Chapter 1: Trouble in the Mall!

“Lucas, Lucas! What’s that popping thing!?” (Aeran)

“Hm? Ah, popcorn? Wait a bit, I’ll go grab some.” (Lucas)

Taking this chance to finally separate from the girls, I volunteered to go buy the popcorns.

For a while now, these four girls have been clinging to me while we walked from my condo to the mall.

As I am in my [Harus] form, Eu does not get hurt while touching me.

Hence, Eu is holding my right arm, Aeran holding my left arm, Freya holding the hem of my shirt on the right side, and Lily holding the left side…

…Why is this happening to me???

Because of this, jeers and jealous stares were thrown in my way all throughout the way.

Thankfully, the three otherworlders kept asking questions on almost everything so I wasn’t able to pay much attention to those painful stares.

Not to mention, the way their eyes sparkle on high rise buildings, cars, and stuff was too cute.

But alas, even when I’m buying the popcorn, they still haven’t let go of me…

Maybe they’re insecure since this is another world or something? And clung to me since they know me better?

But then why is Lily doing the same?

Is it that? She doesn’t want to be left out? Rather, she doesn’t really know anyone as much as me in this group right?

Hmmhm, since I’m an understanding person, I’ll let them do as they please…also, they smell pretty nice…

Ack-!? I’m acting like a pervert! This must be the effect of that damn title!...wait, I’m not in my [Earth] form so that shouldn’t affect me…eh? So am I really like this?

I shook my head at the thought and simply bought popcorn and drinks for everyone else. Yey for wasting money~…

Ugh, even though I have such a large amount of money now, I should really reconsider on carefully using them…

The clerks managing the snack corner in the cinemas stared at the four girls surrounding me dumbfounded while handing me the popcorns.

“Hey…is it just me or does that girl with the hat seem familiar?”

“Yeah…that guy with them too…hmm, where have I seen them?”

D-dangerous! Our cover was almost blown!

Quickly leaving and going directly to the entrance of the cinema, we got inside without waiting for the line.

“Huh? What the? Did those guys just enter?”

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this!? We’ve been waiting for a while now!”

“…Maybe they’re VIPs?”

“Come to think of it…the guy with the harem seems oddly familiar…”

“Che- guards might’ve let them in because those girls were too beautiful…hey, let’s sit beside them!”

I hear disturbing conversations behind but we all ignored them since it’s troublesome.

We sat at the center with Eu and Aeran beside me, Freya beside Eu, and Lily beside Aeran…even here, do they really have to surround me???

I see the others also taking a sit. My Mom sitting beside Freya with Len and Rose on the other side while Gavin sat next to Lily with Kanin and the rest on the other side.

“I know I’m late asking this but...Lucas, this is the part where you infiltrated the Palace right? Is it fine if that was shown like this?” (Gavin)

Gavin asked from two seats away from me.

“Yeah, the Prince should’ve already changed the security since he knew I was able to sneak in…rather, I was only lucky that time…” (Lucas)

Right…there were actually mana-powered cameras placed all over the Palace so why were I able to safely sneak in?

When I asked the Prince, he was simply confused as well.

“What?...I mean, didn’t you have an accomplice that knocked out the guards from the monitor room?” (Prince)

“Huh? What are you saying? It was only me, Freya, and Warren at that time…” (Lucas)

“But that’s…the guards were clearly knocked out…then who did that?” (Prince)

And so, another mystery was made…

Because of this, the Prince felt the need to further strengthen the security especially around the monitor room.

Haah, first, that incident with Slazore’s killer, then the person who released a [Behemoth] in [Rizal Park], then the one responsible for placing the [Accessories of the Unidentified] and [Mimic Mask] in the Demon Castle…now this.

…I don’t like this feeling of not knowing something at all…

Haah, well…let’s just wait for the movie to start…

It should start around the time were Freya was being chased around right?

…Come to think of it, I said some pretty embarrassing lines back then…like I thought, it’s embarrassing!

Right, it’s decided! The moment the movie starts, I’m going to make a strategic retreat!

The rest of the seats have begun to be filled…the movie’s about to start…now!

“Ah, I forgot to go the restroom a while ago. Then, excuse me…” (Lucas)

I said in a fairly convincing way.

Oh! They’re really absorbed that they didn’t even notice me huh? Good, let’s use this chance and retreat!

I reached the exit and was about sigh but then…

[[Just wait for a moment princess, I’ll take you to your father soon.]] (Lucas in the movie)

“Wahahahaha! What’s with that!? I can’t believe Lucas said that line!” (Gavin)

“I know right! Hahahaha!” (Kanin)

“Ahh! So embarrassing brother!” (Len)

“Ah youth…” (Margo)

“So cool!” (Rose)

“…Lucas didn’t say anything like that when we met…” (Eu)

“...Me too…” (Aeran)

“Wah wah wah wah~ W-why did you have to say that! Idiot…” (Freya)


I was too late damnit!

Why did I have to hear that!? Rather, those guys are too loud!

No more! Just kill me!!!

Like that, I left the cinema while crying…

Whatever, I don’t care anymore…where should I waste my time?...I don’t think I can ever go back there…

Right, arcade…let’s just go with arcade…

I sighed once again and dragged myself towards the nearest arcade in the mall.

Hmm…what should I play?

I bet I’ll easily win in those shooting games with this body. Also those punching type ones. Should I try it?...Then again, it might actually break…

Shooting games it is then.

Though, it didn’t really take long for me to perfect it…and I already grew bored rather easily…

Well, let’s just spend the rest of my time in a café.

Haah, drinking hot chocolate sure is a bliss~

I sat in a bench in an ecofriendly place within the mall with a hot chocolate that I bought nearby.

I’ll just relax here…forget every problem in the world and spend my time peacefully…

…Or so I thought but in front of me, was a little girl that is looking around seemingly lost.

Ignore it Lucas. Ignore! I’m sure her parents are worried right now and are looking for her! Right, there’s no need to go out of your way to help her. Any second now, there will be a page asking for the whereabouts of this child!

Right, let’s ignore her.

…Why is she sitting beside me!?

Not only that, why is she staring at me with those damn upturned eyes like an abandoned puppy!?

Ignore her Lucas! This is definitely an event flag! If you talk to her, you will definitely get caught up into an even bigger trouble!

You never know who this kid is! For all I know, she could be the grandaughter of some mafia gang or something!

“Nee mister, you have such white hair!~” (Kid)

“!?” (Lucas)

Damn, because of what she said just now, people began to look this way to confirm it! Like I thought, hearing someone with unnatural hair color will indeed pique an interest to everyone!

“Hoho, what are you saying little girl? Old men naturally have white hair.” (Lucas)

“But you’re n-” (Kid)

“Hohoho, you seem to be lost dear child. Shall I help you find your parents?” (Lucas)

“Really!? Thank you mister!” (Kid)

Damn! What did I just say!?

No, that was my only escape in this situation!

Because the people around us heard me say I’m an old man, their interest in me was gone and they didn’t spare me a second glance.

But if this kid says that I look young, they will go back to being interested to see an old man that looks young!

Then the only escape for me was to take away this kid’s attention so I unconsciously asked if she wanted my help because that was the one statement that has been in my mind!

A psychological attack! I can’t believe such a fearsome kid existed!

She’s even younger than my little sister and looked about 5 years old or so and she’s already this scary!? I fear for this kid’s future…

Haah, whatever. Let’s just take this brat to a security officer and be done with it.

“So mister will take me to Sister?” (Kid)


Do you want to accept the quest?



A quest window actually appeared in [Earth]!

“…Yes…” (Lucas)

Lost Kid
You have found a lost kid in the mall! Find her sister so she can go home! If the kid were to get injured, you will not be able to get any rewards and fail the quest!

Note that if you failed this quest, you will be hunted by a certain organization for not being able to deliver the kid safely.

Requirement: Return the kid to her sister without any injuries.
Time Limit: By the end of the day
Difficulty: D
Reward: ???

Are you kidding me!?

What the hell is with this quest!? Rather, what’s with that scary penalty for failing!!??Also, why would this kid get injured in this mall!!!???

No, wait…this is actually a D rank quest!?

Is there something else to this quest then? To have such a high difficulty just for escorting a little girl…just who is this kid!?

Whatever…looks like I really don’t have a break after all…

And it doesn’t look like I can just send her to an officer.

“What’s your name kid?” (Lucas)

Since we were out of range for other people, I went back to my original tone.

“Alice! Alice Rimmer!” (Alice)

Rimmer?...Where have I heard of that name?...

Taking a good look at her now, she seems to be a cute kid that would surely turn into a fine woman in the future.

Black hair tied in twin tails and a baby face that would make her a target for certain people with a certain taste…namely, lolicons.

Right, this Alice here, is a loli…even loli-er than Aeran or Rose…

She wore a red one piece with flowery designs on them…if you mix Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland, put her in twin tails…would you get something like this?

“My name’s Lucas. Now, any idea where you were separated from your sister?” (Lucas)

“Hmmm, I think it was in that area?” (Alice)

I redirected my gaze towards where Alice pointed.

That part is…the clothes area?

There’s a lot of clothes shop in that area, maybe they were checking out clothes and were separated?

Well, it’s better than nothing…hm?

As I was just about to head there with Alice in hand, I noticed a red dot appear in the crowd.

This is…the [Enemy Appraisal]!?

Feeling a bad premonition, I grabbed Alice tighter and puller her close to me when suddenly, a glass broke from behind!

It was a glass of water that a waiter was holding. It looked like he only dropped it but I knew better.

Using [Metallurgy Appraisal] towards the red dot of the [Enemy Appraisal], I found out the reason.

NameSIG Sauer MosquitoRankD
Job RequirementN/A
DescriptionA blowback-operated, semi-automatic pistol based on the SIG Sauer P226, but 10% smaller in size and chambered for the .22 LR cartridge.

A gun!? And it’s equipped with a silencer!

But even so…can they just openly shoot in the middle of the mall like that!?

Since he failed, he retreated for now to avoid suspicion. But that doesn’t make the red dot of my [Enemy Appraisal] disappear!

Tch, I can’t just wave a sword here so I have no choice but to ignore him for now and just be careful.

Speaking of which, how was he able to smuggle that gun inside the mall?

Whatever, for now, I’ll remember his name…Ross Corey…is it? I’ll remember you…

“Stay close to me, Alice.” (Lucas)

“Un.” (Alice)

Looks like she knows what happened as well…and she’s not even bothered by it. Just who is this girl?

Shit! Another enemy! And this time, it’s a different person!

Just how many guys are after this one little girl’s life!?

The new enemy has a different approach from the one earlier. This one is dressed like a ‘normal’ civilian and is ‘normally’ approaching us but he can’t fool my skill as it immediately detects those who bear murderous intent to me and my party.

The new enemy is almost upon us when he casually pockets his hand. Using the x-ray vision of [Dragon Eyes], I can clearly see a knife hidden in his pocket.

What to do…

Just as I was thinking that, we arrived at a place where the train passes. This train is the one aimed for kids to have fun in touring the mall with their parents and is moving slow accompanied with a fun music for kids as well.

Well, there are no rails so rather than a train, it’s more like a car pulling carriages designed to look like a train.

“Alice, do you want to ride as well?” (Lucas)

“Yeah! It looks fun!” (Alice)

How is a slow moving train like that fun?...Well, she is a kid after all.

Like this, we hitched a ride and avoided the one with the knife.

Clearly annoyed by the fact that he lost his opportunity, the man simply walked away like nothing happened.

Fuh, safe again…

Huh? The driver changed? Do they have shifts?

No…this is another enemy!

What the hell!?

Why won’t these guys leave us alone!!??

This is really scaring me…just how much power does these guys have to be able to casually commit crimes like this in broad daylight!?

No, what I’m really scared is how much I always get caught up in these types of scenarios!

The train moves…and this is clearly a different route!

“Children, if you would look to the left, you will see the different types of clothing shops that we have.” (Driver)

Did this come with a tour guide!!!??? And that description sucked!

No, wait! Everyone, even those not in the train, are looking to the left since this is a new occurrence!

That means…damn! An enemy is approaching from the right with a knife!

He’s clearly no longer hiding now that no one’s looking!

Just as the knife was about to reach Alice’s neck who was looking to the left as well, I grabbed the man’s hand and gripped it hard with my superhuman STR.

Wincing in pain, the man lets go of the knife which I then caught and moved in for the kill!

A swift attack to the neck!

Blood sprayed all over but soon disappeared along with the man’s body which was then sent to the [Special Prison] since he was a criminal.

“Hm?” (Alice)

“? Something wrong?” (Lucas)

“I thought I felt something hot but…well, it’s nothing.” (Alice)

Damn, that was a close one!

It’s a good thing they didn’t have [Harus] bodies or it will be harder to bring them down because they have HPs that surpasses a normal person.

The Driver also noticed something was wrong and checked up on his ally only to find me and Alice casually looking at the shops to the left as if nothing happened.

Naturally, he also didn’t see how his ally’s body disappeared.

Since their attack failed, he moved on to plan B.

I also hid the knife in my [Inventory] so there will be no proof and no security will question me why I have a knife.

Huhu, now bring it! Let’s see if you can get past me you bastards!

+ + +

“Damn, what’s happening!?” (???)

This man is currently driving a train inside the mall designed to attract kids. Zeph Blackman, a hitman that is known for his tactics in missions.

They say that if he planned it, killing the President is as easy as a walk in a park.

He has been asked to kill a certain child that is currently in the mall he is in.

But the task wasn’t that simple, first, they must make it so no one knows who is responsible for the act. Second, they must not do so in the presence of the target’s sister as things will become more troublesome. And third, they need to do it by the end of the day.

Even then, it was still simple for Zeph.

He already managed to separate the target from the sister and killing her was really simple.

All he had to do, is order Ross to shoot her while mixed in the crowd and her death will be unknown.

But the bullet was evaded.

That time, Zeph thought that the little girl was just lucky or that Ross actually missed. So he moved on to the next plan.

He planned next to have a guy knock her down by ‘accident’ as he pokes her with a poisoned knife. The poison will show its effects after the guy was already gone so it will not be possible to know who did it.

But then, the guy next to the target took her to the train and they lost the opportunity.

So Zeph bribed the driver and switched with him. The plan was to stop on certain points and divert the attention of the crowd while his assassins kill the target.

Zeph heard a good sound of meat being sliced so he grinned and turned…only to find the target still intact and his assassin nowhere to be found.

“Damn, where did that guy disappear to!?” (Zeph)

There was no blood present as well and the boy that was with the girl didn’t look like a threat at all.

But he still needs to complete his mission. So he continued calmly.

Stopping and diverting, stopping and diverting, he repeated these actions but none succeeded!

However, he soon found out why.

The next attempt, he himself looked at the target while he diverted the attention of the crowd.

It was him! The boy that was with the target!

He moved fast and like a blur, he instantly kills his assassin which suddenly disappeared!

“Wh-who the hell is that brat!!!???” (Zeph)

+ + +

Oh, looks like he finally noticed.

Now then…what to do?

For starters…shall we get off this thrill ride?

“Alice, do you remember which store you lost your sister?” (Lucas)

I need to find her sister…what if she was targeted like Alice?

“Un! It was that store!” (Alice)

I redirected my gaze to the store Alice pointed.

Let’s see here…Hm? There sure are a lot of red dots. It’s like they’re forming a circle…then, the one in the middle must be…

“Is that your sister?” (Lucas)

“Ah! There she is!” (Alice)

Though there are plenty of people inside the circle the enemies made, all I have to do is point in that direction and have Alice look for her sister herself.

We got off the kiddie train and went to the direction where Alice pointed. Of course I made sure not to let go of her hand. I don’t want to be careless now.

“Sist-” (Alice)

“Her there dear sir. Would you like to see our offers?” (Zeph)

As soon as Alice was about to call her sister, this guy intervened…the driver.

I learned of his name ever since he became our driver. I didn’t think the leader himself will confront us.

Rather, he already saw what I’m capable of so why go out of his way?...Could it be, he thinks I won’t move in a crowded place like this? Or does he still think he can win?

“No, I’m busy you see~” (Lucas)

For now, let’s play along.

I see red dots surrounding Alice’s sister surround us.

How is he going to deal with us with this many people?

Just as I thought of that, the fire alarm went off.

*ririririririring! ririririririring!*

I see…they intend to have the people leave on their own accord…and we won’t be able to leave since we’re surrounded.

Alice’s sister also frantically ran off, probably worried that her little sister is still inside. Of course, she didn’t see us.

“Now then…will you now be willing to listen about our offer?” (Zeph)

Zeph changed into a threatening tone.

“I don’t know about that~” (Lucas)

Of course, I still played oblivious.

“Hah, I know you’re not a normal kid. But that goes as far as a one-on-one. You can’t possibly defeat all 20 of us here. Now hand over the brat so we can burn her and make it look like an accident. Ah, but then we’ll have to burn you as well.” (Zeph)

Uwah, what’s with that third-rate line from a third-rate bandit?

Rather, how far are you going just to kill one little girl?

“Is there a way for me that I will live?” (Lucas)

I asked while playing innocent.

I see Alice shiver at my words but I gripped her hand in order to reassure her.

“Nope.” (Zeph)

“Then it’s too bad.” (Lucas)

Well, it’s time to finish this bothersome act.

I changed the atmosphere around me and glared at this man called Zeph.

“This is goodbye then.” (Lucas)

“Kh-!?” (Zeph)

They clearly felt my murderous intent and unconsciously took a step back.

Using this opportunity, I let go of Alice’s hand and started the offense.

“Close your eyes Alice.” (Lucas)

I grabbed two knives from my [Inventory] and attacked.

Starting first with the assassin behind me, I sliced his legs and arms before finally silencing him to death and disappearing.

I’m sure these guys have plenty of experience but as expected, it will be hard to fight someone with superhuman strength and speed.

I even used [Shadow Clone] to fool the enemy while I attacked them.

From a third person point of view, this scene must’ve looked like a fight between 20 men and a ghost.

Throwing faints by [Shadow Clone], the rest was an easy fight, capable of being called a one-sided massacre.

Well, I was still damaged when a guy shot me. As expected, dodging a bullet is still hard even for me. Especially when I didn’t see it coming.

Well, it was a minor wound for me anyways but I still gave him a painful death since I was irritated.

And now, all that’s left is one man. Zeph.

Yes, I left him for last cause why not? He’s the leader and the reason for this mess in the first place.

This is the part where I say something smart. Right.

I nodded at myself for thinking like that while Zeph’s legs gave out and he was now kneeling before me.

“W-who…no, what are you!?” (Zeph)

“Oh, haven’t you heard of me yet? In fact, I have a movie that’s being premiered right now oh?” (Lucas)

I answered with a playful tone since I was bored.

“T-that white hair…you’re him! The whit-argh!?” (Zeph)

Well, there’s no real need to let him finish it so I slashed his right arm.

“Tell me why you are targeting the kid.” (Lucas)

“H-heh! Like I’ll tell you! Just kill me!” (Zeph)

Oh, he still has honor despite being an assassin huh.

How admirable~…not really.

“Well…okay.” (Lucas)

“Eh-?” (Zeph)

I sliced his throat just as he was about to say something.

Ah, was I supposed to not kill him and he acts tough and cool before giving up? Well whatever. I can just ask this little one’s sister.

“You can look now.” (Lucas)

“Hm?” (Alice)

Alice opened her eyes and saw me alone, then looked around as if to look for the bad guys from earlier.

“If you’re looking for those guys who want to kill you, I already defeated them.” (Lucas)

“Eh? Brother Lucas did?” (Alice)

Huh? When did I become Brother Lucas?

“Yeah, now let’s go find your Sister.” (Lucas)

Or so I said but…apparently, she’s already here.

More precisely, she just came here while running towards us with a face that has worried all over it accompanied with several other men.

The sister looked just like Alice, but around the same age as me. With a ponytail that stretches down to her shoulders and a somewhat boyish clothes.

“Alice!” (Sister)

“Sister!” (Alice)

And they lived happily ever after…not! That guy! He’s the one from earlier, Ross Corey! The guy that shot Alice!

Thinking that, I moved the two sisters behind me and readied the knife in my hand.

The other men seem to be confused at my actions and even thought I was going to attack the two sisters so they bared arms.

“Ah, no Brother! They’re not bad guys!” (Alice)

“I know that. But there’s one bad guy mixed with them.” (Lucas)

Hearing my statement. Ross’ face flinched.

“Tch- you’re mad! Let go of our Lady!” (Ross)

Oh, he dared to actually fool me huh?

But I’m already tired of this charade.

“Shut up. [Earth Wall]!” (Lucas)

A wall made of earth formed in front of Ross which I then manipulated and surrounded him instead.

All that’s left is to crush him.

Like that, he died and disappeared.

“Y-you-! Ross was our Chief Bodyguard! Why did you do that!?” (Sister)

“Because he tried to kill Alice earlier.” (Lucas)

“And where’s your proof!?” (Sister)

I pulled out my phone and manipulated it. Since there’s internet, I should be able to review my footage from the WGO website like what I’ve been doing in game.

I made her watch everything from the beginning.

Of course, the windows that appeared when I used the appraisal skills also showed which seemed to shock her.

It seems that most of the men that I killed, rather, sent off to the [Special Prison], are part of her bodyguards.

Haah, so that’s why it has been so troublesome.

“…I’m sorry for doubting you. Thank you for saving my little sister.” (Sister)

“It’s fine. Rather, fix your security.” (Lucas)

“Umm…that…will it be possible to borrow you help? With that ability of yours…I can easily know who’s an enemy and who are not.” (Sister)

What am I, a tool!?

“…No, I still have others waiting for me.” (Lucas)

“It doesn’t have to be now. Can you come to our home tomorrow? Or maybe this night? You can also bring your friends. We will definitely bring you a feast for dinner.” (Sister)

Uuuu, how much does this girl want to keep me?

Even if the [Gatekeeper Project] has yet to be established, I’m still pretty expensive you know?

“Of course you will be properly rewarded for the help.” (Sister)

Or so she says as if reading my mind.

“I also want to play with Brother!” (Alice)

“Ng-…” (Lucas)

Damn, using this kid as a weapon!

What sane person who would turn it down!?

Right, there’s me.

“Sorry, but I-” (Lucas)

“Uuuu” (Alice)

“But I-…I…” (Lucas)

“Uuuuee” (Alice)

“I’m going!” (Lucas)

“Yay!” (Alice)

Damn…am I really this weak to little kids!?

My future looks bleak…

Rimmer Security Check
You have succeeded in returning the lost grandaughter of the Rimmer family and has been asked to check their security for potential spies!

Requirement: Look through the security details of the RImmer Group and find any spies present.
Time Limit: N/A
Difficulty: E
Reward: ???

“Thank you! My name is Stephanie Rimmer! I am the next head of the Rimmer Group. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lucas.” (Stephanie)

“Aah, nice to meet you too Stepha…Steph.” (Lucas)

“St-Steph…why did you have to cut it short!? If you’re going to do that, then at least call me Stephan!” (Steph)

Steph blushed. Huh? Did I do something wrong?

“But your name’s too long~ And why Stephan? It sounds like a boy.” (Lucas)

“H-hmph!” (Steph)

Steph puffed her cheeks and looked away.

Girls sure are a mystery…

But hm? Rimmer Group? Where have I…Ah!

“R-Rimmer!? As in…that Mafia group I’ve heard in TV!? Eh!? Here!? In the Philippines!!??” (Lucas)

“Hm? You just realized?” (Steph)

S-seriously? So I was right that time!?

…Rimmer Group. I’ve only heard about them from the TV but they’ve been known for a few disturbances in the world like being caught up in gang wars and winning or being caught during smuggling and all that…I can’t believe I’m now caught up with all
this mess…

…No wonder even the grandaughter of the current head is being targeted…Haah…the world sure is dark…

But still…I thought they were a foreign organization…to think that they’re here…

I don’t care anymore…these ones don’t seem to be bad since my [Enemy Appraisal] isn’t reacting…And it’s also important to keep connections to organizations like these.

Yeah, they might be of use somehow in the future.

Now then, what to do…

Right…what happened to those guys, I wonder?

I suddenly remembered about the guys I left in the cinema…a lot sure has happened when I only wanted to take a break…

Well then…shall I meet up with Freya and the rest?

Author's Notes

Haha, chapter 0 and 1 was finished quickly!...actually finished yesterday but was not able to post it until now :P

Confession time~ Actually, the whole part about Alice getting targeted is completely impromptu...was not my original plan on how Lucas will meet Steph.

It was supposed to be a nice quiet meeting of taking the lost kid Alice to her home when Lucas was chilling outside but...ended up like this...Though I had planed for Steph to be the daughter of some mobster...still...owell.

Anyway...nothing really more to say...Ah! Remember the +100 in the mural Lucas painted? I changed it to +50...then changed it to +20 since it was actually too much...

So! What will be waiting for Lucas when he goes right inside a Mafia gang's house? How will the other girls react after knowing what happened? Rather, what has happened to the rest of Lucas' group? Also, how will the [Death Eaters] act against Lucas and the [Gatekeeper Project]?

Till the next chapter!

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