Keiko’s POV:

“You wanted to talk to me?” Light questioned. From what Keiko could tell, he seemed to be in a good mood.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised...after all, he’s Kira and it appears that everything is going just as he planned it. She bit her lip, attempting to hide a shiver. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous...this definitely isn’t going to be easy...but this has to be done.

“Yes,” Keiko nodded. “I did.”

“What is it you wanted to talk about?”

In order for this to work, I have to properly act the part! Breathe, Keiko Kagami, and be brave once more! You can do it! No, you have to do it! For him! For L!

Keiko took a step towards her ex-boyfriend. She found it hard to meet it eyes, but once again she told herself she had to do this. “You see, given the recent developments with the investigation…well…I, um…I wanted to apologize, Light-kun…”

“Apologize?” Light raised an eyebrow, “what for?”

“F-for thinking you could be K-Kira…” Keiko stuttered out, taking a moment to shyly tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. “I have to admit, for a while I was absolutely convinced that you were Kira. I-I believed it, and…I’m sorry to say, I almost hated you for it…needless to say, I no longer trusted you at all…and, well now-well, you know…”

Now I know you’re Kira! But there’s no way I can say that!

Light took a step forward, almost closing the gap between them. “Please believe me when I say you have nothing to apologize for, Keiko-chan…if I were you, I would have reacted the same way. Besides, for a moment I was convinced I could have been Kira myself. I was truly terrified of myself and what I could have been capable of! To think that I could have done all that…”

What you are capable of, you mean! You really are that wicked, aren’t you? Kira truly is a monster...however, I guess I should be grateful that he’s taking the bait! That means it’s time for step two!

“Oh, I can’t even imagine what that must’ve been like…that must have been hard,” Keiko trailed off, “after all, it was rather difficult for me to think that the man I liked, er, no loved was actually Kira, a murderer…it tore me to pieces…”

Keiko swallowed, technically, that isn’t a lie…I did love him…and finding out that he was actually Kira did tear me to pieces! You broke me, Light Yagami. I can’t let you do that to me again…this time, I won’t be fooled. This time, I have to be the one doing the fooling.

“Wait a moment…” Light’s eyebrows shot up, “did you say love?”

Keiko nodded. Even though her face was starting to turn red, it wasn’t because she was embarrassed, though she hoped that’s what her ex-boyfriend thought it was. In reality, she was starting to feel sick to her stomach when she realized what she had to do next.

I have to power through this, no matter what! No, I will power through this! You’re doing fine, just keep it up a little while longer! Please. You can’t mess up, not now. Not when there’s so much at stake! I know this will be hard, but I can do this! As much as it pains me to do this, it has to be done… I have to make him believe me…and this is the only way…

Keiko looked up at her ex-boyfriend, her hand instinctively reaching for his. “I was in love with you, Light Yagami…no, I still am. That’s why...that’s why it hurt so much.”

When their hands finally met, Keiko wanted to vomit at his touch. When she looked at him, though it was only momentary, she noticed his smug expression. Upon seeing his reaction, Keiko wanted to sigh in both disgust and relief.

It’s just as I thought! He thinks he’s won! Everything’s going all according to plan!

Light’s POV:

When their hands finally met, Light wanted to celebrate at her touch. He had an inkling that this was what Keiko wanted to talk to him about, and he had been right. Seeing her all flustered like that in front of him, it made him realize just how flawless his plan had been. He was counting on the fact that she’d still have feelings for him, and now there she was, confessing her love to him. It was all so perfect.

It’s just as I thought! I’ve won! Everything’s going all according to plan!

Light flashed her a golden smile, entwining his fingers with hers. Her skin was soft, and he could feel the warmth of her fingers, the slight dampness on her palms.

How cute. She’s nervous. If she still has feelings for me then...that means I’ve almost won! Now the only person standing in my L! Once he’s gone, I’ll be free to reign as Kira. No one will be left to challenge me!

“You…you truly still have feelings for me?”

“Yes.” Keiko nodded, unable to look at him.

Just as planned! Well then, if she still loves me then it’s time for me to go to step two of my plan for her! It’s time to get her to take me back! Then I can have her all to myself once more...that and if I have both Misa and Keiko by my side, I’ll be unstoppable!

“Keiko-chan…” Light started. He reached his free hand forward and was gentle as he lifted her chin up. When she met his eyes, he continued on with his speech, “I know things didn’t end well between us, but…but can you finally forgive me? I know it’s bold of me to say but, like I said before, I still want to be with you. I know I’m being simple, but I love you…and if you say you love me then…then now there’s no reason that we can’t get back together, right?”

Keiko’s POV:

I knew it! L was right, he still wants to be with me! He thinks I won’t dare suspect him again if I’m still in love with him, especially now with those fake rules in place!

Keiko felt like she had been punched in the gut as she realized one thing in particular, he wants to manipulate me again…he thinks he can fool me once more…he never took me seriously in the first place, did he? To him, it was all just a game.

Keiko took a deep breath, attempting to ignore that bleak thought. She had to focus on the situation at hand, but before she could respond to Light’s proposal, there was a knock at the door.

“Light-kun! Keiko-chan!” Matsuda knocked once more before bursting through the door, “the chief brought in some dinner, he wanted me to ask if you two were hungry-huh?! Are you two holding hands?!”

Of course, out of all the times to interrupt us, it had to be now!

Matsuda took a couple steps back in shock. Upon doing this, Matsuda garnered some attention from outside the room. Keiko’s heart sank when she noticed that now both the chief and a certain raven haired detective was looking their way from outside the room. In the corner of the room was Rem, who was also now fixated on them. However, Keiko ignored that, focusing her attention on L. As per usual, his expression was unreadable.

I hope...I hope he doesn’t think that Light’s manipulating me. He’ll know better, right? I hope he knows this is all a part of my plan. But still, to be seen together with Light like this without any warning…it’s a bit…embarrassing.

“Does this mean...are you two back together?!” Matsuda squeaked out.

Keiko wanted to disappear. She started loosening her grip on Light’s hand, but much to her dismay, he only tightened his grip. He wasn’t going to let her go. A quick glance at Light’s face told her all that she needed to know.

Light wants to show me that it? That has to be it. Why else…? He must want L to see us together. He must want L to know that he’s won. He...he wants L to be afraid of him, to see that he now has the upper hand! What a monster!

Light ignored Matsuda. Instead, he took a few steps forward into the main investigation room, pulling Keiko with him.

“Is it true?!” The chief questioned. Keiko followed his gaze with her eyes, noticing he was fixated on their clasped hands.

Is L also still staring…? I honestly don’t want to look, Keiko couldn’t bear to look at him. She had never wanted him to see her like this, but of course, Light wanted to show off his prize. His trophy.

I suppose, if Light wants us to get back together, that L would see the two of us together like this eventually, but I don’t want him to get the wrong idea...what if he thinks...what if he’s thinking that I truly want to get back together with Light right now? No, no, no! He shouldn’ told him to trust you, remember? But still…what if…?

The sound of Matsuda’s voice broke her away from her thoughts, “kiss her! If you’re back together then you two should kiss!”

Keiko’s heart raced. On the inside, she was screaming, no no no! The last thing I want to do is kiss Light Yagami! Unfortunately, it looks like I might have to. Just remember Keiko, you’re doing this to protect L…

“What?!” The chief demanded, aghast at Matsuda’s comment.

“But, Yagami-san!” Matsuda turned toward the chief, a small grin on his face, “come on! The two of them haven't had the chance to be together for a while. Don’t you want them to date again?”

“I…I suppose I do,” the chief admitted. “After all, she’s a good match for my son.”

“See!” Matsuda turned back, flashing Light a thumbs up, “he approves so kiss her!”

“That’s not quite what I said!” The chief remarked.

The chief went on to say something else, but Keiko didn’t hear a word he said. Instead, her eyes widened as Light leaned forward, pressing the two of them closer together with his free hand. Keiko wanted to run, to get as far away from Light Yagami as she could, but she knew that wasn’t an option.

I truly have no choice right now...not if I want to continue with this plan. Not if I want to keep L alive! I have to do this!

With that in mind, Keiko closed her eyes, letting Light Yagami kiss her. Although it was a short kiss, it felt like an eternity to Keiko.

It’s over…Kira just…kissed me. A mass murderer. My ex-boyfriend. No, possibly my current boyfriend once again, if this means we’re back together… does it?

Matsuda let out a cheer, and she could hear Light’s father letting out a soft chuckle.

“I missed you, Keiko-chan,” Light whispered softly in her ear afterwards. He dropped his hands, taking a small step back as he said, “Please consider taking me back.”

Keiko’s stomach churned, but she was glad that the two were no longer touching. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could have taken it. Her lips still burned from his kiss and there was a foul taste in her mouth.

You missed me, eh? As if. You only missed making a fool out of me. You don’t want me back, you want your puppet back.

She didn’t trust herself to speak, only giving what she hoped looked like a shy nod in response.

I can’t believe you!

“Does this mean you want to get back together?” Light questioned, a mischievous look on his face. It was a look the old Keiko would have fawned over. However, right now, it just made Keiko uneasy.

He’s definitely up to something!

Keiko knew, as much as she wanted to say no, to refuse him, there was no way she could do that.

This is the only thing I can do!

“I suppose we are, Light-kun.”

“All right!” Matsuda grabbed Light’s shoulder in excitement, “congrats! Way to go, you lady killer!”

At the word ‘killer’, Keiko stiffened.

Little does Matsuda know...he literally is a killer. He’s Kira! And, if I stood directly in his way, he’d probably kill me too...

Keiko turned away from the group, not wanting to let anyone see her expression, least of all Light Yagami. She didn’t want to give herself away, after all, it was a dangerous game she was playing. Keiko touched her finger to her lips, the ghost of Light’s kiss still faintly lingering.

No, the ghost of Kira’s kiss. The kiss of a killer, a mass murderer!

It was like a stain that she just couldn’t rub off, a mark that would be there forever.

Rem’s POV:

Keiko Kagami, just what are you playing at? What are you doing?! Surely you must know that you’re playing with fire!

The shinigami narrowed her eyes at the girl, who turned back around to reveal a smile on her face. It was a smile that Rem didn’t trust, not one bit. Rem knew that there was a lot more hidden beneath the surface.

From what I know about you, there’s no way you’d take Light back. You hate Kira, you want to capture him. Therefore, if you hate Light Yagami, then why are you taking him back? Why? I don’t understand.

Rem watched as Keiko sat down on the couch. Moments later, Light joined her. Although she didn’t look it, Rem knew that the girl was rather crafty.

But still, why go to such lengths? Why? What’s your plan? What do you hope to gain from doing this? Do you think, by getting Light back, you will get a confession from him? No, that can’t be it…

“I’m curious about something,” the detective commented, standing up from his chair. He took a step towards the couple.

“What is it?” Light questioned. He appeared to be rather relaxed despite L’s hardened expression.

“What about Amane-san, Light Yagami?”

At this, the shinigami let out a small gasp, her eyes narrowing on the couple. In particular, narrowing at Keiko once again.

No way… Keiko, perhaps, are you doing try and hurt Misa? You know how she feels about Light…if you want to hurt Misa, then I’ll have no choice but to intervene.

“What do you mean by that?” was Light’s response.

‘What do you mean by that’?! He means that, if Misa were to find out about this, she’d be crushed! Keiko knows that, and you certainly know that as well. I don’t trust her, and I don’t trust you either!

“From what I remember, Misa-chan has feelings for you.”

“Feelings that are entirely one-sided,” Light responded. “She knows that.”

“Does she?” L replied, crossing his arms. “From what I recall, she thought you were finally getting over Kagami-san. I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy hearing that the two of you are back together.”

“She can think what she wants. It’s not any of her business whether I’m back together with Kagami-san or not,” Light said simply. “And anyway, it’s not any of your business either. No offense, Ryuzaki-san.”

“None taken,” the detective replied. Although it was only for a moment, Rem noticed L shot a look over at Keiko. It appeared that he had been studying her.

What is he thinking? Was I wrong about this being Keiko’s idea? Perhaps…was this his idea? Or did they plan something together?

After a moment, the detective spoke again. “You’re right. Your relationship is none of my business.”

Was it just my imagination or did his gaze linger too much on Keiko?

“Anyway!” the young cop, Matsuda, let out a cough, easing the tension that had filled the room. “Like I mentioned earlier, the chief brought some food! So let’s eat!”

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to find out! There’s no way the detective will talk, so my best bet is to talk to Keiko again…and even then, I’ll have to be on my guard! No matter what, I have to protect Misa!


L’s POV:

The detective let out a sigh, drumming his fingers on the desk in front of him. It was no surprise to him that he was the last one awake at headquarters. As usual, there was much to think about, perhaps too much to think about.

It seems I can’t make sense of today’s events…or rather, I suppose I can’t believe that Keiko willingly got back together with Light Yagami. She knows how dangerous he is. She knows that Light is Kira. Why is she doing this? I suppose Light could have somehow trapped her into taking him back. That could be a reason, but still, even if that were the case, she could have turned him down. After all, she told him last time that she didn’t want to get back together with him. She could have easily turned him down without arousing any suspicion. That couldn’t have been it…there’s also no way that Light could have threatened her. If he had done that, it would be like admitting he’s Kira. Knowing him, he wouldn’t risk doing anything like that. And anyway, that wouldn’t be like him. He’s never been that reckless. He’s far too methodological in his planning. The only thing I can come up with is that it has to be a part of her plan. But how? And why? What’s she planning on doing exactly?

He closed his eyes, as of right now she’s willingly letting him use her as a pawn of sorts! That girl! Doesn’t she know how dangerous that is?! She knows what Light’s capable of! Does she think that she’s immune to getting hurt, to getting killed? One wrong move and Light could get rid of her…and, if Light has his way, I won’t be able to do anything about it, because I’m certain he’s going to try and eliminate me soon.

And if Keiko’s plan doesn’t go her way, he might target her next! He opened his eyes, letting out a sigh, but there’s nothing I can do right now. I promised I’d let her try. However, if I had known she’d have gone this far...but I suppose I have no choice right now but to trust her. If I intervene, there’s no knowing what’ll happen...I want Keiko safe, and the best way to do that right now is to let things play out...

He thought back to earlier that day, back to the way Keiko had been acting around Light. Back to the way she had acted so shy around him, back to the way she had let Light kiss her without a fight. His eyes narrowed as the kiss replayed in his mind.

I know it’s technically none of my business, but still…how dare Light kiss her like that! He didn’t have to, despite Matsuda egging him on. And even though she’s gotten better at hiding her emotions, I could still tell how uncomfortable she was with it. Light might’ve just thought she was shy about kissing in front of the Task Force and his father, but I know better than that. Did Keiko have to let him do that? If she was that uncomfortable with it, why didn’t she stop him?! To think that she just let Kira kiss her like that!

There was a rush of emotions going through him. There was sadness and anger, but it was mixed with something else, something he couldn’t quite figure out. For some reason, he couldn’t decipher why he was feeling the way he was. It was so strange, so foreign.

L raised a finger to his lips, absentmindedly tracing the curves, she let Light kiss her, but yet the other day, she stopped herself from kissing me.

The detective let out a chuckle, while she’s getting better, she’s still not that slick, I know the thought crossed her mind…even though I know nothing can come of it, why does it hurt so much that she stopped herself from kissing me? I know she has feelings for me...not Light Yagami...and yet...she let him kiss her. Why do I care so much that she couldn’t bring herself to kiss me? And why do I care so much that she let a man who doesn’t care about her, who only plans to use her, kiss her instead?

“It’s called jealousy,” a voice said from behind him. The detective’s eyes widened, and he slowly turned around only to be face to face with Watari.

“Ah, Watari-san,” L gave an awkward cough, attempting to compose himself. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d check up on you, Ryuzaki-san,” the older man stated, taking a seat next to the raven haired detective. “And, like I said, it’s jealousy, young master.”

“I’m not jealous,” L looked over at him. “That’s crazy. I can’t afford to be jealous.”

I’ve always told myself that I can’t allow myself to develop feelings for someone…especially during this investigation! I’ve always told myself that, and yet…

“Whether or not you can afford to be jealous or not doesn’t matter.” Watari said simply. “Some emotions can’t be controlled.”

“But I’m not-” L started to protest.

Watari cut him off, “it’s because you care about her. Am I wrong?” her? I care about Keiko Kagami?

The detective opened his mouth to speak, but found nothing came out. Although he knew he could never allow himself to admit it out loud, he knew that Watari had a point.
Especially after what happened the other day, after letting myself be vulnerable around her…there’s no way I can deny that. My emotions for Keiko are now far more than just a mere attraction; I care about her. I care about her a lot.

“I’ve never seen you act the way you do around Kagami-san with another person before,” Watari added.

He’s…he’s right. The way I’ve been conducting myself around Keiko…it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before…she makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. And the other night, L touched his lips, thinking about the way Keiko had been staring at him, the other night…could it be…does it hurt because I wanted her to kiss me? Despite the fact that I can’t have feelings for her, or for anyone, despite the fact that I know nothing can come of it? Despite all that, I still wanted her to want me…no, not just that. I wanted her as well.

The detective’s eyes widened, and…this feeling right now…I’ve felt this way before. The first time was when I saw Matsuda comforting her...that’s the first time I remember feeling this way...and since then, if I see someone else getting too close to her...if I see that Light’s trying to hurt her again…

“Ryuzaki-san,” Watari paused a moment. “Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be in love with her?”

At this, L’s eyebrows shot up. His mouth opened slightly in shock at Watari’s sudden question.

Lo-love?! Me?! Watari thinks that I’m in love with her?!

“I thought as much,” Watari gave him a knowing look. “I know you’re not blind to how she feels about you, but I think you’re blind to your own feelings. Or rather, you’re choosing to ignore your feelings.”

I can’t have feelings. It’s best to bury them.

L’s voice was bitter, “in this profession it’s better not to have feelings. I’m sure you of all people realize that.”

“Perhaps,” Watari stood up, giving L a soft pat on the shoulder, “but I don’t want you to have any regrets, either. Just think about it, young master.”


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