??? POV

It was a dark moonlit night and a young elven girl was being chased by a dark figure clad in black robes. She ran through the dark forest wearing nothing but a tunic that had a large blood stain on the front, just below the elf's collarbone.

"You know you cannot escape me, little bird. Come home willingly and you won't be punished..." A cold, emotionless voice said to the elf's back.

"No-No-No-No-No, he's dead! He's been dead for millennia!" The elf frantically thought as she glanced over her shoulder at the figure.

"Dead?" The dark figure asked as if it could hear her thoughts. "Did you really believe you and your pet lizard could truly kill me?" The cold voice laughed humorlessly.

"We did! We killed you!!" She yelled, her eyes widened in fright as she realized the shadow was gaining on her.

"No," The voice chuckled. "His power may have temporarily destroyed my form, but I am deathless... or did you forget that without his power to keep me from regenerating, nothing can kill me."

"No-No-No! It's just a dream! It's Just A Dream!" The elf yelled as she tripped and landed hard on her face. She quickly flipped onto her back and crawled away from the form that suddenly towered over her.

"Unfortunately, you are correct little bird. This is a dream... But I am real... And I'm coming for you." The shadow reached out and almost gently lifted her face to his. "You are mine... You have always, and WILL always be mine!" The shadow harshly whispered as it roughly smashed its cold lips to hers.

The elf violently shoved the shadow away, climbed to her feet, and ran away to the sound of cold laughter.

"And soon you will be back where you belong... By my side."

The elf girl shot up in bed, her heart was hammering away in her chest and cold sweat covered her body. She sucked in a ragged breath and desperately tried to calm down before she woke her roommates.

She found herself in a dark, three-person tent that she shared with two other elf girls; sisters if she remembered correctly.

She glanced down at the bedroll she'd been sleeping in when she accidentally placed her hand in something wet... "Is that... Blood?" The elf girl wondered as she lifted the woolen blanket to her nose and sniffed.

"Yep, definitely blood." She decided as she thought back to her nightmare. She gingerly lifted her other hand and placed it on her chest; just below the collar of her gray tunic...She pulled away a bloodstained hand.

With a sigh, she focused on bringing her magic to the surface and whispered, "Vokrii Hass"

A faint white light surrounded her hand and she pressed it to her wound. She hissed in pain as the magic took effect and pure life energy flowed into the wound, quickly causing her body to accelerate the healing process; clotting the blood, knitting together the muscles, and finally sealing the skin. When all was said and done, only a small, faint white scar in the shape of a sun remained.

She sighed in relief as she quickly climbed out of the bedroll, folded up the blanket, and headed for the tent flap.

"Hopefully I can get this cleaned before they wake up-"   

"Bad dream?" the person in the leftmost bedroll asked.

"Too late for that, apparently." The elf girl sighed and turned to the voice.

"Yes, I... I had a nightmare." The elf girl admitted.

"Want to talk about it?"

She shifted uncomfortably, "No, it's over now and... and I'm fine." She to play it off as nothing, but her voice sounded weak even to her own ears.

The other elf girl was silent for a few moments then said, "Okay, well I'm going back to sleep. Wake me if you want to talk about it."

"Will do." She quickly agreed as she turned and fled the tent. 

The elf girl exited the tent and, after a brief glance at the surrounding tents, made her way to the nearby river. It was about two-hundred feet from the camp; close enough to be useful, but far enough away that no one would mistakenly fall in, in the middle of the night.

The elf exhaled a sigh of disappointment as she knelt on the grass and shoved the blanket into the cold water.

"Gaar sos." She whispered while concentrating on the blood stain. After a few seconds of concentration, the blood slowly began to release its hold on the blanket and drift away on the gentle current.

"Oh, how far I've fallen..." She snorted to herself as she pulled the blanket from the water and placed it on the grass to dry. 

"An upper tiered life goddess reduced to cleaning bloodstains with cheap parlor tricks." She laid on the grass and looked up at the stars.

"What happened to me?" She asked no one...

"You mean besides you becoming a power-hungry bitch and ruining lives?" 

The elf girl rolled her eyes and looked at the skeleton leaning against his cane a few feet away.

"Amaar." she mumbled and made a sour face.

"Birdbrain." He replied.

"What do you want, Amaar? You've already given me a fate worse than death, so what more could you want from me?" 

"Worse than death?" He smirked. "You would've preferred I simply wipe you from existence?"

She shrugged, "Don't I deserve it?" She stared into his abyss colored eyes.

"I... I've done horrible things in the name of my 'justice'. I let my rage at him blind me to fact that I- for all my good intentions... Had become just like him."

Amaar watched her with narrowed eyes and a slight smirk. "How mature of you to finally admit that you were a hypocritical piece of rhinix excrement."  

She glared at him for a few moments- then cautiously let her eyes drop. "I suppose I was..." She mumbled.

Amaar walked over and stood at her side, causing her to flinch in anticipation... But he just sat down cross-legged and chuckled.

"While I am glad that you seem to have finally come to your senses... I'm curious as to what brought this on? The last time we spoke you were still adamant that what you did was right, even if your method was wrong."

 She shrugged, "Being stuck here, in this body, with these people I... I've had a lot of time to think about it." She sat up and slightly turned to him.

"When you first sent me here I was so angry... Angry at myself, at the gods, at Niabus..." She threw him a glare, "And most definitely at you."

He smirked. "Join the club. I hear they give all new members a jacket and the donuts are delicious."

She stared at him in bewilderment, then shook her head. "Yes- Well, Be that as it may, after spending a few years with these people I... I don't know. I guess at some point I just realized that it was no one's fault but my own and I guess I... got over it?" She said with confusion clouding her eyes.

"Got over it?" He asked.

She just nodded her head and fell onto her back. 

"Yeah, it surprised me too."

"I guess this vacation of sorts has done you some good after all." Amaar said, breaking the silence after a few minutes.

"Vacation? Is that what this was supposed to be!?" She yelled in surprise.

"In a manner of speaking, yes." 

She hopped to her feet and stared down at him.

"Does- Does that mean I get my powers back!?" She asked excitedly.

"Hell no!" Amaar snorted, "Making progress, you are, but you fucked up too bad.Yes, hmm." He replied while stroking his chin.

 She frowned, "So... I'll never be a goddess again?"

"As you were not, no. Hmm..." He said while continuing to stroke his chin.

She narrowed her eyes in annoyance and growled. "Amaar! Stop talking in that stupid accent! This is my life we're talking about here!"

He stopped stroking his chin and frowned at her in mock consternation.

"Hey, don't disrespect the accent! A long time ago on a far- far away branch of Yggdrasil, this accent was used by a VERY wise man-thing."

 "Yeah, whatever you say." she said while rolling her eyes.

She stood up and gathered her now barely damp blanket into her arms and said, "Goodbye, Amaar. Since I won't be getting my powers back, I hope to see you again only AFTER I die." she said coldly and stormed off towards camp.

"That may be sooner than you think, Forna." Amaar chuckled then vanished in a gray light. 

A note from Kenaren

Rhinix- a hybrid creature with the front half of a bull ( seven-inch horn on its nose and the normal bullhorns), The back half of a rhino, and the wings of a hummingbird. They are usually considered livestock by certain races.

[Ps. There is an actual lore reason for the reference. Any guesses?]

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