The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Supernatural

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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Good prose, but incredibly slow with boring, forgettable characters and a dungeon that takes an interesting concept and ruins it.   


Read this only if you have nothing better to do (and yes, reading trash MTL chinese/korean novels counts as something better in this one case)

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Warning: in chapter 57 a boy kisses a boy.

If you don't like that that it sucks to be you.

Awesome story, great grammar, it has expanded my vocabulary, beautiful character development. It also manages great romance without making it a focus.

Read the story, it is great.

My only and very minor complaint is that author sama doesnt seem to have planned out character development until a few chapters in.

Carl Antuar
  • Overall Score

Lively, humorous, bizarre, yet not farcical

The bizarre setting really freshens up what could otherwise be a stale premise. There are plenty of stories where the protagonist enters a medieval world and fights goblins and zombies to level up. But entering a warped space that's basically an office designed by Escher on an acid trip, fighting potted plants and pencil sharpeners to gain skill ranks in US Constitutional Law, phone book template layouts, and the history of salt? Yeah, that's new. I can appreciate James' fascination with seeing what's around the next corner in this strange new world, because I too want to find out.

The characters - human and otherwise - have distinct personalities, and their group dynamic is generally pleasant to read. The pairing surprised me a bit, but it was logical nonetheless.

One thing that isn't precisely a strike against the writing quality, but detracts from my reading experience: there's rather a lot of swearing. It's quite in character for the protagonists; it doesn't feel gratuitous. But I'd enjoy the story more without it.

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Really fun to read (and reread) (and rereread)

This is an amazing story. If this were a book, it would be that book that you keep reading again and again until you've memorized it. It takes the classic dungeon story and puts a great spin on it that I've never seen in any shape or form. The story has everything - great "that was the funniest thing" moments and serious "this is a battle" moments, and uses them in balance. And the characters. . . don't get me started on the characters. Their characterization is amazing. James, Anesh, Alanna, Dave, JP, Theo, Daniel, Frank. . . it's all so amazing. I think I've used the word amazing too much. The only thing I can criticize is grammar/spelling. However, that's just cause I'm a big spelling and grammar person and I literally comb through anything I read for errors.

TL;DR: Great story, great characters, 10/10 would read again, grammar is good but could be improved a bit. All in all amazing. Did I mention it's amazing? 

+1 Good Dogs/day

  • Overall Score

 The plot develops rather slowly, this isn't a big issue at all as stories like this can either end up good or bad when the pacing is slow. (Applies to manga's and animes as well *cough*every anime*cough*)

The story itself is interesting, there is quite a bit to read so you could probably binge it in about an hour.

  • Overall Score

Idea of this story is good, but implementation not. Author instead of  improving story or it's characters,  he made it into comedy and characters unrealistic.

Author is rushing story into action, forgets planning, like loot distribution, positioning.

Conversations are out of place, they get hurt, they are bleeding, and all they do is make few jokes.

Also, MCs boss shouldn't freely say to other strangers that mc is anoying or things like that. Relationship between employer and worker have to be strictly professional if not, it can be implemented as harrasing.

writing is not that good. it is hard to understand who is thinking what.

Other than that, this story is one of the good ones in RRL


Edit: So i feel like i should update my review. 

First, it's still feel like story is being rushed into action(But it's me who personally likes strategy and planning in books)

Second, conversations are getting better( maybe just I am getting used to them)

third, about relationships between employe and employer is wrong, in my country is totally different so i didn't even thouth that in america is like this.

Also respect for author for reading reviews and trying improve this story and himself. that got this story second chance from me. Keep writing this story, i got past what i don't like and it become one of the favourites in rrl.

  • Overall Score

When I read the title and saw the blurb I thought this was going to be satircal to the extreme. To the point where I basically ignored it as an option to read.


Seeing it stay highly reviewed for so long I decided to give it a try and was not disapointed. This is a character driven fantasy adventure at its heart. Sure goblins are replaced by crab stablers and zombies come in the form of kind of paper machier humanoids spouting of about company policy but all that does is add to the unique world.

great stuff.

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Well written, interesting twist on a concept, and positively riviting mystery tied into it. All in all one of the better novels on here atm.

Apparently i need to make this 200 words for it to be legit...ok then

Style: Interesting and fun style of humour has been woven in, with a couple great call back jokes that made me laugh out loud.

Story: Slow and steady, feels like more like a premise was thought of then a story written around it but thats not a negative just an observation.

Grammar: Little to no errors and my brain thanks you for it.

Character: Feels a little personality in a boxy for a few characters but thats understandable, Character interations mostly make up for it, and its written much more show than tell and I feel better for it. You not hand holding the readers so much and letting us think for ourself is a sign of great things to come.

  • Overall Score

pls rESPONd ;) by continuing this awsome work

yo. awsome work. This is the kind of esape from reality story I love to come home, chill out and just enjoy. Make my day when I read this.

p.s.( except for a few chapters that got a liiiitle slowish.)


I think the best thing you can do for this story is try to think, and plan out what else is going to fill this little office of horrors , and what cool things will be had from an encouter with it.

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This story is weirdly good, I love the premise, it is such a fun mix up of the genre. The writing is good and so is the grammer. I really hope that it continues. The characters are fun yet still ordinary, there seems to be a good set of mysteries which need to be resolved and so I am very keen to continue reading.