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Lyrim, having made his way to the front, peaked his little head through to see an interesting sight. His brother, as well as Kaia standing next to him, gazing at a young lady who seemed to have a prideful aura, wearing a uniform representing a different academy.

She seemed to have a very powerful appearance. One not of a beautiful girl, but of a warrior. “She’s gorgeous…” Mumbled Lyrim to himself. He had never seen anyone like this before.

The girl in question had long blonde hair that went down to her waist, and was wearing a short skirt that revealed her somewhat athletic legs. She also wore a jumper with an academy emblem.

Lyrim watched silently as he heard two people next to him mumble. “Isn’t that the leader of the Angel Warrior Corps for Virtue Academy?” The nearby students gave a little shock and awe and more whispers began. Lyrim had heard about this girl before.

“-Batula’s number 2 warrior..Whoa..-” Lyrim himself was somewhat shocked, after all, what would someone like this do at a low tier academy such as this place. The girl’s words wrung out as she smiled warmly but showed that sign of a warrior.

“Ginta, it’s been quite awhile since we last met.. I came here personally to scout you for Virtue. Won't you consider coming to Virtue Academy?” Lyrim sighed quietly. Of course it’s for his brother, the number 1 young genius of the Rydil kingdom.

Although Lyrim wondered how she even got to this point without being sent back.”-Then again, she is a high ranking warrior with a King level T.Gear. She isn't much older than Ginta if I remember. She should be 16?-”

Ginta then spoke with a straight face as he approached her. This made Carmella, the warrior in question, somewhat cautious, but still keeping her composure. “Lady Carmella, I am indeed grateful for your offer, but I have to yet again deny it..”

Carmella gave a disappointed expression. “Is Virtue not good enough? We would also guarantee you a position in the Angel Corps..” The nearby students nearly howled with surprise. The Angel Corps itself was picky. It only allowed Demon level and higher T.Gear users, but they also had to be skilled with a harmony rating of 90%.

Kaia, folding her arms, smirked as she gazed at Carmella. “He said no, so why don't you waddle back to Batula and tell your leader he isn't interested.” Ginta blinked as he gave a nervous look. Carmella gave a frustrated glare and sparks seemed to fly between Kaia and her.

Ginta had no choice but to intervene. “Hahaha….P..Please try to relax, both of you. I’m sure there is a better place to discuss this, such as the council room. Let’s head there instead.”

Carmella gave a sort of hmph like sound before agreeing. Kaia just glared before the 3 of them, including Carmella’s personal guard, began to walk off with Ginta to the council room.

As things calmed down, chatter still continued, but the students seemed to go back to their own business. Lyrim also pushed the little show to the side as he headed to the evaluation center, still summarising what he had seen.

“I wonder if he will accept?” He mumbled to himself before quickly shaking his head.

“That would put the clan in danger of the King’s wrath…” Lyrim remembered Ginta having sworn loyalty to the King. “Bah..Forget it. What he does isn’t my concern.”

As Lyrim arrived at a large two door section of the hall, the door itself seemed to give off an energy/mystical like vibe as its design was indeed unique.

Lyrim pushed it open and entered. What he saw was a line of at least 12 kids waiting for their turn to enter a circle like ritual device.

The device itself was like a 1 step podium with a 5 meter diameter, and once someone stood on it the device would activate at the will of the operator.

Lyrim got in line as he watched the event unfold. 1 student stepped up the single staircase and stood in the middle of the device. The male operator spoke.

“Beginning evaluation..” A bright light, as if scanning the student’s body, emitted for a few moments before it flickered and shut off.

The operator then spoke as he was gazing at pieces of paper and a sort of monitor powered by natural energy.

“Average rating. Please return 1 year from now. Work hard to improve” The operator didn’t seem like he cared. Then again, who knows how many kids he had done this for.

As the line shortened, one by one the students had finished and left. It was Lyrim’s turn. As he stood on the evaluation ring, the operator spoke. “Name please.” Lyrim spoke without hesitation.

“Lyrim Hytio..” The operator blinked and turned to look at him before returning to focus on the machine. The light enveloped Lyrim’s body. It felt as if a foreign energy had entered his body and was wriggling around. It tickled but it gave a feeling that it could hurt at any moment.

The operator blinked as he gazed at the results. “Hmm that’s weird…” The evaluation continued as he went through Lyrim’s past results.

“Under average last year...Hmm” Lyrim heard him speak as the light lasted longer than students before. He started to become worried.

Lyrim spoke, wondering if everything is ok. “S..Sir, is everything fine?” The operator looked at him before speaking “Don’t worry. Keep still.” The operator then pressed a button nearby, and two of his colleagues dressed in the same science like attire showed up and looked at the screen.

One of them, a lady with glasses seemingly in her 40’s, spoke with a smile. “Lyrim was it? Do you remember anything strange happening to you this past year?” The light stopped and he shook his head with confusion.

“Not that I know Miss..” His worry heightened, wondering what had happened. “I..Is everything fine?” How could he not be nervous. He was seemingly under average last year, and somehow something had happened that warranted two more scientists from Lazuras to appear.

The women chuckled softly and smiled. “Not at all. In fact, this is incredible. If the readings are right, you’re quite unique Lyrim.”

He gave a somewhat stunned expression. There are many ways he could be unique, but not one was positive. So he was curious to know what it was.

“Unique..?” He quietly spoke, to which the lady fixed her glasses slightly and nodded. “Your body is actually absorbing natural energy as we speak, without a T.Gear. This is 110% impossible and even with a T.Gear, the rate at which your body is absorbing it is at least 2x quicker.”

Lyrim was silent before he raised his hands, looking at them. He didn’t feel any different, and he confirmed it. “I don’t..feel any different?” The lady then chuckled softly as the other two began to go over their results.

“Lyrim, this is a find unheard of before. Your importance on Archia has just skyrocketed. This could help us allow humanity to absorb natural energy without a T.Gear and increase our battle potential.“  

Lyrim gave a soft, careful smile. It felt good to be called important and seen as unique. This must be a little of how his brother felt. “What should I do?” He asked, wondering what would happen from now on.

The lady gazed at the other two, who seemed to look back at her, as if confirming the results were confirmed. This made her smile again and clap her hands together. “Tomorrow, someone will come to collect you and you will be taken to Lazuras’ Rydil headquarters. We will start testing from there..”

Lyrim stood there, pale, as if he was expecting to be dissected..”E..Experiments and tests on me?... Are they going to hurt?” He spoke as if to confirm it. The lady only gave a soft laugh. This even made the other two almost burst out laughing.

“Haha, don’t worry. That’s only reserved for creatures. Unless you wanted us to?” She gave a  teasing look, to which Lyrim quickly shook his head.

The lady then spoke “Then for now, please keep this to yourself. We wouldn’t want you getting kidnapped by someone. After all, we will, at most, inform the headmaster as well as the King”

Lyrim gave a frown at the mention of the King, and just nodded his head. After they ran a second test to confirm if everything was correct, Lyrim was allowed to leave.

As he made his way back the empty halls, since everyone had returned, he stopped dead in his tracks after hearing a voice he recognised.

“Little bastard, there you are…” Lyrim froze as he turned around he saw Ferg with two other bullies that had tormented Lyrim over the years.

Before Lyrim could run, they both rushed him with speed quicker than his own, and 5 minutes later, he was in a corner of the school, smashed against a solid brick wall. His body slowly going down as he clutched his stomach in agony.

His face was bruised and blood was trailing down his lips as tears ran down his face, although he didn’t beg for forgiveness, he just stayed quiet. Ferg spoke out as he knelt down, almost like a delinquent.

“You caused quite a bit of pain to me today…“ He spoke as his face was covered with bandages as well as several teeth missing.

Lyrim only opened an eye and smirked. “R..Really? I think it suits your baboon look better..” He snickered to himself, almost as if to make the situation better. That was until the other two bullies laughed at Lyrim’s witty remark, but this pissed Ferg off, who started to kick him consecutively.

Lyrim only yelled in agony, but didn’t beg or anything of the sort. He might be weak, but he was not on to beg. His father had always told him, when facing a stronger opponent, never reveal your weak side. It only makes it sweeter for him.

In the distance, there were 4 people walking while talking about things clearly more advanced for their age. “Ginta, please reconsider….We can offer you much more than the Rydil Kingdom can.” Ginta only smiled before speaking again “Please Carmella, I’ve already dedicated myself to the Rydil Kingdom.”

All of a sudden, Ginta stopped and blinked. He could hear noises coming from the nearby corner alley where one of the shops for the students were “-But it should be closed at this time. Unless….-”

Ginta walked off from the other 3, which consisted of Carmella, her guard, and Kaia. They were curious to see what and where he was going.

“Hey Ginta, wait up!!” Kaia spoke, and even Carmella and her guard followed. As Ginta made his way around the alley, he saw 3 students torment his brother, but neither of the 4 seemed to notice.

A howl of rage filled his body as his fists were clenched. Ferg, who raised his hand as Lyrim stood up, leaning against the wall, spoke. “Still holding on...Damn you're resilient for a little bastard…”

Before his fist swung down, his arm was caught and couldn’t seem to be moved. A look of horror and fright appeared on the two bullies behind him, and Ferg turned to look, only to see Ginta holding his arm.

He had almost pissed himself, knowing this was the first time he had been caught. Lyrim had never told his brother who the bullies were. “G..Ginta…” Ferg spoke, and what followed next was Ferg’s head being smashed against the stone wall, causing it to crush slightly.

He had nearly been killed, and was most certainly on deaths door. As Ginta turned to look at the others that tried to run away, Kaia had at that moment beaten them silly until they were also on the ground.

Ginta then turned to look at Lyrim, who showed a pained straight expression. But he didn’t say anything to his older brother. It was then that Ginta spoke. “Lyrim…” Lyrim then began to walk passed him. While leaning against the wall, he softly replied. “I didn’t...ask for your help..”

Kaia blinked. She had never seen Lyrim so openly negative towards his brother, and before she could speak, Carmella arrived and was somewhat shocked at the scene.

“What’s going on?” She spoke curiously, to which Lyrim passed her, only giving her a tired glance as he clutched his arm and made his way towards the medical bay.

Before he got far, he fell unconscious himself, and began to fall. He didn’t fall far before his brother had caught him though. Things from there had taken a drastic turn. The 3 bullies were expelled from the academy since there were several witnesses. But in reality, it was to appease their genius, Ginta.

Lyrim himself woke up in not the medical bay, but the hospital wing of the academy. Wearing white, his eyes slowly swung open, his face covered with bandages and band aids to cover his bruises.

His body was sore and aching all over, but he only turned to glance outside, hearing the sounds of students preparing for class.

As he looked around inside, he saw the other hospital beds were empty, and as his head turned left some more, he saw a man wearing a white Lazuras uniform smiling back at him. Lyrim only glanced with somewhat no emotion to him. Lyrim clearly wasn’t in the mood.

The man who was smiling seemed to have read the atmosphere and cleared his throat. “Lyrim..It seems like bullying was quite a problem for you. Don’t worry though, everything is taken care of thanks to your brother. I doubt you will be seeing those 3 again.”

Lyrim tried to lean up, but his stomach felt as if it were internally bleeding. “Argh..” He mumbled. The man then spoke “Careful now…” Lyrim sighed and spoke. “You’re from Lazuras…?” The man smiled and nodded. “Indeed I am.”

“I intended to take you with me today, but it seems like you need to heal a bit. By the way, you can call me Herifo“ Lyrim’s eyes widened slightly. “H..Herifo?!..Shield Breaker Set Herifo?!” Herifo then smiled and gave a soft chuckle.

“It’s always nice to see my reputation gets around even in a place like this.” Lyrim, now gazing with curious eyes and respect, gave a faint smile. “You were one of the first people to get a Catalyst Set...You’re considered a hero..”

Ginta was currently in the council room with Carmella sitting on one of the nearby couches cross legged. Kaia smacked her hand down on the president's table. “What do you mean we arent allowed to see him!!?”

Ginta sighed and looked up “I have no idea why Herifo is here Kaia...Why would Lazuras send one of their top for Lyrim..”
Carmella was quiet, but it seemed like she had taken an interest in things. So far she had never seen Ginta’s younger brother before, but she had heard he had it hard.

And having one of Lazuras’s top come to see him clearly wasn’t just to cheer him up for the bullying. Ginta bit his lips a bit and pressed a button on the desk, to which a sort of rune circle appeared and a voice called out. It was somewhat shaky.

“What’s up Boss? Need something?” Ginta then replied with a steady voice. “I need you to look into my brothers evaluation. I need to confirm something..”

Clearly, Lazuras only appeared if someone had a high evaluation, as if to hire them, but they would usually send low representatives. To think one of their highest ranked would appear.

A few moments later, the voice on the other sighed and then replied. “Uhhh wow…They encrypted the files pretty tight, and it seemed like they were transferring it Boss…”

Computers powered by natural energy were quite uncommon due to them being new technology, but they were mandatory in academies, and the wealthy could even afford to buy their own specialised computers.

Ginta’s friend just so happened to be a young talented hacker. “What does it say?” Ginta, somewhat nervous, spoke. “Boss, does your brother own a T.Gear?” Ginta narrowed his eyes. These words also made Carmella look up, as well as her female guard, and even Kaia blinked a few times.

“Not that I know of..” The words that followed next seemed to shock all 4 of them. “Well...He’s capable of absorbing natural energy 2x the rate of any current T.Gear on Archia…”



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