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Carlas POV

The little god was staring through narrowed eyes at the being sprawled on the ground before him.

"Where. did. he. go?" He growled. Each word was punctuated by an intense burst of divinity being forced into the body of the Naga king.

"Give it up, Carlas." Naunet groaned in pain as his body rapidly aged to the point of turning to dust. Only for his curse to cause him to almost instantly regenerate back to normal.

"You know you can't kill me."

The little god growled in indignation but didn't disagree.

"And how I wish it wasn't true... But nevertheless, you do not meet the criteria." He said while removing his hand and stepping away.

"Unlike you mortals. We gods must hold ourselves to a higher standard... The law is everything and no matter how much I may wish otherwise, you haven't technically broken any laws in my presence. So you may live... for now."

The naga king began to laugh, quietly at first, but it soon built into a loud cackle as the serpent rose into its version of a 'sitting' position.

"You couldn't kill me if you tried and you know it." The Naga said as any remaining wounds rapidly healed and vanished as if they were never there.

"The only beings in this universe that could kill me are the original nine and Torga... Xitos saw to that personally."

Carlas grabbed the Naga by its hood and slammed his head into the ground.

 "Let's get one thing straight here, you little worm! I can, and will, kill you if you cross the line... So watch your damn mouth!" He harshly whispered.

He let go of the Naga's hood and stepped away.

He walked over to Arkos and motioned for the much larger god to follow him while using his other hand to brush his hair out of his face.

"Let's go, Arkos... We've got a worm to catch."

Torga pov

One of Torga's serpent heads was staring in the direction of Naunet's moon and was making sure he wasn't followed. All the while Torga was experimenting with his new senses.

While it was different than seeing through his own three eyes in that he couldn't actually see what they were looking at, but he somehow still knew.

Each head was busily swaying back and forth as they look at anything that caught their eye. Though most heads settled for inspecting his body from every possible angle.

It was this inspection that alerted Torga to a change in his appearance... Namely that nearly all of his old scars were vanishing right before his eyes and even the much larger scars were slowly shrinking. 

His previously severed arm was not exempt from this and it appeared to have reformed most of his digits... Even if those digits looked like they belonged to a human toddler.

The Blue head stared transfixed on the slowly growing arm throughout most of the journey. It relayed every graphic detail of the arm reconstructing itself to the main body, so it would now just how fast his regeneration worked.

Needless to say... It was fast. 

Two days into the one week journey Torga's arm had fully regenerated and appeared to be good as new if a bit paler than the rest of his body.

However, there was one change that Torga failed to notice immediately and that was the rate at which he sucked in magic from the branch he followed.

In fact, he most likely wouldn't have noticed until the return trip if not for his bodies incessant need to eat solid food prompting him to land for a few minutes. Which was all it took for his landing zone to almost evaporate into magic particles and be swallowed by Torga's many heads. 

Five minutes... that was all it took for the branch beneath Torga's feet to disappear. To an outside observer, it would have looked like a hot stone being placed on a stick of margarine as the branch seemingly melted away beneath his feet.

Torga made an annoyed face and once again began flying towards the planet. For the remaining duration of the trip, Torga refused to land for any significant amount of time lest he find himself trapped with no way back...

 Carlas POV

Carlas and Arkos and been following Torga at a safe distance; waiting for the moment he would stop to sleep or eat, so they could avoid spending any unnecessary energy... However, their plan was thrown off the rails when they sensed a familiar energy racing towards them.

 "Arkos... We have an unwelcome visitor." Carlas muttered as he came to a stop.

Arkos, following in Carlas' lead, slowed to a stop and floated just behind the much smaller god.

"Who is it!? Who's coming!?" Arkos asked in an exaggerated manner.

"I'm hurt, Arkos. I thought that you, of all people, would recognize your own brother." A raspy voice said from behind the two.

Carlas slowly turned to face the new arrival and groaned in annoyance when his fears were confirmed.

The man standing before him was one of the three 'Major' gods of the Calarian pantheon; He was currently slightly taller than three meters and was wider than most horses were long. His long, obsidian-colored hair was pulled into a bun on top of his head and his thick, curly beard hung down to his navel.

However, even clad from neck to toe in silver armor you could tell something was... off. His arms and legs didn't quite fit his body and the overly large head certainly didn't help to even things out.

But what could be done about the appearance of a dwarf? Even if it were an accended dwarf...  

"Lord Tieren... How very nice to see you." Carlas said in a faux-polite voice.

"Hello, dead-thing. Have you been properly watching out for my brother?" Tieren asked in a voice that clearly showed what he thought of the 'Dead-thing' standing before him.

Carlas grimaced at the casual insult. He ground his teeth together and plastered a cheery, but just as fake smile on his face.

"Of course I have, my lord. Arkos is in perfect health."

Carlas' statement was reinforced by Arkos nodding over his head.

"Hmm... Good." Tieren muttered while stroking his beard.

"I mean no disrespect, my lord. But... What brings you here?"

Tieren's pale blue eyes briefly glanced over to Arkos, then returned to meeting Carlas'. He stopped stroking his beard and reached into a small leather pouch tied to his dull-white belt. After rummaging around inside the pouch for a few seconds he pulled out a sealed envelope and held it out for Arkos to take.

"A letter from mother. She asked that I get this to you personally, Arkos." Was his simple response.

"Ahh, yes... The momma's boy rears his ugly head." Carlas thought while suppressing the smirk that threatened to show on his face.

Tieren was rather notorious within the pantheon for his unhealthy obsession with his and Arkos' shared mother. 

No one knows for sure why Tieren feels the way or does, though most assume it comes from the lack of love he received from her as a child. 

Both of them; Tieren and Arkos, that is. Were born from the union of a mortal man and their goddess mother, making them originally demi-gods... This, of course, led to them being much more powerful than their fellow gods once they ascended to god-hood.

But as with nearly all Demi-gods, the 'Godly' parent usually left them to fend for themselves in the world of mortals or 'Midgard' as the old gods called it.

It was rumored that being abandoned is what led to his obsession... And his distaste for Carlas. 

Carlas was one of the few mortals to be chosen by 'mother' to be her champion. 

And while most in the pantheon begrudgingly accepted this. Tieren never could stand the thought of a 'Dead-thing' sullying his perfect mother's image, so he's been actively trying to interfere in Carlas' assignments... Even if that meant dragging Arkos down with him.  

"Thanks, Tieren!" Arkos cheered as he gratefully accepted the letter.

"Hmph." Tieren grunted as he vanished in a flash of light.

Carlas stared at the letter in Arkos' hands cautiously as he used his magic sight to thoroughly inspect every corner of it.

"I don't see any enchantments on it, aside from a sealing spells with 'mother's' magic signature... Though I wouldn't put it past Tieren to booby-trap the letter with something that could break through Arkos' defenses."

 Carlas began muttering to himself a prayer to the 'mother' for protection... It wouldn't do anything since she couldn't actually hear him from inside the time dilation, but it certainly made him feel better.

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Not that long of a chapter, I know (Especially after that wait.)

I would have had this chapter done last week, but work got in the way and I just haven't had to time to actually sit down and finish it until now.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!

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