The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Supernatural

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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  • Overall Score

The defining characteristic of science fiction is to suggest: What if something were true, which we currently do not know/believe to be. If that thing were true, what would the consequences be?

This is a science fiction book. The what if has to do with extradimensional "dungeons" encountering a real life group of geeks, and then how they end up needing to interact with the rest of the world when dungeon powers show up. 

The characters are a bit to the extreme side of geekiness. But for a what if you found a dungeon in real life question...this is as good as I've seen here.  Intelligent story. Thoughtful. Considering multiple angles, though not in the crazy over-the-top way that Worth The Candle does.  

I really enjoy it, and its sufficiently different than anything else I've read that I'd recommend you try it.

  • Overall Score

the story is good and the personage attaching but for me the principal selling point of the story is trying to figure the rule of the office

Henry Morgan
  • Overall Score

This story was great till all the characterisation meant nothing and weird politics was brought in out of left field.

Also another gripe was that all the skill ups are meaningless, weapon skills aren't utilized, physical gains aren't tracked properly.

The concept of this story is awesome, lifted straight out of the SCP Ikea, (a very cool SCP, TheVolgun does a very good rendition og this on YT)

Loved this story, now that the author shows that he doesn't respect his story and that it is a vehicle for his latest politics, not so interested.

If you aren't sick to death of being preached to, this is a fun story. Please enjoy.

  • Overall Score

Interesting and engaging

This is one of the better offerings I've found so far - the characters are distinct, the plot is steady and despite a few early typos, the quality of the writing has steadily improved.

It has puns, awesome and shameful puns, in a quantity you'd find in real life, as well as conversation that is (mostly) natural. I haven't reached a point reading where I've skipped pointless prose, everything is interspersed with action to keep the pace moving.

I reached the latest point in the story so far and was gutted - I WANT MORE.

  • Overall Score

Read it. Read it now. Cool take on if there were dungeons in modren earth.

Kaleb Bjorkman
  • Overall Score
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This is by far my favorite story on Royal Road. It is unique in both its story and mechanics, and it has engaging, dynamic characters. I want the next book already, (or anything else by argus, his other story's great too) but the book is complete, and a self-contained story. Also, has a well written (and more importantly, believable) polyamorous relationship, which is rare if not unheard of. Many people dislike that aspect of the story for (religious? personal?) reasons, but I, while not lgbtq+ myself, still appreciate the well-written portrayal. Also, all the other aspects of it are great, and I absolutely love the worldbuilding due to its uniqueness.

  • Overall Score

You need to watch month pythons the meaning of life. Now 

Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

basically an isekai variant, it's good for those  who are tired of the same portal another world etc,  in my case i have read little chapter, so idk, how it really develops , but am quitting , mc is bi, and there is a gay character, as a straight dude i enjoy reading about straight mc, this is a way to pontetially ruin a story, and getting a bad review since people invest their free time, it wouldn't have a surprised me , if you got some of those after the surprise.... add a warning or something. it's an advice.

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up to chapter 49. Wow

  • Just WOW. Very original concepts here. AMAZING Job.

Just one grimace, and it is kinda spoilerish, so If you dint read the story stop here and rectify your massive mistake.









Ok here goes: the characters are grade A Morons. The flow of the story is so good that you have to think about it, but there are many examples. King among them is the Boss lady.

Everyone is pretty sure she is a delver. A potential MASSIVE well of life saving informations. Not to mention possibly a solid addition to the group, being seasoned.

Not to mention (again) that she sent VERY clear messages to the Mc that She suspects them to be delvers as well, multiple times. AND, with a very high probability, she spent a week in the dungeon.


And yet our heroes conveniently forget to ask her. Times and times again. For months. Despite seeing her multiple times every week. It is kinda too much ;-)