Naunet's moon; Three days later

 Ever since he'd eaten Rajah's planet, Torga had felt like absolute crap; His body was sluggish, his mind was foggy, and it seemed as if every muscle in his body was repeatedly tearing and healing. He tried to keep the pain hidden behind a mask of indifference, so Rajah wouldn't suspect something was wrong with him and make his life more difficult... But judging by the creepy smile Rajah had on his face about an hour ago, Torga believed he had failed. It was one thing to have a psychopathic, homicidal, fruit-cake like Rajah complacent through fear of death. But to have him complacent after seeing a weakness in his captor? It just didn't sit right with Torga.

  "He's planning something. Should I just kill him now and be done with it?" The idea was immediately discarded. "No, not yet. I gave Naunet my word that I'd bring him back, so that's what I'll do... Then I'll kill him if necessary."

Unfortunately, the pain in his body wasn't his only concern. He hadn't seen hide nor hair of the 'gods' since he'd left Naunets moon; they never showed themselves to him on Rajah's planet, they left him alone while he ate the planet, his journey back was quiet. And now that he was back on the moon, a place he expected them to be, they were nowhere to be found.

Torga could smell a trap ready to be sprung; He knew they were waiting on him, he knew they would ambush him... So he fully planned to let them spring their trap. That girly god owed him a meal and Torga was determined to make the little shit pay up.

One of Torga's head noticed a slight smile appear on Rajah's face and then disappear just as quickly. 

"Does he know what the gods are planning?" Torga wondered. 

Sure, it was certainly possible he knew them and they told him of their plan prior to Torga capturing him. But that didn't seem quite right, either. No sane individual would tell Rajah of all people their plan and expect him to keep quiet about it. No, a much more likely scenario is they told him they had a plan, but not the specifics of it and He's keeping quiet for now, because his hate for Torga was giving him clarity.

The sight of Naunet standing outside his tree with a completely neutral look on his face cemented Torga's 'trap' theory in his head and he plastered a fake smile on his face. He wasn't sure if Naunet was involved in some way, but the idea couldn't be ruled out just yet. 

It would certainly hurt to learn his 'friend' had betrayed him. But, since Torga had known from the beginning they would need to fight to the death in order for Torga to leave. He decided it didn't really matter. Either way, Naunet's life would end soon after Rajah's, and any who attempt to stand in Torga's way would meet the same fate.

"Naunet, how have you been?" Torga asked after landing just outside the range of Naunet's tail.

"I've been better. Is that him?"

"Yep, may I present to you, Rajah. Say hi Rajah."

Rajah glared at him and opened his mouth so Torga could see his still cauterized tongue.

"Oh, my mistake, it appears the cat has stolen the snake's tongue." Torga's head loosened its grip and dropped Rajah to the ground. 

Naunet's magic came to life and Rajah was suddenly suspended in a transparent blue dome. Naunet reached out and lightly touched the outside of the dome, as Rajah slammed his fists into his new prison.

"You're going to pay for what you did. Make no mistake about that."

"Then why wait, Naunet? Go ahead... Torture him, maim him, kill him." Torga said aloud. Then, mentally, he said, "Prove to me you're not about to do what I think you're going to." 

When a transparent dome appeared around Naunet, Torga knew his wants were for naught and he sighed. "So, you're against me too, eh?"

"I'm not against you, Torga. But, I am with them." Naunet pointed up.

"Them?" Torga's gaze slowly inched upwards until he was staring at the much closer moon... That was getting closer by the second.

"Are you really throwing a moon at me?"


"You know this will destroy your moon as well, right?"


"... Bring it on."

 The moon crashed directly into Naunet's tree and crushed Torga beneath its mass. Naunet, on the other hand, was teleported away just before it made contact. He and Rajah re-appeared on the branch and were quickly surrounded by eleven people; Four were serpents of varying sizes and the rest were 'Gods'.

The four serpents were; Amatzin; The Basilisk said to be older than any 'mortal' God. While he wasn't the largest of the serpents and was technically blind, even Naunet feared both his venom and his control over the element of earth. His pale white scales, eyes, and spines were littered with scars from battles long since forgotten by all but the oldest god.

Shabaka; The Sun Wyrm; The largest fire wyrm to ever exist had grown much too powerful, and his flames too potent, over the millennia to be placed on a planet like the rest of them. So the Gods locked him within the depths of the young star at the center of the system. After spending who knows how many millennia inside a star, his scales and turned a deep crimson, his beady eyes turned pitch black, and his body constantly gave off enough heat to melt Yggdrasil's branch. 

Dragar; The Titan Serpent; Who's defenses were said to be unbreachable by even the most powerful 'Mortal' God. His Onyx colored scales and violet eyes were a stark contrast to the almost transparent Amatzin.

And finally Sereath; The Lamia Queen; and Naunet's long believed dead wife. Her exposed chest, long black hair, and kind blue eyes sent shivers down Naunet's spine; Not of fear, but excitement. How long had he dreamed of holding her to his chest? How long had he dreamed of once again feeling her supple skin against his scales?

"While I understand your surprise and excitement over seeing her again. Need I remind you that we are currently pressed for tim-" Carlas; one of the only two Gods appearing in their 'physical' form was interrupted when a cataclysmic *boom* sent waves of kinetic energy racing along the branch and almost caused some of the 'weaker' gods to lose their footing. 

"If you throw one more moon at me... I'm going to get really cross with you."

"Ohhhh Shit." 

Though Torga had dirt and debris all over his body, he didn't have any visible wounds. And the absolutely furious expression on his face said he was already beyond 'cross' with them. 

"Hello Carlas, Arkos, fancy meeting you here. Who're your friends?" While Torga's words were normal enough. The tone he spoke in was anything but; The venom and murderous rage in his voice sent cold chills down everyone's spine.

 "You all know the plan. Go!" A violet colored god ordered.

Naunet removed the barrier around him and charged two spells in each hand and fired them at Torga's feet, Dragar, Arkos, and Shabaka charged directly at him, Amatzin used his magic to create three humongous boulders and threw them at Torga's back, Carlas used his power over time to temporarily speed everyone up, Sereath reluctantly began healing Rajah, and the other gods all began chanting something.

Torga slammed his fist into his chest and roared; "Fine, come at me then! I'll eat you all!" He jumped over Naunet's magic, while his heads dealt with the three boulders, and slammed his fist into Shabaka's head. The sun wyrm was knocked to the side and its head was completely caved in.

Naunet, who watched this with wide eyes, used his magic to yank back Arkos before Torga could land on him. Instead, Torga's left foot slammed onto Dragar's head and, as if it were all a joke, the toughest serpent in existence's head was cracked like an egg under a foot.

"He's gotten stronger!"

"No shit, fuckface! I could have told you that!" The newly recovered Rajah yelled.

"Why didn't you, then!?"

"He ripped out my tongue, that's why!" 

 "Shut up and move!" 

Naunet dodged out of the way as Torga hurled the five-hundred-foot body of Dagar back at him. 

"We need to keep him still! The spell is almost complete!" A yellow colored god yelled.

"That's easier said than done!"

"Well, if you'd stop complaining and focus maybe it wouldn't be!"

"Oh yeah? Swap places with me then!"

"Are you crazy!? He'd kill me!"

"Then shut the fuck up!"

Arkos charged at Torga, Naunet, Rajah, Amatzin, and Carlas all used their magic and Sereath hunkered down and waited for the right moment to strike.

 Torga swung his fist at Arkos, but it seemed to just faze right through him and Arkos' palm slammed into Torga's stomach... With nary a grunt from Torga. 

"That's not usually what happens when I hit someone."

"Really? Let me try." Torga's fist slammed into the top of Arkos' head and sent him through the branch and out the other side. "Yep, works for me."

"You son of a bitch!" Carlas teleported over to Torga and landed on his shoulders. "Now, do it now!" 

Carlas used his magic to slow Torga's reactions to a crawl, Naunet used gravity magic to make it difficult for Torga to lift his arms, Amatzin used his magic to cause debris from the moons to grab Torga's arms and legs, Arkos pulled himself out of the hole and wrapped his arms around Torga's waist, and Rajah grabbed Sereath and threw her into Torga. 

Carlas pulled Torga's head back to keep her away from his fangs and Sereath gently placed her hands on either side of his head.

"Sleep." She ordered.

Despite, or rather, in-spite of Torga's will. His eyes slowly closed and within moments, he was asleep.

"It's done! Hold on everyone!"

Every living person on the branch was suddenly teleported away.

Inside Torga's dream

Torga opened his eyes to see a gray tiled ceiling and a fan slowly rotating.

"Where... Am I?" 

"Oh, thank God, you're awake!"

Torga blinked the sleep from his eyes and quickly sat up in bed. 


A blonde-haired bullet slammed into his chest, knocking him back onto the bed, and began crying.

"Don't you ever do something that stupid again, do you hear me!?"

"What did I do? What happened?"

Sarah sat up on his chest and glared down at him. "Pretending not to remember won't save you." But, after a few seconds of Torga blankly staring. She felt bad for him and said, "You saved that boy's life and got hit by a truck in the process. You've been in a coma for two weeks."


Sarah leaned down and gently kissed him on the lips. "I'm glad you're back."


"I'm glad you're back." Repeated Sereath as she 'stood' in front of Torga with her hands on his head and her eyes closed.

"Sounds like he's having a pleasant dream." Naunet said aloud.

"If all goes well. It'll be a dream he'll never have to wake up from." The violet colored god replied.

They were all standing within the circle of pillars Torga had found himself in after beginning his 'Challenge'. Everyone baring Sereath, Torga, and Amatzin were standing in front of a pillar with their palms flat upon their surfaces.

"Are you sure this'll work? That we'll finally be free of this place?"

"As sure as ten-thousand years of studying the subject can make someone. It's actually a good thing he killed Dagar and Shabaka since their deaths made the prison weaker than it already was."

"Hey, Naunet, old buddy, old pal, How's it going?"

"Shut up."

"Aw, don't be like that. Can't you just let bygones be bygones and forgive me? She's alive, after all."

"No thanks to you, I'm sure."

"Boys, enough. Your voices are making it incredibly difficult to keep him under."

Rajah and Naunet wisely shut their mouths at Sereath's warning and they all stood around in silence. In fact, the only sound they could hear for hours was Sereath whispering sweet nothings into Torga's ear and the 'gods' quietly chanting in unison.

"Jealous yet?" Rajah whispered.

"Shut. Up."

"Yeah, you're jealous." Rajah snorted.

"I'm going to kill you when this is over."

"You'll have to find me first." 


Naunet and Rajah's mouths snapped shut and the silence returned.

Several days later, a whirlwind of magic appeared outside the circle of pillars. The magic slowly turned into a massive black Hydra with eight heads and eight tails; Each of the heads had an oriental helmet made from Yggdrasil's wood with a long forgotten language inscribed onto each one and each tail was lined with spikes.  

All sixteen of Orochi's eyes opened at once and looked down at the gathering. Then, almost instantly, the Hydra was replaced with a fifteen-foot man with sixteen-arms. The 'gods', Naunet, Rajah, and Amatzin all 'kneeled' at Orochi's feet while Sereath nodded her head.

"How've you accomplished this?"

"My lord," began the violet colored god. "I have long researched ways to free you from your prison and, as you can see, one was successful. By anchoring a serpent of similar power to you, here, in your prison. We can switch your places. He'll remain imprisoned here in an eternal dream and you, my lord, will be free to roam Yggdrasil once again."

"Interesting...Proceed then."

"Right away, my Lord."

Approximately two days later, the gods had finished setting up the ritual to bind Torga in Orochi's place and the serpents were preparing to leave as their parts in this plan were over. However, before Naunet could activate the spell to send them away, Rajah walked over to Torga and used his magic to float up to his ear. Since the day before, Sereath had 'locked' Torga within his dream and was free to rest, so she wasn't close enough to stop him from whispering in Torga's ear.

"I just wanted to thank you for your... generous hospitality. From what Naunet tells me, you have a wonderful wife and daughter out there in the universe."

"Rajah, get your ass over here!"

"I think once I'm free of this place. I'm going to hunt down and kill each. and. every. one of them. Won't that be fun? Or, better yet, maybe I'll make them my concubines for awhile. I'll need to find another male body eventually anyway, so it'd probably be fun to break them before I send them to the afterlife... What do you think?"

So locked within his unconscious mind was he, Torga couldn't respond... Until Rajah's words turned Torga's dream into a nightmare where his threat had come true, Sarah and Ayla were either dead or mentally broken and were lying at Torga's feet begging for death.

That was when Torga's eyes opened and everything went straight to hell.

A burst of 'Hunger' exploded out and instantly absorbed everything within arms reach, including Rajah. Most of the 'gods' and serpents managed to escape this fate by teleporting away, but two gods and Amatzin weren't so lucky. The survivors and Orochi were now several hundred feet away and were staring in mounting horror and the wave of abyssal blackness creeping towards them.

"What about the spell!? Did it work!?"

"Yes, it worked! He's as trapped here as Lord Orochi was!"

"Then we need to leave! Now!"

Out of the blackness echoed a menacing voice, "You can't escape me. No matter how far you run or how well you hide. I will find you." Two glowing orange eyes appeared out of the blackness and stared at Sereath. "You. I'd like to thank you for what you did to me. Thanks to you making me relive my past, I remember everything Niabus stole from me.

"Does that mean you'll-"

"No, you'll die like the rest for what you've done. But I'll make it as quick and painless as possible."

Naunet grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest. 

"You won't touch her, Torga. I won't lose her again."

"Lose her? Naunet, my friend, I'm coming for you first." 

They all teleported away as the wave suddenly sped up and devoured everything in sight.

For ten years in the dilated zone, Torga's hunger devoured everything it touched; The young star, the old neutron star, every part of Yggdrasil within the system, and everything else both large and small were devoured just as fast. When nothing else remained within the time zone, Torga's hunger turned on his own body and devoured everything except for; A green mist in the shape of a colossal serpent, a void so dark not even light could escape it where its stomach would be, and two glowing orange eyes that shined so brightly, they could have been stars.

A *ding* echoed throughout the void and the two 'stars' turned to the first screen they'd seen in over a decade.


For going where no serpent has gone before. You have evolved into an unknown race! 

Your new race has been assigned a name based on other objects of similar power/scope. 


You have evolved beyond the 10th Tier and have stepped into the realm of the Divine.

Would you like to see your information?






Quasar Serpent/Gluttonous God of Hunger, Gravity, and Destruction


Tier 10(???)


Omnipotent control over Hunger and Gravity, Shapeshift, Absolute Strength up, Absolute Durability up, Supreme Speed up, Absolute Regeneration, Absolute Elemental Resistance, Immunity to Disease, Aetherial form, Size Control


Gluttonous = MAX, Growth = MAX, Celestial Body, Strong Willed, Immune to Mind Control, Immortal, Shapeshifter, Magic Eater, Oxygen Independent, Self Sustaining,  God of Hunger, God of Gravity, God of Destruction (0.0005%), Free

 Torga 'flexed' his new body and the sound of breaking glass echoed throughout all of Yggdrasil. Torga, after ten years of being locked into one position, was free.

"I'm coming for you all..."

A note from Kenaren

Well, everyone, this is the final chapter of the 'Snake King' ARC. Torga's final form has been unleashed upon Yggdrasil and the Gods are in for one hell of a surprise.

I'm not even going to attempt to figure out Torga's strength/weight after this, because it doesn't matter anymore. He weighs (at least) as much as a large black hole and can lift 1,310,720 times that. However, if anyone would like to do the calculations for it, then feel free to post them in the comments.

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