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"500 Mortal grade Spirit Beads? That's very much for a group of bandits. Even the core disciples of Sky Lion sect only get 10 Mortal grade Spirit Beads every month." Yong Heng was quite surprised since this amount of Spirit Beads could last a cultivator of the third Qi Dantian layer for a few years at least.

Spirit Beads are naturally occurring treasures, they are used as currency in the Huo Kingdom and all the countries around it. Spirit Beads can also be used as cultivation resources, the Qi inside the beads are much richer in quality and quantity than outside.

"Since I am done here, let's go back to the sect." Yong Heng muttered aloud to no one in particular.

Inside the inner court pavilion, the same old man is sitting cross-legged meditating.

"Elder." Yong Heng went up to the desk and cupped his hands.

"You are already back? Did you do it?" The old man opens his eyes and looks at Yong Heng with inquisitive and doubtful eyes.

"Yes." Yong Heng puts the bag on top of the desk and opened it showing the leaders head.

"Mhm. Indeed, his features match the description given of the leader of the bandit group. What did you do to the rest of the bandit group members?" The old man showed no change in expression while looking at the leader's cut off head.

"I killed the rest of them." Yong Heng reported without any delay.

"Good, take this, henceforth are you an inner disciple of the Sky Lion sect. Do not tarnish its name." The old man handed Yong Heng a white wooden disc. Outer court disciples wear brown wooden discs while the inner court disciples and the core disciples wear white and red wooden discs respectively.

"Also, if you want to sell things like beast cores and martial skills we will trade it for Spirit Beads." The old man said.

"Ah, yes. Please." Yong Heng took out the beast core of the poisonous white horned devil snake and the martial skill he got from the bandit leader.

"Mhm. The core of a second Qi Dantian layer poisonous white horned devil snake, and the Mountain Piercing Finger which is a high-rank Mortal grade martial skill. For the core, you will get 100 Spirit Beads, and for the martial skill you will get 700 Spirit Beads for a total of 800 Spirit Beads." The old man appraises the core and the martial skill and then puts a bag full of spirit beads.

"Thank you." Yong Heng is secretly extremely excited, but he manages to not let it show on his face. No matter how mature Yong Heng is, he was poor in both lives so having a fortune like 1300 spirit beads are unimaginable.

Yong Heng puts away the bag of spirit beads and starts heading back to his courtyard.

He just exits the inner court pavilion when a voice interrupted him.

"Yong Heng?!" Yong Heng turns towards the voice and as he expected, it was that person.

"How are you still alive trash?" The person who spoke so rudely of Yong Heng wore pure white clothes with short brown hair.

"Yong Hai." Yes, that person is namely Yong Heng's cousin, the one who beat the Yong Heng of this world to death.

"Trash I asked you, how are you still alive?" Yong Hai gets furious since Yong Heng didn't answer him.

"Why should I answer you?" Yong Heng's eyes were ice cold.

"Bastard!" Yong Hai's face got as red as a tomato. The two of them had attracted the attention of the crowd.

"Since you became an inner court disciple you think you are someone great? You are still a trash since you couldn't break through to the Qi Dantian layer before becoming 16 years old, and the rest of out generation managed it before 12 years of age!" Yong Hai starts speaking in a despising manner. It is true, the other youths of Yong Heng's generation managed to break through before becoming 12 years old, but it isn't that amazing in the Huo Kingdom. The greatest talents in the Huo Kingdom broke through when they were only a few years old.

"I challenge you to a battle to the death! Do you dare? Otherwise, don't ev..."

"Fine." Before Yong Hai finished speaking, Yong Heng interrupted him making him even more furious.

"Hmph! You will regret accepting soon." Yong Hai said in mocking smile.

Yong Heng didn't answer and only walked over to the nearest available deathmatch arena. The crowd followed since it wasn't every day that there was a battle to the death.

Yong Heng and Yong Hai was each other, no one making the first move.

'Yong Hai is only a second Qi Dantian layer like me, but I am sure I will be able to kill him easily, but I don't want him to die without getting humiliated.' Yong Heng didn't allow any emotion to show on his face, other than the cold stare directed at Yong Hai that is.

"Since you aren't moving, I will make the first move!" While saying this, Yong Hai began running towards Yong Heng, it took only breaths time for him to arrive before Yong Heng. He punched out towards Yong Heng's head.

Yong Heng only reached out with his hand and grabbed the fist that was approaching him.

"What!?" Yong Hai was utterly dumbfounded.

With his other hand, Yong Heng punched Yong Hai in the stomach sending him flying back a few meters.

"Kuh!" Yong Hai coughed up blood.

Yong Hai laid on the ground clutching his stomach in pain while Yong Heng was walking over to him.

"W-Wait! We, We are family, right?! I am your cousin!" When seeing Yong Heng walking over, Yong Hai was terrified and started begging.

"Yes, we were family, but you never considered me so, so why should I?" Yong Heng still had a calm face, now without even any cold stares, only mocking ones.

"Th-That was just me joking with you! It was just a joke!!" Yong Hai's face became as pale as snow.

Yong Heng Ignored what he was saying and lifted Yong Hai up by the neck.

"W-Wait!! I forfeit!" Yong Hai pissed himself while he was being lifted up.

"Too late." After saying that, Yong Heng punched Yong Hai in the chest making a hole instantly killing him.

'How cruel!' The surrounding crowd all had the same thought.

Yong Heng starts leaving the inner court pavilion when he meets a group of people walking towards him.

'Bai Xun and Protector Zhou!'


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