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Our protagonist, having escaped from a battle of life and death, landed in a foreign world. Will he make a difference in this new world or will he ignore it like his previous home?

Follow his journey as he welcomes companions to accompany his long life and influences the fate of the world!

Watch him as he tramples on enemies and obstacles that stand in the way of his new family!


Follow the journey of a God that had once given up on life. Living quietly in a mortal realm and discovering new bonds of friendship and family. Watch him as he treads upon the corpses of those who obstruct him and faces forward to new experiences.



Rubbish and short synopsis I know. New one appreciated if someone wants to. Second attempt at writing after pausing the first work at a writer's block. Feedback highly welcome.

Second attempt at a synposis. Somehow I can't seem to make it work. Removed Traumatising Content tag.

This is mainly a slice-of-life with romance and hints of comedy since I can't make a joke lols. It will be relatively short since I'm just wanting to see if I can follow through to complete a story as I envision it.


Cover from google images. I do not own this art.

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A good read (currently finished first arc)

It's a fun read, having a slice of life be the being the goal of the MC is logical, for an immortal bored with life.

But, there are some strange parts, like the MC calling his wife wife. It seems unnatural, as all married couples I know just call their significant other by name, not title or role.

I also don't see how the MC being a god is effecting the story yet. Maybe in the next arc, but right now I don't see how the MC needs to be a god. 

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Spoiler: Spoiler


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Something about the way they write is off, its very basic. Like a child wrote it.

The characters interact so weirdly, “Wife, let’s go sit over there.” no one speaks like this

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Okay, so this story has been quite fun. Why? Simple, it's one of those light hearted stories with a OP MC, slice of life really. I like those a lot, so thie review will probably be quite biased.

Style: The author is still learning, but he has quite a nice style, it's easy to read and you don't get lost in it. For now it may lack a bit in details, but that doesn't take from the charm, to each his own after all. 

Story: The story is a slice of life of a god like MC and his wife, for now I enjoyed reading it quite a bit, but I like these kinds of stories with fluff in them, so I'm quite biased. The only reason i gave 4 stars is because the story has a lot to offer and depending on where it leads i may change it. 

Grammar: I didn't notice any big mistakes, or much spelling errors, but since I tend to ignore them, I may have missed if there were any. So, don't take my word for it being without any mistakes, but the grammar and spelling are overall very good, so don't fret too much. 

Characters: Okay, so they are the heart of any slice of life story. For now they are quite fun and interesting to read about, tho personally I feel that Vanessa, Kyle's wife, should have more screen time, so that she can be fleshed out better. Since the author changes PoV's, her time will come around again, but I just feel that she's lacking in screen time for now. A bit more interaction between the two would also be good, get a glimpse into their everyday lives and interaction, escpecially with the new arc. Aside from that, the characters are slowly shaping up and I have a feeling they will grow and develop with time. 


Overall, it's a relaxing read that anyone can enjoy. Don't go into this story expecting some epic fights or adventure, instead expect a relaxed and fun read of a couple's life. 

- This review was made at ch15. 

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I am not English, so excuse my English,embarassed this is the first time I post an opinion. I like a lot, an OP hero, a "normal" life and a little love. it's always the kind I often look for without finding too much. After, for the negative point (which I do not find annoying, I am not an expert), there is a lack of depth and naturalness in the dialogues, and very few details on the emotions or the entourage. By this, nothing of redibitory, I like it a lot and I hope more chapter a little more often, good luck !!

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I'm loving this story and I highly recommend it

First, let me tell you I'm a very hard reader to please.

Story, character, style, grammar are well and good, but having an arrogant author saying things like "stop being a pain in the comments or I might stop posting here and make this a Patreon-only story," or obvious false modesty like "this story is garbage, how can you read it?", or similar things have made me stop reading more than one story before. [/end of rant]

That being said, I love this story.

I love it so much, in fact, that I couldn't stop myself from reviewing it after reading only five chapters.

It is simple without being stupid, heartfelt without being overly emotional, has a decent wordbuilding for a xianxia-like story, the characters feel at least two-dimensional, the pacing has reached almost the point of perfection, there are no misplaced infodumps, and the way the author writes (style or voice) resonates well with me.

(At least for now) it's the story of a cultivator god is living a simple mortal life in an alternate universe with mana and magic instead of cultivation.

Everything points to him learning how to love and care for others after a lifetime of cultivation and loneliness, and the way it's being done isn't rushed. There's a clear and believable reasoning to the feelings of both him and his love interest, and it thankfully lacks the nonstop conflict of wuxia/xianxia stories.

It's a slice-of-life story that makes me actually interested in the characters, who aren't just caricatures without a personality. How will the god and the people around him grow as time passes? Will the world be affected by it? How will those around him react when they inevitably learn the truth? Who will be the enemy and how will the god deal with them?

I'm loving this story and I highly recommend it.

Thank you, mister author, for writing it.