The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Supernatural

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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Interesting but needs more/better action and is missing Yaoi/boys love tag

Reviewed at: Chapter 095

Interesting story with interestingly weird dungeon, I wish there was more action though. That said, I enjoy the story but not a missing yaoi tag. I do not like it when there is a tag and the author purposefully does not use it. Another problem is that characters seem a bit dumb sometimes. Still, if you are not bothered by that it's a fun read and worthy to be given a try. 

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Representation is important:TheDailyGrind Aces it.

This is my first review, and I can actually say that is written from Spite. 

So before I begin, I would like to actually thank all the bigots that messaged Argus. Thank you for waking me up, I actually needed it.


But let's talk about this story. First point. The grammar. Did I find typos? Yes. Is it normal? Absolutely. There are things that escape even four re-reading. I know. It happens to me all the time. 

Point two. The style. I Love how the story is unfolding, the pace that is given, the cliffhangers that don't feel like cliffhangers at all, the fluidity I find in the dialogues, that brings me to point three:

The characters. Every single character is Unique, and is not defined by a single characteristic (sorry for the redundancy but it was needed). They feel and act like human beings. Sometimes rash, sometimes stupid. Sometimes in love, and the people who they love are just that: their love interest, developed through the pages. First time I actually see polyamorous and bi representation in a book. Hats off, Argus, you pulled it off in a fantastic, non - cringe way, I actually teared up when I read that because it was so spontaneous and heartfelt I thought "is this Bojack F*****' Horseman?" and to actually think there is actually (probably? Am I imagining things? ) Aro/ace representation warms my heart. 

And then the story. Is there dungeon crawling? Yes. Is there a real plot that is being developed as the adventure goes on? Yes. Is it going anywhere? I hope so because I want a copy to put on my drawer and read and read it to my future children and my significant other and translate it just to make my Parents read it because it is a novel worthy to be called so. It Is Novel. It's beautiful. Thank you Argus because I check the site every day to see you update and when I will be financially stable I Swear to support your story, as every other fellow reader, if he has the possibility, should do. 

Support this story, read it, talk about it, and spread it. 


Let's not be devoured by the Daily Grind.

  • Overall Score

Read it, read it, read it, support it!

This is an excellent book. I am reviewing it just after the epilog of the first book has come out.


It is well written, with a clear voice and distinguishable personalities. I think there were only 1 or two homophone errors in the whole book, which is very impressive by itself. The concept of the book, an office dungeon, is smart, inventive, and relatable (particularly since I work in a cube farm where it can be easy to get lost). I enjoy a new magic system, particularly one that stays consistent and appears well thought out. I’m always in fireball and magic missile mode, so I’m in awe when someone comes up with a completely different magical system.


The main character is bi/gay, which is awesome and it was well done. I know that that might bother some people, but there is almost zero action on it, action which is PG at best, and if I had to sit through the smattering of straight romance in great works like the Princess Bride and Armageddon, you can stand a little gay longing in this book. (Although, old person joke, if reading this book turned you gay, the free toaster would be amazing.) I really loved it.


I have been recommending this book to people in my life, even the ones that turn their noses up at web serials. I’m recommending it to you now. Read this book!! (Support this author!)

Winged Thing
  • Overall Score

Strays far from its strengths.


- Office orb powerups & skills.
- Adorable,  non-biological pets.
- Premise originality
- Secret is adorable and interesting


- Doesn't focus on using the "useless" or even useful skills to do things with in the real world.
- LgbullshiT love triangle (I fucking hate love triangles)
- Seriously, the orbs are the most intresting part of the story. Attempting to act like that is not the case is an exersise in futility...
- I find most of the characters are irritating & unlikeable

Q; Does this novel deserve a 0.5?
A; No, it does not. But I have no other way to express my dissapointment with this story. It started strong and got worse with each chapter after it went from one MC to multi-mc.

Q; Is representation & diversity important to you?
A; I don't give a fuck about anything as long as its interesting/serves as a lead into some interesting. In this case it feels unnatural, unneeded and is wholly uninteresting and serves to drag the story downwards.

Perhaps this is simply not the novel for me. I had expectations and they were crushed to a powder and scattered to the winds, you have dissapointed me greatly. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors but I shall not follow them henceforth.

  • Overall Score

continue the good work

this....this......this is amazing dude(ette?) this stuff should never


EVER stop, so for now, five stars

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This is a quite fun read, but also riddled with plotholes, misconceptions/misinformation and poor characters. When I say my favorite character is the protagonists pet stapler, that should tell you something about the protagonist.


The characters are however somewhat realistic in return, they're stupid kids doing stupid things, it fits the narrative, so I'm unsure if it may have been done on purpose.

Through 49 chapters, no one even thinks of the fact that suppressors for guns are a thing. While taking their equipment 'seriously' they make sodding poor choices of armor that quite honestly shouldn't be protecting them as much as it is; plastic fucking armor man... PLASTIC! against bona fide monsters! Some of which shoot lazers!

Their weapon choices are equally idiotic, for example one character gets a rapier skill: Doesn't consider getting a rapier even if it would be at least as useful as the same character's spear. In trained hands.

Protagonists gets a sidearm skill: Gives his pistol to another character afterwards. Still no suppressor of course.

Protagonist gets judo and jeet kune do skills, he even showed once that he can fight hand to hand so well he'd impress bruce lee himself: Only does it once, then keeps using an axe, the only bonuses he gets from his jeet kune do skills are better footing and solid kicks. Would perform better if he just made himself a cestus and used the weapon he knows best.


Learns javascript: Wrongly thinks it can be used to create a game all on it's own. Without so much as an artist.

Learns C++: Can create just about any sort of crazy program with this he wants. No comments at all.

And more like this... Lots and lots and lots more like this.

So that's why I hate the characters. A lot of things are just poorly researched by the writer, while other times he seems to completely forget some of the capabilities he's given his characters as well as conversations from past chapters. (Like this one character called dave everybody agrees not to tell about the dungeon, and then they just tell him about the dungeon anyways) He underestimates the effects of a few months in the gym (protagonist should be fairly strong by now after 2-3 months)

But I still keep reading, because the dungeon is cool, the monsters are cool and a lot of the concepts are quite incredible and I really want to see where it all leads.

  • Overall Score
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This is the first story that I read on this sight after having it be suggested to me by a friend. I work in a call center myself and this story really resonates with those experiences and makes me laugh since I can draw many links to my own experiences. 

The characters, story, and RPG elements are well done and I have become very interested in seeing where this is going to go in the next few chapters. It is always a good sign when an author is able to draw you in and have you sitting on the edge of your seat during a combat or reveal scene.

Keep up the good work argusthecat!

Doctor Zero
  • Overall Score

Man, I am loving the hell out of this book! It is the only thing I've read for a week. I am glad there are so many chapters left. Where the hell is this book going? I'm addicted!

  • Overall Score

Glad To See This story still going

Reviewed at: Chapter 063

Just found out tgis is still updating!! Loved this story besides a few romance aspects. Gonna check it out again. There's a movie called " Dave builds a maze" that mad come check for this story. Similiar-ish concepts.

  • Overall Score

The mix of uncanny valley magic, mondane solutions and character drama make this a great read.

I could complain about a weird slow in pacing in the second quarter of book one, but well, it's a minor problem.

This book is full of weird monster, strange xenotech (magic item ~) and good characters. But it shines in the interaction : what do people think about it ? How do they use it ? How does it impact their world, and the world at large.
And it's full of jokes : I can't forget the jokes.

I love all the discussions about quite random and everyday life stuff. Pokemon, drone, people, the utopia fallacy. I flesh out the world and make everyone interesting.

I love most of the characters. I love them so hard i have to put them in a spoilers because stuff happen and i'm sad and happy and that's how i think good writing should make me feel.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 So it's 5/5 will follow.
Good job and good luck. Will comment on every new chapter from now on :)