There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

by stewart92

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic

She became a dungeon core.

Everything pointed Delta to murdering her way to success. People were just mana farms, right?

No, that was wrong. Delta refused. Then everything became odd.

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Town Mayor (VIII)
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Great Commenter (VI)
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I Am Flying (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Smashing Start ago
2: Take off! ago
3: Mushroom Farming ago
4: The Piggy in the Middle ago
5: The Human Touch ago
6: The Capped Limit ago
7: innocence and Gobs ago
8: What Wicked Web We Weave ago
9: Quissing the Dungeon ago
10: Hole in the Ground ago
11: Fishing for Compliments ago
12: The Nature of Give and Take ago
13: Hook, Line, Sinker ago
14: Conviction ago
15: Delta Ducks ago
16: Duck for Traps ago
17: Along Came A Spider ago
18: I am DEO! ago
19: DEO! and friends! ago
20: A Boary End ago
21: Flaws and Thorns ago
22: The Greenhouse Effect ago
23: Nature vs Nurture ago
24: Unruli ago
25: Slimers ago
26: Special ago
27: Levelling Down ago
28: Guilty Roots ago
29: The Jungle Room ago
30: A Gentleman ago
31: Japing about ago
32: Catch and Mist ago
33: The Curious Container ago
34: The Flower in a Pot ago
35: Rulis and Termis ago
36: Challenge Accepted ago
37: The Nuance of Dungeon Building ago
38: Big Showdown in little Dungeon ago
39: Lost in Translation ago
40: Seeing the Mushroom for the Forest ago
41: Busy Little Bee ago
42: The Little Things ago
43: Raleish the thought ago
44: Mime the Gap ago
Interlude: Cheesecake ago
45: Nu point of view ago
46: Ballad of the Great ago
47: Delta Does Danger ago
48: Equal-system ago
49: Witching Hour ago
50: Evolution of the First Floor ago
51: Happy Accidents ago
52: Griminology ago
Interlude: Crumbling Hearth ago
Artwork! ago
53: Devine Bobbing ago
54: Pic-Nic ago
Maestro ago
55: Heart of the Jungle ago
56: Birds, Mushrooms, and Taxes ago
57: The Musical Trap ago
58: Thorn in The Side ago
60: The Star of the Show ago
Map updates. ago
61: This Dungeon Belongs to Noland ago
Update ago
Interlude: Popping the Question ago
62: Holly Water ago
63: Wyin or lose ago
64: The Tree of 'Wisdom' ago
65: The Key to her Heart! ago
66: Tending the Moon ago
Side Story: The Village of Woodedly ago
67: Keys and Doors ago
68: World Wide Web ago
69: New Blood ago
70: Gather your Party ago
Floor maps udated! ago
Interlude: The King's Fortune ago
71: Truth Seeker ago
72: Inferno at the Grove ago
73: Lord of Mushrooms ago
Interlude: Spoiled for Choice ago
74: Blind Truth ago
75: Heart to Heart ago
76: Jungle Fever ago
77: Flower Power ago
78: Maze of Life ago
79: Delta's Dungeon Defence ago
80: Mother vs Mother ago
81: Long may she rain ago
82: Jack and Delta go down a tunnel ago
Interlude: The Imp of no Importance ago
83: The Fortress of Silence ago
84: For Whom the Dungeon Trolls ago
Edit upon a new day. ago
85: Silent Knight ago
86: Oh Holy Knight ago
87: Grotesque Puns ago
Floor 2 update! ago
88: Xanatos Gambit? No, this is a Delta Gamble! ago
89: Split Opinions on Banned Books ago
90: The Dungeon and her Village ago
91: Nina a Hand? ago
92: Fresh Breath of Seth ago
93: A King's Grudge ago
Interlude: Dungeon Education ago
94:Guard Goyles ago
95: All Action, No Talk ago
96: Door to Door ago
97:Bubbling to the Surface ago
Interlude: Death Pips In ago
98: The Madness of Sanity ago
99: Beta to the Punch ago
100: Delta ago
101: How to be a Dungeon ago
102: The Dance of the Dead and Fabulous ago
103: Pop goes the Slime ago
104: Spring of the Soul ago
105: Delta's Day Off ago
106: Delta the Darkest Dungeon ago
107: Love ago
108: Al Far will he go? ago
109: Quickies and Squidies ago

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Spark in The Dark
  • Overall Score
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Great jokes and good friends await in this one of a kind story. It's different and that's what makes it great when it isn't the same as a dozen other dungeon stories. Great character and mysteries make this something I think more people should read. 

  • Overall Score

Where did my life go?

I started reading this then realised that several days had passed while I kept reading. After realizing just how addicted I was, I attempted to moderate my reading, but found I kept reading well past my bedtime. My relationships with my wife and son have suffered, though, I have caught up to where the author is adding new content.

Each day I open RR, hoping for another chapter, hoping for just another little taste. The humour, the characters, the world, every bit makes me want to experience this world.

Other than the occasional odd bit of grammar, this story is amazing and I can only hope I write even half as good as the author.

  • Overall Score

I like silly and I like fun. Starts out weird and the strangeness grows to epic near incoherent proportions. Probably written by a mad mystic that has a few sanity points left.

  • Overall Score

Boy I’m glad to discover this hidden gem!

Honestly, someone suggested this on Novelupdates Forums with a link and being a bored girl I was, curiousity took over which led me to find this certain hidden gem.

I’m not best with reviews/critiques but I’ll comment for the sake of this unique and very entertaining story. 

This dungeon story is worthy for a reads. For starters, the MC here won’t give you a startling slap on the face from it’s OP-ness. Although she has the typical system thingy and a will to do her wishes on a whim, there’s still a limit for it and a little sense of what’s it like to begin small. I also enjoyed the setting because there’s no such bloody thing called harem/reverse harem that mostly dungeon stories have, instead, I like the hilarious fluffy moments here. The characters are never dull at all; they have their own circumstances, different personalities, and past experiences, definitely not boring to read. MC is a former-human(?)-turned-dungeon-core, maybe, and I became a fan after realizing her eccentric jolly behavior. She’s like a one weird good friend we need.

Some stayed for the story development, others stayed for the character-building, few stayed for the plot-twists, and I stayed for the amusement this hidden gem brought. I’m genuinely grateful that stewart92 had published this masterpiece and shared it to everyone. Thank you. 

  • Overall Score

This does exactly what it promises, gives puns and dungeon fun. Delta is great and the MENU is a cool addition to this series.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

OK, so is this the most serious piece of writing? Not really. However I'm going to make the case that it doesn't need to be. The story doesn't feel to me like it's trying to be prize winning or invent new literary techniques. To me it is a window into a world and into characters that are funny, engaging and ultimately loveable to the nth degree.

The story is well paced in my opinion and was written by someone who made at least some effort to follow English grammar rules. Most importantly however is that so far it has been immensely enjoyable and never boring.

The only thing I would mention is that the secondary story is not as interesting as the main story. The cuts to it every so often, so far, have just irritated me as it diverts attention away from the characters in durence who you actually want to be reading about. I am waiting to pass judgement until these are actually relevant though. It might just be that I've jumped in too early.

Keep up the good work my friend! 

  • Overall Score

Not enough puns yet. There is indeed no epic loot tho.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It's an interesting take on the dungeon reincarnation plotline with a female lead and a lot more depth than the norm. It can be hard to follow at times because of the sheer amount of characters outside of the dungeon and the fact that all of them seem to have complex backstories. That said it is definately worth a read.

  • Overall Score

Every chapter brings a smile to my face

A thoroughly unique take on dungeon novels. The writing may not be flawless, but is pretty great on the whole. Plot and pacing remain solid throughout. Characters are fun an memorable.

If I had a single complaint to make, that simply would be that there isn't enough! Even so it generally updates on a fairly consistent and regular basis without sacrificing quality so I don't really mind.

The consistent optimisitic and cheerful mood throughout the story, no matter how dark it gets, never gets annoying. If anything it is infectious and always lifts my mood and has brought smiles to some of my worst days.

It's a good story.

  • Overall Score

Subjective Enjoyment: Makes me smile.  The jokes and humor are bad, and that's how I like it.

Morals:  Similar to Discworld.  This world is TRYING to be a crapsack world, but it has one too many pesky GOOD people causing chaos.  This story doesn't pretend that the world is a nice place, but it won't make you depressed either.

Memorability:  I don't think the author knows how to make characters that aren't memorable.  Once again, I have to compare this WN to Discworld.

Updates: So far the author has kept writing despite IRL setbacks, so I doubt anything can stop the author now.  Even if it does go on hiatus someday, this work of love would still be worth reading.

Objective Quality:  I would never accuse this story of being *quality* fiction, but then again I don't remember the last time "quality" fiction made me smile.  Jones would give it an A+.