hitting him.

the pain though was in his chest as if something inside had been damaged. ginta had stopped and realised what had just happened kaia who had been shocked turned to look at him. but ginta spoke first. “lyrim i.-” before he spoke lyrim showed a massive tearful anger.. “get out…”

kaia tried to speak but lyrim covered his face as he looked at the bed and spoke louder with a rageful anger. “all of you...get the fuck out….” the 3 of them were silent and carmella was the first to quietly leave her guard had allready left. kaia then left but ginta remained for a moment.

“ sorry..” ginta then left before the door was shut “hit me….he hit me… why. why is it i cant make my own decisions like him… screw him im going with them..” he laid on his bed covering himself.

carmella had left not bothering to try and convince ginta or even try with lyrim due to what had happened even she could read the mood. the guard spoke as he walked with her both avoiding the gazes of envy and some of lust. “lady carmella what should we do?”

carmella smirked slightly as she replied just as they left the school building. “there will come other times to try again its not like we are out of time.. for now let them settle there differences.” as the guard stood silent they headed towards a carriage that had been waiting outside for them.

inside the building ginta was gazing outside the council window looking at carmella leave. kaia then spoke. “doesent seem like she is going to bother for now…” gitna sighed as he rubbed his forhead. “tommorow morning im leaving to see the princess again..w..would you keep an eye on him for me?”

kaia gave a solemn look her arms still folded. “when are you going to tell him the reason for everything was because of your love for the princess ginta… you cant keep atleast him in the dark about-” she was interupted before she could finish.

“if i told him he would only hate me more..can you believe what he would think i betrayed the clan and father because i fell i fell inlove with the daughter of a tyrant…” kaia frowned before sighing. “whats between you two is for the both of you..but you cant keep him like that forever one day its going to get worse…”

ginta shut his eyes as he remembered the look on his fathers face at the time.

----Flash back during Keifers arrest-----

keifer was walking down the imperial hall in chains made from a special material that had been scavenged by residue of a sacred level creature. keifer turned to look at ginta who was staring blankly at him as the guards stopped for a moment.

“i dont blame you for what you did. your still young and have ambitions i just hope you will atleast take care of lyrim…” ginta looked away unable to bare the shame or even look into his fathers eyes.

from there he was taken into the imperial court to face trial.

---back to the present-----

the next day at 8 in the morning ginta was attending a class on t.gear mechanics. the teacher spoke “can someone tell me how a t.gear was made during king rydils reign?” a smart looking boy with glasses stuck his hand up and the teacher pointed at him.

“back during year 1 of the a.c calendar t.gears were created by forging the materials of creatures into suits of armor. the year 125 lazuras had been formed and had developed a better way of utilizing  monster materials. they had placed the corpse of the creature in a liquid composed of natural energy and other chemicals and began a process called natural compression. which uhh..”

the boy struggled to which the teacher grinned. “and??” he spoke. to which the boy responded.. “s..sorry sir i dont know” the teacher quickly spoke “Ofcourse you dont none of us do” he laughed.

“because the method to creating t.gears is a secret… even with the current t.spheres that allow a new advanced technology that does an on the spot natural compression there only given to people who enter field portals and even then the facilitys are guarded so t.spheres are returned. does anyone know why this is a secret?”

the same boy raised his hand quickly obviously he wanted the teachers attention. the teacher chuckled again. “becaue if a rebel organisation in any kingdoms gets there hands on that technology they could make there own t.gear army and invade other kingdoms?”

the teacher nodded. “precisely could you imagine a  group not only with field portal technology but with a t.sphere aswell  if they had there mind set on rebelling archia would be plunged into a war more dangerou then the crusades”

as the teacher continued on his lecture lyrim was gazing at his book  drawing what appeared to be a makeshift t.gear he had a few bandaids on his face and the mark from his brother still remained he was clearly pissed off but also confused as to why he had hit him.

“-he is a traitor...does he think he isnt?..-” for admiting the truth it couldnt be that hard lyrim thought. a knock on the class room door echoed to which the class had gotten quiet. the teacher wasnt expecting anyone so he spoke. “come in.?”

as the door slid open two men dressed in lazuras uniforms both appearing as guards spoke. “we are here to escort lyrim hytio off is this his classroom?” the class was astounded lazuras was an organisation not even the kings could oppose due to its connections and responsibility.

whispers and talk began to circle about quickly as people looked at lyrim. the teacher rubbed his head and gazed at lyrim after clearing his throat. “l..lyrim if your done please go with these gentlemen.”

a wide smile on lyrims face as he paked his books up and made his way towards the door. the guards looked at him and nodded to which the 3 left. lyrim bieng escorted down the hall by the two lazuras officials brought several attention clearly something big was going on.

by the look on lyrims face seeing his smile they could only imagine it was good and rumors quickly went around wondering what was going on. as they exited the school and headed towards the large carriage that awaited them someone jumped down from a nearby roof landing with ease before standing up blocking there way.

“where do you think your going..” it was none other then kaia taking up a sort of battle position. both the guards stepped infront and spoke to her. “please step aside this is official business from lazuras..”

“no kidding..” kaia spoke and glared trying to see lyrim she called out. “lyrim please consider changing your mind..your brother and i will make sure everything suits you well...he didnt mean what happened yesterday.h...he just..”

lyrim bit his lips and stepped through the guards who were standing as if to block him he clearly was frustrated and didnt need these two guarding him. “im not staying...ginta made a name for himself here...and took over my fathers position so im going to make myself that when i come take the clan back…

kaia sighed as she tapped her head. as she was about to continue the sounds of a horse like creature echoed. what appeared was a royal carriage that then stopped. both the lazuras officials aswell as kaia turned to look.

and two people came out. one was ginta the other was a beautiful looking girl in a pink dress with a small crown adorning her head. ginta helping her get out smiled as he looked at her. he then blinked as he looked at lyrim.

lyrims eyes blank as he knew who that person was it was the tyrant kings daughter princess catherine. he had a sudden epiphany several things as a flash back appearing in his head. he knew that his brother had sometimes left to visit the royal palace when there dad was still clan leader.

this was strange and lyrim had asked only to be told he was visiting the princess. lyrim clenched his teeth aswell balled up his fists. “i get it now. how could i be so stupid he called out…” ginta quickly understood what lyrim knew and spoke.



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