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Warning: So... There's a part in this chapter that might make some people queasy. I'll line break and label it so you know where it starts and ends if you wanted to skip it.

The Realm of the Gods; After Torga broke free

Chaos filled the streets as every god in existence's worst nightmare became reality. Orochi's prison was broken, the serpent king was free, and judging by the power it would take to so easily break the prison... He'd gotten much stronger after his imprisonment.

No one knew what to do. When the older gods sealed Orochi ten-thousand years ago, it was with the promise that neither he not his royals would never be able to escape. But with that promise broken and the original sealers nowhere to be found, what were they supposed to do!?

"Attention everyone, can I have your attention please!?" Ytyx; Current defacto 'king' of the gods yelled from his balcony. 

All motion and sound within the golden city ceased as every citizen turned their sights on the King himself, or his astral projections littered throughout the city.

"Ahem, thank you. Now, I know what you're all thinking; 'Orochi's free from his prison, so he must be infinitely more powerful than before' right?" 

Chaos and chatter exploded in the streets.

"Quiet!" All sounds once again ceased. "Please, listen to my words until the end." When no one objected or started to panic, he continued. "As I was saying, yes, it would seem as if Orochi has gotten more powerful. However, I have just been by the captain of our wonderful royal guard; The Serephs, that a plot to free Orochi has been uncovered... And seemingly failed to stop. BUT, do not worry, my dear subjects. The captain has been executed for his incompetence and a task force has been created to slay Orochi once and for all!"

Cheers exploded from the streets and a new kind of Chaos ensued.

"Sire... You do know what will happen if we're wrong and Orochi escaped under his own power, yes?" Haskill; Ytyx's loyal vassal asked from his position behind the king.

"Of course. But if I'm wrong, then we're all dead anyway. So why should I let my citizens destroy my beautiful city before Orochi can? It will take time for Orochi to make his way here. Time that I fully intend to enjoy."

"As you say, sir. Shall I send in some goddesses for the lord to enjoy?"

"Yes, three should be sufficient. Thank you, Haskill."

"Of course, sir."

Naunet's POV

"What have we done?" Naunet stared wide-eyed at what used to be Orochi's prison and the star-sized orange eye glaring at them.

After escaping the prison and Carlas taking a few hours to explain the intricacies of the 'Gods' state of affairs. Carlas, Arkos, and lord Orochi teleported away and left Naunet and Sereath alone on Yggdrasil's branch. They were finally back together and could live their lives as they wanted... Or so they thought. Lacking the magical power necessary to teleport themselves to a planet connected to the Bi-frost, Naunet and Sereath were enjoying flying alongside each other when it happened.

A sound akin to breaking glass echoed throughout all of Yggdrasil. Naunet's eyes widened and he looked back the way they'd came... and saw a gargantuan wave of green mist with two star-sized eyes staring down at them. 

"Well~ Look who it is. Fancy meeting you here, Naunet." 

"Damnit! Run!" 

"How is he free already!? It's been less than ten hours since we sealed him!"

"I don't know, but I'm not sticking around to find out!"

Suddenly the branch beneath them lurched, causing them to lose their balance and fall down. Naunet looked back and saw a great pale-scaled hand formed from the mist, wrap around the branch, and was pulling the entire thing towards the eyes.  

"You're not getting away this time." 

"Like Hel we're not!" Naunet wrapped his arms around Sereath and started to rapidly teleport as far, and as fast, as he could from the ominous orange eyes. However, before they could teleport more than twice, a naked pale-scaled humanoid was suddenly standing in front of them; It was clearly male from the rather obscene thing hanging from its pelvis. It stood around six-feet tall with an above average sized body, short black hair, and almond-shaped orange-eyes. The snake-man appeared to be inspecting himself and wasn't paying Naunet and Sereath any attention... Well, until they tried to teleport again and an intense gravitational pull slammed the two of them into the branch.

"You should know more than most, Naunet. I don't make false promises."

Naunet struggled to lift his head and look Torga in the eyes. "H...ow did you... Es...cape?"

"Escape? I'm not sure what you mean. Can you escape from something that no longer exists?" Torga grinned at the frightened look in their eyes and decided to clarify. "It wasn't very 'wise' of you to lock a glutton in a room full of food. I mean really, it's almost as if you don't care about my waistline at all."

While Torga was speaking, Naunet managed to twitch a finger and send a spike of the branch towards his back. But, the branch was disintegrated almost as soon as it made contact. 

Torga just made a tsking sound and glanced at the offending digit. "It appears that's not going to work anymore. Whether its fortunate or unfortunate, I haven't yet decided, but I no longer need to defend myself against you." He reached down and grabbed Naunet's hand. Naunet screamed in pain as the place Torga touched was instantly consumed and a creeping blackness raced up his arm until he could no longer tell if he even still had an arm. Sereath yelled and begged for Torga to stop, but she was ignored.

"Though it would seem I can control what I eat and what I don't with more precision than before. For example; I just ate every nerve, muscle, and tendon in your arm while leaving the hide behind... Isn't that neat?"

Naunet's eyes glazed over as his mind was overloaded with pain. So Torga 'lightly' slapped him a few times to wake him up. 

"Now, now, you can sleep all you like when you're dead." 

Naunet's eyes refocused.

 "That's better." Torga lifted him by the hood and smiled at him. "I want you to know I take no pleasure in this, Naunet. Believe it or not, if you'd done what you could to help me instead of betraying me as soon as you got what you wanted. I would've let the both of you go on with your lives." Torga walked over to the downed Sereath and lifted her by the throat. "Unfortunately, I cannot allow betrayers to live. You know too much about me, about my life, about my family. Letting you go would be the equivalent of firing a guided missile at them."

"I... Would neve- Ack!"  

"Oh, but you would. If you believed I was a threat to her," He motioned to Sereath. "You would do everything in your power to use them against me... I can't allow that." Torga then turned his attention to Sereath. "You, however, I have no quarrel with. You are an innocent in this situation and normally I would have left you alone." He slowly began squeezing a little harder. Which caused her to thrash and claw at his hand. "But, I know the consequences of leaving someone alive with vengeance in their heart. So please, forgive me for this." 

With nary a twitch or gasp in response. Sereath was reduced to dust and her body consumed in less than half a second.

"You... You bastard! I'll kill you! You hear me!? I'll fucking kill you!"

Torga suddenly released Naunet and allowed him to fall to the branch. Then he took two steps back and appeared to concentrate for a moment. 

With the gravity gone and Torga no longer suppressing him. Naunet dashed towards Torga with the intention of ripping his face off. But a sudden severe hunger pain tore through him and caused him to fall to the ground.  

"What did you do to me!?" Naunet clawed at his stomach in a vain attempt to relieve himself of the pain.

"I gave you only a tiny portion of the hunger I've felt over the years." Torga crouched down in front of him. "The pain you're feeling right now? That's what I felt after not eating for only two-hours

The pain in his stomach tripled and he screamed in pain.

Cannibalism starts here; Torga POV

"Three hours." 

Naunet, in an attempt to ease the pain, began eating what was left of his right arm. He tore the skin apart like a starving lion would a piece of meat and greedily drank his own blood.

"Four hours."

Torga watched Naunet finish eating the one arm, then move to the other. This time, he crunched through bones, tore apart muscles, slurped up tendons, and once again allowed the blood to flood his mouth.

"It doesn't get any easier, the pain never dulls, and the feeling of needing to eat anything never goes away. If I hadn't disposed of her body in the way I did. You would currently be eating the very wife you so loved... Ah, but you're not listening anymore, are you?"

Naunet had torn off the part of his arm still attached at the shoulder and swallowed it whole, then he moved onto his tail and started tearing into it with renewed vigor. You could see the fever-inducing pain on his face as he tore into the meat of his own tail. However, the pain in his stomach was so great, he simply couldn't stop himself. He cracked his own spine while trying to find more purchase on his tail, broke his ribs while trying to eat his shoulders, and snapped his neck while eating his stomach.

The whole time Naunet cannibalized his own body, Torga looked on with a bored expression on his face. Until, finally, Naunet succumbed to his own self-inflicted injuries and choked to death on the lung still in his mouth.

Cannibalism ends here

"... You were a good man, Naunet. A good Husband... It's a shame you were such a shit friend." Torga sighed and with a wave of his hand, Naunet's body was reduced to ash.

Torga jumped into the air and his body exploded into green energy particles. Then, he began to 'swim' through space while following the branch towards whatever planet it would eventually lead to. Luckily, in his current form at least, there didn't appear to be a limit to how fast he could move. His new form was also much more intuitive than his last; every one of the skills he was using required little more than a thought to do. Using his magic was as easy as breathing, which he no longer needed to do, and happened near instantaneously.

The best part of it all? Because of his 'Self-Sustaining' trait, he was no longer hungry... Not even a little bit. Even after ten-hours of flying, he felt nothing. Not one spark of hunger, not one iota of thirst, and It. Was. Glorious! He'd even taken to flying around in his more 'human' form, so he could enjoy being normal... Well, maybe not normal, but closer than he was, for the first time in this new world. 

Unfortunately, his fun was cut short when an explosion of lights flashed all around him and an innumerable amount of 'gods' appeared to block his path. 

Torga jerked his head back and flipped to avoid flying into one of the more brazen members of the mob.

"Okay, I really need to learn how to do that."

"Captain, it would appear we've managed to stop Orochi before he could escape." A small hobbit looking man said to a tall cat-man.

"Orochi? Wait, I'm not-"

"Save your excuses snake-king. We know who you are. Your form doesn't fool our eyes."

"Look, as much as I'd like to stand here and argue. I'm kind of in the middle of tracking some runaways. So-"

"Under the order of Lord Ytyx; God-King of Yggdrasil. You; Orochi; Serpent-King are hereby sentenced to death."

"I'm telling you, I'm not Orochi. However-"

"Our intelligence says otherwise. Kill him." 

A group of five overly large and muscular men charged after hearing the order.

"Your intelligence, just like my patience, is near non-existent. Now, would you kindly get the fuck out of my way?" A burst of 'hunger' exploded out from Torga and wiped out every god caught in the blast. The lucky few who were either too far away or managed to teleport at the last second was saved from their comrade's fate.

"Everyone! Regroup and attack at range, on my mark!" The gods all began manipulating their domains; Most created gigantic balls of elemental energy, others began using time, space, and destruction magic to slow or otherwise debilitate Torga. But, before any of them could get a shot or a spell off. Torga's right-hand twitched and the full weight of a star slammed into each and every god still in his way; Crushing all but the most durable into a bloody mist. 

Then, Torga released another 'burst' of hunger and wiped out all but the lone 'captain' amongst them.

"Now that the meat-shields are out of the way. You're going to teach me that little teleporting trick. Got it?"

The Cat-man visibly swallowed and replied in a quivering voice, "And if I refuse?"

"Eh, I'm sure an 'intelligent' man such as yourself can figure that out, all on his own." 

"If I do this, you'll let me go?"

"Sure, I'll let you go." Torga showed the god a 'friendly' smile and internally added, "Straight to hell." But he couldn't say that last part out loud, no, the teleporting trick was too neat to pass up... So he'd wait until after the god showed him how to do it to send him into the great beyond.

Ayla, Lokir, and the rest could afford to wait a few more hours before his return.


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