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Thrown into a world of swords and magic with nothing but the clothes on his back, Liam is forced to give his all to survive. As he continues his adventures, monsters and humans alike stand in his way. Just like his peers, he struggles to make ends meet, but all that changes when he discovers an ancient tomb. Hidden away for centuries, the tomb lies in wait for him to stumble upon it and realize that the world is not as simple as it seems.



Author Note: I've decided to work on both Ancientblood and Hidden Forge equally. For Ancientblood, the release schedule will be weekly (Saturday), although the time may vary due to a busy schedule. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Introduction ago
Chapter 2 - Thief ago
Chapter 3 - Adventurer's Guild ago
Chapter 4 - Into the Woods ago
Chapter 5 - From the Kettle to the Flame ago
Chapter 6 - Another Thief ago
Chapter 7 - Swindling?! Crafting?! ago
Chapter 8 - The Torch and the Queen ago
Chapter 9 - Stoned and Cracked ago
Chapter 10 - Getting Your Feet Wet ago
Chapter 11 - Glow in the Dark ago
Chapter 12 - Discovery ago
Chapter 13 - Restless ago
Chapter 14 - Picture Book ago
Chapter 15 - Ignition ago
Chapter 16 - The Undead Soldier ago
Chapter 17 - Bloodeater ago
Chapter 18 - A Small Favor ago
Chapter 19 - Another Deal ago
Chapter 20 - An Unexpected Visitor ago
Chapter 21 - A Change of Heart ago
Chapter 22 - Exchange ago
Chapter 23 - Tavern Break ago
Chapter 24 - The Southern Tribesman ago
Chapter 25 - VIP Shop ago
Chapter 26 - Blowing Off Steam ago
Chapter 27 - The Man, The Wolf, and The Tree ago
Chapter 28 - First Contract ago
Chapter 29 - Cat and Wolf ago
Chapter 30 - Clocktower ago
Chapter 30.5 - (A) ago
Chapter 31 - Against the Flow ago
Chapter 32 - Bar Meeting ago
Chapter 33 - Investigation ago
Chapter 34 - Hunt ago
Chapter 35 - Thieves Guild ago
Chapter 36 - The Honest Thief ago
Chapter 37 - The Blue Vultures ago
Chapter 38 - Lamorak ago
Chapter 39 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 40 - Inconvenience ago
Chapter 41 - Unwanted Flashback ago
Chapter 42 - Shadow Step ago
Chapter 43 - Duel ago
Chapter 44 - The Way Things Work ago
Chapter 45 - Exodus ago
Chapter 46 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 47 - Bombardment ago
Chapter 48 - Entering Azgara ago
Chapter 49 - City Aflame ago
Chapter 50 - A Strange Discovery and Harsh Reality ago
Chapter 51 - A City Fallen ago
Chapter 52 - Reliving the Past ago
Chapter 53 - Poison and the Ghost ago
Chapter 54 - Return to Crey ago
Chapter 55 - Preparation ago

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  • Overall Score

The first two chapters already have me excited!! Please continue i'm loving this story!

  • Overall Score

It's a pretty good start so far :) need more chapter to enter the real start of the plot, so im waiting now :p

  • Overall Score

QUIKSILVER201's review is not accurate. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Great potential and interesting

Interesting story. Much still to be fleshed out but with good basics already established. The MC is not an idiot or suddenly god-like. No inherent cheats but gains strength through decisions and luck(so far). Overall, it is worth reading but the chapters are a tad short.

  • Overall Score

Over all, well written, and the chapters are developed enough to allow for a reader to really get involved in the stories.  Characters are believable and have personalities, although Liam feels a bit blocky.  

The plot is working so far and feels a bit slow, but very nicely developed, even if as the author states, it's sort of jazzy.  I'll keep following this story :)


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Good read but still has its flaws


In short, it's a fantasy isekai story with LitRPG elements. It doesn't sound like anything new but due to the genre's oversaturation, most have forgotten the essence of an Isekai: being thrust into the unknown, with no knowledge of the world and for the mc to explore along with the reader.

Most stories of this genre progress or lack of worldbuilding. However, Ancientblood takes it slow to introduce the reader through concepts in a nice, easy progressive style. Now on to the scores.



Smooth and consistent, AstralTempest makes the style easy to follow and gives the imagery when needed. Not much more to say on this topic. There are moments of being overly vague, mostly when trying to foreshadow things as a single chapter, that ruins the style a bit, at least for me. 4/5



Near perfect. Any mistakes would come under style rather than grammar. 5/5



I liked it. The subversion to reader's expectations, especially in the earlier chapters, were really well done and as I said before, the progression is smooth and gradual. You don't grow too strong and even when you get a power up, you are shown signs of needing adjustments such as that time Liam overestimated his jumping power.

However, there's still plot holes, that are often pointed out, which forces Astral to use a chapter to explain things, which kind of undermimes the story somewhat. 3.5/5



Tbh, I'm not a fan of the characters. Sometimes they do things that don't align with their characters. E.g. For the chaotic neutral  Liam in the beginning, he does things that seems to disregard that nature of his in in the middle of the story. Sure you can point the reason to his transformation, but I believe that shouldn't done.

I'm not saying that his change of character isn't a bad thing. It is done relatively gradually (but that's not saying much tbh). However, I just think it should have been done much slower for someone suffering from ptsd and is pretty much an emotionless egotistical psycho to begin with.

Other characters suffer from similar out-of-character moments too, but I'm not going to spoil anything.

Despite my criticisms, all of the characters are well made. None of them fall under the generic mold you tend to see and have their unique traits. 3/5


With all this said and done, my overall score is a 3.5/5. Good read but still has its flaws.

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An interesting story!

A realistic outlook to the story rather than our usual cliché of protag being summoned to King to be one of his pawns. It is getting very interesting to see our MC to get stronger and doesn't think twice to get people killed for his well-being. The story is full of mystery and will surely attract attention and I am hoping that this becomes one of the Kingdom-building ones so well fingers crossed!

  • Overall Score

It’s fantastic so far (chapter 11). The main character isn’t op. But also not an inbred. Good pace to the sort as well. 

  • Overall Score
As of Chapter 12. It seems rare these days to have an MC that actually makes some decisions with the knowledge that others could have less than desirable intentions. In this story, the MC actually hides his abilities so that others won't realize that he is more than a side character. Overall, it is looking quite good right now.
Chawpi Tuta
  • Overall Score

Dude imho just focus on this one. Everyone craving for stories with mc that smart and calm