So here is the update.

I just finished writing an interlude featuring Poppy as the main character. It's going to be on my patreon soon in the next few days. It's only going to be accessible for patreons for at least three days before I post it publically. So if you like to get access to the interlude and chapters three days before anyone else?

For $1 or £1 You can gain access to anything I post with e-mail updates. I just quit my old job with a new one starting tomorrow. I would really appreciate any support. I'll never fully unlock something behind paywall. You'll see everything eventually.


edit: The next chapter will be here within a week Wink


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Quaint @Quaint ago

Thanks for the update young master!

resusplus @resusplus ago

good to know that patreon suporter get tink before but we will see the chapter even if we are just lurker

Xonarag @Xonarag ago

“I'll never fully unlock something behind paywall. “

How dare ye greedy bastard!

Idk that typo is kinda funny^^

Flychiken @Flychiken ago

You should create some teirs and stuff in patron. Happy to give a bit, but feels weird just giving a custom pledge. Tongue

    Flychiken @Flychiken ago

    Also, make sure to set your pledges to be paid when people sign up, not just at the start of the next month. I know some authors had problems with people signing up for pledges to read content and then cancelling right before they had to pay. And for people that want to support we don’t care about the first charge happening instantly.

Lucius Aimilias @Lucius Aimilias ago

........... thanks for the update?