One year later: Planet Sieter, Phavell Kingdom

Inside a dark cave, on a cold moonlit night, a high-pitched scream could be heard. The scream was followed by three flashes of light and three loud booms. A few moments later, a thin human male with alabaster skin came running out of the cave at speeds that would leave even the fastest horse in the dust.

However, before he could make it too far into the forest. A large muscular stuck arm out from behind a tree and clotheslined the much shorter man. When the thin man's neck and head met the unmoving arm, his legs went up and over his head and he was promptly dropped on his neck. Following the *crack* that signaled a broken neck, the thin man let out a death rattle as his crushed windpipe let the last of the air out of his lungs.

 "Well—well—well, look who finally decided to show up to the party. What, did you get lost  trying to find your way out of the barmaid's pants?"

"Jealous?" Leon replied with a smirk. 

But when Reina stepped out of the cave with her silver hair spattered with bright red blood, her moon-like eyes reflecting the light of their pale imitator in the sky, and her skin seemingly glowing when compared to the dark curve-hugging bodysuit she wore... Leon lost all trace of humor in his eyes and his heart started to pound heavily in his chest.

"Not even remotely." She replied while lifting the revolver in her right hand and firing two rounds into the corpse at his feet. Which caused blood to splatter on Leon's boots and the corpse to dissolve into ash. "But when you make an appointment, It's only polite that you keep it."

"Oh, C'mon! I just cleaned these!" Leon pulled a white piece of cloth from the dark brown bag on his hip and started cleaning the blood off of his boots.

"Should have thought about that before leaving a hostile vampire alive."

"Even so, you could have warned me first!"

"Okay, then, in the spirit of friendship, I'll go ahead and warn you about a pissed off woman in your future."

Leon stopped wiping the blood off of his boots and looked up to see a slight smirk on Reina's face.

"What the Hel are you talking about?"

She coughed into her hand to hide a laugh and motioned to the previously white cloth in his hand. "That's not a handkerchief."

Leon's eyes slowly widened and he unfolded the blood-stained cloth to reveal a pair of cotton panties. 

"I'm so fucked."

"No, I'm pretty sure that's what got you into this mess in the first place. I seriously doubt she'd do it again, now that you've ruined her underwear." She smacked him on the back of his head as she walked past. "The correct term you're looking for is, 'I'm so dead.' Now, come along wannabe Romeo. Let's go turn in this contract and give Juliet back her knickers."


Four hours later

Leon walked alongside Reina as the two continued on their way to the guild to turn in the contract. The coven of Vampires had been terrorizing the small town of Chonas for about two weeks and had killed somewhere between ten and thirteen people. The number wasn't clear, because hardly anyone in the village was educated in simple maths.

Of course, that's also why there were five vampires inside the cave instead of the reported seven. Which also meant they had to return some of the money they'd been paid, due to the drop in contract difficulty.

"Look, all I'm saying is that we don't need to return the money. They paid us to kill the vampires and we did, so a small tip in our favor won't hurt."

"First of all; I killed them, not we. You were too busy ensuring Yggdrasil would have plenty of little Leons to annoy its citizens to show up on time. And second; I know we don't need to return the money. But, I'm not going to take money for something I haven't done. They paid to have seven vampires killed and only five were."

"But it's a hundred Pavels per head! Do you know what we could buy with that much money!?"

Reina just rolled her eyes as he continued to prattle on about money. Of course, his excitement was expected. She'd certainly known him long enough to understand his... fascination for money. But the reason she wasn't concerned about the money, was that she simply didn't need it. 

She'd already amassed more gold coins than she could spend in a lifetime or several, in her case, and that was just from bounty hunting monsters. 

Though each monster did have its own intrinsic value to the world. The standard guild grading system went like this; 

Tier 1 5 gold 
Tier 2 15 gold
Tier 3 30 gold
Tier 4 60 gold
Tier 5 120 gold

 And that was where the guild's scale ended. They didn't pay for adventurers to hunt monsters above the fifth tier, because they couldn't. A sixth tier creature was equivalent to a small army and usually took one to bring it down. Reina didn't even want to think about the kingdom slaying creatures of the seventh and eighth tiers or the world ending threats of the ninth. 

They were already the stuff of legends and no-one Reina had managed to talk to had ever seen such a beast, let alone killed one. Though some speculated the gods of old were really just beasts of the mythical tenth tier. Creatures of such world-changing might, they'd become immortal and could re-write the laws of Yggdrasil with but a thought.

But Reina didn't believe in this theory because that would mean such creature were once mortal and surely, that's not possible... Right?

Leon pushed open the half door leading to the guild and held the door open for Reina. This guild, like most other Yggdrasil guilds, was situated inside a building that closely resembled a Medieval tavern. It was built using a type of dark wood, so it would stand out from its much lighter neighbors and it had two overly large windows on either side of the door.

Just inside the door was a lobby littered with circular tables and chairs, the far walls were lined with booths for patrons to sit in, and above the wall to wall counter on the left-hand side of the room was a massive bulletin board; The bottom half of the board was lined with paper 'contracts'. These could be anything from collecting herbs or hunting for food, to helping to collect firewood.  These contracts were for beginners and usually weren't at all dangerous... Annoying, but certainly not dangerous.

The top half of the board was engineered to show the top forty most important contracts in the section of Yggdrasil and only adventurers capable of taking down a fourth tier beast on their own may apply for them. This section was changed almost daily as they contracts were either completed or became irrelevant. 

Reina thanked Leon for the gesture and took a quick glance around the room while she walked; The patrons, a.k.a the adventurers, were either clamoring for the attention of the young woman behind the counter so they could get a contract or get paid for a previous one. Or they were relaxing in one of the many chairs/booths.

Actually, the contract Reina and Leon were there to turn in was a 'top board' contract. So, it was no surprise to anyone that as soon as they walked up to the counter and placed the now grayed out 'contract', that was actually just an enchanted business card, on the desk. The entire building quieted down.  

"Contract's done. Remove the bounty for two heads from the payment. I guess the contractor miscounted."

"Understood." The young brunette replied. She slid the card off the table and motioned towards the tables behind them.   "Please, take a seat. I'll only be a moment." 

"Alright." Reina agreed. She turned her back on the other patrons and moved to join Leon, who was already sitting at one of the booths... With a woman she recognized as the 'barmaid' from the previous night... Who was now wearing something far less revealing than the last time Reina had seen her.

"Oh, lord... Here we go." She thought as she made her way over to them.

The woman spotted her before Leon did and she stood up to block Reina's path; She was tall with fiery red hair with white tips, wide green eyes, and a body most men would die for. As noted by Leon's near-constant staring at her ass. She was wearing two diamond earrings that seemed to glow in the dimly lit guildhall. She was also wearing a modest green robe, that looked decidedly un-modest on her, and a long ebony staff was leaning against her shoulder.

"Hi," The woman said with a bright smile. "I'm Donna, your new teammate."

"Is that so?"

"Yep!" She brightly agreed. "Leon promised me last night that I could come with you two on an adventure." 

Reina's eyes slid off Donna and landed on Leon's cowering form.

"Leon... We're going to have a looong talk tonight about your... habits."

"Now, Reina, I-"


"Yes, ma'am!" Leon's eyes dropped away from her and he shook like a scolded puppy.

Reina sighed and turned her attention back to the woman. "Since he promised, I guess the only thing I can say is... Welcome to the team. Try not to die."

A note from Kenaren

A note on the exchange rate; Though the exchange rate varies by country A 'Pavel' is the currency of the Phavell kingdom and 100 pavels is equal to 70 solid gold coins. So they were offering to pay slightly more than a normal 4th tier due to the urgency of the matter.

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