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 Above was my first message and now I want to edit this to see thank you.


Thank you all for the kind words and even kinder support. I cannot thank you enough. More than one have pointed out i did react to the trolls and that is bad but I can't bring myself to delete this and all the comments. It just reminds me of much good people there are here on the internet and I need that.


So, as for an update. I will be doing chapter 85: Silent Knight on Monday!

(I love my puns, i really do)

My cat also silently approves in her own cat way.


Good night and I'm still working through the Pms


Support "There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns."

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Wing @Wing ago

Hi Stewart,
I've read your post
While we have no authority over what happens off-site. This is genuinely disturbing.
From the comments it is clear that the RR community is behind you, and so is the staff.

If there is anything we can do, please notify us. We are ready with our pitchforks and hammers.

    taenebras @taenebras ago

    maybe it is possible to report to the authorities for cyber-harassment and suspicion of animal abuse ? dunno the legal stuff you can work with, but be sure people out there support you.


    stewart92 @stewart92 ago

    Thank you so much. Im sorry for the drama!

      deathbricks @deathbricks ago

      mate that ain't drama in the least, ya got a bunch of... fuck, i want to call them goblins but that'd be a insult to goblins. Doing stuff like that, i wonder if they were born like that or if they were dropped on their heads (multiple times) as a science experement, see how long a rat can live and function with minimal brain activity.

      JeffreyXIII @JeffreyXIII ago

      We love your work and are 100 percent with you. Some people are sick and others just have horrible sense of humor.Here's hoping it is more the former than the later and all the cats shown are fine

      Dragrath @Dragrath ago

      Sorry to hear this happened no one should have to face harassment like that.... Hopefully you can get the problem dealtwith so they can't harass anyone else.

      MarcSauBat @MarcSauBat ago

      If what is happening is mainly on a discord server you are admin in I can recommend you finding a simple bot that will auto ban people from the server that post things with certain keywords, or changing the rights in the server so no person without your permission can post anything, or just change the privacy of your account so no non friends of yours can send you things. And this is just my personal opinion but if so many people is envious enough of you to do this kind of things that means that you are doing a very good job so don’t worry about a bunch of envious retards that only have balls to say things like this in the internet because they know that no one can really do anything to them in real life, this kind of sad people would never be able to even look at your eyes directly in real life, so keep your good job man and donΒ΄t mind the retards if you do they will win and we canΒ΄t have that : ) !. (sorry for bad English)

      Supersanttu7 @Supersanttu7 ago

      Just "drama"...?


      TrueImmortalDevil @TrueImmortalDevil ago

      Agreed! They threaten the life of an innocent cute cat and disturb another innocent author

    darkon47 @darkon47 ago

    Contact the police, they are in violation of U.S. legal code S 240.30 commonly known as Aggravated harassment in the second degree. Assuming you are a U.S. citizen, the authorities are obligated to pursue this crime should you request it.

      PandaCookie @PandaCookie ago

      That'd only be useful if the perpetrators were also in the US though (shouldn't make it a public chat, invite only and they have to PM you on RR for approval or something... Maybe too much drama doing that though)

      darkon47 @darkon47 ago

      Not just the U.S. if the perpetrators are in other countries it should be possible to have them identified to that countries legal authorities. Though if they are in other countries most wont care as the threat loses credibility. But if they are in the U.K. for example they are in violation of U.K. law and their police will handle it.

    Shakeel @Shakeel ago

    What about the cookies and penguins?

    Why only pitchforks and hammers? The standards of mobs nowadays is terrible...

    MajorMack @MajorMack ago

    And more. but yes lots of pitchforks and hammers for a) cowardly meatbags(saying troll just insults trolls) who get off on the feeling of threating people and b) people who think doing that to any animal is "funny"

    shadow turtle yinyang @shadow turtle yinyang ago

    and torches and swords and halberds and spears and bows and slings and arrows and rocks and all other angry well equipped mob stuff

MarkM @MarkM ago

Please ignore idiots and feel free to report them to site admins.

wolfmaster @wolfmaster ago

Someone seriously did that? That is screwed up!

Oranos @Oranos ago

what the?
why would anyone threaten your cat?
why would anyone put a cat in a blender?
no comprende

Chungkong @Chungkong ago

Holyshit , someone sent you pics of cats in blenders 😱. Why the fuck would anyone do that , I freaking love your story and always recommend it to anyone looking for a dungeon / comedy story to read.

ShadowyPenguin @ShadowyPenguin ago

Hey did you know you can set your settings so that people who aren't your friends can't message you

Moridain @Moridain ago

Holy crap!


No one should go through crap like that. That person is clearly sick.

If you even suspect they might know who you are in real life I suggest you send copies of their posts to the police. Even if not report them to Discord, they can block his IP, which should keep him away even if he makes new accounts.

    the_random_user @the_random_user ago

    I second this. If you want them to stop then make then stop, whether it be shutting down their access to discord/any other forum site that they attack you on, or by sending the information and pictures to the police.

    They wont stop because you ask them too; that might even encourage them. You need to take this into your own hands and use the authority of others to RIP THEM A NEW ONE!!! Discord will take your requests very seriously.

    SSZSS @SSZSS ago

    If you posted on Discord about your cat and how much you love it, then they're probably trying anything they can do to get to you. 

    But if you never posted on Discord that you have a cat, then you should report it to the police, cause that means they are people who know you personally.

cjaofas @cjaofas ago

What the fuck?

I hope you can stand above these hateful, lonely trolls. Best wishes.