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Important Poll (Be sure to read description before voting.)

Should I rewrite a snake's life in its entirety, or move on to a new story?
Snake's life Rewrite
22.48% 22.48% of votes
New story
77.52% 77.52% of votes
Total: 743 vote(s)

With Snake's Rise coming to an end in a few more chapters, I wanted to reach out to both my patrons and the readers on RR to ask for your opinion.

Should I begin working on a brand new reincarnation/evolution story, or should I rewrite 'A Snake's Life' in its entirety with the goal of publishing it on Amazon?

I will be posting the poll on both Patreon and RoyalRoad with the hopes of reaching the most people.

If the Rewrite wins. Then it will be a complete and total rewrite of both books. The plot will be different, the characters will be different (Aside from Torga, though even he will have some work done.) and the rapid ascent to godhood will either not happen at all, or will happen at a much slower pace. I feel that I didn't do this story justice the first time around, and I hope to do much better the second time.

If the new story wins. Then it will take place in the snake's life universe (Or multiverse, as it were.) and will focus on a different pantheon's Mythos depending on which animal you guys pick in a poll I'll only post if the new story wins in this poll.

This poll will stay up for a week.

I hope to hear from you all.


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