"Its calling me.

As terrifying as it is, the only thing that my dreams are about is the forest [......] I'm Obsessed.

At the beginning i tried to ignore it, but the more i try the strongest the urge becomes [......] I don't think i have the strength to postpone it any longer.

I will march in to the Wild. For better or worst. i cant take it any longer"

-Scrambles on a piece of paper found inside an abandoned Free Folk Hut on the Borderlands



The next few days went Uneventful. During the day they worked on making their shelter. They scouted up the river (to the chronological south) less than a Kilometer away from where they settled the first night on the river bank there was a high ground near a small water fall. after some deliberation they decided it was a great spot to set their semi-permanent camp. 
After Jack made some stone Axes that resembled the ones you find in museums they chopped down some trees. Using their Carpentry Skills and some logical thinking they where able to create a small Hut, which consisted of a tilted roof on a rough 50 degree angle with some side walls, the entrance was a hole with an removable "door", it could be closed at night creating a completely sealed shelter on all 4 sides. the gaps between the thin Greenwood logs where filled with moss and coated on the outside with mud. it was not a perfect seal but it kept the chilling wind at night away. The roof was covered in small branches full of big green Leafs witch's shape reminded the two brothers of Maple, but far bigger and dense. they packed it tightly in bundles superposed so the rain water would not drip down on them. 
the back side of the shelter where the roof meet the floor was used for storage and the more elevated part was used as sleeping quarters. Their matrass was elaborate non the less. the base was made of three layers of moss that was left to dry on some rock for two days, after it lost its green color and became a dry brown sponge like material it was ready to be used. the covered it with some green leaves that where 2x1 feet, similar to banana leaves in texture and shape it prevented the itching the moss caused. and for pillows they normally used ether a small bundle of folded "banana leaves" with a square of aromatic forest bushes they found scattered around the underbrush. Jack argued that if they bathed regularly and slept in it they would smell like the forest, erasing their scent for the wild beasts that roamed the Wilderness. 
After Jacks Woodsman skill got the intermediate level he started to dry the Owlbear hides, stretching the pelt with some sticks and leaving it on the sun fur side up for a week. then Brandon used the skills he learned from back on earth and did a mediocre job on the braining of the Hides. still better than if they where not treated at all, they now counted with their own hand made Fur capes that also where surprisingly warm blankets at night. 
Jack and Brandon acquired and Reached Level 2 and level 4 respectively on their "Hide treating" skills. with his Earth knowledge Brandon was able to grind the skill down far quicker than Jack who watched and tried to learn the poorly done technique that Brandon had. but on the other hand the Weapons and Armor that Jack was able to Craft where far superior to anything Brandon was able to do. 
Mostly composed of Stone spear Spears and throwing Javelins, a Crude survival bow with stone tip arrows and a couple of just regular wooden ones they where starting to become proficient in the use of them. Somehow Jack found some Obsidian Glass in the river bank and argued that the river originated on the slope of some volcanoes. Brandon did not knew if this assumption as right but the two dark purple blades where beautiful to look at when exposed to the sun or the light of a camp fire, the last blade he made became his main weapon an obsidian spear point with a heat treated shaft that was far lighter and sturdier than the Greenwood counterparts. 
Their armor was mostly over their Human (or Terran as the (((systema))) liked to call them) clothes, it was intertwined wood bark peeled from a strange kind of tree they where able to scout out. Each of them had chest plates, some arm bands, and a rough helmet with a face mask. if someone from back on earth saw them they would argue they looked like some Aboriginal shaman from the rain forest. 
Brandon focused on archery, the first few days where rough but after he power leveled his newly acquired Archery skill with the help of earth science. he used logical reasoning and tried to apply his knowledge of parabolas, math and physics to adjust the flight of the arrows. 
as for Food, the river provided them with all they needed, Intermediate fishing was a great skill to have and after they done some fish traps they managed to have a steady food source without the need to be present doing the catching as you would have to when fishing with a rod. 

"we been here for almost two weeks, there's been no monster sightings, i think we over did it a bit, maybe we are to paranoid and this place is not as dangerous as we thought" Brandon said while talking our some clay pots they cooked by using the clay found in a near river bank wall. 
"You had to jinx it man" Jack half joked, was more talkative this past few days, and he genuinely seemed in a better mood than back on earth, maybe he despised his life back there. Brandon realized he did not really knew his brother that well. 
Jack took out a small clay object form the clay treating oven, it was an hand made ocarina he been trying to create for the past few days, he handed it over to Brandon who tried to play it. the past 5 attempts to make one where a failure, but as a tool it would be useful, the sound of an ocarina was very distinctive, and it could be heard for miles if the terrain was the adequate, it would make a great signaling tool since they could not make blow horns like they had in Lord of the Rings. 
This one seemed fine, it had a Similar concept as a Flute and Brandon was able to play a simple tune. Jack laughed out loud and clapped his brother in the back 
"Now a few crude cave paintings and we will confuse all the archeologist that find this artifacts in the next thousands of years" Brandon smiled, rarely he heard his brother make jokes. 
They walked down the river to a more calmed part where their fish traps where set and collected the three unlucky ones that fell for the bait. Dinner was secured, after killing the fish with a quick hit to the head they put a string across the eyes of each fish and hung the rope loop on their shoulder. 
Brandon was suspicious about the fish traps, he had the wild guess that Crug was still around and stole fish from them since for the past week they been finding less and less fish inside of them. also it could be that they are having bad luck or maybe its just low season for fishing on this side of the continent, he was sure they scared the Goblin enough for him to never come near them again and Bosco never shown any signs that the little goblin was still wondering around this area. 
He felt bad for abandoning the goblin on its own, but what could they do. at least they did not killed him. 
Leaving those thoughts aside. One thing was clear, when you worked hard, life was rewarding 

Bosco Ate his fish heads happily munching on them for quite a while, their dinner was over and they sat around a camp fire they had between the river and their shelter, on the round river pebbles that made the shore. 
Brandon was looking inside the flames. they made him remember the feeling he had the second night. Raging fire inside of him, enveloping his body. 
He took off his Ocarina pendant and started playing from his hearth, a sad tune expressing all his feelings. A memory of lost love, the tragic death of their mother back on earth, the overwhelming vastness of this woods that surrounded them, he felt his heath sink, sadness taking over him and becoming alive with each note. 
Jack listened with a disconnected face expression lost in thought. and when Brandon stopped playing he looked up to the now red sky, the sun was setting, marking an end to this day, he shed a tear and sobbed very slightly. 
Bosco's ears jumped up and he looked down stream expressionless. Jack tilted his head and pointed his ear down the river.
"what is it" asked Brandon while reaching for his Bow, now more or less recovered from the overwhelming barage of feeling that took over him. 
"Shhh, Listen" said Jack while putting a finger on his lips. 
The feint sound of a song traveled up the river, giving lyrics to the tune he was just playing.  
Brandon felt cold sweat covering the entirety his body and a slight shiver traveled up his spine. There was someone or something singing down the river, and the sound was becoming louder and clearer every minute.




Spoiler: Current Status


A note from OnanMaster

Next chapter might be an interlude, depending on how i decide to procede with the next arc of the story. 

might save the interlude for chapter 15. idk.

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