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A note from Kenaren

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Hello everyone!

Just to prevent any future confusion about just what having multiple heads means for our hungry snake, I figured I'd make this little note. (This will also cover the structural differences of Torga's serpentine body vs his Hydra body and his current weight/strength.)

Now, as with most of Torga's depictions in this story, I have been unable to find a pic to completely represent him as he is...So, sorry about that. However, I will try to explain it as best I can.

Let's start at the tail and work our way up, shall we?

He still has the three-pronged spike tail he's had since before he evolved and the spikes that lined his body are still there, so his lower body is still that of this gorgeous fellow. [Minus the legs, of course.]

Spoiler: Spoiler

Once you get to the halfway point of his body is when things get really interesting. From there, his body splits into 8 equal parts and 1 much larger part. And yes, for those of you wondering, this is the more snake-like version of hydra from the old myths... Or dragon's dogma, if you're familiar with that game. It has no legs and moves like a snake, it just happens to have 9 mouths to bite you with <img src=

Each 'head' is different and looks different from all others for a reason, as each head represents an element or a previous form of Torga's. But before we get into their appearance, let's cover how they work.

The largest head, from here on out referred to as Black [due to eye color] is the main head and conscious of the body. However, just because it's the conscious, does not mean it's the only 'sentient' head. [Shout out to @elvenwerewolf for guessing this.] The Hydra is a form of hive mind, this means that each head is fully aware, conscious, and able to make decisions based on outside stimuli... But they all share in that decision-making process. Each head is fully capable of defending itself and the body as a whole, but only Black has a personality. It's this personality that the other heads copy and act on, so rather than each head having a personality, it's more accurate to say they are all Torga and all share his sense of self, rather than being different versions of the same being.

Torga's also not completely disoriented from the influx of the other 8 head's senses because he doesn't experience them in the same way he does his own senses. For black, the other head's senses is more of a passive awareness than an active, so he doesn't see what they see, hear what they hear, or smell what they smell, but is completely aware of them.

[On to the heads. I will only mention them by third eye color to avoid confusion and most of this stuff is still new to Torga, so he won't be using all of the powers I list here right away.]

White- The first head and a representation of Torga's beginning. This head is on the far left of the body and has no elemental affinity to speak of. It cannot use any magic skills other than the beam. [Which is pure magical energy and not an element.] It has a single horn on the tip of its nose like a rhino; this horn is anywhere from a few inches in length to several hundred feet depending on Torga's size. 

Yellow- The second head and a representation of Torga's second evolution [The Titan Boa]. This head is on the far right of the body and has an affinity to the Thunder/Lightning element. It can fire off beams infused with those elements; making them more powerful and fast as lighting, but cannot use any spells. It has a large horn on either side of its head like a bull and like all forms, these horns will grow depending on the main body's size.

Brown- The third head and representation of Torga's third evolution [The basilisk]. This head is to the right of White and is the Earth elemental head. It can infuse its beams with the earth element; making them incredibly slow but much more powerful and can manipulate the earth around him. It has 3 horns; one large horn above its third eye that curves backward over its head and two smaller horns on its snout that form a V shape.

Red- The fourth head and representation of Torga's fourth evolution [The Elemental Basilisk]. This head is to the left of Yellow and is the Fire elemental head. It can infuse its beams with the fire element; making them a literal flamethrower or separating them into large fireballs. It can also manipulate the element of fire. It has 4 horns that stick out from its throat and curve to the right until they almost touch the horn in front of them.

Orange- The fifth head and representation of the Fire Wyrm evolution Torga passed up. This head is to the right of Brown and is the Lava elemental head. It can infuse its beams with the lava element; making them streams of Lava or globs of lava respectively. It can also manipulate the element of lava and cause streams of lava to erupt from the ground even in places where lava is not present. [Side note: as with all elemental heads, it is immune to its element, but the other heads are not immune, just resistant.] It has 5 horns; two on both sides of its head that curve up [Like Aku's from samurai jack] and a thin horn on its nose that curves forward.

Purple- The sixth head and representation of the Naga evolution Torga passed up. This head is to the left of Red and is the Poison elemental head. It can infuse its beams with a wide range of poisons/toxins/venoms and spray them out as a gas or glob. [Note: This is the only head all others are immune to, as all snakes are immune to their own venom.] It has 6 horns; 3 on each side of its head that curve to the front forming an almost face mask while leaving enough room so as to not get in the way of normal functions.

Green- The Seventh head and a representation of Torga's fifth evolution [The Serpentine Dragon]. This head is to the right of Orange and is the Wind elemental head. It can infuse its beams with the Wind element causing powerful gusts of wind and even hurricanes. It is the first head to have something other than horns as it has 6 whiskers in-between its mouth and nose and a small/thick horn on the tip of its nose like a rhino.

Blue- The eighth head and a representation of the Leviathan evolution Torga passed up. This head is to the left of Purple and is the Water/Ice elemental head. It can infuse its beams with these elements and spray high-pressure jets of water or instantly freeze things with a blast of its below 0 breath. It has eight extremely long tentacles hanging from its chin that it can control and can use to grab/crush things. 

Black- Last, but most definitely not least, The ninth head and a representation of the Ancient Dragon evolution Torga passed up. This head is directly in the center of the body and is by far the largest of the 9. This head is the 'Devourer' and the embodiment of Torga's hunger. It has no element to speak of... Mostly because it doesn't need one as its magic is infused with extremely corrosive magic particles that eat through whatever they touch. It has a 'crown' of small horns on the top of its head.    

Torga's size/weight/strength

As a Hydra, Torga is several times wider than he was as an S dragon. [naturally]

Each head is half the width/height Torga was as an S dragon [ Around 1,230 feet or around 374 meters wide and 1,312 feet or 400 meters tall.] Except for Black who is double the height/width he previously was [ 5,248 feet or 1,599 meters tall and 4,920 feet or 1,499 meters wide].

These numbers are nothing compared to the sheer weight gain of Torga's new form as he is now 8 times heavier in this new form. [Going from 2.2 Billion metric tons to 17.6 Billion metric tons.]

This means his lifting strength has gone from [2,883,584,000,000,000 metric tons or 2.883584e+18 KG ] to [23,068,672,000,000,000 metric tons or 23.068672e+18 KG ]

Thanks for reading everyone!

[If you have anymore questions post them in the comments and I'll try to get around to answering them all.]


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