One year later

Torga was flying at a moderate pace as he circled around the branch he was following. After a little over a year since his defeat of Unger and subsequently eating a large portion of her, Torga had grown... a lot. His length was such now, that he could no longer even see his tail unless he turned back on himself and flew for a while. This, of course, led to a few bouts of depression as Torga tried to rationalize his current size.

He was far too large now to even have a chance of interacting with humans, elves- or almost anything else, for that matter. The sheer length and mass of his body would undoubtedly cause problems for any planet he happened to land on.

Torga sighed as he ripped another large chunk from the branch and quickly swallowed it.

But, what else could he do? It's not like he could live in space for the rest of his life; living off nothing but Yggdrasil and the ambient magic in the 'air' would surely drive him mad.

"Nevermind the fact that I promised Ayla I would return. Which I can't very well do if I'm the size of the FUCKING PLANET, NOW CAN I!?" Torga internally screamed in frustration.

However, his size was not the only thing weighing on his mind. Ever since he'd eaten Unger, his metabolism had kicked into overdrive and was burning through food almost as fast as he could eat it.

It's like he was a newborn snake again and he was almost constantly starving, despite his eating for almost five hours a 'day'.

"Seriously," He sighed again. "Why couldn't I have gained some other trait besides Gluttony? If it had to be one of the sins, why that one? Why not wrath, greed, or sloth? Hell, at this point, I would have taken Lust over gluttony. I mean... Surely it wouldn't have been as bad- right?"

Torga's train of thought ground to a halt as he saw something out of the corner of his eye and he stopped flying to look at it.

A large sea-green planet with a radius of about ten-thousand miles was slowly rotating and two moons; one of a slightly blue color moving from east to west and the other, a light red in color, moved from north to south.

Just as Torga was about to continue towards the planet, he noticed something that caused him to pause, again... The branch wasn't going to the planet, but was instead, splitting in two and connecting with the moons.

"That's new." Torga said in surprise.

He watched the moons for a while longer, then he proceeded onward. Though he was much more cautious in his approach this time, he still arrived at the split in only a few hours.

"Now," He thought as he glanced back and forth between the two. "Which one do I go for first?"


As Torga was thinking this, a voice from his right surprised him enough that he almost blasted it, but upon turning his head he was actually rendered speechless at the sight.

An old snake with snow-white scales, the head of a cobra, the torso of a scaled muscular man, and the lower half of a serpent was casually laying on the branch with his eyes closed.

Torga blinked in surprise at the old snake.

"Hello?" Torga half asked, half stated.

The old snake opened one eye and slightly lifted his head to look at Torga.

"You're a big one, aren't you?"

"That's an understatement if I've ever heard one." Torga chuckled under his breath.

"Eh~ You say somethin?" The old snake asked.

Torga shook his head. "Nothing important."

The old snake watched him for a few more seconds then shrugged and laid his head down.

"Suit yourself." He said with a yawn.

"So... Who are you?" Torga asked after a few minutes of silently watching the old snake sleep.

"Hmm?" It asked.

"Who are you?" Torga repeated

"Hmm... I'm Naunet; King of the Nagas."

Torga, again, blinked in surprise, "You're the naga king?" 

The old snake waved flippantly. "Pleasure to meet you, and all that jazz."

Torga watched the old snake for a few more minutes, then he spoke.

"You know... Usually, this is where we fight, right?"

The old snake sighed, then sat up and looked at Torga. 

"Now, why would we do... That?" He trailed off as his eyes grew wide and he looked at something over Torga's head.

Curious as to what he was looking at, Torga turned his head around and looked around, but only saw the ball floating on the horizon. Over the past year, it'd grown exponentially and now could be seen glowing brightly even from this end of his body; It glowed a deep orange color and its bright light was turning the horizon a similar color.

"How... How do you have that?" Naunet asked, his pupils briefly dilated as he stared, then shrunk back to their normal slits when he locked eyes with Torga.

"Do you know what it is? I've been trying to get it off my tail for years now."  Torga admitted.

"Know what it is? Of course, I know what it is!" The old snake yelled. "I've got three of them, myself!" After saying so, Naunet raised his left hand for Torga's inspection and sure enough, slowly rotating around his wrist was three faintly glowing 'balls'.

"What are they? And why do you have three of them?" Torga asked, curiously.

Naunet briefly glanced to the other moon and frowned, then he turned back and beckoned Torga to follow him.

"Come with me. I have an... offer to make you."

"I'd rather you just answer my question." Torga interrupted.

Naunet grimaced, "Fine, if I answer this one question, will you follow me and allow me to ask one favor of you?"

"I might." Torga hedged.

"Fine- Suppose that's the most I can expect at the moment." Naunet sighed.

"That thing on your tail is... Well, to put it bluntly, It's the beginning of life." 

Torga's eyes slightly widened for a moment, then narrowed again.


"It's a magic core; an object that grows from Yggdrasil's branches and, after sucking in enough magic, will form a star. From that moment on, the newly born star will saturate its surroundings with the magic that will later form planets and subsequently... Life."

"So- What you're trying to tell me is... I've been lugging around a star on my tail?" Torga asked in surprise.

"No, you've been carrying around a magic core, not a star. Magic Cores do not become stars themselves, they simply create them."

"What happens to the core after it creates a star?"

"It essentially dies... or fades, depending on how you want to look at it and returns to Yggdrasil."

"If they're created by Yggdrasil, then why is it stuck on my tail?"   

Naunet shrugged, "No idea, the only theory I can come up with is that you somehow managed to absorb enough of Yggdrasil's magic to form one yourself."

Torga thought over this and was about to ask another question, but he was interrupted by Naunet.

"However, this would be an absolutely absurd notion."


"Why? Because in order for that to happen, you would've needed to absorb more magic than any living creature could possibly withstand."

"Just... Hypothetically speaking, how much magic are we talking about?"

Naunet was silent for several minutes as he thought over the question, then he said, "Enough to support life on a large planet for several centuries and a small planet almost indefinitely... Theoretically, of course."

"But I've seen another serpent do just that, so how can you say it's impossible?"

Naunet looked confused for a moment, then understanding lit his eyes.

"You must be referring to Unger; The Primordial."

 Torga nodded.

"Yes, well, I did say any 'living' creature could withstand... Unger and even myself for that matter aren't really 'alive' in the same way you are."


 "What do you mean?"

Naunet playfully wagged his finger and shook his head.

"That's a different question entirely and is not under the purview of our agreement. Now, I've answered your question to the best of my ability. Will you, in turn, listen to my request?"

"If I do this for you," Torga began as his eyes narrowed. "You do understand that I will still kill you eventually, right?"

Naunet rolled his eyes and nodded. "Of course I do. Hel, were it in my power to do so, I would help you kill me."

"Wait... You want to die?"

Naunet shrugged, "I'm as much a prisoner here as 'Lord Orochi', so death will be a sweet release for me." 

"You have nothing to live for?" Torga asked, curiously.

Naunet glanced at the other moon again, then slowly shook his head. 

"Not anymore, I don't." 

Torga, after following Naunet's gaze to the other moon, slowly nodded his head and said.

"Very well, then, just out of curiosity, what do I get if I agree to do your favor?"

 Naunet shrugged, "The only thing I have to trade with is knowledge... Though I was a fairly well-known spellcaster in my youth." Naunet admitted.

"Could you teach me to control my magic?"

Naunet blinked, then grinned.

"I can teach you a lot more than that if you do what I ask."

Torga nodded, "Let's get this over with then, shall we?"

Naunet nodded, then slowly lifted off the branch and began following the branch back to 'his' moon with Torga following closely behind.

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Torga's current size and weight

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