Monster Yurisume: My lesbian life with Monster Girls

Monster Yurisume: My lesbian life with Monster Girls

by Natron77

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

[This story is complete and properly concluded. Some bonus chapters may be added in the future]

Now that monster-people have revealed themselves to the world of mankind, Japan is looking for Interspecies Exchange Program hosts. Yuisu didn't really have a plan in mind when she applied to be one. A letter arrived asking for participants and she filled out the form on a whim.

She definitely wasn't thinking of beautiful monster girls when she decided to apply. Okay, perhaps she was thinking of them a little bit. Or a lot... She got the nickname Yuri-su in high school for a reason, after all.

Based on the Monster Musume manga by Okayado, using characters and art from the now-defunct Monster Musume Online game as well as original characters.

Sexual content note: While sexual acts occassionally do occur on screen, there is no explicitly detailed sex in the main series. The bonus chapters containing such content include a warning at the start.

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The Days after Christmas
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Intro + Chapter 1 - A Hard Landing ago
2 - Home Is Where The Nest Is ago
3 - Clean and Dirty ago
4 - Testing Boundaries ago
5 - Sketchy Manga ago
6 - Getting Fresh ago
7 - A Faceful of Feathers ago
Arachne Attack - 8 - An Unwelcome Guest ago
9 - Looks Can Be Deceiving ago
10 - Closer Together ago
11 - Stick and Slide ago
12 - Impatient Intruder ago
13 - Leaving the Nest ago
14 - Old and New Friends ago
Speedy Centaur - 15 - Hot On Her Heels ago
16 - Hold Your Horses ago
17 - Where There's a Will, There's a Way ago
18 - Reaching Out ago
19 - Work It, Baby ago
Criminal Crow - 20 - Builder's Bane ago
21 - Play Date ago
22 - Private Escape ago
23 - Living the Wild Life ago
24 -Treading Softly ago
Slime Time - 25 - Blossoming Love ago
26 - Slippery Slopes ago
27 - Strange Sustenance ago
28 - Too Many Questions ago
29 - Center of Affection ago
30 - All Good Things... ago
Intermission - 31 - Brutus and Kyle, On Patrol ago
Northern Exchange - 32 - The Careless Shepherd ago
33 - Fluff and Fuzz ago
34 - Hungry Like The Wolf ago
35 - Hometown Hero ago
36 - Pillow Wars, Episode 1 ago
37 - Pillow Wars, Episode 2 ago
38 - The Great Flight North ago
Intermission - 39 - Liminal Love ago
Clutching Coils - 40 - Ragnarok Now ago
41 - No Letting Go ago
42 - A Much Needed Break ago
43 - Kaiju Beach ago
44 - Girl Talk ago
45 - All Day ago
46 - Feed the Liminals ago
47 - Night Ripper ago
48 - Sucker For Mystery ago
Intermission - 49 - The Human Element ago
Gratitude - 50 - On The Tip Of Everyone's Tongue ago
51 - All The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ago
52 - In The Middle Of A Revolution ago
53 - Is It Really Love? ago
54 - A Frightened Neighbor ago
55 - On The Run ago
56 - A Big Warm Bed ago
Animate Objects - 57 - Giggling Guardian ago
58 - Mission Impossible ago
59 - Sneaky Stowaway ago
60 - Liminal House ago
61 - Night Watch ago
62 - Devil in the Details ago
63 - Sweet Dreams ago
64 - Fangoyles ago
Extending Family - 65 - Close to the Chest ago
66 - Princess ago
67 - Centaur of Attention ago
68 - Mommy Issues ago
69 - Night of Surprises ago
70 - Moonlight Blossoms ago
71 - Star-Crossed Signals ago
72 - Mara's Web ago
73 - A Tremendous Thing ago
74 - Between a Hawk and a Hard Place ago
Building Up - 75 - Hard Choices ago
76 - Party Hard ago
77 - First Resort ago
78 - An Offer She Can't Refuse ago
79 - Hot and Cold ago
80 - Winter Warmth ago
81 - Pwessmas Eve ago
82 - 'Twas The Night... ago
83 - What Is It That You Want? ago
Grand Opening - 84 - Inn-troducing... ago
85 - The Specialists ago
86 - Business or Pleasure? ago
87 - Prince Charming ago
88 - Night Howling ago
89 - Crunch Time ago
90 - The Wanderer ago
91 - Slippery When Wet ago
92 - Holding Down the Fort ago
ComicMon - 93 - Road Tripping ago
94 - The Fan Connection ago
95 - Ahh! Real Gargoyles ago
96 - All Access ago
97 - A Lesson On the Classics ago
98 - May and Kyle, On Vacation ago
Onward and Upward - 99 - Copy That ago
100 - Flower Viewing ago
101 - Flights of Fancy ago
102 - Moving Out ago
103 - Iormu-sensei ago
104 - Hot For Teacher ago
105 - The Bachelorettes ago
106 - Unexpected Comeback ago
107 - The Wedding ago
Back to Business - 108 - Recognition ago
109 - Trouble in Paradise ago
110 - The Price of Fame ago
111 - Metal Maidens ago
112 - Barflies ago
113 - Show and Tell ago
114 - Short Handed ago
115 - Maid Mentoring ago
116 - On the Job ago
The Mountain - 117 - The Quake ago
118 - Under the Surface ago
119 - On the Trail ago
120 - On the Town, part 1 ago
121 - On the Town, part 2 ago
122 - What's in a Name? ago
123 - Collateral Damage ago
124 - Drastic Measures ago
125 - The Shrine ago
126 - The Park ago
Like Family - 127 - Little Things That Matter ago
128 - The Ones You Love ago
129 - Easing In ago
130 - Level Up ago
131 - Drawing Inspiration ago
132 - When It Rains... ago
133 - Clearing Skies ago
134 - Economy of Scale, part 1 ago
135 - Economy of Scale, part 2 ago
136 - A Day In The Life ago
Ski Lodge Kobold - 137 - A Hard Freeze ago
138 - Ready and Waiting ago
139 - Frostbitten ago
140 - Everyday Skiing with Monstergirls ago
141 - Clash of Titans ago
142 - Incoming ago
Royal Guests - 143 - Arrival ago
144 - Talk Like an Egyptian ago
145 - A Bird in a China Shop ago
146 - Booty Call ago
147 - Security and Control ago
Grand Finale - 148 - Reunion ago
149 - A Wild Time ago
150 - What a Week! ago
151 - New Year Review ago
152 - Bombshell ago
153 - Big Plans ago
154 - The Big Day ago
155 - Epilogue ago
Lewd Bonus - Spa Day ago
Bonus Art ago
Lewd Bonus - Second Honeymoon ago

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I have absolutely no complaints.

I should have written this review ages ago but i've been trying to think of doing this fic justice.

Some stuff I will mention for anyone who gets to this fic. For one thing, it contains Yuri/lesbian content. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but some may perfer to not read this type of content and i'll respect that. There are also a lot of NSFW stuff in here, girls gotta have fun to.

Now for the big 4.


Grammar: Yes.


Oh. Words. The story has little to no grammatical errors or bad english. I love it.


Style: It may be a fanfic, but it is its own bubble in that universe. Another thing, there are multiple POVS, but they are done well enough that's good. A POV change is clearly marked so it's hard to get confused. Oh yee. The author also has images of their own characters in the story that are done amazingly well.

Story: As said, it's a fanfic by rights, but it's also in it's own story bubble with only slight refrences to the original story (The author doesn't replace what's happening in the story, this story is shown from the prospective of different homestay host while the original story is doing it's own thing in it's own bubble).

Story P2: The story has NSFW18+ content in it, and i love it all. The story itself is well written and as of yet i'm still yet to find a single plot hole.

Character score: Each character is their own. Each with their own manner of speaking and quirks. The characters are not just copy paste clones that feel the same. I love em all.


If for whatever reason you got down here, it's ether because you found this review helpful or you want a TLDR. Well.. Basically.. Yuri, 18+ fun, original story in a prebuilt universe, living characters and godly grammar.



Nice lighthearted story

This story is a nice lighthearted story that is easy to get lost in. The characters are fleshed nicely and the pacing of the story was nice as well it didn't go to fast nor did it crawl and slog through itself. All in all a good read that you should check out.


This is just perfect. An improvement over the manga the author is basing the story off of in every way! If you even somewhat enjoyed the original or are looking for a fun, rapidly updated, slice of life novel about a group of friends living together and learning about love, then I highly recommend this. One of the best novels I’ve read and can’t wait for more!


Go read it, just do it

What should I write for this revies well, first the Story is really good it is a romance Novel with some comedy und ecchi elements like you would expect when reading the Overview. The Characters are graet they all have there own quirks.

The Grammer is good, sometimes I have the feeling that the sentences are a bit awkward, but what do I know? I'm not a Nativ speaker so this is difficult to review.

And the release speed is stellar, 53 chapter is 13 days  and all in top quality. I mean I was sleeping for 8 hours and the author releases 2 new chapters? what is this madness? And no it is not Sparta...

So after this lengthy review go read it if you are interested in romance novels you will love it.


This series is a great one, one of the best I've read on this site.

It has the same tone as monster musume, which is good seeing as they are sibling stories (technically). At the same time, it is obviously it' own story and has its own tone, which is hot ladies of all types getting frisky.

The grammar is excellent, the characters fully fleshed. . All in all, a wonderful story! Huzzah! Please keep the chapters coming.


This is amazing, I just finished all 127 chapters posted on fanfiction and I can't wait for more

Handsome Jackel

So I put it in a translator and...

Monster Eurasian: My lesbian life with monster girls... What?