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When Reina reopened her eyes after being kidnapped by the little goddess, she found herself floating in an endless abyss with only the light from a few far away stars as her only guide. She began looking around for Donna and Leon, but no matter where she looked, she couldn't find them.

"Finally, she's awake! Can we get this over with now?" A crotchety old voice spoke up from the abyss.

Reina whipped around and saw five multicolored beings floating in a line in front of her. She tried to back away from them, but without the ability to grab or push against something she just flailed in place for a few seconds before giving up and glaring at them.

"Calm yourself, Jorthim. You're scaring the mortal." A being composed of dark blue light, so dark it barely stood out from the abyss, said in an authoritative tone. 

"Don't try that high and mighty B.S with me, Al. You're as annoyed with this situation as I am." A huge dark green being spoke up in the same crotchety old voice she'd heard earlier.

"Guys," A light red being said in a placative voice with his arms raised towards the two others. "Is all this fighting really necessary? We're all unhappy with this situation, but we do have a job to do."

The three beings that until now had been talking amongst themselves and the two, as of now, silent beings turned their heads to face her. She could feel their scrutinizing gaze as they silently stared at her... Finally, after what felt like an eternity to her but was probably only a few minutes, the extremely tall and thin golden being at the center of the group spoke up.

"Mortal," It began in a soothing tone. "Forgive us for this sudden meeting... But, with things being as they are, we do not have much choice in the matter."

"Where am I? Why am I here? Where's Donna and Leon!?" Reina fired off her questions one after the other and would have continued asking questions had the orange being at the far left of the group not snapped their fingers and erected a barrier around Reina that prevented her voice from reaching their ears.

"Please... Keep your voice down."  The being mumbled in a sleepy tone.

The tall golden being sighed in annoyance and destroyed the barrier with a snap of their fingers. They looked down at the orange being and groaned in frustration as they began snoring. "I know you're tired, P. But please refrain from sleeping or silencing the mortal while we're trying to question her."  

"No promises..." They replied sleepily.

"Anyway... Mortal?" 

"What?" She snapped.

"We would just like to reiterate a few things before we begin, so I would like to ask that you listen to what we ask you carefully and should you not understand something, you must speak up and ask us to repeat the question. Is that clear?"

"Doesn't seem like I have much choice in the matter, do I?"

"Unfortunately not." The golden being turned to the Dark blue being on the end and nodded its head. 

"You are the chosen of Forna; Goddess of Life. Are you not?"

"What does that have to do with anyth—" Reina was startled out of her response when the large green being slammed what appeared to be a pole of some kind into the 'ground' and sent vibrations throughout the space.

"Answer the question, mortal. Some of us might not die of old age, but I'm missing my favorite show to be here."

"Oh!" The red being exclaimed. "How's he doing, by the way?" 

"Ha! He killed Magni. Just as I thought he wou—" 

"Gentlemen... Not in front of the mortal."

At the Golden being's reminder of where they were, the green and red beings cleared their throats and floated in silence. 

"Magni?" She asked. She thought she recognized the name, but for whatever reason, her memories of just before she woke up were fuzzy and jumbled together.

"Are you or are you not, the chosen of Forna; Goddess of Life?" The blue being repeated.

"I am... or, I was."

"Mind clarifying?"

"I remember her summoning me and talking to me in place of pure light... But after that initial conversation, I haven't been in contact with her."

The other four beings collectively looked to the orange being and waited for them to notice...

"Truth..." They mumbled.

They whispered amongst each other for several minutes, then the green being spoke up.

"Did you ever try contacting them?"

"Why would I? I wanted nothing to do with them."

"Speak clearly!"

"Fine, the bitch summoned me against my will and stole me from my family. Even if she had contacted me, I would have done my best to ignore her."

As the green being burst into a fit of laughter, the other three turned to look at Orange.


 Again, they whispered amongst each other for several minutes before the red being seemingly 'stepped' forward and childishly waved at her. "Before I start, I just wanted to say how great it is to finally meet you. I'm a Huge fan of your husband." 

"There he goes again." The blue being groaned.

"My husband?" She mumbled under her breath. Suddenly the image of Torga jumping into hell to save her played in her mind and her eyes widened in realization. "No!" She screamed. "I have to get back to him! He has no idea what he's up against and if I don't warn him, he—"

The green being burst into another fit of laughter and slammed his 'pole' into the ground several times in his amusement. "No idea, she says!" 

Reina's eyes narrowed dangerously at the green being and she growled under her breath. 

"What's so funny!? He could be dying right now and you're laughing about it!?"

"Ahem..." The red being cleared their throat to get her attention. "What Jorthim is trying to say in his own... unique way. Is your husband is very aware of what he's up against. In fact, he's made a bit of a sport out of fighting beings like Magni. So I can assure you, with full confidence, that he's going to be just fine."

 Reina narrowed her eyes in suspicion and stared directly at the red being.

"You're saying he can defeat this 'Magni" guy?"

  "Yes, that is what I'm saying."

"Then prove it."

"Can we get back to the topic at hand?" The blue being interrupted.


The beings stared at Reina in surprise for several moments...

"Care to repeat that?" The blue being replied in a dangerous tone.

"I said, No." She swallowed down her nerves and pressed on. "I refuse to answer any more questions until I know he's safe." 

The five beings looked to each other, then back to Reina.

"You do realize that with a snap of my finger I could end you, right? And I don't just mean your life. I snap my fingers, and any trace of your existence in this world is gone." The blue being snapped his fingers for emphasis. "Like that."


The four other beings turned to the blue being and waited...

"... Fuck it. Just show her the damn video." 

"Yahoo!!" A high pitched voice screamed from the abyss.

Suddenly, a two-foot-tall bird-like creature flew out of the abyss with a black book almost as large as it was dangling from its talons: Its bright yellow feathers stood in stark contrast to the book it carried, its glowing red eyes stood out in the darkness, and the razor-sharp teeth within its beak sent a chill racing up Reina's spine... At least they did until the bird slammed into the ground and slid to a stop a few feet from Reina.

The multi-colored beings and Reina stared in shock at the little bird for several seconds, then the silence was broken by an annoyed sigh from the blue being, "Goddamnit, Mob."

The little bird-thing hopped to its feet with a wide smile on its face, "I'm okay!" 

"A truly sad outcome for us all... What are you even doing here?" The blue being asked in that same annoyed tone.

"Well, for your information, Mr. Grumpy-no pants. I'm here to offer my legal services to the mortal."

"That's really not necessar—" 

The bird-thing ignored the blue being and practically skipped over to Reina. It reached out with its wings and rapidly shook her hand up and down. 

"Hey, how's it going!? I'm Nyarlathotep, Esquire. But my friends call me Mob!" The bird seemed to remember something and snatched his book off the ground from where he'd dropped it and showed it to her. "And this is my book!"

"Um... It's nice to meet you? And that's a very nice book, I guess..."

"Hehe, thanks..."  The bird's eyes turned pitch black and its face twisted into a parody of itself, "You can't have it." It finished in a demonically low voice.

Reina swallowed nervously and looked to the multi-colored beings for help. Luckily, the red being took pity on her and cleared its throat to get 'Mob's' attention.

"We were just about to check in on her husband... If you'd like to join us?"

The bird's face returned to normal and it innocently smiled at Red. "I thought you'd never ask!"

Gold snapped its fingers and a massive television screen appeared in the air in front of them.

"Popcorn! Get your popcorn here!" The bird yelled as it pushed a popcorn stall from.... somewhere, over to the group.

"I'll take three." 

"Three for Jorthim, coming up!"

"Oh, two over here please!" 

"Leo, My dude! How're the chicklings?"

"They're great!"

The little bird continued to chat with the multicolored beings for a few more minutes while Reina and Blue stood off to the side.

"Where did—"

"Don't ask."

"But... How did he—"

"Look, you want to keep your sanity? Then don't ask how Mob does anything... It's better for everyone's long-term health if you just don't think about it."

"So... This is normal for you?"

"Unfortunately..." Blue groaned.

The two looked away from each other and suddenly the bird was wearing a Santa hat and had a big gulp held tightly in its wing.

"Where did—"

"Shh... Just ignore it. It'll go away if we don't acknowledge it."

"Would you two shut up!? The movie's starting!"

 Sure enough, the screen lit up and Torga was standing with his arms folded across his chest; He had a look of annoyance on his face, but otherwise, Reina couldn't see anything wrong with him... Then, the screen panned around to Torga's back and Reina saw the reason for his expression as hundreds of people were standing in front of him with even more landing in the group with each passing second.

"Woo!" The bird cheered. It leaped on top of the screen and its Santa hat changed to a black headset with a microphone attached.

"In this corner!" The bird's voice echoed throughout the void as it did a, rather bad, impression of a famous announcer. "He currently stands at an impressive six-feet-three-inches tall and Weighing in at the ungodly weight of two-pounds heavier than Al's mother—" 

"Watch it!" Blue snarled.

" Yesh... tough crowd... We have the reigning champion; Torga!!"

Red and Green cheered while the other's stood in silence.  

"And in this corner! They currently stand at... Well, between five and fifteen feet tall and weighs who-knows how much; The vict— I mean, the Gods of Yggdrasil!!"

The bird took in a deep breath... "Let's get ready to rum—" A popcorn container came flying from out of nowhere and smacked into the bird's face, causing him to fall off the screen and crash into the 'ground'.

"Al, you ruined my intro!"

"And you're annoying everyone!" 

"Tch. Whatever." The bird folded its wings over its chest and started sulking. However, it still pulled a small boombox from behind it and pressed the big red button on the front the said 'play'.

A heavy percussion ripped from the boombox and the image on screen started to move to the sound of a woman singing...


With Torga

"I believe, I asked you to move." Torga growled. His eyes glowed brightly in his anger and he took a step forward, "But if you're not going to listen... Then I'll just have to move you, myself."

A twelve-foot-tall Minotaur stepped forward to block Torga's path and with a mild huff, it spat flames out of its nose. 

"Don't try to intimidate us, Devourer. We know you can't access your powers down here."

"Bold of you to assume I need them to rip you apart." Torga took several steps closer to the group, each step causing the ground to crumble under the sheer weight and intensity of Torga's body. "So this is what's about to happen... Your head," He pointed to an overweight bird god. "Is going up the Minotaur's ass. His head," He pointed to a large abyssal black dragon with glowing red eyes. "Is going up the dragon's ass. And it drew the short straw because it's going up your ass."

The bird god looked around at the gods surrounding it and swallowed thickly... "You know what... I think I left the oven on." It teleported away before anyone could stop it and Torga's smile grew wider.

"Coward! What about our revenge!?" The minotaur roared.

"Anyone else? No? Alright then... Let's clear the path, boys.A wave of light overtook his body and he returned to his true form. Eight balls of blue light floated out of his body and rapidly shifted into an almost exact clone of Torga. The clone's blue eyes glowed brightly and they shifted into a combat stance as the real Torga returned to normal.

 "Alright... Who's first?" The clones asked in unison.

"You'll pay for killing us, devourer!!" It ducked its head down, pointing its massive ebony horns at Torga's chest, and charged. The other gods drew their respective weapons and immediately charged after the bull.

Reina gasped and covered her eyes. She couldn't bear to watch...

Torga stopped the bulls charge with nary a grunt of effort by grabbing its horns and sent a knee into the bulls face... The knee slammed into its face with enough force to crack a planet and a wave of kinetic energy passed through its body before reducing the bull's body to mush.


The clones of Torga vanished in bursts of speed that destroyed the ground wherever their feet touched and slammed into the horde of gods as a heavy hammer wielded by a fifteen-foot-tall human slammed down on Torga's head and caved in the ground around him.

"Neat trick, devourer, but you're still surrounded and outnumbered!"

"Yes... You're right... I am surrounded." A grinding sound filled the air as the black hole within Torga's stomach began to slowly spin, "I'm surrounded by dead gods who really should have learned their place the first time they tried to kill me." The glow from his eyes continued to grow brighter until they were almost blinding. He smacked the hammer away from his head, to reveal his unharmed body, and snarled, "Now move, you're hindering my ability to find. my. wife!!" Torga's fist slammed into the giant's stomach and cleaved him in two. However, his fist didn't stop there, as the force of his punch sent shockwaves radiating outwards and sent tens of gods flying. The shockwave continued to tear through the gods until a clear line through the horde was created and Torga vanished in a burst of speed...

"Woo!! Fight fight fight!" The bird cheered as Reina gaped at the power Torga was casually throwing around.

Every punch reduced 'gods' to mush, every kick destroyed not only gods, but wide swaths of obsidian as well, and that was just the clones! The original Torga moved with such speed the 'camera' they were watching him through, lost track of him and only managed to relocate him after he'd stopped moving and the ground began to violently shake.

When they finally found him, he was yelling at a gargantuan stone-man; The man was easily several tens of miles tall and his four massive arms were bracing against an inverted dome of some kind.

"Open it." Torga demanded.


"I said... Open it."

"Not going to happen. I swore I'd only open the exit for Magni and you're clearly not him."

Torga's left arm exploded into green mist, wrapped around the stone-man's head, and jerked him to the ground. Which, surprisingly, caused the 'room' Reina was in to drop several feet and sent nearly everyone sprawling.

"Open. the. damn. door." Torga snarled into the rock-man's ear.

The rock-man opened his mouth to reply, but a massive black claw slammed into his face and sent the titan falling out from underneath the dome. Torga just managed to glare at the dragon responsible before it dove out of the way and the dome crashed into him, driving him to his knees. Torga braced himself against the ground and tried to push it up... But it wouldn't budge.

"You... bastard."

"Now, is that any way to treat an old friend?" The dragon replied as it shifted into a tall thin man, with pitch black skin, burning red eyes and two curved black horns poking out of his forehead. His silver colored hair hung loosely down his back and he wore a dark blue, sleeveless robe. 

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

"It hurts that you don't remember your patron, Ken. I'm disappointed in you." The man replied as he kneeled down and looked under the dome to see Torga's expression... It did not disappoint.

Torga's face was a mask of pure rage as the black hole within his stomach began to spin even faster... Suddenly, the dome was lifted enough for Torga's right leg to get under him and he slowly shifted to kneeling on only one leg.

"Impressive strength."

The grinding sound grew even louder as Torga shifted into a crouch and he slowly stood up with all of Yggdrasil resting on his shoulders... Suddenly, starting with the lower half of his body, he shifted into that of a massive mist serpent, his torso became much broader, a hood grew from around his neck, his face elongated into that of a serpent, and extra pair of arms grew from his shoulders and braced against the dome, abyssal slits opened in his eyes, and a massive black hole spun wildly where his stomach was supposed to be...Torga had shifted into a four-armed Naga.

The black hole spun faster, and faster until the ground beneath him could no longer support his weight and caved in on itself... But Instead of falling, Torga grew larger. His body expanded until he was larger than the dome by half and he pushed. 

Torga roared as he pushed against the dome with everything he had until, finally, the dome began to move up...

"What's happening!?" Reina yelled as she tried desperately to keep her balance while the room shook violently.

"You see that dome?" The blue being replied from his place on the ground next to her.


"Yggdrasil is sitting on that dome and your husband is lifting it!"

"The fuck do you mean he's lifting it!?"

"I mean, he's lifting it! The tree, the stars, the planets, the moons, even the empty space between the branches is being lifted."

"Not only that," Gold interrupted. "He's also pushing the other realities out of the way in order to lift it." 

"Other realit—ies!?" The ground lurched beneath them as Torga briefly slipped and had to regain his balance.

"Our Yggdrasil is just one of an infinite number of realities that sit on top of each other. In order for him to lift Yggdrasil, even for a moment, he would have to push the other realities sitting on top of it aside."

 "That's not possible!"

"No, it shouldn't be possible... But it clearly is."

"Could... Could that rock-guy have done it?"

Green burst out laughing at that. "Not a chance in hel!"

"But... Ken seemed to think he could?"

"That's because, as powerful as he is, he's also incredibly naive. There shouldn't have been a way out for him—He should have been trapped down there until one of us let him out... But he's never been a patient man, has he?"

The ground lurching beneath their feet answered that question for her as Torga straightened his arms and fully lifted all of Yggdrasil above his head and with a roar of effort... He pushed the dome out of the ground.

"Thanks for the assist, Ken!" Niabus yelled as he flew out of the hole and quickly teleported away.

"Come...Back here... You shitty bastard!" Torga's clones flew out of the hole, quickly encircled the massive sun-sized dome, and braced themselves for the moment the original let go. As soon as he did, the clones were just barely able to keep their grip on it as Torga flew out of the way and allowed it to drop back into the hole...  

"And... that means its time for a break!" The bird clapped its wings together and headed away from the group. 

The 'abyss' had a huge crack down the middle of the 'room', the multicolored beings were sprawled out on the ground and were simply staring at the television in silence...

"I... I get the feeling I need to take a step back and re-evaluate how much power I thought it was possible for one person to possess."

"Eh... Not really, Torga's just... Really really weird." Blue replied.

"I'm guessing that's an understatement?"

"Oh yeah... And a massive one at that."  Gold finished.

Suddenly, a loud gasp filled the room as orange stopped floating and he fell to the ground with a *thump*. He lifted his head and stared at the group for a few seconds... "What'd I miss?" He asked lamely.

"We really need to work on that sleeping habit of yours, P." 

 Almost in spite of herself, Reina started giggling at the absurdity of her situation.

"Is she going to be okay?" Orange asked.

"Yeah," Blue replied as he watched her giggle hysterically.

"Well... Probably."

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