The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Contemporary Supernatural

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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  • Overall Score

This series has several positives:

---The viewpoint is written clearly and fluidly, making what is happening easy to follow and understand.

---Even though the premise isn't new, it is an interesting variant.

---The character's actions and reactions are consistent with what we know of him and his motivations.

---It handles suspension of disbelief nicely by having a clear demarcation between 'real world' and 'here be dragons'. It looks like that might blur as the story progresses, but the initial separation makes it easier to get the story going.

---The balance and timing of action versus the character thinking about and reacting to what just happened is good.

On a 'could be a plus, could be a minus' note, the protagonist looks like a slow developer, as opposed to immediately OP or quick growth. I personally like stories either way, so this isn't a negative for me.

So, overall a solid start. It is an open question as to whether this has a plot / larger theme or is more slice of life, but it looks like it could do well with either.


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Excellent.  It's existential Dungeons & Dilbert.  Something is profoundly wrong with reality, and the protagonist is well aware of that, but then again when wasn't something wrong with reality?  Anyway, there's money and candy.  Strange candy.

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Representation is important:TheDailyGrind Aces it.

This is my first review, and I can actually say that is written from Spite. 

So before I begin, I would like to actually thank all the bigots that messaged Argus. Thank you for waking me up, I actually needed it.


But let's talk about this story. First point. The grammar. Did I find typos? Yes. Is it normal? Absolutely. There are things that escape even four re-reading. I know. It happens to me all the time. 

Point two. The style. I Love how the story is unfolding, the pace that is given, the cliffhangers that don't feel like cliffhangers at all, the fluidity I find in the dialogues, that brings me to point three:

The characters. Every single character is Unique, and is not defined by a single characteristic (sorry for the redundancy but it was needed). They feel and act like human beings. Sometimes rash, sometimes stupid. Sometimes in love, and the people who they love are just that: their love interest, developed through the pages. First time I actually see polyamorous and bi representation in a book. Hats off, Argus, you pulled it off in a fantastic, non - cringe way, I actually teared up when I read that because it was so spontaneous and heartfelt I thought "is this Bojack F*****' Horseman?" and to actually think there is actually (probably? Am I imagining things? ) Aro/ace representation warms my heart. 

And then the story. Is there dungeon crawling? Yes. Is there a real plot that is being developed as the adventure goes on? Yes. Is it going anywhere? I hope so because I want a copy to put on my drawer and read and read it to my future children and my significant other and translate it just to make my Parents read it because it is a novel worthy to be called so. It Is Novel. It's beautiful. Thank you Argus because I check the site every day to see you update and when I will be financially stable I Swear to support your story, as every other fellow reader, if he has the possibility, should do. 

Support this story, read it, talk about it, and spread it. 


Let's not be devoured by the Daily Grind.

  • Overall Score

I've read a lot of garbage on this site. Shit tropes on shit tropes, etc. If you've been on RoyalRoad for awhile and want something new to fantasize to that isn't absolutely cringeworthy, you've come to the right place.

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What we have, is SPECIAL

Do you ever wonder what's like to have a stapler as a pet ? No ? To bad ! Now you know !!!

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This is the first story that I read on this sight after having it be suggested to me by a friend. I work in a call center myself and this story really resonates with those experiences and makes me laugh since I can draw many links to my own experiences. 

The characters, story, and RPG elements are well done and I have become very interested in seeing where this is going to go in the next few chapters. It is always a good sign when an author is able to draw you in and have you sitting on the edge of your seat during a combat or reveal scene.

Keep up the good work argusthecat!

Moist Nugget
  • Overall Score

I think the story is original, well written, somewhat realistic and would be an AMAZING SCP. 

C'mon Author. Talk to the people running the SCP foundation wiki and have a colab. 

  • Overall Score

When I read the title and saw the blurb I thought this was going to be satircal to the extreme. To the point where I basically ignored it as an option to read.


Seeing it stay highly reviewed for so long I decided to give it a try and was not disapointed. This is a character driven fantasy adventure at its heart. Sure goblins are replaced by crab stablers and zombies come in the form of kind of paper machier humanoids spouting of about company policy but all that does is add to the unique world.

great stuff.

  • Overall Score

continue the good work

this....this......this is amazing dude(ette?) this stuff should never


EVER stop, so for now, five stars

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An Exciting and Unique Story

I have read up to chapter 55 for this review.



The writing flows well, and the dialouge between the characters is organic. The fights are exciting and well written. Nothing out of place here, the author knows how to spin a tale.


No problems here, though I have a difficult time finding gramatical errors when i read. Though the story is organized well enough to where i'd be surprised to find any.


This is the aspect that drew me in hard. The story is kind of LitRPG, though in a bizzarre and awesome way. This is a unique story, not just for RRL either. The story starts a bit slow with some weirdness, excitment, and humor mixed in. However, things start to ramp up and get a bit more dark and exciting. The story changing from a mostly fun one to a darker one, is VERY well done and it keeps the same excitment and humor throughout. There are enough LitRPG elements in the story to warrent the tag, but its not really in the form of level ups, skills, status windows and stat points. Its a bit hard to explain without spoiling anything, so just read it, its awesome.


I've enjoyed most of the characters in the story, and even the ones i don't like as much still feel real. They are all fleshed out and feel dynamic. The dialouge between the characters is VERY well done, and the interactions between them could keep me reading the story even if the story was crap (it isn't). 

So sit back and pop open a bag of Baby Things, this novel is well worth a read.