A Snake's Rise

by Kenaren

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


Torga's back and he's hungrier than ever. 

In this second book following Torga's journey, he's going to battle kings, mythical beasts, tyrants, and even gods on his quest to find and protect his wife.

Come join him as he rises to power and becomes a living legend...

(Cover is the creature Torga's body was based on.)

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(Link to the first story-- http://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/13297

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The insane snake handler

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Fantastic, and original, idea!

This is one of the few stories I would say I have read on here that wasn't based off another book I had read. Thanks for continuing the story after finished the first book, and I look forward to seeing how far this one will go!

Please continue to update!

Peace and Tranquility
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Superb storyline and narrating

Honestly, I have read my fair shair of RPG novels,

but I have never read one so perfectly implemented like this. It really fits the genre of weak - strong, and personally I like how this novel doesnt drag on explaining the life of the MC, unlike most novels which take more than 10 chapters before actual plot begins. The only problem I have is that though the integration of Norse cosmology and other beliefs was a nice touch, it became pretty overbearing especially after his ascension. All in all, great story, especially for those who are interested in non-human MCs novels.


  • Overall Score

Like many others have stated, the main character feels very bland, he seems to instantly kill everyone and his mass-murdering and killing of babies seems to be done just to make him feel edgy.His wife is practically a parasite, who provides nothing to the story, and just creates conflict, I imagine she might of been added earlier because the story was started to be just constant genocide, but it ended up changing nothing and only adding a more unlikeable character, who is very arrogant.All of the past characters, seem to have been completely thrown away, since they have had the slightest of mentions in the latest chapters.

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Great Concept, Rushed Delivery

I think a lot of this story was great. I am a big fan of both the whole "weak to strong" and reincarnated concepts and this really hit the spot for me. Mind you I was never a big fan of the whole serpent idea but it worked well for how it was done. 


That being said I do have a few gripes regarding how this went. 


1. I understand the idea of the character being overprotective regarding his family but he ends up being somewhat of a bloodthirsty tyrant and people just ignore this issue because he's too strong to confront and that includes his family and friends. In the begining it makes sense but he literally stops caring about life after a certain point even in matters that don't really involve defending his family.


2. He makes himself sound like he deserved the power so much more than others when he complains about how his friends don't try hard enough to train and grow. He states something along the lines of getting to where he was based on willpower when honestly for most of his evolutions he barely had to do much for it other than know not to settle for second best on the evolutions. His trials and tribulations really don't happen till he challenges the serpent king which he even states was mostly just him fighting his own boredom to maintain his sanity. To be honest up until he became a god he maybe had a total of 20 difficult fights. TBH most of his strength comes from eating and A LOT of his food was Yggdrasil and that didn't fight him back. So did he really earn it?


3. Lastly, I believe his power jump was extremely abrupt and foolish on his part. If him challenging the serpent king was just a 1v1 combat he would have lost immediately but due to plot reasons, he was given a training arc to allow him to not die. This is possibly the biggest plot armor/ rush tactic I've seen in RR. He not only doesn't immediately die from a stupid decision but gets to level from tier 7(?) to godhood because he ate everything.

Overall even with its flaws, it is still a good read to pass the time and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I'm just hopeless when it comes to OP protagonists and you got Brownie points for this not being a harem like every op prot story goes.

Akhil Sihra
  • Overall Score

The updates are not consistent at all. Otherwise a very good read.

Le Blanc
  • Overall Score

Loveliest "Non-Human"  gem ive ever read in my life.... RRL is realy a nest of delicasy !  I considered myself an expert reader or a proffesional one Bcause ive read hunderds of stories -from wattpad to wuxiaworld to qidian to RoyalRoad !  This piece of art is one of my top 10 ! 

  • Overall Score

The Second Book we all needed

This is the continuation of the story A Snakes Life and like the previous book Torga is just getting bigger and bigger~. Currently only 2 chapters are out as of writing this review so I cannot comment on the story so far but I hope the story quality stays consistent with Book 1. Grammar is excellent, the story is coherent and with likable characters this book is a must read. 

  • Overall Score

The story comes from a new perspective with a lead that doesn't share the classical beliefs. This is a story about a snake pursuing power in order to protect his wife and will stop at nothing in order to reach the pinnacle. This is unique and interesting and try as i might but i cant stop reading it. The only downside i can really think of is that the update is infrequent but other than that its a good story

  • Overall Score

I loved the first part, and was waiting with impatience the start of the second. And the first chapter was awesome, keep going, and this summary made me shiver with joy. Go Torga, only one planet will not be enough for calming your hunger.

Lord Of Mild Interest
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It's the sequel to the other snake book by the snake Ken.

Its good shut up and read it.

I know this review is shit but.

Fuck I just really bloody enjoy this book mainly because Torga, the MC, is fucking awesome.

So yeah fuck it have a 5 Ken and get back to the dungeon  and give me chapter 8 

~Love From Lord <3

Aight so I just realised this book has shit individual scores since some people have apparently not read legit one star stories so Ima just buff up these scores due to the fact that they are all a 4 at minimum.

Since there is a difference between not liking a story and a story being bad, and this is definitely not the latter.

So again shut up and read it.