Tis not neat or orderly but hey... its a map of Delta's Dungeon. You're lucky its visible in the human spectrum and not alive in some form trying to lick your eyeballs.

Or is it?

Let me know if anyone feels licked or rather clean in the visual area more than usual.

Floor 3 map very soon then chapter 89 will begin. 88 will drop soon! Very soon...


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Aselo @Aselo ago

My eye sockets feel violated....

Einhander @Einhander ago

It looks like there is no epic chapter here,


( •_•)>⌐■-■


Only plans.


Osamaru Ta @Osamaru Ta ago

SO what's the actual "dimensions" of this? On one hand it seems like its pretty big. On another hand, if you take the map at face value, that would make either the "Main" room REALLY small (for a forest) at only a few hundred feet across. But then if you say that Map is not a good representation of Scale, and the Forest room is 1-2 miles across, then it makes it harder to understand the size of the other rooms.


    stewart92 @stewart92 ago

    its not really about scale since I warned people that would be way off. People just wanted to roughly know where and what. Easy to visualize the story as it were.

      vampfan @vampfan ago

      Thanks for the Map update.

      Maybe add in a sentence in an upcoming chapter that states how long it's takes for some to walk from the Bridge to the Hot Springs, might give us a rough estimate of the Jungle Rooms size without actually saying how big it is?

      Also any chance of making a rough basic Map showing the surrounding area of the Delta's Dungeon? Something showing the different Dungeon Entrances and Durence, and other points of interest that might have been mentioned or may come up?

      carl mason @carl mason ago

      As far as time is concerned, when Delta first got the room, she "ran" across it and it took something like ten minutes to cross the room. Now with it populated and challenges and stuff it would take an actual person considerably longer to make their way across.

      vampfan @vampfan ago

      Yes, but Delta isn't exactly Limit by Human Limitations when it comes to travelling through her own domain. For that matter neither are a lot of Durence's inhabitants when it comes to moving quicker then human norm, so perhaps it should only be regular Adventurers who mention travelling times through the main Jungle Room.

      Sassnad @Sassnad ago

      Well making a map to scale is not really going to work since dungeouns screw with space as we have seen in earlier room upgrades and such

carl mason @carl mason ago

What is that artwork over by Bob's pool? Also, wasn't there a room that was Rale's gym, I thought I remembered something like that.

Furthermore! Thanks for the map. It is nice.

    vampfan @vampfan ago

    That a picture of an overly muscled Frogman. It's also in about the place that Rale's Gym area is located I believe, it didn't have a Room of its own but was placed next to the water.

WickedOne @WickedOne ago

Was Outraged this was not a readable chapter when i saw it, but i absolutely love this map. It really brings things together and those little notes they're awesome 😍

GamerKale @GamerKale ago


Is that grove in the southeast literally just a grove with small adorable mammals and benches for resting? That's kind of adorable, could maybe use a gazebo or a tea party.