Dungeon Wars

by falcon167

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Horror LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

The dungeon continuation to Chronicles. Join Doc, Claire, and thier dungeon friends as they seek to become the strongest dungeon in the land. Along the way, they'll encounter threats from adventurers, demons, angels, other dungeons, and poor decisions.

Join them, in The Slime Dungeon Diaries.

The mistakes of the past haunt the present.

While Doc successfully escaped the Empire's invasion of Nehatra, he used up far more power than he intended, sending him and his friends crashing into a new land. In this untamed wilderness, monsters grow strong, unhindered by human or other race influence. And Doc is weak. Worse still, wild dungeons roam the land, all eager to destroy Doc's crystal and absorb its remains.

This is no place more nativity or friendship. Doc will have to learn what it truly means to be a dungeon if he wants to survive. And Claire . . . her past will finally catch up to her.


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Dungeon Stories Are The Best

First off I just want to say that your book was the first story I read in this kind of litrpg genre which is all about a dungeon core mc. However it didn't really clicked for me. It was boring(please don't get offended) but the potential of having a dungeon building story excites me( I was a fan of Overlord which has dungeon building vibes). So I searched other stories about dungeon core and found bound dungeon, pale dungeon, dungeon heart, and dungeon stories by vrdragon and dakota. And I must honestly say that their stories were interesting than yours but that doesn't mean they were better. For me, your story lacks the excitement I get when new creatures evolve in their dungeons. The way their system function was intriguing in a sense that I want to read more. Your story is good but the style didn't do it justice. The sytem you employ was lack luster to say the least. Plus I don't really like the characters especially Claire .She's just plain annoying to read. And the interaction and dialogue of the characters is so immature and unintelligent. I think you should write another dungeon story with different cast and different sytem aside from just continuing this one. And more evolution and stuff, make another background story to your world that is unique but interesting. 


I gave this four star despite what I have said because I don't to drag down this story. But please give my advice a thought. 

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An adicted Skeleton's review

  1. First I've been a follower since Slime dungeon: chronicals.

And Falcon has done an amazing jobb with his writhing.

I will allways recomend you to read Falcon's intriging story of The Slime Dungeon

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A posh Hydra's review

Thomas Bertram Lance - "don't fix whats not broke"

enough said.

o-o o-o o-o o-o o-o 

  • Overall Score

 I would say that the story so far is building a great world where the story can build even further into a complex and interestino world.

  • Overall Score

I've always enjoyed your story's, this one showing signs of being another fun and interesting read. Keep up the good work and I'll look forward to more chapters!

  • Overall Score

I enjoy your stories. I'm not reading the series now until its released on Kindle. Waiting in excitement!!!!

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Can you fix the ordering of your chapters?

It’s offputting.

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WOOT WOOT More slimes! Loving it!

I’m a big fan of the slime dungeon books, I am excited for the more. I can’t wait to read more about this slime ecosystem and the new challenges that awaite DOC in this new location :) 

keep up the good work, stoked to get your next book and audiobook. :) 

Patrick Duffy
  • Overall Score

Great potential in this sequel

I've been reading slime dungeon since book one and the original four had a lot of interesting building aspects for unique traps, floor design, and slime evolutions that being said this sequel has a lot of potentials to make new slimes and interesting ones based on an ecosystem - be really cool going forward on another floor to do some aquatic base ecosystem stuff and slime fishes or frogs... can't wait to see how the twins react once they awake to their new bodies as well... would recommend this to any fan of slime chronicles or dungeon core stories.