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A note from argusthecat

This entire thing is authors notes.  This one is superfluous.

Hello again, everyone! It's been a while since we last spoke.

And I suppose you're wondering why I called you here today. Well, let me not take up too much of your time. Let us get, as the kids say, to the *point*.

The Daily Grind is coming back. Soon. As in, on October 1st, soon. Book two will be starting up again, with a chapter posted roughly every five days or so thereafter, until it's done. And boy does it seem like this one might take a few more words than book one, so "until it's done" could take a while.

Now, here's some other good news. Remember when I said at the end of book one that I was gonna stop writing for a while and rest my fingers? I didn't really do that. I've been hard at work in the story mines, digging up delightful chunks of chapter ore to share with you all. And there is a slight backlog of TDG chapters ready to go. Eleven of them, in fact. Maybe more, by next week! And, in a delightfully capitalist ploy, I've decided to make the majority of those chapters available early for anyone who's backing at the $5 tier over on Patreon.

Early as in, they are being posted tomorrow.

Now, maybe you're not too keen on giving me money. That's fine! You'll still get all the adventures of Secret, James, Secret, Anesh, Secret, Alanna, Secret, and the most important character, Secret, as soon as they go live here. Nothing will be held back. But maybe you're looking for some other reason to visit my Patreon account while not giving me money? Good news; there's a handful of new short stories posted there as well, available to the public and of only the highest quality.

That's all I've got to announce today! Hope you're all as excited to read what's coming up as I am to share it with you.

A note from argusthecat

TL;DR : The Daily Grind returns on Oct 1.  $5 on Patreon gets you many chapters in advance tomorrow.

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Bio: I write stuff, and have a lot of thoughts about narrative structure and tropes. Some of the stuff I write is here, the rest can be found over on Reddit on my r/hfy author page. Feel free to message me if you want to talk about ideas, or just have questions about anything I made!

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