A note from stewart92

(Art by Nicholas Medoro)

Some work being done by the artist above and started by Airier on spacebattles.


Long live the art!

Pointed out Quiss is blond and artist has corrected it XD

Artist added hands to express emotion XD ^^


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Adammax @Adammax ago

When can we expect new chapters?

Stultus @Stultus ago

Damn, not first. But whatevs, still really cool

Aeoniam @Aeoniam ago

It kinda fits the characters on the comedy sections, but I can't really imagine them on the more serious parts. Or maybe I just lack imagination.

They're great tho.

MoonShadowDragon @MoonShadowDragon ago

ooooooooo pretty pictures wheres the chapter laughing love ur story btw

argusthecat @argusthecat ago

This is fantastic. It perfectly captures the tone of the story, and I love how Haldi's cloak is cheese. Ruli especially is just that perfect blend of Saturday morning cartoon and badass.

TheOneTrueHero @TheOneTrueHero ago

I just love Haldi's design. Perfect!

Montmorencey66 @Montmorencey66 ago

I can only see the first one not the rest. =(