The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Supernatural

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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  • Overall Score

There's a office themed dungeon like space in your office.

The story so far is about looting and fighting the animated -but not limited to- electronics.

The story is good but i just don't like that they remain 'normal' after this long, in their extraordinary adventure surely they must received something fantasy like abilities.

I'm sure they may or may not receive something along the story but I can't wait any longer.

  • Overall Score

First of, the description is horrible, I would highly recommend putting more than 1.5 sentences into it and actually describe what the story is about.

The story itself is nice, solid start with an interesting concept and believable characters.
But once the novelty has worn off it gets kinda tedious. Sure there are a few new enemies and encounters but overall not much development.

We are not closer to discovering what is actually going on (as far as we as reader can tell), there is no progress with the characters, all the "abilities" are pretty much novelty and have no actual impact on the happening.
Even the gear does not really progress much, despite how much its talked about in the story. At chapter 38 it's still mostly a chaotic melee with handaxes and hammers.

Sure there were some real improvements in between but those got "used up" and then never replenished despite their great success.

So while its good, its a really slow burn and, for me at least, it gets kinda tedious to continue reading at this point.
There is not much I look forward too in the next chapter, it's gonna be some more looting and dangerous encounters without much meaning.

  • Overall Score

Hit the ground running, fell flat halfway through

Reviewed at: Chapter 056

Started great, butbsaw a significant if gradual drop in quality, particularly as previously established character traits were disregarded entirely and suddenly in later chapters

Kit Temple
  • Overall Score

Addictive But Disjointed

A very engaging story that is a fairly addictive read.  The style jumps around somewhat so there are better chapters and worse chapters.

A lot of people got upset when the author suddenly went towards a threesome (MMF) sex focus in the middle of one chapter after pretty much zero sex or even relationship references.  He got a bunch of negative reviews at that point and seems to think they were all gay-focused reactions - but personally I found it simply jarred the story and any sort of focus on sex no matter what genders involved would have had a similar problematic effect on the story.

All the initial chapters are pretty gripping, but there are a few parts you need to speed-read through in later parts of the story.  One is all the dream sequences - I think most of us aren't interested in long-winded surreal dream sequences.  The second is the final chapters where long boring conversations got quite tedious.

Absolutely Fine
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

To be completely honest, this is well written. It is worth a read. It’s better than a lot on this site but it’s very far from perfect. This is an advanced review, so I’m gonna do it in sections and it’ll be very long. I’m still bad at reviews so bear with me.

Potential Spoilers ahead, duh:

- Style Score: 4 stars - It’s a Dungeon Office thingy, mixed with how much working at a call centre sucks. And friendship. Maybe romance. Possibly real world issues. Read it yourself this bit is hard!

- Story Score: 4.5 - It’s well done. You never know what to expect which is always nice, the driving force behind the story seems to be lacking a tad, there is a story to it though, there are persistent questions that we want answers too which seem to be the draw to keep reading long term. For example: What is the dungeon? What does it want? Why does it exist? Existential tangential stuff. Betters the story. It’s got a good, solid plot, that seems to be going somewhere.


- Grammar Score: 4 - My favourite part. I have found virtually no spelling mistakes! Only debatable stuff (meaning it actually depends what country you’re in and what you consider the English language to be). The only persistent real mistake is a thing where the same person speaks but with separate speech according to the punctuation. There’s nothing that really prevents people from understanding what’s being said or is intended. Still means it’s only a 4 star though.


- Character Score: 3 - Here is the main gripe. So. The characters are...fundamentally lacking in places. They seem to be sets of...things/ideas that the author thought up and combined. Some of them are great! Don’t get me wrong they often seem like fully functioning characters that could step into the real world and be exactly what they’re meant to be, an example of which would be Secret, who has been characterised very well as an abstract alien entity. An example of the opposite would be Rufus who doesn’t seem to be exactly what he is at times. I felt he rarely acts in the same way. There are other issues here, with other characters. For example Dave, is he autistic or just not very sociable? Did Dave really have an abusive childhood, and if so how is it affecting him? James, does he really have depression, or is he just fairly normal but working in a dead end job struggling to make ends meet? It’s difficult to say. Partially due to the nature of these things. But not wholly. 

Overall -

Apart from that, the other issues I’ve seen seemed to be due to 2 things. The sexuality of two of the characters and a newly formed polyamorous relationship. Now, the main character is Bi and another is gay. This is fine. It’s 2018. This does occasionally ruin immersion for Straight people (like me) reading and tbh I suppose that’s fine if the same thing happens in the opposite situation. Just move on from it is my advice. Then there’s the polyamourous thing, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, share the love! On the other it devalues s** and relationships in general, often resulting in two people  who have a real relationship but “get with” others, which is...not really what love is supposed to be. But then what is love? Is a question that very few people can answer, no points for googling a definition.

The only big issue I, personally, have with the story is this: Anesh is kind of pathetic and British, while James is heroic and awesome and American. Sure maybe that’s how it is in this story, but it continues a stereotype I see in a lot of American movies and I don’t like it at all. What’s wrong with equality? Or, God forbid, a British awesome heroic guy and a pathetic American. Also, there was a part where it was *suggested* that the Bible was fictional. Which isn’t fair. You never say anything like that about the Qu’ran or the Torah. Just because Christians don’t usually stand up for themselves doesn’t make it okay!

It is a nice story. The puns are fantastic and sometimes require a little thought, it took me half an hour to get the ‘post mortem’ joke. The dungeon tropes, fantasy setting and anime-worthy action sequences make the whole thing very enjoyable to read the majority of the time.

So sorry this is so long, here is my review as of Chapter 60: Overall Score - 3.5 stars.

Thx for reading if you got this far! PM me if you disagree or take issue with anything I’ve said here. I apologise profusely if I’ve caused anyone offence or if I was overly harsh on the story.

  • Overall Score

The story has grown.

Reviewed at: Chapter 108

Note: I'm a Patreon supporter. There won't be any Patreon spoilers in the review, but my impression is informed by some things that happen in the Patreon chapters.

This story has grown and evolved a lot. That's not to say that it wasn't good in the beginning - it had a strong sense of intrigue that made me want to keep reading, to find out more about the world and the nature of the dungeon; it made me wonder how the main character would grow, and how what he obtains might change the world. 

And now... well, looking back, all of those questions - if not explicitly answered - are in the process of being answered. Avoiding spoilers, James is far more than a simple office worker, the dungeon itself is far more complex, and the characters that have been introduced so far are each unique in their own way. The story explores aspects of philosophy and politics and future-building that give me hope for humanity as a whole, and isn't that a heck of a thing to get from a book?

Anyway, it's great. Read it. Unless you're homophobic, like the last reviewer (Really, dude? I'm a gay dude and I read stories about straight MCs all the time. Suck it up. Christ, who even says 'as a straight dude'. Reading a story with a gay MC doesn't make you gay, have some security in your own sexuality).


  • Overall Score

Interesting but needs more/better action and is missing Yaoi/boys love tag

Reviewed at: Chapter 095

Interesting story with interestingly weird dungeon, I wish there was more action though. That said, I enjoy the story but not a missing yaoi tag. I do not like it when there is a tag and the author purposefully does not use it. Another problem is that characters seem a bit dumb sometimes. Still, if you are not bothered by that it's a fun read and worthy to be given a try. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Representation is important:TheDailyGrind Aces it.

This is my first review, and I can actually say that is written from Spite. 

So before I begin, I would like to actually thank all the bigots that messaged Argus. Thank you for waking me up, I actually needed it.


But let's talk about this story. First point. The grammar. Did I find typos? Yes. Is it normal? Absolutely. There are things that escape even four re-reading. I know. It happens to me all the time. 

Point two. The style. I Love how the story is unfolding, the pace that is given, the cliffhangers that don't feel like cliffhangers at all, the fluidity I find in the dialogues, that brings me to point three:

The characters. Every single character is Unique, and is not defined by a single characteristic (sorry for the redundancy but it was needed). They feel and act like human beings. Sometimes rash, sometimes stupid. Sometimes in love, and the people who they love are just that: their love interest, developed through the pages. First time I actually see polyamorous and bi representation in a book. Hats off, Argus, you pulled it off in a fantastic, non - cringe way, I actually teared up when I read that because it was so spontaneous and heartfelt I thought "is this Bojack F*****' Horseman?" and to actually think there is actually (probably? Am I imagining things? ) Aro/ace representation warms my heart. 

And then the story. Is there dungeon crawling? Yes. Is there a real plot that is being developed as the adventure goes on? Yes. Is it going anywhere? I hope so because I want a copy to put on my drawer and read and read it to my future children and my significant other and translate it just to make my Parents read it because it is a novel worthy to be called so. It Is Novel. It's beautiful. Thank you Argus because I check the site every day to see you update and when I will be financially stable I Swear to support your story, as every other fellow reader, if he has the possibility, should do. 

Support this story, read it, talk about it, and spread it. 


Let's not be devoured by the Daily Grind.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Good prose, but incredibly slow with boring, forgettable characters and a dungeon that takes an interesting concept and ruins it.   


Read this only if you have nothing better to do (and yes, reading trash MTL chinese/korean novels counts as something better in this one case)

  • Overall Score

Read it, read it, read it, support it!

This is an excellent book. I am reviewing it just after the epilog of the first book has come out.


It is well written, with a clear voice and distinguishable personalities. I think there were only 1 or two homophone errors in the whole book, which is very impressive by itself. The concept of the book, an office dungeon, is smart, inventive, and relatable (particularly since I work in a cube farm where it can be easy to get lost). I enjoy a new magic system, particularly one that stays consistent and appears well thought out. I’m always in fireball and magic missile mode, so I’m in awe when someone comes up with a completely different magical system.


The main character is bi/gay, which is awesome and it was well done. I know that that might bother some people, but there is almost zero action on it, action which is PG at best, and if I had to sit through the smattering of straight romance in great works like the Princess Bride and Armageddon, you can stand a little gay longing in this book. (Although, old person joke, if reading this book turned you gay, the free toaster would be amazing.) I really loved it.


I have been recommending this book to people in my life, even the ones that turn their noses up at web serials. I’m recommending it to you now. Read this book!! (Support this author!)