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The great Maestro as done by Tlavoc on Spacebattles! He really seemed to catch the sheer evolution changes Great went through, his beautiful appearance and soulful voice. No idea why Delta ran away at all. Mostly doing this so you can all the image and I need 500 characters...

Enjoy ^^


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didi19555 @didi19555 ago

yea just a cute shroom

Zyront @Zyront ago

Damn... now I c why delta ran... It's uglier than a car looked from below

Aselo @Aselo ago

all see the image

JonXarn @JonXarn ago

What beauty.


Quaint @Quaint ago

Thanks for the pic young master!

that could be in a horror movie.

DeathDragon58 @DeathDragon58 ago

Happy to see the picture. Sad it isn't a chapter XD

NothingButPain @NothingButPain ago

Wow, that is... horrifying beautiful.

Here's an idea, mushrooms that cast spells at people - Magic Mushrooms! Or, samurai mushrooms... Shroomurai? Ninja Shroomobi? This is why mushrooms are great, the possibilities for puns are endless!

Mr. Bubbles @Mr. Bubbles ago

Why it got so many dicks?