Full pr credits to Draconis.: so here it is my second work ^^ this one i seem to have enjoyed a little to much in making the history i think content wise i have improved but for now il let you guys be the judge of that. enjoy the history of archia

Darkness. Nothing but the enigmatic shadow that coils around every inch of this current existence. Nothing escaping it, and with no light present this darkness holds no evil nor good, it only exists because it is the embodiment of nothingness.

All it took was a flash of light, a universal explosion before the infinite energy of creation washed away this dark husk that crept over every inch of this newly born universe.

First came existence, then came the galaxies, followed by many many stars that in turn birthed planets.

The universe settled down after a cosmic birth that had only taken a second to appear. Now, billions of years had passed before the universe and existence settled.

One would think life was a rare occurrence, but they would indeed be wrong. The hidden God of Creation had planned for life to appear on every habitable place where it could live.

From the burning stars came life,  the dead stars dwelled life, the planets where only oceans of poison with little land flourished with new life, and the planets that were suitable for life itself brimmed with different sorts of life.

Things didn't seem so lonely in this formerly dark existence. With life around every corner, one would feel less alone. But life itself holds several enigmatic existences.

The world of Archia, where life has existed for many millions of years, had a history unlike any planet out there. Beings called humans had been born with fragile bodies. They existed alongside creatures that preyed on them with their overwhelming strength.

The humans though, are not easy kills. With their intelligence, they banded together and developed ways to combat these creatures. Developing swords and siege weapons to fight these living rivals. Although the beasts on such a ripe planet are not all easy pickings.

There came larger beasts capable of killing dozens of humans with but a swing of their paw.  Some beasts not so large but capable of incredible unmatched speed killing many humans before they even dropped dead to realise what happened.

With humanity's advancement came stronger rivals which pushed them back. It was then that humanity birthed a genius hero, King Rydil, a man with not a stronger body than his fellow humans, but a more inteligent mind.

And with his intelligence came ideas and thoughts for the sake of his people. He gathered many other intelligent humans and began to research while his people continued their battle for survival.

It was during the time when history had been recorded, the year 1 of the Archia calendar to commemorate humanitys birth of hope, the birth of the T.Gear/Talisman Gear. A suit of armor that also doubles as a weapon itself made from the parts of these creatures that inhabit the world.

Unlike the creatures of the universe, humans are unable to absorb the energy around them. These wild creatures which are attuned to nature and existence itself are born and sustained by this energy. As a creature ages so does its power and abilities.

With the creation of the T.Gear, humanity was able to push back these creatures with force unmatched. And eventually humanity had conquered Archia during the year 120 of the A.calendar.

With little creatures left, humanity had decided to leave them as to not cause extinction. They still relied on them for food and such. They were not dumb enough as to ruin the balance completely, only enough as to secure their survival.

But with nothing to do, humanity had lost its motivation to continue advancement. It was then that king Rydil stepped up again to handle the issue.

He knew his races thirst for battle and power had been born during this crusade of survival. With the assistance of the nobles around him and the assistance of the 3 other kingdoms that had been born after humanity had claimed victory.

They formed the Lazuras, an organisation that handles all of humanity's significant matters and with funding as well as approval from all the kingdoms Lazuras went on to create the T.Academies, schools run by the warriors of the crusade to train the young and hopeful and keep the populace satisfied. But of course with T.Academies came several needs.

1 was a need to showcase geniuses and strength. With these came Tremor arenas where students as well as T.Gear warriors who dream of fame, fortune, and titles come to showcase their strength against Powerful creatures captured by Lazuras or duel against each other to show who is the more powerful.

Humanity’s thirst for excitement had been quenched. That was, until the year 213 of the A.calendar. Materials for T.Gear had nearly been depleted and there was only a limited amount of monsters to create high ranked T.Gears.

They became harder to come by. Especially because, when fused to someone, it was theirs for good until they gave it away or perished.

Lazuras, under the orders of the kingdoms that fund them, rushed to fixed this problem. And with the help of king Rydil, whose scientific intelligence was unmatched at the time, they discovered that life not only existed on Archia but on other planets.

Using the natural energy that T.Gear users contained as well as tools they created machines that were able to open Field Portals. A portal that led to another world. During 215 A.calendar, the first field portal was opened, and with humanity paying close attention the first group consisting of King Rydil along with fellow warriors of 5 entered.

They had only been able to enter for 10 minutes before only King Rydil, on deaths door, had returned. Ordering the portal to be closed immediately. A creature unlike any other had come through before it had closed.

This creature, known and feared by all, was called Catalyst Demon, for being the catalyst of nearly 400,000 deaths. He rampaged across Archia before Lazuras had sent an army of 100,000 T.Gear users to combat it.

With Archia not having faced a creature so powerful before, it nearly rivaled the crusade of survival that they had fought a hundred years ago.

With only a few thousand T.Gear warriors returning alive, the catalyst beast had been conquered by humanity’s willpower and persistence. With mourning and thought put into what had happened, Lazuras had taken the corpse to examine it.

With their discovery shared with the kingdoms and humanity, a system was developed to help identify and advert future crises. A ranking system to determine a creature's power. They were, beast Level, Mega Beast Level, Demon Level, King  Level, Catalyst Level, Sacred Level, Divine Level, Celestial Level, Demigod Level, God Level

Of course, with the introduction of levels of beasts rankings came the need to rank T.Gears. Of course Lazuras had been in the planning for this and had enough research and data to identify this with current armor they used, the levels of the creatures to identify armor types.

Using the Catalyst Demon, at the catalyst level being no larger than 2 stories,  it wasn’t larger than some creatures they fought, but it was a creature of another world where natural energy was more abundant and such.

They knew that beasts could devour each other and absorb all the natural energy that the other had accumulated, and after devouring enough they could evolve to a stronger level.

Transformed variants weren’t uncommon, but advanced variants that have consumed more and more were, as it meant it, had survived and lived for quite a long time.

Then again, Archias creatures had been hunted for so long, humanity was able to handle any variants that showed up. And this wasn’t their top issue.

With the fall of the Catalyst Demon came the only Catalyst level T.Gear that King Rydil was given. Known as the Catastrophe Set, it was the most powerful on Archia. With no creatures on Archia being higher than Demon level, and even then only a handful had ever been found and given to the kings of the other kingdoms, it made the kingdom of Ryds the most powerful.

But humanity, having the academies as well as the tremor arena, did not quarrel with each other. In fact, it used these new T.Gears to have the courage to enter another field portal. With more information and tests, Lazuras was able to identify planets and measure the natural energy that planet had and rank it.

C ranked planets contained Beasts/Mega beasts. B ranked Planets contained Demon/King Level Creatures. A ranked planets contained Catalyst/Sacred Level creatures, which was where Lazurus had first opened up a field portal. S ranked planets Contained Divine/Celestial Level Creatures. and SS Ranked planets Contained Demigod/God level creatures.

Although the rankings were given to planets, it didn't mean a group of T.Gear warriors would only encounter creatures adjusted to that planet. On a c ranked planet, it was rare to meet a demon level creature, but still they existed. After all, planets were incredibly large.

Although different planets had different atmospheres, the T.Gears had infused the wielder with natural energy, meaning it was capable of sustaining life in different environments, but wasnt capable of removing poison or the forceful energy of a creature capable of overwhelming a T.Gear user.

That being said, each race of creature had its own abilities, and over a thousand creatures spanning from C to B and 1  A ranked planet had been noted. With King Rydil’s group as well as field portal research, humanity had gained a new source of materials to create T.Gears

Humanity was able to freely create T.Gears without worry of resources being exhausted, and with this flow of materials, an adventure to get the best T.Gear began. T.Academies received many many enrollments. So many in fact that Lazuras had to create more academies to suit the needs of humanity.

Although not everyone was happy with this decision. The nobles who had a sense of superiority and linage as well as the more advanced T.Gears being able to gain more materials had wanted academies suited for the ones who were superior.

Thus Lazuras, under pressure from the kingdoms, in the end gave in but also realised this was a positive. In each kingdom, 4 advanced academies were created.

Tempest in the kingdom of Ryds, Aurora In the kingdom of Ashian, virtue in the kingdom of Batula & Scion in the kingdom of Pevil. That being said, with the introduction of advanced academies being made for those rich and noble, Lazuras also sent people who showed promise and genius with a bright future into these academies based on their kingdom.

Although it didn’t stop other kingdoms as well as there academies from trying to recruit people in other territories.

It was a rivalry not seen before, and tension was raised to its limits. Each kingdom afraid of having their gifted stolen by one another, had decided to offer titles and lands to their students in hopes of enticing them to remain.

And with rewards and gifts being offered, the birth of Clans were quick. Lead by people who were rewarded by their respective kingdom, some were given the titles of Barons or Dukes based on their ability.

Not all battle potential rested in a T.Gear though. The user had to be trained in both mind and body to have a perfect harmony as well as bring out the full potential from a T.Gear. As they grew and absorbed natural energy, their T.Gear did as well.

With new advancements and information discovered, T.Gear users realised that with their own T.Gear, they could absorb other T.Gears to become stronger and evolve just like how the creatures devoured each other.

Of course, this was immediately banned because obtaining a T.Gear meant you either had to steal or kill the user to retrieve it. But it wasn't completely banned in the tremor arena, as well as duels where both parties came to a mutual agreement. The loser would give up their T.Gear and start again while the winner advanced.

There was never a definite number on how many T.Gears were needed to advance a rank. And it would not always be stronger than a T.Gear of the same rank made from different materials. There were affinities and skills that were created using a T.Gear that made a difference.

A Mega Beast level T.Gear made from Flame boar, a Mega Beast, itself would find it annoying to fight a Beast level T.Gear made from Aqua Rats. A Flame Boar T.Gear would give the ability to wield fire attacks such as flame fist and fire bolt. While Aqua Rats only wielded water jet.

A beast level creature had 1 normal skill and its strongest/ultimate. This meant that a T.Gear would only learn 1 of these skills, the strongest skill. Unless the user was in perfect harmony with their T.Gear, they wouldn't be able to use that skill.

To use it would mean they would need to be one with the creature used to create it. And people who were able to use the final skill of a creature were considered geniuses with a bright future.

Although that being said, a Mega Beast would have 2 skills, a normal, a medium, and an ultimate which wasn't necessarily counted due to difficulty. With every T.Gear, as the user advanced to achieve perfect harmony with their T.Gear, they could unlock these skills along the way.

Some users who were so gifted and geniuses were capable of achieving a new skill that the creature had not achieved before, although the amount done was countable on one hand.

That being said, with each creature came more skills. They were as such. Normal, Medium, Knight, Captain, General, Mage, Divine Skill, Celestial Skill, Destruction Level, Creator Level.

A beast of King level would have Captain level skills and all of the below. That being said, not all attacks that were obtained by a T.Gear from a creature would be as strong. Unless the user was in perfect harmony they wouldn't be able to use 100% of the strength. If the user is strong enough they may have 50% harmony and be able to use the full power of the skill, and when they reach 100% they may be able to use the skill at a stronger power than the creature could when alive.

When it comes to variants for instance, a Flame Boar, a Mega Beast that ate many creatures of Mega Beast level, could evolve into an Inferno Boar and reach the demon level.

When this occurs, its T.Gear, when created, could be ranked as a Variant Demon T.Gear, meaning it has more value than the average Demon T.Gear because its rarer. It doesn't mean it would be stronger than the usual Demon T.Gear, but because it is rarer, there are those who crave uniqueness.

So unless the user is gifted, the Variant Demon T.Gear, which could be considered normal by other demon creature standards, wouldn’t be able to use it well against demon level creatures unless he was strong. Then again, Demon T.Gears are all the same so to speak, unless its a Variant.

An Inferno Boar doesn't gain any special abilities, only a more unique appearance than the usual Flame Boar and Demon level strength.

There are many nobles and entrepreneurs who crave collecting T.Gears and pay kings ransoms for unique as well as new T.Gears.

A T.Gear user who is found competent when equipped with a t.gear will have his ageing decreased. A Beast level T.Gear user could live for 200 years. While King Rydil, who wields the Catastrophe Set, can live for a thousand years.

After that, creatures above Catalyst level are said to be so good at absorbing natural energy that they no longer age. Anything above Catalyst level is said to bring immortality.

During the many campaigns and field portals, there were not many who were able to achieve a King Set. When one obtains a Catalyst Set it is given a proper name. And those who wield it other than kings are considered the top tier of fighters and are treated like gods among men.

Other than King Rydil, during the year 416 A.C a man emerged victorious after he and a small army of T.Gear users accompanied by several Catalyst Set users were able to slay a Sacred level creature found on the B Ranked planet Dominion. The creature was a variant of a Tyrant Bear called Apocalypse Bear, its set going by the name was Called the Apocalypse set.

This set was awarded to the bravest warrior who dealt the final blow, and a genius in combat/Andres Tyril of Clan Tyril considered the strongest on Archia. His clan had become the most reputable and feared not only because of his Variant Sacred level T.Gear but because he also became good friends with many other strong warriors and clans.

That being said, Archia itself isn’t always peaceful. There are many who want to steal unique T.Gears and assassins are usually hired to kill and steal unique T.Gears, making those who wield them careful.

It is unheard of but only in a few cases that someone with a King level T.Gear had been killed by an assassin who also wielded a King level T.Gear, or had poisoned them and took it.

During 513 A.C, humanity had gotten stronger and clans were freely giving land and had prospered, and often tried to build more reputation. Clans were given the right after growing large and having a small army of T.Gear members to have their own field portals. Although restricted greatly to what sort of planet they could go to.

Clan Tyril, along with other major clans, ventured to the C ranked planet Inferno Plains and immediately ended up in the lair of a Sacred Beast. Titan Viper, an incredibly large snake that spans several hundred meters.

After a long bloody battle as well as reinforcements flooding inside the field portal, such an opportunity could not be missed. With the death of a few thousand, the Titan Viper was subjugated and transformed into a T.Gear using a device known as T.Sphere.

Known as the Titanic Set, it was awarded to the one who struck the final blow, Leoph Vargis of clan Vargis. As a ceremony was given, he had equipped the T.gear only to discover his body emitted a pain never heard of before.

The T.Gear itself had rejected him, and he had perished as his body dissolved in the suit in a thick sludge of purple poison that seemed to melt through metal and concrete with no resistance. With panic occurring, Lazuras had studied this occurrence and discovered that Sacred Beast and possibly higher level T.Gears being full of natural energies before they died, allowed a fragment of the creatures soul, so to speak, to survive and possess the T.Gear. This soul did not find the hosts own soul strong enough and used it against him to be rid of him.

The Titanic Set had been stored for several years before Leoph’s son in 518 had grown. After hearing of his fathers death and training, he had demanded to try the Titanic Set. As it was his family's right to own it. Lazuras as well as the other kingdoms had allowed him to do so.

And to their surprise, the event had occured again, but this time Leophs son Thell Vargis had overcame the pain and his soul blazed with resistance, overcoming the Titanic Set.

The creatures soul possessing the set gave in and submitted to its new owner, making Thell the second owner of a Sacred level T.Gear in all of Archia’s history and equal to Andres.

Humanity had advanced further, and in the year 614, Clan Tyril and clan Vargis as well as King Rydil, who now wielded the Sacred Set Purgatory, Catastrophe being handed to his son, had discovered a Divine level Sacred beast, Ashura Phoenix. A variant of  the Chasm Phoenix.

It had only taken a few seconds before the Ashura Phoenix had killed an army of 10,000 warriors wielding Demon level as well as some with King and Catalyst sets. All 3 of the Sacred Set wielders had nearly perished, their attacks having little or no effect on the creature.

They fled and returned to Archia. Before the field portal had closed, the Ashura phoenix had fired off a rage plume which exploded inside the facility used to house the field portal machinery, erupting into a mini volcano of fire.

The 3 Sacred Set level users on deaths door, slowly recovered,  with the help of their Sacred Sets, they then decided to go into a self imposed exile for having so many people killed for their own ambitions of advancing.

Of course, Rydil’s son became King, as well as the successors of the other 2 clans taking over their fathers rolls.

Rydil, Andres, and Thell, didn’t just self impose an exile because they felt guilty, but they did it to reflect on how powerful such a creature was, and to train their harmony with their sets.

As Lazuras advanced, the T.Sphere was upgraded. The T.Sphere, using field portal technology, was able to store the corpse of a creature up to several hundred meters.

The new advancement allowed the T.Sphere to convert the creature into a T.Set on the spot, saving time and effort on Lazuras’s behalf to do so.

When the 3 Sacred Set users had reached harmony, Andres, being first due to having his longest, discovered that once a harmony of 100% was reached for a Sacred Set, a weapon would form due to the perfect harmony. This weapon was called T.Armament, and had a title.

Andres’s weapon had been dubbed Apocalyptic Axe, taking the form of a menacing battle axe made from natural energy and the Apocalypse Bear Set itself.

Thell’s armament, the Titan Whip, giving the appearance of a whip, incredibly long and covered with spikes and scales.

Rydil’s set Purgatory, from the sacred beast Purgatory Lion, had made the weapon Lion’s Claw, a set of fist weapons that were both in the shape of a lions head with its claws extended to a point allowing smashing and slashing damage.

This discovery had caused a slight uproar and many more T.Gear users tried to advance and train in hopes of acquiring a Sacred set.

The year 713A.C, meaning that harmony for each set was increased depending on how much of a genius the person is, was the year that humanity had birthed Lyrim (lie-rem)  Hytio (Hit-e-yo)



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Zephon @Zephon ago

15/03/2015 05:46:53kekewne Wrote: [ -> ]a good chapter and just an opinion

i think history like this should be learn as we go with the mc cuz i don't think i'd like to read a huge info dump like this in the beginning since I'll eventually forget it anyways~

all in all, still a very good read and I hope to see more~

hehe i knew this was an issue trust me there is so much more i had to explain this is the bare minimum i do plan to include lessons during the mcs life i think that itself adds to the story ^^ thanks for reading. *goes back to fix spelling errors*

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15/03/2015 07:26:18xatoatox Wrote: [ -> ]that's a massive info dump.... I still like it....
the setting is like earth where people learn to tame animal kingdom... what I see though is the nature of humans which is Greed.... People hunt monsters just for their sets... they travel to worlds causing extinction.. it's literally Earth where people exhaust everything....
with that said, i'm curious as to who or what will be the mc... will it be a human or a sentient beast race....
the ranking will confuse me as I'm used to ones usin letters(G,F,E,SS)

lol...... so our mc is human.... i thought this didn't have any page yet as you only gave the link to the firs chap and not the page thus e not reading your synopsis....

hmmmmm... i can't think of where you will go with this.... will you make him go and keep on hunting monsters to get stronger???

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