The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind

by argusthecat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A terminally bored IT guy finds a sub-dimension in the back stairwell of his office building.  It escalates from there.

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I used to love this story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 129 - Epilogue

I am writing this on my phone so I apologize if I make any mistakes in grammar or spelling.

I loved this story, it started out with an awesome new world and was refreshing in how representation of bi and polyamorous was introduced. However somewhere in the transition into book 2 the characters transitioned from decently fleshed out people into caricatures. They lost a lot of their complexity, and honestly as I forced my way through book 2 I started to hate most of the main cast.  If you haven't skipped to the next review by now, I suggest reading the first book, and then decide if you can deal with the issues I plan on bringing up.


I love reading about this world in which the common place office items come to life, and bring trouble and new meaning to the lives around them.  Sadly as time goes on in the story the style changes from telling a story, into every other sentence being about political ideology. Styles change but I didn't start reading this story to have to deal with a constant reference to issues I deal with enough in real life. Especially when I don't actually know the exact placement in time till the later half of the second book, because of references to BLM and COVID-19.  A great bit of the charm was lost, because before I could imagine that the office was set in any slightly modern time, instead of having a set in stone time in and around 2020.  


The story has a nice, slow to medium speed start.  The introduction of friends to a new world and hidden depths are extremely nice in adding a direction to the story. However the story has taken a trend towards sudden sprints forward in the plot followed by chapters in which the characters talk about helping society, but never do anything actually helpful with their power.  Overall the first book was awesome story wise but the second drags the story quality down by a lot.


While errors might exist, I usually don't see any. The author does also fix errors that are pointed out.


The main cast used to be the vessel through which the story came together. As the book has progressed they have lost individuality, all of them idolize the main cast and every single one of them unwaveringly believe that they are better then every other system they mention. A big part of me finally giving up on this novel is the main casts thoughts and actions towards others, as well as their tendency to constantly claim they are going to help society's problems, before proceeding to never even try to brainstorm ways to help people other then themselves. Minor spoilers:

They gain access to a way to decrease the time the human body takes to adapt and react to ALL bacteria and viruses while during the COVID-19 pandemic. They proceed to administer to all of their operatives, and never make plans to figure out how to get this to everyone who is at risk or all of the people whose lives could be saved by having a better immune system.  

The main cast decides that they trust each other to become gods and rule over every other human in existence pretty early on. All while they claim moral superiority over all of the groups who have done so before and the group they eventually come into conflict with. Who after reading about their activities were definitely evil.

My dropping point was reading about how the idolized mc considered violently breaking and entering into the home of someone who slammed a door in his face during a pandemic all while considering the man to be "insolent". While the man in question was decidedly unpleasant, the "good natured mc" internal thoughts were a bit too much after everything else.

I feel like I have ranted more than enough on the parts I hate about how this story has progressed. I hope that these problems amongst numerous others can be fixed or at least worked into actually helping the plot and story progress. I have been reading this story for what feels like two years, and have spent a while debating whether I wanted to drop the story without a word or air what I felt about this story. I would love to see the story edited and the quality brought back to what it originally was. 


The first book is awesome, the second spirals down into a declaration of political stance in the guise of a story. If the first book was all that was left I would probably put the rating at a 4.5 but decided to leave it at a 3 until the story improves.

I apologize if I spent more time complaining then actually reviewing.  If you see any issues in what I say above or want me to elaborate on any of the issues I have or have not covered please dm me.  I love the representation and the setting, and would like to be able to read more. If anything in the books changes please let me know so I can change my review accordingly.


High initial hopes, disappointed

Reviewed at: Questions and Answers 2

The basic premise of fantastic mundanity that is initially presented in this story makes for a compelling read. Sadly, the actual organization building the cast is eventually compelled to do is handwaved or time skipped, and basic organizational tasks that are assumed to have happened become critical plot flaws later in the book. (A few examples - no physical or memetic security for the Order's headquarters, James admitting privately multiple times to himself that he has neither the training nor the inclination to lead a large organization yet failing to secure either skills, training, or assistance in running and composing the Order, and apparently completely forgetting that blue orbs can straight up solve random problems, which seems to have been completely dropped in the second book for random superpowers.)


The first book deserves a much higher rating than I've chosen to give the composite - possibly as high as an aggregate 4.5. Sadly, the second book looses much of the personality of the first, alternating between nigh-random conversations and frenetic emergency responses, with insufficient details on how the organization or the casts relationships with each other evolve.


In short - I enjoyed the first book, even if it slogged a little at places. The second book, sadly, felt like a primer on how not to make an organization.


This series has several positives:

---The viewpoint is written clearly and fluidly, making what is happening easy to follow and understand.

---Even though the premise isn't new, it is an interesting variant.

---The character's actions and reactions are consistent with what we know of him and his motivations.

---It handles suspension of disbelief nicely by having a clear demarcation between 'real world' and 'here be dragons'. It looks like that might blur as the story progresses, but the initial separation makes it easier to get the story going.

---The balance and timing of action versus the character thinking about and reacting to what just happened is good.

On a 'could be a plus, could be a minus' note, the protagonist looks like a slow developer, as opposed to immediately OP or quick growth. I personally like stories either way, so this isn't a negative for me.

So, overall a solid start. It is an open question as to whether this has a plot / larger theme or is more slice of life, but it looks like it could do well with either.



Solid Premise, But Story Goes in a Suboptimal Direction

Reviewed at: Chapter 058

The Daily Grind is a decent story with an interesting premise and magic system that starts strong but makes some suboptimal story choices.

The basic premise of the story is that an IT Call Center employee discovers an office-themed dungeon dimension, and begins to explore it, eventually getting his friends involved and delving as a group.

The early plotlines where the focus is more on discovery and exploration is the strongest part of the story, with the novelty of the magic system and setting really shining. 

Eventually, the plotting of the story gets a bit too slow, with the story arcs feeling somewhat cyclical. A serious missed opportunity in the story is that the characters get skills and the story subsequently forgets about them. While a lot of the skills are seemingly useless, having the characters find creative ways to utilize or apply them would have been much better than just completely neglecting them. This leads into another issue I have. While I understand why the author paced the story the way they did, I think it took way too long for any cool or exciting skills to appear, resulting in skill gains being something just to glance over since the reader could expect that none of them would be story-relevant.

The characters in the story are a bit two-dimensional and simplistic in personality, and their interactions get very repetitive and lack depth. The intelligence of the characters and quality of their planning and strategizing seems to widely fluctuate based on the needs to the story. I personally have no issue with the MMF relationship that appeared in the story, but it came out of nowhere, and the lack of significant depth to the characters and their interactions makes it hard to care about.  

Finally, while the editing is good, it could be improved, specifically with regards to spelling and phrasing. 

Overall, if the premise intrigues you, give this story a shot, but don't hold your breath for solid plotting or complex characters.

(As of Chapter 60)


I liked the start

Reviewed at: Chapter 072

Others have already made this fact very clear, but the story really did fall away after some point. If asked, I cant really point out when this happened. I know for a fact that it did, and I know that it was a very sudden realization, but the exact placement is just too obscure and wide-spread.

The grammar and style was constant. Nothing wrong with those two. The plot? It was eh from the beginning. Not something to write home about but neither was it something to be angry over. It was fine for what it set itself out to be.

But the characters. That's where it became wrong in so many ways. They just felt so unrealistic after a while. Maybe it was the romance? I don't really know.

Overall, I'm giving this a 4/5. It used to be 5/5 but I've changed my mind.

General Peaceful

TL:DR; I seriously love this story. It is isekai-but-down-to-earth in a fantastically engaging way and all the puns and humour keep it permanently entertaining. The characters and their interactions are realistic. 



The story is written mostly from James (MC)'s POV but we occasionally get POVs from his friends and ... pets? This is mostly used to add a lot of context to expositions and character development and interactions, which I like. The progression is at a perfect pace to seem realistic.



The story is a brilliant concoction, I have never read an isekai-style story before where it is rooted in reality. The fantasy elements of living stationary and murderous cables are a pleasing juxtaposition of mundane and terrifying. Staple through the flesh between thumb and finger? *Wince* done that before... The trope-style of some of the humour ("What could possibly go wrong?" *things proceed to go wrong*) and the occasional subversion of that expectation is engaging.

I like the fact that there is a kind of levelling-up progression but the weird and wonderful skills that are acquired in the process places it very firmly secondary to the plot. This gives acres more space for the characters to grow as people and progress that way than be lead along from one level up to the next.

Also because I have just gone past the chapter where a couple of guys

kiss: to those who one-star-reviewed as "revenge" for your hurt sensibilities and entitlement, f*ck off we don't want you in this fandom :)




Occasional spelling mistakes or doubled words, but they are very rare and don't break flow.



This is where I feel a lot of the merit lies in this story. The plot is cool and different but if the character(s) are shallow murder-hobos a story is ultimately boring and predictable.

None of the characters I have met here so far are like that. They are all extremely relatable with real-world problems and personalities that hit very close to home. I continuously find myself projecting myself and my friends onto them and I love the added realism and emotional engagement this provides. All the character interactions feel real and well thought it. Top marks!


Excellent.  It's existential Dungeons & Dilbert.  Something is profoundly wrong with reality, and the protagonist is well aware of that, but then again when wasn't something wrong with reality?  Anyway, there's money and candy.  Strange candy.


Not sure of what to say

Reviewed at: Questions and Answers 2

I used to really like this book, like in my top 5 on RR with its wonderful premise and relatable characters and i used to be unable to wait for each and every chapter to come out. But, at some point the story just took a turn and I started to hate seeing what was happening to the world that I speant so long delving into. I wish there was one clear event that I hated ad could be changed easily but I am unble to pinpoint anything. So instead of giving it a bad review I settled for a neutral score because I am unable to properly justify my feeling towards this book beyound more than just a feeling that there are things that could have been done diffrently. 


This story ate roughly 19 straight hours of my life in a row. It's 6AM and I have work tomorrow. Today.

I also had work yesterday. I've got a problem.

Is good though, some minor inconsistencies and I don't like the second half of book 2 as much as the rest, but book 3 is really good. again

Kit Temple

Addictive But Disjointed

A very engaging story that is a fairly addictive read.  The style jumps around somewhat so there are better chapters and worse chapters.

A lot of people got upset when the author suddenly went towards a threesome (MMF) sex focus in the middle of one chapter after pretty much zero sex or even relationship references.  He got a bunch of negative reviews at that point and seems to think they were all gay-focused reactions - but personally I found it simply jarred the story and any sort of focus on sex no matter what genders involved would have had a similar problematic effect on the story.

All the initial chapters are pretty gripping, but there are a few parts you need to speed-read through in later parts of the story.  One is all the dream sequences - I think most of us aren't interested in long-winded surreal dream sequences.  The second is the final chapters where long boring conversations got quite tedious.