Torga POV- Day of the fight

Torga swatted Karen's lightning enhanced fist away from his body and 'lightly' slapped her across the face. The blow sent her flying into the canyon wall over a hundred feet away and buried her up to her waist in solid stone.

"You're coming with me whether you like it or not, Rajah. Just be glad I wanted you alive or else I'd have expedited the process."

'Karen' pulled her body from the rubble and glared at him with blood red eyes. "Ohhhh, well sorry for wasting your time! Let's just go then- SHALL WE!?"  Rajah's body glowed yellow as they ramped up their magic, and they were suddenly gone.

Torga was hit hard enough to dent even the strongest metals once, twice, three times before he could react. However, all the hits served to do was break whatever hit him and leave small scuff marks on his scales. Such was Torga's insane durability now, the blows felt more akin to being landed on by a fly than an actual strike meant to do damage. He turned his head to the left and saw a large trail of dust leading into a wall, so he started walking towards it. As he walked the air around him picked up and a gentle breeze blew the dust away.

"You know, my parrying your attacks were so you wouldn't get hurt. Not the other way around." He bent down and lifted Rajah's broken body by the throat; All four limbs were a deep purple color and were bent in odd angles. Even so, Rajah attempted to bite Torga's hand as he was lifted into the air. Eventually, Rajah gave up and his eyes began to glow yellow.

"Fine, you win this round, snake-man. But I WILL have my revenge!"

Torga lightly flicked Rajah on the nose, causing it to turn black, his eyes to immediately return to their normal color, and him to whine in pain.

"None of that shit. You're not some two-bit demon-lord, so stop acting like one. You lost, I won, get over it and yourself."  Torga bent his knees and was preparing to fly when a sudden thought occurred to him. "Oh, and no trying to abandon your body and escape. I'm destroying this planet from orbit whether you're with me or not."

"WHAT!? WHY!?"

"Because, hunting your spiritual ass all over this planet for the last two days has A. Pissed me off, and B. Made me very hungry. So please, do keep reminding me why I'm pissed off and hungry. I'm sure it'll work out great for you."

"... No thank you. I'd prefer to live a little while longer."

"Excellent, now shut up." 

Torga lifted into the air slowly at first and then began to pick up speed once he was above the canyon walls. Within a few minutes, he was at the branch and a sonic boom alerted the planet's few remaining inhabitants of Torga's rapid ascent into the sky. 

Once Torga was above the atmospheric layer of the planet, but close enough to the branch to breathe, he had one of his heads reveal itself from beneath the robe and wrapped around, the now healed, Rajah's body. 

Rajah's eyes widened, but with Torga's threat still fresh in his mind, he didn't make a sound as the head carried him as far from the main body as it deemed safe.

"Don't try to escape. I may not be able to digest food like the main body, but I guarantee you won't like it if I try."  

"You can talk!?"

"Are you supposed to be?"

Rajah shook his head and looked away from the very sharp teeth that lined the snake's mouth.

Torga took off his robe and handed it to another head to hold while he shifted into his true form; His body rapidly expanded and grew until a hydra beyond comprehension was in his place. Six gargantuan heads stretched out as far as the eye could see and in the center, was a serpent easily twice as large as any other. The center head opened its mouth and inhaled.

 The first to go was the atmosphere of the planet; It was sucked into and devoured by his gaping maw in only a scant few minutes. Then the planet seemed to slowly begin turning a deep black color, starting from the areas closest to the branch and rapidly expanding outwards as a wave of blue energy flowed into Torga's mouth. He greedily drank in every last bit of the blue energy he could over the course of seven hours... And then the planet itself was devoured; Starting from the branch beneath Torga's mouth. Everything was crushed, stretched, and ripped under an insane gravitational force until it was reduced to little more than dust then it was sucked into the still-gaping mouth of Torga. What was originally a beautiful planet with a radius of over ten-thousand miles, was destroyed and devoured in less than four days.

The whole time Torga was eating, Rajah was held in place by the brown-eyed head and 'forced' to watch as his kingdom, his home for the last eight million some-odd years, crumbled to dust.

 "... Has anyone ever told you, you were a right Bastard?"

"Says the guy who enslaved the souls of millions of people. I may not be the best man around, but at least when I kill something, it stays dead."

"You have no idea what you're talking about! I gave them purpose. Don't you see that? Before I came along, they were living out their miserable lives in some backwater planet on the edge of Yggdrasil. Sickness, War, Starvation, these things propagated like maggots among the population for millennia! I. Helped. Them!

"No, you helped yourself. You stole them from their world, their friends, their families, and for what? To give them the 'honor' of being your spare bodies? I'm sure they greatly appreciated it, didn't they?"

"That came later! I very rarely had to change out my body before you came along and even then, I wanted something close to my original body. No, I gave them something to fight against; A 'monster' in the dark to ally with their fellow mortals against. And you know what? Probably for the first time in the history of their people, there was no war, no sickness, and no starvation. The strong protected the weak, the rich fed the poor, and no god could torment them. There was peace."

"... I can't tell if you see the irony in that statement and have chosen to ignore it, or if you're just full of shit... Actually, now that I think about it. You're probably just so insane it makes sense to you." 

"Am I insane? AM I!?"

"... Yeah, you kinda are."

"And what does that say about you, 'The Snake that challenged God'? Are you insane?"

"Most definitely. You'd have to be to think a mortal could win against a god."

"Then why do it if you know it's insane?"

"Simple... I don't care if it's insane. A god took something from me a long time ago and now... Now, I'm going to make sure they all regret allowing it to happen."

"...And you have the gall to call me insane." Rajah scoffed.

"Yes, now, shut up before I eat you."

"You just ate a planet! How the hel could you still be hungry!? What, do you have some kind of parasite or some shit!?" 

"You're still talking."

"You can't expect me to keep quiet after you forced me to watch that!"

"Sure I can. Watch." The main body of Torga replied as he, now back in his snake-man form, reached inside Rajah's mouth and ripped out his tongue. Rajah screamed in pain as what remained of his tongue was cauterized by the head with red-eyes. "There, that should do it. If it somehow grows back and you start talking again, I'll be glad to rip out something a little further down... Maybe a lung." Torga tapped on Rajah's forehead and smiled at him. "Are my expectations of you clear yet?"

Rajah shakily nodded his head.

"Perfect. I'm glad we understand one another. Now, we're running behind as it is, so you might want to clench up." 

Torga turned his main body towards the branch and exploded forward in a burst of magic. The sudden increase in speed was so intense, Rajah's neck would have snapped if he hadn't heeded Torga's warning.

And so, with his promise fulfilled, Torga set his sights on Naunet's moon.   

A note from Kenaren

For those wondering. Torga is growing exponentially faster than he was before his encounter with Niabus. For everything he eats, he gains its mass... Yeah. 

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