The next morning

Reina, Donna, and Leon walked down main street Asgarn on their way to the castle. While Leon and Donna were still in their adventuring gear, Reina and changed into something a bit more comfortable. Namely, a baggy gray tunic with a hood, a black skirt that hung down to just above her knees, and a pair of black leather shoes. Her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail, and she had dark bags under her eyes...She also walked with a slight limp.

When Reina had first spotted Donna after walking through the door leading into the Inn, she just knew that her friend had guessed what happened from the knowing smile she'd tried to hide. She'd been in a similar state once or twice, after all. Though it usually took constant sex with multiple partners to get her that way. 

Leon, on the other hand, had no idea what had happened and so he'd spent the past hour bugging her about it. 

Thankfully, for the sake of Reina's sanity and Leon's continued existence, they had just passed through the castle gates and spotted a familiar face.

"Hey, Ayla." 

The young elf looked up from the book she'd been reading on the castle lawn and smiled."Hey~" She replied after closing her book and setting it on her lap. " How're your legs feeling after your walk?"

"Like shit." Was Reina's near-instant reply. 

Not only were her legs really sore, but so was her pelvis... Of course, she thoroughly enjoyed making them that way. But even so, she was paying for it now.

"What happened to your leg? Did you fall or something?" Leon asked with genuine concern in his voice.

"Yeah, Reina. 'Did you fall or something?'" Ayla replied in a mock concerned tone.

Reina narrowed her eyes at the younger woman. She'd learned at breakfast this morning that both Ayla and Findral had... overheard her and Torga's reunion yesterday. Actually, it seemed half the castle already knew about the two of them getting together.

That didn't mean she was going to just tell them what happened behind those doors. Nope, that particular bit of information was exclusive to her and Torga.

"Yeah, you could say that."

"The way you've been walking. You must have fallen on something incredibly hard." Donna spoke up with an innocent smile on her face.  

"Are you kidding me? She must have fallen down multiple times to get that way. And you wouldn't believe the screams and moans that followed her... 'fall'." Ayla replied with a similar smile on her face.

"Oh, bite me!" Reina exclaimed. She pushed past the younger woman and stormed inside the castle.

Torga looked up from the codex he'd been reading after hearing the door to Reina's temporary quarters slam open. After seeing the pissed off expression on his wife's face, he closed the book and stood up to greet her.

Now that he'd had the opportunity to introduce his more...'human' form to the denizens of the castle, they'd suggested he start wearing clothes, instead of walking around with his serpent flopping in the wind. So, now he was wearing a pair of baggy gray trousers and a black tunic with the sleeves removed.

"Rough morning?" He asked as she stormed past him.

She stopped walking at the sound of his voice and rounded on him.

"You!" She yelled and marched up to poke him in the stomach. "This is all your fault!"

Torga quirked a scaled-brow in amusement. "You're going to need to be specific, dear."

"They know!" She hissed.

"Again, specificity is required."

"Ayla and Findral know we had sex! And I guess they told the rest of the castle because I've been getting funny looks all morning!"

Torga quirked the other brow and the barest hint of a grin appeared on his face. "And... That's a problem, how?"

"It's none of their business! And if you hadn't done...done... Well, that, this wouldn't have happened!"

"Funny. I don't remember you complaining at the time. In fact, I distinctly remember you saying something along the lines of 'More~'' He said in a bad imitation of her voice.

Reina's left eyebrow twitched in annoyance and she glared at him. "Keep mocking me and I'll make sure you don't hear me moan anything for a long—long time."

Torga just shrugged his shoulders and grinned. "I was celibate for the last century, dear. It's not like I haven't waited before."

She growled in frustration and attempted to drag him by the arm... He just watched her for a few seconds with that irritating smile on his face and then sedately allowed her to pull him towards the door. However, after noticing how much she was limping with every step. He felt genuine guilt for causing her pain.

So he scooped her up in a bridal carry and said, "Where to, M'lady?" 

"Ken, put me down before someone sees!" She hissed and attempted to struggle out of his arms.

"Let them stare."

"No! Don't you find It embarrassing!?"

"No, and why should I? I'm holding the love of my two lives in my arms. Hel, they could be walking around stark naked and I'd still only notice you." 

 That caused her face to turn bright red. Which was made all the more noticeable due to her already pale complexion.

 "Do you say that to all the women you carry?" She asked in a quiet voice.

Torga rolled his eyes and began walking down the hallway. Ever since the previous morning when Reina learned of his identity, and the amount of time he'd been without her. She'd shown him these little moments of intermittent jealousy. 

"No, only to you." 

Honestly, he could understand why she'd be worried. After all, while only ten years passed for her, and he honestly did believe her when she said she'd been faithful to him the entire time. It'd been just a few decades shy of two centuries for him and he could tell she didn't quite believe him when he claimed to have never fallen in love with another woman.

 Of course, these feelings of jealousy and insecurity were only compounded when she'd asked if he'd been faithful to her the entire time and he'd admitted to having a fling here and there, during his previous life as a human. Sure, he could have lied and said 'No' when she'd asked. But what would be the point of that?

Those days had long since passed and he'd never fallen in love with anyone after she died. So, why lie now, over a century after the fact?

After a few minutes of walking in silence, she finally spoke up and said. "We're going to see my friends. They should be waiting for us either in the entry hall or just outside it, with Ayla."


"She takes after you, you know?"


"Ayla. She might not be as headstrong as you are, but she's got your knack for annoying people." She said with a small smile on her face.

"Good." Torga snorted. "Means I can trust her to stand up for herself if Lokir ever decides to take advantage of her."

Reina rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes. "You really love her, don't you?"

"Of course. Biologically she may not be mine, but she's still my daughter... She can be yours too if you want?"

"I don't know... She's kind of old to be my daughter, don't you think?" Reina hummed.

"That's what happens when you're married to an old man, Sarah. They sometimes have kids that are your age." He joked.

"So~ You're saying I should find somebody younger?" She joked back.

"Only if you're okay with me killing them."

Reina's nervous laugh pittered out after seeing the serious line of his mouth.

"You're kidding, right? You wouldn't actually kill them... Would you?"

"Do you really want me to answer that question?"

"Am I going to like the answer?"

"Probably not."

"Then no, I'd rather you not."

"I thought as much." He laughed as he continued walking towards the entry hall.

 Torga, while still carrying Reina in his arms, entered the massive entry hall. Pedestrians and guards alike scattered at his presence and all but the bravest refused to look back. 

Reina noticed that her husband didn't seem to either notice or care about the way the humans reacted to him. Reina, on the other hand, did notice and did care. She knew something serious must have happened to make them react that way, but she was afraid of what they'd tell her if asked.

Was he truly as monstrous as the rumors around the castle made him out to be? Or was it all grossly exaggerated? 

It was obvious from the display she'd seen a few days ago that he was powerful, almost stupidly so. However, the top-tiered adventurers were also stupidly powerful, with some even able to fight a sixth tier beast to a standstill. They were all treated like heroes and legends to those they protected, so why wasn't he?

"Is that them?" He said. 

With her spiraling thoughts brought to a grinding halt, Reina opened her eyes and spotted the rest of her little party standing in the doorway, gaping at the man carrying her.

"Yeah. The woman's name is Donna and the man's name is Leon."

 "Does she always wear clothes like that?"

Reina glanced at the black robe that emphasized Donna's curves and the low cut of the shirt beneath. She narrowed her eyes at her friend and looked back at Torga.

"Is she your type?"

"No," He quietly laughed. "You're my type. I was just wondering if she got cold in that thing."

"Why? Are you going to warm her up?"

"Oh, grow up Sarah. I slept with three woman after you died, over the course of fifty-one years. Forgive me for not being the 'perfect' husband you remembered."

 "... Let's just talk about this later." she sighed.


Leon and Donna finally shook themselves out of their stupor and jogged over to the couple. 

"Reina, are you okay!?" Leon yelled. He ran up to Torga and put one arm under her legs and one under her head in an attempt to take her from Torga's arms. 

Instead of letting him take her, Torga turned his body to the side and glared at the slightly shorter man.

"She's fine where she is."

"Oh, she is, huh? Isn't that up to her to decide? And who the hel are you, anyway!?"

"I'm her-"

"His name is Torga and he's a friend of mine." Reina interrupted. 

Torga's head spun to look at her. The shock on his face quickly gave way to anger, then to apathy as he sat her on her feet and stepped back.

"Yes, I'm a friend of hers. Specifically, I'm Ayla's father."

Donna looked between the two with concern in her eyes. "Is everything alright here?" 

"Everything's fine. I... I asked miss Reina to allow me to thank the people who saved my daughter a few years back. I just learned of this recently, so thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome."

"Of course."

Torga glanced at Reina one last time, then excused himself and walked out the castle doors.

"Hey, wait up!" Reina yelled and raced to catch up with him.

Torga rounded on her with such fury in his eyes that it brought Reina up short.

"Stay. here."

"What, no, back there I was just-"

The anger in his eyes faded back to apathy and he shook his head in the negative. "No, I know what you were doing." He reached out and cupped her chin. "Take this time to think—To truly think about what you want. And let me know what you've decided when I come back."  

After saying his piece, Torga took a step back and blasted into the air so fast the stone walkway almost caved in.

"Hah... I'm such a fucking idiot."

A few minutes later

Lokir was riding towards Asgarn as fast as his horse could carry him. He knew he should have allowed the horse to stop and rest several hours ago because, at this rate, the horse would run itself to death. But he was just so worried about Ayla that he wasn't thinking clearly.

He'd long since left his father and their guards in the dust and was practically flying across the land atop his gray stallion. 

That is, of course, until his horse literally started flying. When its hooves left the ground and it whinnied in panic. Lokir was understandably surprised... At least until his horse stopped 'flying' and began floating in front of a tall, pale man covered in scales.

"Greakian kingdom. Where is it?"

"Who the hel are you, and what have you done to my poor horse!?" 

"Answer the damn question, Lokir. I'm not in the mood to deal with your bullshit right now."

"Wait... Torga? Is that really you?"

"No, I'm some other mystical snake-man that just so happens to know your name and where you've been."

"... A simple 'yes' would have sufficed."

"And answering my question would have avoided this entire conversation. Now, where. is. it?"

"I'll gladly show you the way if you put us down."

"No, that'll take too long." 

Torga plucked Lokir off the back of his horse and allowed gravity to gently lower it to the ground. Then, while still holding Lokir by the back of his shirt, he took off in the direction Lokir directed him to take. It took less than a minute for Torga to travel the two hundred miles to the border and another fifteen seconds to travel the fifty miles to Athins, the capital of the Greakian kingdom. 

Torga came to a stop above the massive metropolitan city and stared down at it. 

"The people who engineered the attack on Ayla. They're in there?"



Torga held out his free hand at waist level and slowly folded his hand into a fist.

The massive city with a diameter of thirty miles began to shake.

He slowly moved his closed hand up to the height of his stomach and held it there for several seconds.

The city tore itself from the planet and floated into the sky.

Torga continued to raise his hand until both it and the city were at eye level, then he quickly twisted his hand and locked the city into place. Cut off from all reinforcements save for those on pegasus back, the city and its citizens were now at the mercy of a pissed off dad...

It took slightly over two minutes from the moment the shaking started for the guards to shake off their surprise and react. A hundred pissed off soldiers swarmed out of the city like a wave of ants defending their nest and blocked the city from the duo's sight.

"Zeus," Torga began. His voice so saturated with power, the city shook with every syllable. "Your presence is requested outside the city."

The guards turned almost in unison and glared. They readied their lightning bolt shaped guns and simultaneously fired— the guns sent out wave after wave of lighting enhanced shells that slammed into Torga's body with all the force a bolt of lightning could muster.

They might as well have been using cotton balls being thrown by a weak breeze for all the good it did them. 

With a thought from Torga, the hundred or so pegasus was sent hurtling towards the ground at breakneck speeds... They did not rise again.

"Zeus, you have sixty seconds to get your ass out here before I send the entire city into space."  

 As soon as he finished speaking, a bolt of silver lightning shot out of the castle's roof and headed straight for Torga. He didn't even bother to flinch as it slammed into his chest and evaporated into silver dust that was quickly absorbed into his body.

"W...What the hel have you become?" 

Lokir watched trepidatiously as Torga calmly raised his hand and slowly began balling it into a fist. The city mirrored his actions and the outer edges began to fold in on itself.


"Wait!" A streak of silver lightning exploded out of the castle's wall and came hurtling towards Torga. However, instead of slamming into him as the last one did, this one came to a stop several meters away and shifted into the form of a tall muscular man.

"What do you want, creature!?" The man yelled. His electric yellow eyes glowed with power, his previous white robe was replaced with shining silver armor, and he wielded a massive spear who's blade was in the shape of a bolt of lightning.

He floated in the air as Torga did, though the wind whipped around him like a miniature hurricane.

"You are Zeus?"


"That's him." Lokir confirmed.

"You!? You dare attack my castle, prince Lokir! Do you realize this is an act of war!?"



When Torga spoke, the sky rumbled and the air around them crackled with power. His orange pupils expanded until the covered the whites of his eyes and they took the shape of miniature suns.

"You're the one responsible for attacking my daughter?"

"No. I don't know what lies the Asgarnians have been telling you, creature, but none in my kingdom have attacked a snake-man in decades."

"He means Ayla, you half-wit."

"Shut up, boy."


"You— You're the elf bitch's father?"

Part of the city imploded on itself and almost a fifth of its population was killed as the gravity in that area instantly increased by a factor of ten.

"Call my daughter a bitch one more time... See what happens."

Zeus growled at the sight of his kingdom falling to ruin. He turned back to face Torga and pointed his spear at the much shorter man's chest.

"Do you have any idea who you're fucking with!? Do you!?" Zeus roared. His body exploded into a maelstrom of electricity, his hair stood on end, his eyes were made of living lightning, and the muscles beneath his armor bulged to the extreme. "I'm Zeus, God of lightning and king of the skies!"

"That's funny." Torga laughed. "Because I thought I was looking at a dead man with a god complex."

"Return my castle to its rightful place or face the wrath of a god!"


"Um... Torga... Maybe we should listen to him?"

Torga's eyes glowed even brighter and his voice rumbled with barely suppressed power. "Go home, boy. You've done your part." Torga replied just before letting Lokir go and allowing him to plummet towards the ground.

"That's cold even for a snake-man. Surely you realize such a fall will kill him?"

"I'm sorry, did I ask for your fucking opinion?" 

 Zeus frowned at that, then his frown turned into a glare just before he disappeared into a flash of lightning and dashed at Torga with his spear held in prime thrusting position.

"Die!" Zeus yelled as he thrust the spear at Torga's unguarded face.


The point of the spear slammed into Torga's right eye and instantly burst into a million magic particles. The point was quickly followed by the curved blade below it, the shaft, and because he couldn't remove it in time Zeus lost his right arm. Luckily for Zeus, he was able to react before he lost the rest of his body.

"My turn."

 Torga and Zeus crashed through the roof of the castle and slammed into the ground next to Zeus's throne. Zeus was pinned to the ground by the unmovable arm holding his throat and he was most definitely the loser in this battle. 

His right arm was missing below the elbow, his left eye was gone, as was his right foot and left leg below the knee. Even the 'mighty' king's jaw was missing which caused his tongue to hang down his throat. 

Torga stood to his full height and threw the king into his throne and turned to address the other occupants of the room. 

Like the stories of old, the other twelve Olympians were sitting around a massive hearth. They stared at Torga with wide eyes and the stench of fear filled the room. 

 "Listen up and listen well, because I'm not going to repeat myself. If anyone—and I do mean anyone, directly or indirectly hurts my daughter again. Not only will I come for you, but I'll kill everyone in this damn kingdom and  won't lose a wink of sleep over it." His eyes glowed an ominous orange and power seeped back into his voice. "Have I made it clear enough for you yet?"

"You won't have any more problems from us, snake-god." Said a tall man with long black hair. He wore a bright blue-green robe that reminded Torga of the ocean and held a Trident loosely in one hand. "We've already stayed in this realm for too long as it was. It's time we returned home."

"See that you do."

The Olympians stood from their individual thrones and one by one vanished in a flash of golden light until only Zeus, or what was left of him, a woman Torga believed to be Hera; Zeus's wife and queen of the Olympians, and a young man wearing bright red armor remained.

After one last glare in Torga's direction, Hera lifted the much larger Zeus into her arms and flashed away.

Which left only Torga and the young man.

"I can smell the blood and death on you." He said in a surprisingly deep voice. "It saturates your skin, your pores—Hades, even your magic is tainted with it."

"Adding one more god to the list won't have much of an effect then, will it?"

"I'm Ares; God of war. Remember this name well, snake-god. Because I will certainly remember yours."

 "I said. Leave."

Ares grinned at him one last time, then flashed away.

Torga pushed off the floor of the throne room and floated back out of the hole he'd created when he slammed Zeus through the ceiling and floated over the city to look for civilians. Apparently, while Ares was running his mouth, the other Olympians had used the opportunity to spirit away the rest of the population.

So Torga released his hold on it and allowed the city and the ground it was attached to, to tumbled back towards the planet. 

A few seconds later, Lokir, who'd been kept safe inside a 'bubble' of supercompressed gravity came floating up to meet Torga.

"Please, tell me they're dead."

"Gone, but not dead."

Lokir exhaled a breath he didn't know he'd been holding and ran his hands through his hair.

"Finally some good news."

Torga quirked a scaled-brow at him and grinned.

"So, my reappearance wasn't good news?"

"... Can we just go home now?"

"Sure, boy. Home sounds nice." Torga laughed and the two slowly began to fly in the direction of Asgarn.

A note from Kenaren

Question for everyone. Do you think Reina has a right to be upset? Or is she being childish about the whole thing like Torga said?


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