The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Supernatural

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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An Exciting and Unique Story

I have read up to chapter 55 for this review.



The writing flows well, and the dialouge between the characters is organic. The fights are exciting and well written. Nothing out of place here, the author knows how to spin a tale.


No problems here, though I have a difficult time finding gramatical errors when i read. Though the story is organized well enough to where i'd be surprised to find any.


This is the aspect that drew me in hard. The story is kind of LitRPG, though in a bizzarre and awesome way. This is a unique story, not just for RRL either. The story starts a bit slow with some weirdness, excitment, and humor mixed in. However, things start to ramp up and get a bit more dark and exciting. The story changing from a mostly fun one to a darker one, is VERY well done and it keeps the same excitment and humor throughout. There are enough LitRPG elements in the story to warrent the tag, but its not really in the form of level ups, skills, status windows and stat points. Its a bit hard to explain without spoiling anything, so just read it, its awesome.


I've enjoyed most of the characters in the story, and even the ones i don't like as much still feel real. They are all fleshed out and feel dynamic. The dialouge between the characters is VERY well done, and the interactions between them could keep me reading the story even if the story was crap (it isn't). 

So sit back and pop open a bag of Baby Things, this novel is well worth a read.

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This fiction has reached critical mass! Read now!

Do you like intriguing story that surprises at every turn? Do you like intense action? Do you like exploding coffee cups? Do you like unique dungeons? Do you like fully fleshed out and vibrant characters? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then read this story. 50% laughter, 25% action, 15% pain, 7% adorable stapler spider, 3% Thursday nights, 100% a reason to remember the name. May this review be a tribute to the author, tacehtsugra.

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Incredible work all-round.

A fantastic story that's not only technically excellent, but also deeply engaging. The premise is an original twist on the dungeon trope and its execution is similarly impressive, seguing readers into the realization that the mysterious office dungeon isn't as simple as it looks—and that despite the protagonists' initial "just go with it" attitude, there are forces and secrets that can't be simply ignored in favor of grinding, adventure and paying your rent. For a story that is, essentially, about dungeon farming, the author packs in an astounding amount of plot, philosophy, surprises and general fun.

One thing I cannot commend more about The Daily Grind is the attention given to characters and their organic development. Each member of the cast has independent drives, personalities, voices, opinions... Many of them are relatable, with varied and complex backgrounds and struggles. Character development doesn't come in contrived eureka moments, but with time and effort. The protagonists are realistically rational, but aren't arrogant caricatures like in a lot of rational-styled fiction—their flaws and complexes define them, and *that's okay*. One person has a paladin complex, another wants to save the world, one just wants to pay off their student loans, another just wants to have friends. That doesn't mean they can't trust each other, be friends, fall in love, even without an action-movie-style life-threatening situation to bond them together. There is no one moral high road in this story, there is no judgment for cowardice or escapism—there are only humans trying to do their best and cope with what life brings them.

Finally, one piece of advice to new readers: if you find something that seems unrealistic or contrived, don't judge just yet. There are good reasons, even if you don't know what they are yet. The author does foreshadowing and breadcrumb trails well, and that just makes the twists more rewarding, when you go "I knew something was wrong with XXX!"

So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

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Hey dude, I think this is my second review, but-
I'd like to say I really appreciate your work.  Your characters seem like fully actualized individuals with their own desires, despairs, passions and tragedies.  I'm not particularly drawn to male romances, but even though a puritanical corner of my spirit finds it difficult to process I really like the chemistry between James, Anesh, and Alanna (are you a Tamora Pierce fan? There is a rather good rational fan fic of Protector of the Small out there.).
Much love and many appreciations., Thanks for the work.  I can imagine reading the daily grind for years, I hope you continue it as far as it warrants.
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Really fun to read (and reread) (and rereread)

This is an amazing story. If this were a book, it would be that book that you keep reading again and again until you've memorized it. It takes the classic dungeon story and puts a great spin on it that I've never seen in any shape or form. The story has everything - great "that was the funniest thing" moments and serious "this is a battle" moments, and uses them in balance. And the characters. . . don't get me started on the characters. Their characterization is amazing. James, Anesh, Alanna, Dave, JP, Theo, Daniel, Frank. . . it's all so amazing. I think I've used the word amazing too much. The only thing I can criticize is grammar/spelling. However, that's just cause I'm a big spelling and grammar person and I literally comb through anything I read for errors.

TL;DR: Great story, great characters, 10/10 would read again, grammar is good but could be improved a bit. All in all amazing. Did I mention it's amazing? 

+1 Good Dogs/day

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Recommended it to my dad.

One of the few stories I recommended to my father.  Most of the stuff on this site is..... well he's old.  He still uses terms like "web novels" and "filk music".  Anyway, unique world style gives this story a special mention/award in my mind.  This story was weird and good enough I believe it could transcend generational blocks and drag my father into the new era.  

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Great story, great characters

Super enjoyable story with awesome characters who feel really genuine. Can have a few cliche seens story wise but both the characters and the logic that the story follows. One of the few novels I've seen on this sight that can straddle the line between concrete rule system and unknown rules that both us and the main characters are unaware of. 

William OKeefe
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I am the main character. At least that is what I have wanted to have happen to me. This is not typical character building RPG style story. Yet it drew me in completely when he was attacked by a ********** (Spoilers). The characters are well developed. I enjoyed that there were no big blue boxes of character advancement notices. The advancements are there they just are not the meat of the story like some other LitRPG's I have read. They are the flavor.

I am not going to score grammar. Only because there are 60 chapters and I am not going back to re-read them just to find mistakes. If the grammar was poor I would not have continued reading. Enough said.


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Review Covers Ch.s 1-60

I'm harsh on grammar, and found this an enjoyable read with better copy proofing than some of the big name editors have given their A-list authors. There's a very slight room for improvement, but, again, the copy is at a professional level.

I find the dry humor easy to laugh with, and the story is developing with the complexity of a spiced latte, leaving a lingering joy long after the latest sip has been swallowed. Even the incidental characters feel well-developed, and the main characters stay true to form throughout.

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I wen't back just for this story

Really, I was bored of all the other stories, always the same. Then this one appears, the MC has well developed friends, the setting is misterious and unusual, the habilities aren't storybreaking. What can I say. I love it, it's everything that was missing from other stories.