World Gate Online



[V4] Chapter 10: Prelude to a War…of Love!?


Chapter 10: Prelude to a War…of Love!?

“Lucas, I was expecting you, come in. Arch-bishop as well and Ms. Freya” (Prince)

The Prince greeted us with a smile and gestured inside the room where I bowed slightly before going in and sitting on the couch. To which, the surrounding maids frowned upon.

I guess it’s customary to let the higher rank to sit first? Well whatever, the Prince didn’t seem to mind it anyway.

The Prince then gestured the maids and knights out of the room and seated as well.

“So, I’ve heard from Jacob about the main topic of our conversation but…can you tell me the details? Of that other world as well as this…[Dorville]? Was it?” (Prince)

“Yes, but that is not the main topic, but just the prologue of a larger topic.” (Lucas)

“…A larger topic huh? I take it that this is also the reason why his Eminence, the Arch-bishop is here?” (Prince)

“Yes.” (Lucas)

The Prince seems to understand and nodded, gesturing me to start.

“U-umm, should I be here?” (Freya)

“Hm? Its fine, it’s not like what we will be talking here is any big secret. Don’t worry, we’re not plotting world domination here.” (Lucas)

“It’s not like that! I mean, is it alright for someone normal like me to be in this meeting?” (Freya)

“You’re a Princess yourself right? And a Vampire Lord to boot. Also, you’re my…familiar so you’re anything but not fine.” (Lucas)

I patted her head and gave her a reassuring smile.

Seeing her calm down, I continued our talk.

“Now, let me start from the time I was summoned in another world.” (Lucas)

+ + +

“Fuh…that’s really a lot to take…I understand, I’ll see what I can do on my end.” (Prince)

“I’ll convince the other leaders of the [Church] as well. I too, want this project to succeed.” (Arch-bishop)

I nodded while hearing positive feedbacks.

“There is one week…no, here, there are three weeks to prepare so I’ll leave [Harus] matters to you guys. The [Sennerth] leaders have already been informed and we in [Earth] are also preparing.” (Lucas)

I relaxed my back feeling a heavy load being taken from me.

For a while, I let myself rest like that…seriously, this burden is too much…

“Amazing…to think something like this will happen…” (Freya)

“Hm? Wanna come as well?” (Lucas)

“N-no! I would get nervous if I even stand in the same room!” (Freya)

“Right?...” (Lucas)

And here I am from a simple college student to…this…haaah, what did I do with my life…?

Reset! I want a reset!

…I wonder if I will be reincarnated if I die?...Nah, I don’t even want to try it…

“Ah, concerning the matter of [Sennerth], not many people know about it just yet so we were planning to surprise everyone, can you keep it a secret for a bit?” (Lucas)

I said in a playful tone and a wink.

Why keep it a secret? Well, I just want to see the look of their faces with wide eyes and hanging jaws. I realize how fun it is to surprise high ranking people from the Arch-bishop.

“Haha, never a dull moment with you huh? Alright, I also want to see their reactions.” (Prince)

“Hahaha, since I was on the receiving end before, I too want to see from the perspective of the one surprising.” (Arch-bishop)

The Prince and the Arch-bishop replied with a playful tone as well.

Kukuku, this will be a sight to see!

The three of us laugh like a villain plotting to dominate the world…no, make that four since Vil joined as well laughing like *Vi vi vi vi vii* while Freya…is distancing herself from us.

Warren is…well, he seemed interested at least.

Like that, we continue to plot how to dominate the worl *cough* I mean, plan how to proceed next.

“Well, there’s still a few things I have to do.” (Lucas)

“Me too, since you’ve given me such an assignment.” (Prince)

“Haha, sorry about that. I’ll be counting on you Future King of Drachedge.” (Lucas)

“Fufu, now, I wonder what faces those guys will show after telling them about this?” (Arch-bishop)

Like that, me, Freya, and Warren went back to [Watervliet].

“Jacob, I’ll be going home for now so I’ll leave things here to you. Also, don’t open the castle yet to anyone. The matter of the tour will be opened around 3 weeks from now. Also tell me once the boats I ordered are finished.” (Lucas)

“Understood.” (Jacob)

After seeing Jacob nod and bowed slightly, I turned to Freya and Warren.

“How about you guys? Do you want to head back to the cave?” (Lucas)

“Ah, yes please.” (Freya)

[“I think I’ll stay here for now and explore for a bit.”] (Warren)

I nodded and see Warren go out of my shadow before taking Freya back to the cave using the [Teleport] function of [Watervliet Ring].

“Then, I’ll be going. Take care.” (Lucas)

“Mm…you as well…” (Freya)

Freya turned and walked away.

…Somehow, I feel like I did something wrong.

While shrugging off this uncomfortable feeling, I logged out.

Seeing the familiar ceiling, I can’t help but feel different.

Like, I’m being sandwiched by two soft walls…

I tried to take of [Portal] from my head but…I can’t move my arms. Looking beside me, I see a kid with green hair sleeping.

It was Aeran…

Did she got bored and slept beside me? Geez, she still behaves like a kid even though she’s supposed to be older than me.

She’s hugging my right arm like a pillow but…what’s with this soft feeling? Even though she’s flat…wait, the feeling came from my other arm…

I look to my left and see…L-Lily!?

What is she doing here!?

And why is she also sleeping!?

Move…I have to move…

I try to take away my arm that she’s hugging but…every time I try to move it, her breast shakes and her face frowns a little.

D-damn! I want to stay! But I need to move!

My family’s supposed to be coming today as Mom said when she called me after my talk with Trask yesterday…and they have a key…If they walk in and see this…

Eh, no no no no. Thinking that way is a flag! A death flag!

L-let’s just wake them up…

“A-Aeran, Lily! Wake up! Hey!” (Lucas)

I tried shaking my arms which shook Lily’s breast harder but only received a frown from the two.

“O-oi! Wake up!” (Lucas)

“Mhh…Lucas?” (Lily)

G-good! Lily seems to have woken up! Now, Aeran’s the only one left!

Though Lily seems to still be half-asleep as she was still clinging to my arm, at least she’s awake. While I try to wake Aeran, the sound that I feared came.

*ding dong*

“Luke!~ We’re coming in!~” (Mother)

“G-gah! W-wait!” (Lucas)

I tried to stand up…only to stumble and fall on the floor because my two arms were still grasped by two girls which then caused me to be imbalanced. The [Portal] on my head also fell with a *clunk*.

“Uwa-!” (Lucas)

“Kya-!?” (Lily)

“Eh-!?” (Aeran)


D-damn…t-this is one of those right!? A cliché event of a lucky pervert in many animes and mangas!?

As if to confirm my thought, my head is being sandwich by two bountiful hills while my right hand is touching a small hill that can be mistaken as a plain…

Lily and Aeran should be awake by now and should’ve quickly taken me off their bodies but…as expected, their brain are still processing what just happened and unable to take any action immediately. In fact, even I was completely frozen not knowing what to do.

Al I can do is brace myself from what’s about to become.

As if on cue, my mother enters…

“Luke? What was that sou…nd………” (Mother)

“T-that…I can explain-” (Lucas)

“Sorry to disturb you.” (Mother)

Mom bowed and closed the door as she left…Eh!? Wait, is that the proper reaction!?

As if finally realizing what just happened, Lily slapped me away from her and covered her chest.

…It hurts…

“Kya-!? W-what are you doing so suddenly Lucas!?” (Lily)

“N-no, it was an accident!” (Lucas)

“I-I know that, but still!” (Lily)

“Besides, why were you sleeping beside me?” (Lucas)

“U-uuu…that…” (Lily)

Evading my question, she glanced towards Aeran for help.

Come to think of it, why are these two together?

Also, how come there’s no reaction from Aeran?

Curious, I also looked at her but…how to say this, she was panting while cupping her blushing head with her hands while fidgeting.

“Waaa, Lucas. It’s still too early…” (Aeran)

““…”” (Lucas & Lily)

…Both Lily and me were silenced by her reaction.

“So what happened?” (Lucas)

I decided to ignore her and asked Lily.

“Y-yes, I actually came this morning to talk to you…but it was her that opened the door.” (Lily)

After that, it seems that Lily was surprised and was chatting with her until Aeran started to doze off and climbed towards my bed, to which, Lily was again surprised but was unable to remove Aeran on me.

“…And why were you doing the same?” (Lucas)

“W-well…how to put it…You weren’t waking up and I suddenly became sleepy as well and…looking at the two of you just seems so comfortable so…” (Lily)

“…So you tried it and fell asleep?” (Lucas)

“Y-yes…” (Lily)

Lily hung her head while saying sorry.

…T-this is that isn’t it? The effect of my [That sleeping student in the class] title…It did say that people around me will be overwhelmed by drowsiness whenever I sleep…

Not to mention combined with my absurd LUK which then created the lucky pervert event…

Rather, I’m not a pervert!

A lucky pervert event has been completed!

+20 LUK

Congratulations! You have gained a new Title: Lucky Pervert!

For having completed one lucky pervert event, your chances of encountering luck pervert events increases!


Damn…what with this!? Am I really a pervert!?

I got on all fours and started to pound on the floor while crying.

Lily and Aeran who has no idea what just happened started to look at me with worried faces.

Uuuu…anyway…we need to explain the misunderstanding to Mom…

I stood up and walked out of the room followed by the two behind and looked for Mom.

“Oh, Finished? That was fast. But still…I can even hear the poundings from here…” (Mother)

“What are you talking about!? And that pounding was me punching the floor!!! Also, how can you talk like that in front of these two!?” (Lucas)

I pointed at my two younger siblings sitting on the couch together with Mom.

There were two of them, a boy and a girl.

The boy is the second son just next to me and 4 years younger, which is 13, by the name of Len. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes like me…actually, all of us in my family has black hair and dark brown eyes. Anyway, Len wore a grey shirt with a big black text that says [DOPE] on it…I don’t know why but he thinks that’s cool, and has a headset hanged on his neck as well as black jeans.

Len, unlike the otaku me, likes music and a few more things that I found bothersome like photography, music editing, and DJ-ing(?) the one where you use a turn table or something. He’s also more sociable than me and likes to hang out with the popular kids.

Well, it’s not like our relationship is bad. Actually, Len was also fond of animes and mangas back then, but immediately grew out of it.

Next is the girl that is 5 years younger than Len and 9 years younger than me, which makes her 8. Her name is Roselyn but we just call her Rose. She has long black hair that extends to her waist tied up in a ponytail on her back and just the same height as Aeran. She wears a white frilly one piece with a red ribbon by the side and is holding a tablet seemingly watching something as earphones seemed to be connected to it with the other end on her ears.

Rose here is also somewhat like me as she likes animes and mangas a bit especially the shoujo ones which I didn’t like so much so there was no topic that we can even talk about. But that also was replaced by this new thing that she liked. K-pop music videos. She seemed to have a crush on one of the boys but since to me, they all look the same, I have no idea who she likes so I can’t bea*cough* recognize him…

By the way, my Mom’s name is Margo whose hair is only about shoulder length and was wearing a seemingly same dress as Rose, only, adult version I guess?

Anyway, I explained the situation to Mom who just laughed and nodded after I finished.

“Haha, fine, the situation from earlier was my misunderstanding. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t ‘sleep’ with them.” (Margo)

“Don’t say it in a way that can be misunderstood!” (Lucas)

“I didn’t notice brother was this popular to girls. Then again, you’re a celebrity now.” (Len)

“I’m not!” (Lucas)

“Waah, a fairy!” (Rose)

“She’s a spirit!” (Lucas)

Haah haah haah…I can’t believe how much I just retorted just now…this is really bad for my health.

“So? Why did you guys visit?” (Lucas)

After calming myself, I finally asked.

“Ah that’s right. We want to watch the second movie of yours together.” (Margo)

“Second movie? It’s already showing?” (Lucas)

I tilted my head at the sudden news. That was fast.

“Ah, yes. Actually, the reason I visited just now is to give you the tickets.” (Lily)

Lily, who has been quiet until now, finally spoke and took out strips of papers from the handbag that she brought with her.

That’s a lot!

Well, I guess I’ll also give ones to Gavin and the rest.

“Ohh, then since there’s so much, how about you come as well umm…” (Margo)

“Right, I forgot to introduce them. This is Lilianne Bristow, an IDEA employee and was my [Guide] when I was creating my character.” (Lucas)

Lily bowed after being introduced.

“Huh? So the ones from them weren’t NPCs?” (Len)

“Ah, you’ve also played, Len?” (Lucas)

“Yeah, since you gave so much money to Mom and Dad, they also bought each of us a [Portal] so we can play.” (Len)

Oh…to think that those parents who seemed to have only studying in mind actually give their kids a toy to play…

“I just started yesterday. Right now, my [Base Level] is 13 while I have [Scout Lvl 10] and [Bard Lvl 7]. Race is [Pure-Blood Vampire].” (Len)

“Ohh, which city did you start?” (Lucas)

“[Drachedge], same as you? Though, it was mostly because that’s the closest to the vampire village so everyone who chose the vampire as the race chose that as their starting point. Also, some of my friends also started there and some, still starting because of you. That’s why, I’ll be expecting you for presents, brother.” (Len)

Len gave a seemingly innocent smile which is definitely because he wants me to give him good equipments to start with…well, not like I don’t have any.

“Heeh, well. I’m currently away from [Drachedge] at the moment. I’m at that vampire village that you mentioned. Also, how come you know my starting city?” (Lucas)

I shouldn’t have told Mom…right?

“Brother, you’re already all over the internet. When’s the last time you actually looked at your facebook? Or even searched the net?” (Len)

Now that you mentioned it…I took my cellphone and opened facebook.

Hmm, well, there’s not really any notable notification about me but that’s because they don’t know I’m the [White Haired Adventurer]. However, the posts from certain pages I followed and liked are different.

Almost all posts are about the [White Haired Adventurer] and the [White Knight]. Some photoshopped the images and edited them, placed them in other posters and such. Even memes are formed! There’s also one where they edited pictures from [The Dark Knight] and turned them into [The White Knight] and such.

I even discovered that a fanclub has been made for the two and looked at it. In there, discussions are being made about my skills and where I came from. Some were true while others are not…

“…This…” (Lucas)

“Huhu, but be careful brother. It seems that this [White Knight] will be taking the spotlight from you!” (Len)

“No, that…that’s me…” (Lucas)

“…” (Len)

“Wow, so does that mean more money for me?” (Margo)

How did it come to that!? Rather, is that all you want!? Is that why you let these two play as well!!??

“Where did you get that equipment!? I want one too!” (Len)

“Ah, geez! I’ll explain later! Right, I was in the middle of introducing them!” (Lucas)

Since the topic was straying from the original topic, I hurriedly introduced Aeran.

“She’s called is Aeran, don’t be fooled by her looks, she’s a [Spirit] that’s over hundreds year old!” (Lucas)

“Ah, Lucas! It’s not good to say a woman’s age!” (Aeran)

Aeran punched me but since there was no force in it, it didn’t really hurt.

“Eh, so that’s why she has wings? I thought she’s a fairy or something though.” (Len)

“Yeah, anyway, she came over from [Sennerth] and I had her play with this world’s gadgets for a bit.” (Lucas)

Ah…this will lead to another explanation…

“[Sennerth]? Isn’t the world of WGO called [Harus]?” (Len)

“…It’s another world…” (Lucas)

“Another…as in a completely different world that [Earth] and [Harus]!? How come I never heard of this!?” (Len)

“It’s still a secret a few people only knows. The actual announcement will be done a week from now. Ah, but I can take you guys there if you want, maybe tomorrow.” (Lucas)

Tomorrow should be Sunday since today is Saturday right? So they shouldn’t have school then.

“A new world! I wanna go too!” (Rose)

“Hey, hey! Tell us about this new world!” (Len)

Rose and Len seemed to be excited about it. Well of course they should. It’s a new world after all!

“Now, now. We’ll go tomorrow like Luke said. For now, why don’t call over your friends so we can just all go together, Luke.” (Margo)

On her suggestion, I called Gavin and the gang.

And so, while we waited, I talked about [Harus] with Len while eating breakfast, Rose seem to be playing with Aeran and Mom was chatting with Lily.

Len’s character name is Ren. As he said earlier, his race is the new addition, [Pure-Blood Vampires] which gave a 20% of increase in stats during the night. However, there is a severe penalty in stat during the day without any shade which is a decrease of 80% to all stat.

Luckily, he logged in when it was night in [Harus] so there was time to buy a robe with a hood to cover his body and started levelling up. As he likes music, he chose [Bard] as one of his jobs and chose [Scout] because he says he wants to be an [Assassin].

Well, vampires are night creatures after all.

Right now, he and his friends are levelling up around [Drachedge] but they intend to move towards the vampire village after everyone passes Lvl 30.

That’s good, because the weakest monster in that cave is a Lvl 30 [Dracula Bat].

How did he know about that? Well, I already released the info in the net together with the other monsters there as well as what to expect.

I also told him that I’ll introduce them with to the village chief Sebastian after they reached it and hopefully get a quest.

This is not cheating, this is the power of connections!

Rose was still too young so she haven’t played yet but has a [Portal] anyway while Mom seemed to have already started too with the name Mary but started at [Cyle], the capital of the northern continent,
[Cyble] so we were quite a distance apart.

As for why, she said that she’ll be riding on a boat that is scheduled to leave towards the [Hong Kong] counterpart in [Harus] as Dad seems to be there.

After a few minutes, Mom called me as if bored already.

“Luke, how about you call Freya as well?” (Margo)

“Hm? Well, we’re waiting anyways.” (Lucas)

Switching with my [Harus] self, Len and Rose’s eyes glowed in amazement. Next, I summoned Freya to which, seem surprised at being summoned.

“Ah, Lucas, is there something you need?” (Freya)

“Freya, do you want to go with us to watch a movie?” (Margo)

“Movee?” (Freya)


Ah, I guess she doesn’t understand the word. Vil also tilted her head to which, was suddenly grabbed by Rose to play.

No choice then, I started explaining to what a movie is and what we’ll be watching.

“E-eh!? T-that…a big screen that will be showing t-t-t-th-that event!?” (Freya)

Ah, maybe we should’ve asked for her permission first…

“Sorry, I should’ve asked first. I can cancel the release if you want.” (Lucas)

“Ah, no no, it’s fine. I understand that this was also part of the reason why our village seems to be popular. I-I’m just…embarrassed…” (Freya)

“Ah…I get what you mean…” (Lucas)

Well…I wonder if she knows that there are a groups of people out there that sees her as an idol? Should I get her to create a facebook or twitter account? Or at least an e-mail?

As if finally noticing her surroundings, she founds Aeran and started to look amazed.

I guess I’ll introduce them…again…

After the introduction of my family, Lily, and Aeran, Freya seemed to have understood the situation and nodded while looking longingly at Lily and Aeran.

I wonder what she’s thinking?

“Lucas, I’ll be going back a bit to inform the others that I’ll be out for a while~” (Aeran)

I nodded and Aeran opened the gate back to [Sennerth] which Len and Rose again looked at with an amazed expression.

Freya and Lily as well looked amazed as she stares at the gate that lead to another world.

Aeran also left the key here so she doesn’t have to open it again.

After a while, familiar voices shouting could be heard from the other side.

“Waaaaa! No fair! I also want to see Lucas’ home! Why didn’t you tell me!?” (Eu)

Ah, looks like Eu’s there huh?

“You weren’t nearby so I didn’t!” (Aeran)

“Then I want to go as well to see this ‘movee’!” (Aeran)

“No way! There are already two girls there so if you join, there will be more competition!” (Aeran)

Competition? Were they fighting or something? Rather, aren’t there four girls here?

“T-two!? You mean there are two more besides us and that annoying human princess!?” (Eu)

Hm? Is she talking about Aleris?

She didn’t strike as annoying though.

“That’s right, so you don’t have to come! I’ll act as our representative!” (Aeran)

“That’s not fair! Wait! I still have something to discuss with Lucas!” (Eu)

Then, two figures passed through the [World Gate] which tumbled down the floor.

The two was, of course, the ones making all the noise since earlier. Eu and Aeran.

Haah, I have to re-introduce everyone again…and again after my friends got here…

Then, another figure passed through the gate.

This time, it was Mare, Eu’s close friend and secretary.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance Lucas. I’ll be leaving Eu to your care. Huhu, such a cute nickname you got her.” (Mare)

“Ah, sorry for the trouble.” (Lucas)

After that, she bowed and left which I stared for quite a bit trying to recall her figure but stopped as soon as I feel cold piercing gazes from four different directions. Eh? What just happened?

“Geez, always looking at Mare’s body…” (Eu)

“*cough* So, what is it that you want to discuss, Eu?” (Lucas)

Quickly diverting the topic, I asked Eu about her business.

“It’s about the [Necklace of the Unidentified] and [Mimic Mask] that you own.” (Eu)

“Ah, do you need it back?” (Lucas)

Thinking so, I put it out of my [Inventory].

“No, well…actually, it’s like this.” (Eu)

Eu then began to tell the situation.

It seems that items in the Demon Castle are always catalogued and properly sorted and recorded. Seeing the two items back then, Eu caught a feeling that those two were not there the last time she was there but then again, Slazore could’ve simply added them while she was imprisoned.

So she checked with Mare after I went back but it seems that she also didn’t knew of it so they tried to manually look through the records only to find none of them listed.

They also found different items like the [Necklace of the Unidentified] only, its ring counterpart, bracelet, earing, choker, and all sorts of accessories hidden somewhere in the castle. However, there’s no other [Mimic Mask] found.

Eu also asked the demon closest to Slazore that is now in prison, as Slazore is dead himself, because Slazore might’ve kept it in secret only to find out that he is oblivious to such items.

“It might be that Slazaore kept this to himself for some kind of plan that we don’t know of yet so it’s best to be careful. Also, on the chance that it wasn’t him…that means that there is another one to watch out for.” (Eu)

“I see…then let me take care of these as well.” (Lucas)

“Hm? Do you need them?” (Eu)

“Well, yeah but that’s not the main reason. Whoever that guy is, he might come and get these back so he’s bound to go back to the castle. In this case, instead of targeting the castle, he’ll target me instead.” (Lucas)

Not to mention, I want to know who and why he did it.

“I-in that case! Let me take them after all!” (Eu)

“No way. Besides, I won’t keep all of it. I’ll give some to a few guys I know.” (Lucas)

“You’ll still be targeted!” (Eu)

“That’s fine.” (Lucas)

For a while, Eu glared at me but soon gave up and sighed after seeing that my stance won’t change.

“…Fine. So, these are…?” (Eu)

“Ah, let me introduce them. These are my family, my Mom, my little brother Len, and my little sister Roselyn. Next is Lilianne who is a resident of this world as well and Freya, a resident of a different world called [Harus]. Everyone, this is the Demon Queen of [Sennerth], Euo…Eu!” (Lucas)

“Wah! Don’t cut my name like that!~” (Eu)

Eu complained.

But your name is long…and hard to say…

“My name is Euomun Ebrerohn Baresur. Like Lucas said, I’m the Demon Queen but as you are Lucas’ family and friends, feel free to talk to me normally. It’s nice to meet you all.” (Eu)

“D-demon Queen…brother, just what did you do in that other world?” (Len)

Len looked at me with an amazed yet scared face.

“Hm? He hasn’t told you? He’s the [Hero] that united the whole of [Sennerth]! Because of him, even our Demon race was accepted into the alliance of the Human, Elf, and Dwarf race.” (Eu)

“S-seriously!?” (Len)

Uuu…do you have to say that Eu? It’s really embarrassing…

Lily, Freya, and Aeran, knowing this already, nodded while the rest were surprised as expected.

“Then, if I go there, will everything be free for me as his little sister?” (Rose)

Breaking the silence, Rose asked with a seemingly innocent tone while still hugging Vil who looked a bit uncomfortable.

Hearing this, Mom also nodded.

“Then, as the mother who gave birth to the [Hero] of you world, everything is free for me as well right? After all, without me, Luke won’t exist and your world would’ve fallen into ruin.” (Margo)

W-what’s with this Mother and Daughter combo!?

So it was as I feared…Rose has the same traits as Mom!

“T-that…even if you say that…the only thing Lucas has is free from access to any facility like the Elves’ [Skill Shrine] or the Dwarves’ furnaces and such.” (Eu)

“[Skill Shrine]?” (Len)

Hearing the explanation, Len also diverted to the dark side.

…I can’t believe this…to think my family is this corrupt…

Well, I can tell they are just kidding around but…wait, are they? Even I can’t tell from how they look right now…

Anyway, we played for a few more hours waiting for my friends to come over.

By playing I meant lending the [World Key] to Len so he can try using Ren here. I also gave him a warning never to switch characters while in [Harus] for now if ever he founds a key. At least, until I find a way to raise the chances of succeeding.

They were surprised on how my [Earth] self can now heal with a touch…but, when I touched Eu, she was hurt instead.

Well, she is still a [Demon] no matter how kind she actually is…

Right now, I can only touch her with a glove but I should really find a way to fix this. After all, Eu looked sad knowing I can never touch her with this body…

Then, Eu seemed to have noticed something and immediately grabbed Lily, Aeran, and Freya. I wonder what they’re talking about?

Anyway, I chatted a bit more with Len while I let Rose play with Vil.

Soon, the doorbell was rung and my friends finally came. Geez, what took them so long?

When I asked, they said that they met all met up before going here and one of them was a late so they were all late.

“Woah! D-don’t tell me…these are…” (Gavin)

Gavin and the rest naturally looked surprised as behind me, my family and four more beauties were gathered.

…Introduction again.

Naturally, they asked for explanation to some details but I’m already tired from explaining so I told them I’ll explain later…

Rather, will we be okay? Going out with this crowd…

“Aeran, can you umm…retract your wings? Or make it disappear or something?” (Lucas)

“Hm? Yeah.” (Aeran)

Ooh, her wings did disappear!

Now, all that’s left is Eu’s horns!

I gave her the [Mimic Mask] so she can use it to change her looks into that of a normal human without any horns.

Naturally, she still looks beautiful without them.

As for me, my white hair will be dead giveaway so I wore a hat and a pair of sunglasses. Freya did the same as well.

As we got out, I noticed something that I should have a long time ago.

“Freya, why aren’t you getting hurt from the sun?” (Lucas)

“Fue!? A-ah, yeah…I wonder…maybe because there is no mana in this world? I think I only get hurt because even sunlight in [Harus] has mana.” (Freya)

Huh? Why did she sound surprised so suddenly? But still…looks like she’s back to her usual self huh?

“So it’s not that vampires are hurt by the sunlight…rather, it’s from the mana within them? I see…that also explains why [Light] magic affects you but light from a light bulb does not.” (Lucas)

Then eh? If that wasn’t the case, she would’ve gotten hurt while we were talking leisurely at the room?

…I guess we were lucky huh?

Curious onlookers seem to be staring at us…rather, they’re staring at the four women surrounding me.

Oh, there are also those who are looking at me…but they’re not good ones…

Like that…I led a bunch of otherworlders outside of my condo…hopefully, nothing bad happens. But then again, thinking that is a Death Flag huh?


(Another trial Vil POV...hope this one is better than before since Vil was more Human-like then. Now, she should be more like a child...)

Spoiler :

Vil here~

Vil went to another place with Master~

This time, it was an even bi~gger castle that Master’s!

But even though Vil and Master went here, all Master did was talk! Buuu~

But Vil is a good Dorville so Vil will wait.

Still waiting.

Still waiting.

Still waiting.

Still waiting.

Still waiting.

…Vil will just sleep…

Vil dreamt of jumping on clouds with Master~

After Vil woke up, it seems Master’s talk is finished and Master was laughing with the others. I want to join too!

*Vi vi vi vi vii*

Why are we laughing?

Oh well.

*Vi vi vi vi vii*

+ + +

Then, Vil was at Master’s home again! Waah, so many people!

The [Spirit] is also here, but the annoying scary Demon is not so Vil is happy!

Or so Vil thought but a little Human suddenly grabbed Vil!

From what Vil heard from Master, this little Human is Master’s little sister! So she is my little Master!

Ok, Vil will let her play with Vil as much as she wants!

But she was the same as the annoying scary Demon!

She hugs Vil too much and Vil nearly died because it’s hard to breathe!

Uuuu, but she is Master’s little sister and my little Master so Vil will endure!





No more! Vil can’t take it anymore!

That’s why Vil broke free from little Master…no, from now on, she is annoying little Human!

Vil ran away from annoying little Human while she chased Vil.

Muu, this annoying little Human sure is persistent!

Ah! Vil still has Master’s skill!

[Dark Wall]!

A black wall was formed in front of annoying little Human and she slammed head first!

Hah! Take that!

Now Vil won!

“Uuuu…” (Rose)

Vil turned back when Vil heard a silent moan behind…the annoying little Human is crying!

W-waahhhh! How can Vil forget!? This is Master’s little sister!

Wah wah wah! Master will be mad at Vil!

N-no choice then…Vil will sacrifice herself to the annoying little Human…

Like that, Vil once again became the annoying little Human’s plaything…


Author's Notes

Finished a new chapter fast!

Why? Because no more FINALS!!!!....actually just one more tomorrow but meh, haha

Really didn't planned it to end like this...owell, the continuation will be on the next volume cause I like to be balanced with all volumes having 10 chapters! and an Illustration page! So I'll probably draw something from boredom and just place it there. You can ignore it if you want.

Thanks to Ignis who pointed out things I should improve and hopefully, I did improve, even just a little. Also to Hyoudou for ideas in the future chapters! Especially that one with Lucas' style since I was stuck there and he mentioned something that led me to finally think what [Style] Lucas will learn. :3

So, that four finally meet!

And it seems that Freya has went back to normal!

What could've happened in the girl's talk? Huhu, is this a good sign? Or a premonition of troubles going on Lucas' way? What has Lucas asked of the Prince and the Arch-bishop? As well as the leaders of [Sennerth] and the people from [Earth]? An event that would change the world!? And just who was the one who led Lucas to pick up on the seemingly convenient items?

Next time, on [World Gate Online]!

Quote:“Lucas, I...I-...!”

“She was my's just someone I used to know.”

“The universe has began to flow in a different direction. The question is, will you go with it? Or are you going against it?”

“Why do you think [Heroes] wear a mask, Bram?”

“Are you telling the truth...or are you lying?”

“They must be kept hidden...”

“Do you wish to rot here? Or are you wiling to change your life?”

“They call themselves [Heroes]! First, we shall take that from them!”

“We are...”

“Welcome to the [Gatekeepers].”

“...the [Death Eaters]!”

(Note, some of these dialogues may or may not appear in the next volume and is definitely not in this order. :P)

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