As needing 500 words, let me small talk. I got a job and they put me on for 48 hours a week when I asked for 24 ;;

So my silence isn't boredom or giving up. it's pure overworked collapsing ^^ Sorry for the wait but I'll pick up when work stops trying to kill me.


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Daemonicsmile @Daemonicsmile ago

Huh wadda you know no one has commented yet good luck with work and even these short updates let people know the story hasn't been dropped. Thanks for the update.

stads @stads ago

thx for the map update

good luck with work

TheCatLord @TheCatLord ago

I'm still looking forward to the day of zombie mushrooms. You know, the type that targets ants and other insects?

mephi @mephi ago

Zombie stage. Mmmm.....

I can just imagine Delta trying to make something like a graveyard with all the horror monsters in it, and screaming everytime she makes a new one.


I also imagine she might not be able to make a zombie stage without pulling a Plant V. Zombie thing. Maybe Mushroom V. Zombie.....

EvanRD @EvanRD ago

Misspelled ‘New Mana Vent’ on second floor?

Books83 @Books83 ago

I'd put a mudroom behind the circus and turn it into a challenge room. Where they have jump between small step from one side of the room to the other to retrieve the key.

lomie0 @lomie0 ago

Just need to write enough of this to publish, sell millions of copies and become the next J.K. Rowling!

Halowolf 117 @Halowolf 117 ago

Good work on The maps, few people create them, any way love you work

PandaCookie @PandaCookie ago

But aren't the chapters already written and available to patreon peeps as you mentioned in the notes of the previous chapter?

How does releasing an already written chapter become something you have to work towards? (Not necessarily complaining, just confused at your wording)