Might have missed a few things and the jungle is messy but hell, it looks good.

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Floor one and two updated to the best of my knowledge, be kind but don't feel like you have to love it Wink


EDIT: It's Merry, not Jerry. I also forgot the new boss room on the second floor XD



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Redylriws @Redylriws ago

I hate you for the fact I saw an email for an update and then it turned out to be maps instead of a chapter. I hate you so much for this.

JiggieP @JiggieP ago

Thanks for the map update.

Aethelred @Aethelred ago

Wow, Pretty! The Delta-like notations are fun.

claws8367 @claws8367 ago

Wait wait wait!!!! It was my understanding that the tunnel from the store room ended up in the second level... the idea was for minions to be able to go thruw the the future levels quickers.

Lucaria @Lucaria ago

you forgot to name the secret hallway on the first floor a secret hallway.

haidbz @haidbz ago

You should probably improve your Patreon (at least add a reward) of you want people to support you there. I would have supported you anyways, but that seems to be impossible via mobile without a reward to throw my money at.

Runner @Runner ago

I thought the Mushroom Grove room was off to the side and not part of the main path. Somewhere Delta could put it and pretend it didn't exist.

As in there's a hallway from the mudroom to the fort and there's no doorway in that hallway leading to the Mushroom grove. Nope, none at all and if we keep saying that maybe those mushrooms will go away.