When Torga's body slammed into the ground, it carved a hundred-meter trench into the obsidian floor. Torga shook off the blow, then climbed out of the hole and turned to face the god.

"That—" His neck popped as he rolled it around, then his eyes glowed a bright orange. "—Hurt."

"I suspected it might."

Torga glanced up at the plateau in time to see the portal close. His eyes shifted back to the god and glowed brighter in response to his anger. He took a few steps closer to the god and held his hand out, power swirled inside his body and an intense burst of gravity exploded out from Torga... And did absolutely nothing to the other god.

"Interesting trick, but that doesn't work down here." 

The god vanished in a burst of speed and reappeared weaponless a foot away from Torga. A shot to Torga's stomach nearly doubled over, and a right cross to Torga's temple sent him reeling. The god grabbed Torga's arm and hammer threw him with such strength that Torga broke the sound barrier several times over and slammed into a mountain three miles away in only five seconds.

The god reappeared above Torga and slammed his boot down on Torga's chest to pin him in place.

"You're in the Underworld now, boy."

"What's that—got to do—with anything!" Torga grabbed his boot and shoved him off. Torga sprung off the ground and slammed his fist into the man's face with all the force he could muster on such short notice... The man's head was knocked to the side, but he otherwise didn't move.

The god slowly turned his head to look at Torga and wiped the golden blood from his chin. 

"Is that all ya got?" 

Torga swung twice more and sent the god's head swinging with each blow, but his feet never moved.

"I must say, I'm slightly disappointed. I thought you had more strength than th—" massive blow slammed into the god's jaw and sent him flying into the sky. In less than a second, he'd traveled over two miles into the air and slammed into the 'roof' of the underworld.

"How's that for strength, you arrogant shit!" 

 The god pried himself free from the obsidian roof and laughed out loud, "Now that's what I'm talking about! I knew you had it in ya!" He vanished in a burst of speed and was on Torga in the blink of an eye. Torga managed to dodge the first swing and block the second, but the third strike: a kick to his right knee, surprised him enough to through him off balance. Torga just barely managed to get his guard up before the god returned the favor and slammed his fist into Torga's arms and sent him flying into the top of the mountain and shearing clean through it.

 "C'mon, boy! Don't disappoint me now!!" The god appeared behind him and wrapped his arms around Torga's waist. The god and Torga both rotated at high speeds, then Torga was sent flying head first into the ground at supersonic speeds. The god came out of his spin and landed in a heavy *thud* on Torga's chest.

For the first time in years... Torga spat out blood: It was a mostly clear liquid with faint traces of gold swirling within it.

Torga grabbed hold of the god's boot and narrowed his eyes in concentration... But nothing happened. The god wasn't consumed like everyone else before him and Torga's eyes widened in confusion and shock.

"What'd you just try to do?" The god asked curiously as he reached down, grabbed what remained of Torga's shirt, and pulled him to his feet. "I thought I told you," The god drew back his meaty fist, "That shit don't work down here!" The god swung with all his might, with the intention of taking Torga's head clean off. Luckily, Torga had the presence of mind to duck under the punch and slam his fist into the god's groin, his head shot up and slammed into the doubled over god's nose, then he grabbed him by the throat and choke slammed him into the ground. Over two-hundred feet of obsidian ground caved in under the force of the slam and the god spat out a globule of golden blood.

"Where did you take Reina?" Torga hissed through clenched teeth.

The god swatted Torga's hand away, wrapped his meaty fist around Torga's throat, and rolled with him until Torga was pinned to the ground and the god hand was forcing Torga's head into the ground. 

"Don't worry about the lass," He spat out more blood, then wiped his chin with his free hand. "Me aunt has no desire to harm her."


The god began punching Torga in the stomach, every blow buried Torga a little deeper into the obsidian and slowly wore through his guard. Until Torga pulled back his leg and kicked the god in the stomach as hard as he could from this position. The god was sent flying back and a second later he crashed through a mountain and exploded out the back. Torga quickly caught up to him and a heavy swing slammed into the god's chest, sending him crashing into the unforgiving ground.

"Ooo... Well, tickle Fenrir's testicles and call him Betsy... That's gonna hurt in the morning."  The god slowly climbed out of the hole he'd created by slamming into the ground and noticed his arm was hanging at an odd angle... With a *crack* he popped it back into place. 

Torga landed in a crouch ten feet away from him and tensed his body. He pushed off the ground with all his strength and sprung into a sprint, the ground behind him rippled like water and exploded into a shower of debris. 

Torga speared the god with everything he had and carried the two of them high into the sky. At the apex of his jump, Torga started raining down blows on the god: three to the face, six to the body, two to the groin, and then he grabbed the gods arms and began rotating at high speeds. After six full rotations, Torga flung the god back towards the ground; To his eyes, the god's body flashed red for an instant before he slammed into the ground and caused a tidal wave of obsidian to explode out in every direction. For good measure, Torga landed on the god's face when he descended and buried his head even deeper into the dark stone.

Torga stayed in his position until he heard the god groan in pain, then he hopped off and landed on the edge of the forty-meter deep hole they'd created.

He sat down on the ledge and stared down at the god, "Where'd you take Reina?" 

The god pressed one side of his nose in and blew out a globule of blood, then sat up and cracked his neck and back. "As I said, no need to worry about the Lass. My aunt has no desire to harm her or the other mortals."

"If she didn't want to harm her, then why am I here and not by her side?"

The god climbed to his feet and turned to face Torga, "Because you jumped through the portal?" He replied with a sardonic grin.    

Torga was unamused by his response and glared at him.

"Fine fine," The god sighed. "She may have no intention of harming her, but the price on your head was too good to pass up. And since we'd have a better chance at beating ya down here, we used her as bait to lure you in... Did you know you've managed to royally piss off several pantheons?"

"The thought has crossed my mind, yes."

"I mean, " He started counting on his fingers, "The Greeks are offering to release my brother and several other gods from their little prison if we bring them your head, the Shinto are offering to build golden barriers for anyone that brings proof of your death, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, you have my respect and if I weren't trying to kill ya, I'd buy you a beer."

"How about you just tell me where Reina is and we'll call it even?"

The god laughed, "You just don't quit, do ya?" 


"Heh, well, even if I did tell you where she was, you couldn't do anything about it."

"Want to place a bet on that?"

"Sure." The god grinned ferally and leaped out of the hole. He landed with a heavy *thud* beside Torga and walked passed him. "Do you see that?" 

Torga turned to see him pointing at a truly enormous mountain in the distance.

"The mountain?"

"Are ya blind?" He scoffed, "That's no more a mountain than I am a woman... That is Atlas." 

Torga narrowed his eyes and focused on the mountain for a moment... Sure enough, the mountain was slightly swaying up and down as if it were breathing. Then he looked a little closer: A massive head the size of most cities, a gargantuan body that easily stood several tens of miles high on its knees, and four massive arms curled behind him to hold a massive dome-shaped object.

"Eons ago, ol' Zeus made a deal with one of the original gods. In exchange for the power to overthrow his father, he would find someone to keep Yggdrasil from crushing the underworld under its weight."

"So... That dome is where the base of Yggdrasil sits?"


"And... Would you say that this is where the roots can be found?"


Torga sighed in annoyance as a long forgotten conversation replayed in his mind, "'You can find her at the roots of the world tree.' He said... The bastard literally told me I'd find her in hell... I kinda wish he was still around so I could kill him again." 

"Alright... So, what does this 'Atlas' have to do with finding Reina?"

"My aunt and I have struck a deal with him. In exchange for finding a replacement for him, he agreed to lift the tree just enough for one person to slip out. Then, your powers become available to you again and you could probably track them down before they got too far."

The god held out his hand and frowned for a moment. A loud screech echoed in Torga's ears as a massive double bladed axe came soaring through the sky and returned to the god's hand.

"But, if I were you, I'd worry about making it out alive before I worried about finding the lass." The god spun around and brought the axe high above his head. "Cause I've had my fun." He brought the axe down with all his might, but Torga managed to leap off the ledge in time to dodge the blow.

The god jumped in after him and the battle began anew.

Torga parried the first blow with his right arm by hitting the shaft, then he grabbed hold of it and was swung into the wall by the god. He pressed Torga's back into the stone wall with the shaft of the axe and glared daggers into Torga's eyes.

"Before I kill ya, since you have earned my respect, I'd like to introduce meself. The name's Magni Thorson, though most people call me 'Magni The Mighty'."

Torga's eye widened as he lost his footing and was pressed deeper into the wall.

"You won't beat me in a contest of strength, boy. I'm a true-born god of strength and you're just a... What were you the god of again?" 

 Torga's eyes glowed with an intense light as he found his footing and he snarled, "Hunger!" He pushed off the wall and threw a brutal headbutt at Magni's nose. The god stumbled backward and Torga propelled himself off the wall, ducked under a wild swing of Magni's axe, and sunk his teeth deep into the god's shoulder.

"Gah! Get offa me!" Magni pushed Torga away and batted him to the side with the flat side of his axe. 

Torga swallowed the chunk of Magni's shoulder he'd ripped out and showed off his golden-bloodstained teeth. 

Magni roared in pain and anger. He shoulder charged Torga and slammed him against the wall, then he jumped back and swung his axe.

Torga ducked beneath the blade, then punched Magni in the stomach hard enough to send him flying into the far wall, then Torga charged at him... 

"Got ya!" Magni ripped his body free from the wall and swung the axe with all his strength... Torga was unable to stop or react to the god's speed, so the axe cleaved through his neck and decapitated him. Torga's headless body crashed into the wall beside Magni and slid to the ground, even as his head flew out of the hole.

 Magni braced himself on the shaft of his axe for a moment to catch his breath, then he made to hop out of the hole, "Funny thing about snake's, Magni... We're really hard to kill."

Magni spun around in time to see Torga's body, with only a skull for a head and one glowing orange eye, glare at him then slam his fist into the god's face.

The god shook off the blow and made to move forward, but another voice stopped him in his tracks, "And the funny thing about Hydra's is... Cut off a head and two more will take its place."

Magni's eyes slowly shifted up until he saw a second Torga crouched at the top of the hole: his face looked as it always did, but his body was a rapidly healing mess of bones, tendons, and muscles.

"How in the name of Sif's lovely tits did ya do that!?"

"Fuck you, that's how." The two said in unison as their bodies finished healing and the second Torga jumped into the hole.

"Fair enough." 

Magni threw a heavy kick towards the closest Torga, but it was grabbed by the second. He was jerked towards the two of them and the first Torga threw a wild haymaker into his face: breaking his nose and jaw in the process. The second Torga slammed an elbow down on his knee, shattering it. The first Torga grabbed the back of Magni's head and pulled him into a heavy elbow to the forehead; cracking it open and causing golden blood to gush out.

They allowed him to drop to the ground, then the second Torga lifted his axe above his head and said, "Heads up, getting decapitated hurts like a bitch." With a heavy *thud* the axe tore through the grimacing Magni's neck and decapitated him...

The two Torga's looked at each other, then at the golden blood spurting from his neck, then at the headless body.

"You hungry?" The first Torga asked.

"I could eat." The second replied as they eyed the body of 'Magni the Mighty'. 

A note from Kenaren

The Underworld— a combination of every 'Hell' imaginable. It's meant to be a prison for all trapped within its walls, it seals the powers of gods and mortals alike within their body and prevents them from using their powers to escape. However, any power that only effects the user is left alone.

Magni's skills as a god of Strength

Absolute strength, Absolute Durability, Copy Strength, Unrivaled, Bestow Strength

Copy Strength— Gives him the ability to copy and return the force of any blow he takes.

Unrivaled— In a contest of strength, his strength will continue to rise until he outmatches his opponent.

Bestow Strength— Can bestow a portion of his strength onto a person of his choosing.

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