There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

by stewart92

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic

She became a dungeon core.

Everything pointed Delta to murdering her way to success. People were just mana farms, right?

No, that was wrong. Delta refused. Then everything became odd.

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I Am Flying (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Smashing Start ago
2: Take off! ago
3: Mushroom Farming ago
4: The Piggy in the Middle ago
5: The Human Touch ago
6: The Capped Limit ago
7: innocence and Gobs ago
8: What Wicked Web We Weave ago
9: Quissing the Dungeon ago
10: Hole in the Ground ago
11: Fishing for Compliments ago
12: The Nature of Give and Take ago
13: Hook, Line, Sinker ago
14: Conviction ago
15: Delta Ducks ago
16: Duck for Traps ago
17: Along Came A Spider ago
18: I am DEO! ago
19: DEO! and friends! ago
20: A Boary End ago
21: Flaws and Thorns ago
22: The Greenhouse Effect ago
23: Nature vs Nurture ago
24: Unruli ago
25: Slimers ago
26: Special ago
27: Levelling Down ago
28: Guilty Roots ago
29: The Jungle Room ago
30: A Gentleman ago
31: Japing about ago
32: Catch and Mist ago
33: The Curious Container ago
34: The Flower in a Pot ago
35: Rulis and Termis ago
36: Challenge Accepted ago
37: The Nuance of Dungeon Building ago
38: Big Showdown in little Dungeon ago
39: Lost in Translation ago
40: Seeing the Mushroom for the Forest ago
41: Busy Little Bee ago
42: The Little Things ago
43: Raleish the thought ago
44: Mime the Gap ago
Interlude: Cheesecake ago
45: Nu point of view ago
46: Ballad of the Great ago
47: Delta Does Danger ago
48: Equal-system ago
49: Witching Hour ago
50: Evolution of the First Floor ago
51: Happy Accidents ago
52: Griminology ago
Interlude: Crumbling Hearth ago
Artwork! ago
53: Devine Bobbing ago
54: Pic-Nic ago
Maestro ago
55: Heart of the Jungle ago
56: Birds, Mushrooms, and Taxes ago
57: The Musical Trap ago
58: Thorn in The Side ago
60: The Star of the Show ago
Map updates. ago
61: This Dungeon Belongs to Noland ago
Update ago
Interlude: Popping the Question ago
62: Holly Water ago
63: Wyin or lose ago
64: The Tree of 'Wisdom' ago
65: The Key to her Heart! ago
66: Tending the Moon ago
Side Story: The Village of Woodedly ago
67: Keys and Doors ago
68: World Wide Web ago
69: New Blood ago
70: Gather your Party ago
Floor maps udated! ago
Interlude: The King's Fortune ago
71: Truth Seeker ago
72: Inferno at the Grove ago
73: Lord of Mushrooms ago
Interlude: Spoiled for Choice ago
74: Blind Truth ago
75: Heart to Heart ago
76: Jungle Fever ago
77: Flower Power ago
78: Maze of Life ago
79: Delta's Dungeon Defence ago
80: Mother vs Mother ago
81: Long may she rain ago
82: Jack and Delta go down a tunnel ago
Interlude: The Imp of no Importance ago
83: The Fortress of Silence ago
84: For Whom the Dungeon Trolls ago
Edit upon a new day. ago
85: Silent Knight ago
86: Oh Holy Knight ago
87: Grotesque Puns ago
Floor 2 update! ago
88: Xanatos Gambit? No, this is a Delta Gamble! ago
89: Split Opinions on Banned Books ago
90: The Dungeon and her Village ago
91: Nina a Hand? ago
92: Fresh Breath of Seth ago
93: A King's Grudge ago
Interlude: Dungeon Education ago
94:Guard Goyles ago
95: All Action, No Talk ago
96: Door to Door ago
97:Bubbling to the Surface ago
Interlude: Death Pips In ago
98: The Madness of Sanity ago
99: Beta to the Punch ago
100: Delta ago
101: How to be a Dungeon ago
102: The Dance of the Dead and Fabulous ago
103: Pop goes the Slime ago
104: Spring of the Soul ago
105: Delta's Day Off ago
106: Delta the Darkest Dungeon ago
107: Love ago
108: Al Far will he go? ago
109: Quickies and Squidies ago

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This novel is fun without being totally inane, funny without forcing itself, and just a little bit poigant to cleanse the palate and give the plot a bit of weight.

Bored monster
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A classic dungeon story, not so classic anymore. Dungeon stories nowadays have been so overdone that there are only cliches left. Not this one though. Delta is basically a novel about a person/heroine saying I don't want to kill anyone, I want to be their friends. Except this one isn't so cringy. This novel is heartfelt free flowing classic without all the japanese isekai tropes. A must read for everyone.

  • Overall Score


Привет stewart92

Stewart92 Я твой фанат. Так что знайте, у вас есть русские фанаты!

Я плохо знаю английский, поэтому читаю через гугл переводчик. Даже плохой перевод Google не разрушил вашу книгу!

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“A dungeon story is usually bull. As in bullshit." - Jeffery

So, we finally get a dungeon story about a pacifist. While i could criticise the idealistic theme, it would be kinda pathetic of me. The story is basically a light-harted collection of jokes and ocasional puns. Kinda slice of lifey. The grammar is great.Unless you have serious problems (mental problems).The characters are the best part, the whole story being about the characters and their interactions. The worldbuilding is shaky, often teased but never fully explored.  And last but not least: the style...

It. Is. Slow. Sixhundred pages in, nothing major happened. At first, there was a bit about humans using dungeons as resource or somesuch, they sent a message to the king- But they still did not react in any way, shape or form. They are still not done with the second floor!

The story is cute, lightharted and idealistic. Perfect if you want to just laugh, or are secretly depressed.  I liked it.

  • Overall Score

i love this light novel so much. the emotions, the care put into this makes me smile just from reading. the staggering amount of unique characters and the care and deep trust they have for delta is part of what makes this story so light hearted, not to mention deltas wacky and heartful personality. i have laughed many times and am still now being entertained in my once a week reading up the updates.

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once upon a time, the world decided to hide its greatest monsters, its greatest heroes and its greatest enemy all in one location, and hoped they would fade away with enough time... they shouldn't have hoped. 

This is the story of Delta, a sentient and sapient dungeon who grew strong way before she was supposed to in a location that the rest of the world would like to forget existed. Trouble is, she doesn't like to kill like a dungeon should. she doesn't like others killing in her new body either. An idealist who has the strength to back up her ideology in the face of unspeakable evil.

This is the story of all the monsters who call the dungeon core their mother, who have shown more emotion and character than any side characters i've seen in any professional work. They are just too easy to love, and I love every single one. This pun-loving family of goblins, trolls, skeletons, a mime, a duck and legion of mushrooms has made me smile no matter how sad i've been. 

This is the story of the residents of a town who the world wanted to forget- ancient powers who have awoken thanks to delta's presence, who are ready to fight against evil once more. A stroy about every single one of them, and how this world has hurt them, and every dungeon that lives in this world out of greed. 

this is the story of the children, the new heroes of this world, who would do anything to protect delta, the kids who are set to inherit the greatest darkness the world has ever known, just before it's about to strike.

Now ask me tell you, have you ever had a villain make you cry from something you've seen them do? i'm not talking tears at their own death. i'm not talking about some misguided tears of joy from their demise or watching them kill someone important. I mean genuine, heart-felt tears of fury and hopelessness over something a villain has done that just made you curl up and die inside for a while. This story gave me that. it's good. 

just... just read it. enjoy my punny children. i love them all. 

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Absolutely great. Cant wait to see more. So far the entire story is constantly interesting. I love the peacefulish dungeon angle. I hope the story doesnt lose that. The characters are super fun, as are the monsters. The theme is super fun and not super heavy drama. And Delta is absolutely adorable.

  • Overall Score

The title is an oxymoron

"There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns" is obviously an oxymoron comparable to 'pretty ugly' or 'puns are dumb'.


Epic Loot acquired by reading this story:

1. Puns

2. General sense of fulfillment and enjoyment

3. Maps

4. Pots

Epic Loot lost by reading this novel:

1. Time

2. Weight, as you sit on your computer chair for 12 hours a day reading


also the grammar is good, the characters are fleshed out, it's funny, and puns are among the highest form of wordplay in the english language.


  • Overall Score

The title should be changed to There is no Epic Loot here, Or Puns. Seriously though, either up your pun game or revise your title. On another note, characters are likable if not all that complex. There doesn’t seem to be any overarching goals or problems and retains a lighthearted tone (aside from maybe that whatever that respawned her at the start but as of now it plays no part). There is no useless and crippling foreshadowing such as “the shadowy emporer of despair and cheese chuckled gleefully, watching as his insert evil plot here came to fruition” so that’s good. I don’t really understand the setting all that much and it could use some more development. There are a few problems with grammar and all of them really stick out but luckily they’re not that common and can still be understood. The style is a resounding success and makes this an enjoyable read. All in all I’m gonna have to give it a not-bad/10

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  • Character Score

I don't get the hype

The story is ok, that's the word I'd use to describe it. Ok. Not great, not even particularly good, just ok. I'm 50 chapters in when I write this.

It starts more or less like most dungeon core stories (and most dungeon core stories suck don't they?) but manages to avoid the murderhobo dungeon trope. And not being a murderhobo dungeon sort of becomes everything the story is really about. There's some worldbuilding in the background; hidden by cliffhangers, the author seems like he's teasing "Hey, there's a world and story outside the dungeon, guess who is never going to get to hear anything about it! That's right, you will never get to hear anything about it! Not beyond these cliffhangers I'm leaving all over anyways."

I don't know what to make of that, it's like he's mocking his readers, but it's not that big of a deal, I never cared that much about it anyways, it just became a annoying when he keeps repeatedly teasing it and dropping cliffhangers and loose ends about it all over the place without ever actually diving deeper into any of it.

But this isn't even what bothers me the most about the story, this is just a minor annoyance. What bothers me the most is that the pacing of the story is down the drain, I've read about 50/88 published chapters; with the full 88 being 1000 pages of content; that's about 600 pages of content I've read, two full books.

And nothing has happened, it's like the world bends over backwards and just waits for the dungeon to be ready for whatever it promised to throw at it from the first few chapters. The town next to the dungeon had to send a letter to the king to tell him about the dungeon and this would draw in a bunch of undesirables that like to enslave dungeons, or just milk them like cows of whatever they can get. It's been 2 books worth of content, and they're not even there yet? Just a whole bunch of foreshadowing turned into a whole lot of nothing.

Worse still however is that she's developing so slowly, she has 2 floors and 15 monsters, 600 pages, for 2 floors, and she's not even done with the 2nd floor. When we get teased about there being dungeons with 70+ floors out there. It's all just a happy little wonderland, everything always goes perfect, there's no adversity, not really, oh and despite the doors being open for adventurers to come in and chekc things out, she's had only 1 serious team check her out, a few people have dropped by the dungeon once, and never returned (including Quiss, who is made out to be some kind of major character but he never really goes into the dungeon after his first 2 times early on in the book)

The pace is snailing, there's suppposed to be some plot, probably but at the current rate the story is going it'll be 4000 pages, or chapter 350 or something before we will finally get to the plot actually moving. You know, when she's developed into a whole 3 floor dungeon and is ready for whatever the world can throw at her (Because I swear she will not be able to get to floor 4 any faster than that, the pace has only been slowing down over time. She'll probably be stuck on floor 3 until the author drops the story)

It's an ok story, a light hearted read, filled with bad puns. But it's nothing more than that.