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Well, everyone, It's been one year since the first chapter of A Snake's Life released, and what better way to celebrate than to start Reina's journey on the same day <img src=">

I opened my eyes to see what appeared to be a computer screen floating in front of me.

Welcome back to the land of the living, Hero!

"About time." I said aloud as the inky blackness I'd found myself trapped in slowly began to disappear and the image of an ocean super-imposed itself over it.

As a [Hero] you have an obligation to your patron and must fight her enemies as if they were your own.

You have been transported to [ Uathea; An earth elemental world. Home of massive forests and the 'guardian' of the Druids.] to witness the power of your Lady's enemies.

But first, would you like to see your information?

"Sure." I shrugged.

I already knew most of this information from my talks with the so-called 'Goddess'. She'd already explained why I was brought here and what was expected of me... But if she thinks I'm going to be a slave to her whims just because she kidnapped me, then she's going to be in for a shock.

The only reason I accepted the deal in the first place is because she informed me that my homeworld was already a part of Yggdrasil.

So regardless of what the 'Goddess' wants, I'm going home to my family.

With my mind made up and my resolve set in stone, I re-opened my eyes and looked at the new windows floating in front of me.

Because of your past actions/deeds, you are eligible to keep your previous skills as well as receive a few new ones!  
Name Reina
Race High Elf
Primary Class Hero
Sub-Class(es) N/A
Skills  Limit breaker, Surgeon's Scalpel, Numbing Touch, Spell Creator
Spells Heal; [Tier 1 healing spell], Regenerate [Tier 2 healing spell]

"Hmm... Interesting." I mumble as I reach the bottom of the window.

Before I could spend too much time in thought, the ground started to violently shake and an earth-shattering roar could be heard on the horizon.

"What on earth was that!?" I yelled as the earth rocked and I fell on my butt.

However, my question was soon answered as when I looked up, I saw two colossal creatures apparently locked in a battle to the death. 

The first was a living, breathing dragon! It had brownish yellow scales with spikes covering the majority of its back and on the back of its head rested four horns with a fifth on his nose... And did I mention that it was the size of a freaking mountain!?

The other creature was... Familiar, for some reason. Though I was sure I'd never seen it before in my life, somehow I recognized it. 

It was a truly gargantuan serpent; It had dark green scales with a gray underbelly, massive wings that it was currently using to carry the dragon through the air, and a large red gem in the center of its forehead. 

Suddenly, and without hesitation, the serpent slammed the dragon into the ground and the true battle for dominance began. 

Grievous wounds were inflicted on both sides as the serpent fought to contain the dragon while a red light danced through the air and occasionally attacked the dragon.

"What in the world did I get myself into?" I asked myself as I turn and ran from the two battling behemoths.

How long I ran, I'm still not sure... But when I turned around and looked back the way I came, I saw something that would stick with me for years to come.

The sight of the serpent and the dragon locked together in a struggle for dominance as a transparent white shell covered them and prevented prying eyes from witnessing the end of their fight.

Just before the two disappeared from sight, a window appeared and blocked my vision.

Do you see now, Hero?

This is the power of your lady's enemies and the ones you must defeat!

I rolled my eyes at the screen's dramatic words and waved it away.

"That serpent might be your enemy, Goddess... But it most certainly isn't mine." I mumbled as I turned on my heel and set out on my very first adventure in this new world.

A note from Kenaren

Yes, there will be more chapters of Reina's story and, as you'll soon find out, Reina handles things a little differently than Torga would.

PS. I apologize for the lack of chapters the last few weeks. I got sick on the 7th of July and have been fighting my way through it ever since. I hope to have the next Torga chapter out sometime this week.

PPS. Thanks for supporting my dream for one year everyone Very Happy  

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