Ethereal Sovereign

by Zephon

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

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Lyrim Hytio, a boy who lives in a world of Talisman, uses a suit of armor that magically infuses itself into the body of its wielder. He had always wanted one since he was young and now that dream had been fulfilled. Although such things seem happy, Lyrim's father had been exiled on grounds of being a traitor. His father started a rebellion for a noble cause only to be routed by one of his own family members. Lyrim's older brother betrayed him, only to take control of the Hytio clan his father once led. Join lyrim in his goal to gain more power and inflict vengeance upon his brother.
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Well my review is only by my own view as it is I have following the author for his novel Spectral Regalia so I will giving this story a review for my own taste.


Story - 4.5 


The story got it's own charm, the story develops in a way where you less imagine it is somewhat like a wushia than your average story it develop in unnatural way starting at being weak then along the way learning and accumulating right knowledge well the MC is a kid so the future is not bleak. we know development always start at being weak then getting stronger what if picture it like this he is weak too weak then got learned about his ignorance and train but suddenly take a different turn he just go op now he need to learn how to become weak and how to become a simple normal human hihihi intreseting right :)


Style - 3.0


yep it is 3 well not all kind of author have great style the style of this story is like the other ones still in development, experimenting learning but still great unlike the others that got pig headed thinking their style is great but face reality it isn't... many authors their enemies is their style because it is the overall factors to get readers and to make them sell. Style of  this story is you're very own wushia style like the author IET(*sorry for not giving permission to use you're name) whose story is renowned and very likable ES is where the style get the readers feel different big emotion let me tell you us readers will easily feel and imagine what's the MC thinking. the author made the style more connected to reality and blend it with fantasy that how I see it we could easily feel how stupid this is and that easily feel how selfish is this and that but let's face reality where like that in real life stupid, selfish, greed driven humans, dreamers and many more being a good reader is where you picture yourself as the MC and what if you're in that kind of a situation being a good author is where you learned how to make you're story linked to reality :)


Grammar - 4.0


the grammar is good let's give around of applause for the PR's :) hihihi it is not perfect but it is above average how the verbs connect and constructs is good using clause and sometimes phrase is relatively smart well that how it is for me I gave it 4 it will be great if the author use some quotes or some lovely explanation like using onomatopoeia to make it exaggerated and let our imagination run wild   hihihi right right *blink *blink hihihi 


Character - 4.5


Why 4.5 why?! well let me explain the MC is a shounen type of character where it is selfish and held firm it's own belief and give emphasize on it's own desire that's a likable character whether he is selfish or many negative character or things like that nowadays many author tend to forgot reader are like children they read to remind themselves on their own chuunibyou childhood MC nowadays where it is like the MC of the Deathnote that we tend to like more well you forgot the MC of Naruto, one piece, Coiling dragon, martial god asura, Xian ni and many more are different some of them are mature some of them start at the children set of mind then develop along the way. MC are meant to be cultivated not be awesome in the start it meant to make the reader look forward to, if an MC got OP at the start where the excitement of that where the interest of that right right *blink *blink :)


well that was my own review thanks peeps-


-I eat what I read :)

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GO!!GO!!GO.....!!...I LOVE THIS FF !!!.....

i LOVE YOUR FF !!!! 

                             This ff is amazing i very much like it the character the OPnessss the story alll of it i love ot all...

             Im really looking forward for more chapters to come and how this story progress. Please dont abandon                this story.. hope the you will continue to write... love this ff to the max.....

Linley Baruch
  • Overall Score

I have read Spectral Regalia(another work of the author), and when he announced that he was gonna make a new story, I was like not happy with that since he is more likely to delay the chapters of it, but I gave this a chance and I never regretted it. I got addicted to it like how I was addicted to Spectral Regalia.
While the concept is not really that new,  it is more like its with a unique twist with the armors/gear. I can suddenly remember their  armours as  a variant of the teigu of tatsumi for akame ga kill. 
It has a very good background/history to look at, and for me I love that. The mc is okay but I don't like that he is being a sissy, I hope that his attitude will improve has the story goes on. That is why I didn't give 5 stars because I really hate sissy MCs.
 This story has a nice future ahead, I just hope that the chapters get updated very quickly, and also it might help with the ratings, because I noticed those who churn out a chapter or so everyday have the highest views(just a thought).

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Good Job!! 09/05/2015 *Chapter 20*

The story is progressing great and though many people will say that the MC got too OP too quickly, I would like to point out that the foreshadowing points towards him having to fight beings stronger then him or at least equal.  The first arc is basically about his life and what shaped him into who he will become as well as give introductions to future issues that were only just seeds at the time. The second arc is basically the training section where he will have to learn his abilities and how to control them. It is likely from where the second arc is right now that is highly likely that the MC will learn about the new way of creating T-gears and their transformation ability that goes along with it....*daydreaming about MC transforming into humanoid dragon and humanoid Qilin* *drool*


The MC needs some work but a lot of that was fixed at end of first arc. The story is great and needs very little improvement. Grammar is so good I can't tell if there are any flaws. And last of all the style is good not the best but that is sometimes difficult to achieve even for the greatest authors.

  • Overall Score

Off to an interesting start

 I like the background and lore you have set up for this story. However, The note you made on the last chapter of Spectral Regalia talked about an op mc, but not to op at the beginning. The mc isn't op in any way, he is a sissy wimp. So, am I missing something. Based on Spectral Regalia, i know this will be awesome, but I feel like I am reading Arifureta considering how pitiful the mc is. I hope things don't take too long as far as his development, because it is very hard to read a story about someone so pitiful. I feel that way because you can only really pity the mc and be pissed at everybody else because they act like a-holes. 

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Just want to thanks. I love both of your stories and hope you keep it up

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Keep the Chapters coming!

i like both Spectral and this and can not choose between the two all I have to say is keep the chapters coming cause I want to read more.

  • Overall Score

Keep up the great work! Really enjoying this story, and cant wait to see what adventures the MC will go on to from here

  • Overall Score

Just the kind of over powerdness I like….and the settings and world creation is amazing…the power system and different worlds gives huge scope and the author is making full use of it….I just love it….waiting for the next chapter is killing me

  • Overall Score

Thank you for the info page

no complaints i like what you did with the story now that there is an info page i feel as though it if far easier to keep track of everything and now am looking forward to see to lyrim grows as a character