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“Lyrim…” A soft voice called out, muffled by the sound of focus being spent elsewhere. It echoed again, but was louder and a bit more clear. “Lyrim!..” Still, the target paid attention elsewhere, his focus through the large glass window gazing at the endless sky where the even more limitless space existed.

“LYRIM!!” At that moment, Lyrim Hytio snapped out of his trance, turning to look in front of him were at least 20 students smirking and snickering at him as one whispered to another. “What a loser…” The other replied. “I heard his father was exiled for rebelling. Hehe…”

Vermin… The thought crossed Lyrim’s mind, but he gave a straight face and forced a fake smile towards the teacher calling his name as he spoke “Sorry Mr Veys, my bad…” Lyrim rubbed the back of his head, still forcing a fake smile.

His teacher Veys spoke “If you can’t pay attention then just stay at your Clan’s house…” The teacher then snickered before he grinned “Atleast before your father was exiled he was only half useless.” Lyrim clenched his fists.

Not at anger towards this man, but towards his father. The Hytio clan had, in the past, been prominent. Entering battles with clans such as Thell and Vargis. That was before his father, owner of the Catalyst Set Light Keeper from the Catalyst level creature Keeper of Light.

“Sorry Mr Veys, I’ll try harder to pay attention…” Lyrim spoke, still forcing the fake smile, before more whispers refocused after words continued on. “He’s lucky his brother Ginta (Jin-ta) was born to their clan…” One female spoke. Even as Veys continued, he didn’t seem to pester the other students.

This was because their clans were quite well off while his was not. Another female whispered to the one who spoke before. “Ginta is so handsome, he truly is a light of hope.. To be given a Catalyst set at age 14, he truly is a genius”

Lyrim’s eyes showed a dark jealousy. Praise was never directed towards him. His clan and himself were always the target of hatred from people who called them a rebel clan. The truth is, because Ginta in the end betrayed their dad, he was allowed to become the clan head.

That wasnt all, the higher ups of Lazuras also saw promise in Ginta and awarded him his fathers Catalyst Set. Ginta was never teased or anything like that, he was considered the male school idol so to speak. Surrounded by those who love and respect him.

The Hytio clan itself loved Ginta, their hatred directed at there father Keifer (Kai-fer) was sent directly to Lyrim as they knew it was better to try and blend in with the others to try and get scraps of mercy from those who resent them.

Such hypocritical idiocy. They were the ones who in the beggining joined Keifer in rebeling to the eastern lands where its more or less a barren no man’s land. Before the clan could leave though, spies from Lazuras, who keep tabs on potential traitor clans, had sprung a trap.

They had known Ginta had a bright future and decided to offer him a deal to which he took. Lyrim though, didn’t know if the Hytio clan resented his brother at all. All that he knew was there weren’t many people who showed him some mercy. Unfortunately, or more so thankfully, his brother was one of them.

Class had ended at 3pm on the dot. There was a high sense of organisation in the lower district sub academy. Although Lyrim was a 2nd year, his brother being a 3rd year, when he graduates he will be 15 and is assured a position at Tempest Academy.

Lyrim bit his lip, holding several books titled Mechanics of T.Gear creation, Skill Harmony and Effectiveness, Laws of kingdoms: The Rydil Kingdom. Lyrim wasn’t as dumb as people thought him to be, he understood why his father would wanted to rebel.

His father wasn’t always acting like a traitor, he served as King Rydil’s right hand man at the time of his reign, and their ideals of freedom and equality were unmatched. It was only when Rydil exiled himself did things take a bad step.

His son, King Tirif(Tear-rif), had taken the throne at the age of 17 and things went to shit from there. Drunk on power, he began to issue laws such as raising taxes and stealing from those who he didn’t like.

He even began to seize women of several clans for himself to make a personal harem. Lyrim gazed blankly at the elevator door in front of him, his heart sad but not shaken. “-Gutless pig..-” He mocked the King in his thoughts.

Although, with the kings age, his advisors were quick to act. After letting him have his fun, he got bored and learnt more and matured and his reign of tyranny became more secretive and violent. He would have people executed by assassins in their homes. Have wifes of clansmen raped by thugs while their husbands were bound down by King level set users.

But of course the public didn’t know this, and those nobles who did kept their mouths shut because they were afraid to speak out. As for his father, he had decided and plotted with other clans to overthrow the King, having taken enough.

Although the King was a tyrant, he wasn’t dumb. As he matured, he had several attempts on his life and had decided to place spies everywhere, and a few of these spies happened to blend in with the rebel crowd.

Tempted with money, these spies cared not for justice and an end to tyranny. They had no sympathy for those who wanted their freedom and the end of this King. What makes it worse is King Rydil didn’t even bother to interfere. Guess he must really take the words self imposed exile seriously.

Saying that the traitors were locked up was an understatement. They were massacred and not just physically but emotionally and mentally to. Having their wives and children killed or worse, tortured and then killed. And I dare not wonder what else.

They had propaganda saying that they wanted to sell high level T.Gears to other kingdoms who didn’t even try to debunk this as they didn’t really care. To say I got off lucky is debateable. My brothers conditions for helping were set in stone, even the King knew he had potential.

“1, leave my clan be. 2, I want my fathers T.Gear. 3, instead of killing my father, exile him. And I swear you shall have my eternal loyalty.”  The words he remembered that left his brothers lips. He was only 13, yet he showed such intelligence and promise.

Then again, Lyrim’s father still showed them both equal love. Which made that at least good. As for his mother, he had been told she died giving birth to him, so it was obvious he was looked down upon even before he knew how to walk.

Things only got worse during sword practice as well as martial arts. His brother was miles ahead of him. He was able to get a Crimson star badge at 12. It was unheard of in the kingdom of Rydil as well as others. (A.N bassically a crimson star badge is what would be considered 3 tiers above belt in real life karate)

Lyrim though, wasn’t adept at it at all. His appearance in general was 2 words, unstylish, shota. Lyrim’s appearance wasnt that bad in general, but he didn’t really care for keeping his appearance kempt and clean. His silvery hair that ran in his family was messy and covered his eyes, his body didn’t seem to grow much in age. This was due to him never eating much and never having an appetite.

His father wondered if something was wrong with him, but the doctor had said it was Lyrim himself who seemed to not eat. “-I don’t like chewing and putting something from somewhere else in my mouth. It’s just weird-” He reassured himself as if it were some unhygienic issue.

As these thoughts and memories flashed in his head, by this stage he had already entered the elevator and it was slowly calming down and stopped one floor above his destination.

What it revealed was a 14 year old boy with a prideful smile with smooth short kempt silvery white hair and a clean look, wearing a more advanced version of the school standard uniform and also a Crimson Star Badge as well as a Circle Black Badge.

The black circle badge represented the student council president, the crimson star badge represented him boasting about himself being a prodigy. Seriously, why wear it in such a place.

Lyrim frowned slightly at the person who entered the elevator, and faced away from him as if he weren’t even worth looking at. As the door closed, his voice spoke out, not showing a hint of regret, but pride.

“Lyrim, hopefully you are paying attention in class. As your brother, I can’t baby you forever” Lyrim replied “I am big brother.. Thank you for your concern.”  Ginta then reached over and patted his little brothers head.

“Look i know how you feel towards me, but you must know I did what I could for the clans survival, as well as yours. We only have each other now.” Lyrim glared at him before smacking his hand away.

As the elevator opened, Lyrim walked out before looking back at his brother. “Save your kind words for your King…” Lyrim couldnt stress that word “”your”” enough. Meaning he didn’t like the King even though he lived in his kingdom.

Ginta only frowned and replied as the elevator door slowly closed. “Keep strong little brother, one day you will understand..”

Lyrim almost threw up from the words he considered vile from that traitor. Although his life had some hardship, Lyrim still had his father to cheer him up. He looked up to him greatly, as he was the only person who made him happy.

As for his brother, he also added to happiness. That was until he betrayed his clan. Lyrim went over and gazed at the wall, seeing the monitor powered by T.Gear technology. It read several words.

“Swordsmanship training 4:pm.

Skill Evaluation  5:pm

End of Cycle 6:pm”

Lyrim clicked his tongue. Swordsmanship he was never good at to begin with. Why bother. As for Skill Evaluation, it was held once a year to show improvement or the birth of a genius. Lyrim had none. He remained a black sheep for years.

As for the End of Cycle, it was the only thing to look forward to, when classes would end and he was allowed to return to his room. Him and Ginta only returned once a year to the main clan home outside the city. While they welcomed Ginta, Lyrim was more so an outsider to them.

Lyrim sighed and rubbed his head before hearing a voice call out to him. It could be described as sweet and angelic. “Lyrim!” The young owner of the voice came over and smiled down at him, patting his head.

It was his brothers friend and vice president of the student council Kaia. Kind of like Lyrim, she had a messy way of dressing, with her uniform open to reveal her shirt. But what laid under them were two large peaks that other students craved.

Don’t let her appearance fool you. Although she had long blonde hair and had a sort of dumb look, she herself was strong. Wearing a Black Star Crimson Badge as well as a Green Circle Badge that represented her as vice student council president. Lyrim didn’t feel much hostility towards her showing off.

Guess he just despised his brother quite a bit. Kaia spoke with a grin, her skirt swaying slightly in her movement, revealing her blue lace panties. “Have you seen your brother? I’ve been looking all over for him.” She looked left and right, her right hand covering just above her eye line as if blocking out the sun.

Lyrim then pointed to the elevator and spoke “I think he went to the council room” Kaia then grinned and pressed her fists together with a smile “That bastard, he still owes me a duel. He also promised me a date tonight.”

Tsk.. Lyrim whispered. What do girls see in his brother. I wonder what would happen if they knew him like me. “Thanks Lyrim!“ Kaia spoke as she gave a light smack on the shoulder, which hurt considering his small stature. Then she headed off, her panties revealing themselves yet again. As daring for someone to try something for her to beat them.

Lyrim re-composed himself and spoke with a sigh. “Swordsmanship training..” He went off, weaving through a crowded open area with a fountain that had no trash and several plants and trees as well as students grouping together and discussing among themselves.



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15/03/2015 09:59:36aqswdefr Wrote: [ -> ]Thx 4 the chapters
Just curious, T.Gears are always within the host like a part of him/herself or are armors type equipment that you need to put on (didn't get this in the prologue)??

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