A Gentleman's Curse

A Gentleman's Curse

by Vistiel

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

 Living a normal, content blue-collar life in the States, MC hadn't expected his situation to change for a long time. When his soul is stripped of his body, however, his plans were thrown out the window. Thrown into a new world with regrets and the memories of a life that is no longer his, he can either embrace this new environment of magic and monsters, striving to make a new life here using his old knowledge, or suffocate under his past.



Hey! Author here. Chapters post every other week and are anywhere from 3.5-6.5k words apiece. This'll be the first story I've ever written but I have a plot in mind and a plan in place. Just let me know if there's anything you'd like to see or if something about the grammar is bugging you. Thank you for reading!

Please keep in mind there will be some minor adjustments made to the earlier chapters as the book progresses. I'm building a story chapter by chapter, so I may/will need to go back and touch up some things.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Accidents Happen [E] ago
Chapter 2: Coming to Terms [E] ago
Chapter 3: Mana [E] ago
Chapter 4: Change is good [E] ago
Chapter 5: Wrong [E] ago
Chapter 6: The "Talk" [E] ago
Chapter 7: Dynamics [E] ago
Chapter 8: Dungeon [E] ago
Chapter 9: Dungeon 2 [E] ago
Chapter 10: Dungeon 3 [E] ago
Chapter 11: Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body [E] ago
Chapter 12: Plans [E] ago
Chapter 13: Double Edged Sword [E] ago
Chapter 14: Breakfast [E] ago
Chapter 15: Breakfast(finished) [E] ago
Chapter 16: In-Transit [E] ago
Chapter 17: Home [E] ago
Chapter 18: Spar [E] ago
Chapter 19: Words left unsaid [E] ago
Chapter 20: Thunder[E] ago
Chapter 21: We Do What We Must [E] ago
Chapter 22: Rewards? [E] ago
Chapter 23: The Gathering [E] ago
Evening Stroll(short bonus) ago
Chapter 24: Tisnart-Ni [E] ago
Chapter 25: Home Sweet Paradise [E] ago
Chapter 26: The Clock Ticks [E] ago
Chapter 27: The Clock Continues [E] ago
Arc 2, Chapter 1: New Beginnings [E] ago
Arc 2, Chapter 2: New Companions [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 3: Arrival [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 4: Initiation [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 5: First Tracks [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 6: First Communion [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 7: Orientation [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 8: Advanced Sadist [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 9: Break [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 10: Knowledge Is Power [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 11: Tours [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 12: Advanced Manipulation [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 13: Advanced Manipulation 2 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 14: Beast Handling [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 15: Cheaters Get Special Love [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 16: Death Alley [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 17: Calm Before The Storm [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 18: The Storm [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 19: The Storm Pt. 2 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 20: Excursion Pt. 1 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 21: Excursion Pt. 2 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 22: Excursion Pt. 3 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 23: Rest Day [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 24: Woodcutting [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 25: New Things [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 26: Sound Decisions [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 27: Crouching Tiger Hidden Damien [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 28: Intermission? [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 29: Training [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 30: A Day In Town [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 31: Angry Hippies [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 32: Decisions [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 33: Conductor [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 34: The Whole Family [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 35: Savior [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 36: In-Laws [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 37: Party Time [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 38: Breathless [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 39: The Shadow's Company [E] ago
Update: Not a Chapter. [E] ago
Chapter 40 Info update(its done) ago
Char list: Arc 1 only ago
Arc 2 Chapter 40 : The Fallout PT 1 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 41: The Fallout PT 2 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 42: Planning [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 43: Parting [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 44: The Fae and Iron [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 45: Revolution [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 46: Water [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 47: First Strike [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 48: First Strike pt 2 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 49: First Strike pt 3 [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 50: Revenge [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 51: A Trade [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 52: Stalking [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 53: Second Strike [E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 54: Heartbreak [E] ago
Arc 2, Chapter 55: That Which is Impossible [E] ago
Arc 2, Chapter 56: Falling to Despair[E] ago
Arc 2 Chapter 57: Falling from Grace ago
Hiatus ago
Chapter 58: Chapter 1 ago

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An old tale with a human twist

This story was a good find. 

This story covers the death and rebirth of the MC into another world. He struggles though this transiition, which makes me empathize with him along his journey.

Reminds me a lot of Fallen Conqueror. Kudos good job




This is a great story that accomplishes is what other stories tried to live up to when a main character is transported to a world of magic and combat


Very well written and engaging story.  Defin one i will continue to follow (in spite of the fae, whom i cant stand).  Characters are well thought out and grammar is excellent.  Keep up the excellent work.

Vowron Prime

Amazing characters. Amazing storytelling

Reviewed at: Char list: Arc 1 only

I really enjoyed this story - and it was the characters that did it for me. From the main to the side characters, the dialogue, characterization, and sheer emotional tension is just masterfully done. You grow with the characters as they grow, bonding with them over the long course of the story. The story takes on the challenge of handling teenage emotions - which, as we all know - can be an extremely turbulent time.

Coupled with a story that was clearly going places, and what had been narrated thus far had me truly hooked. I do truly hope that this is picked up again one day. It'd be a true shame if it weren't!


You are looking at Mt.Tai but dont recognize it. Read it and recognize it. 


Nice story, rather slow in building background and MC. I think academic arc is boring, and MC too pacifist for a strong one, low key is good but without plot or twist it become flat story. Need more fighting or clashing though