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 Above was my first message and now I want to edit this to see thank you.


Thank you all for the kind words and even kinder support. I cannot thank you enough. More than one have pointed out i did react to the trolls and that is bad but I can't bring myself to delete this and all the comments. It just reminds me of much good people there are here on the internet and I need that.


So, as for an update. I will be doing chapter 85: Silent Knight on Monday!

(I love my puns, i really do)

My cat also silently approves in her own cat way.


Good night and I'm still working through the Pms


Support "There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns."

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Gaiadarkstar @Gaiadarkstar ago

wow there are sick people everywhere this reminded me of a guy in my high school who constantly threatened me to kill or otherwise hurt my pet cats no idea how he even know I had cats. Then near the end of the year he actuall said he liked me!!! No idea if these sick people are doing this out similarly "bullying the one they like" or if they are really just jealous or just so bored they just bully whoever they can. When the guy I mentioned asked me out I almost laughed out loud I barely managed to hold it in. I just said no thanks and didn't even look at him before I left. Follow what others said and change your settings so people can't just post whatever they want. I don't really use social media because of all the idiots out there. I just end up feeling sad for them because they have nothing better to do then bother others. Think of them like an anooying fly or bee do what you can to prevent the annoyance but don't take them seriously their just a fly after all. You have a fun story that I look forward to reading every time you post more chapters. As someone sharing your work you almost have to grow a hard skin so that these kind of negative reactions don't affect you as much.

human 1234 @human 1234 ago

My brother told me about this book, and I absolutely love it. Keep writing since you make me feel happy

Squekers @Squekers ago

Okay, so this might seem weird, but i feel obligated to ask if that's a ketchup vottle in the cat photo (cute cat btw), if so, why is there a random bottle of ketchup just sitting out, if not, why does that object make me think of those moderately sized Heinz ketchup bottles... I know this is weird but seriously, is it one of those Heinz ketchup bottles that go upside down??!

kabs @kabs ago

I love you and this story!!! Cunts who do shit like that aren't worth your attention!

Zaci @Zaci ago

I just came back from a RR break to bing my reading, couldn't stop myself at this post.

I've been working in public for 20 years and I know how people can be. Never stop being yourself and continue on. We have in motto in public work, there will always be 10 unsatisfied review for 1 good one, but there will always be lurkers who likes and love. I just so happen to be one of them, I love your work and will always want more. Keep going and push through, you have talent.

Eliza-nova @Eliza-nova ago

Just proves what we knew all along. The world is filled with some truly sick people and they congregate on the Internet. I hope the law catches up with them.

Keep up the good work. We are all behind you and appreciate you. I hope you were not too shaken up by those sorry excuses for human beings.

pirolune @pirolune ago

heeee You serious I am cats lover I Will go to wars again somebodies that arm one