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Sorry for the delay RL stuff got in the way and has kept me busy these past few weeks, so I haven't had any time to write. And when I finally get time off, Writer's block kicked my ass and left me to die in an alley somewhere...

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89 days later

"Damn... I'll never finish it at this rate." Torga said morosely.

A little over half of Unger's body remained and that had long since begun to decay under the heat of the sun. Though he didn't mind a little decay in his food, the sheer size of Unger had given even Torga pause. Her body was coiled into a tight ball beneath the planet's surface, but even then, it had a radius of at least five thousand miles. 

Despite Torga's voracious appetite, not even he could eat so much in a mere three months. 

"I think... this is the first time since my arrival that I've been unable to finish what I started... Damn it, if only I had more time!" 

As Torga ate, the planet slowly began to decay and die... As Unger said it would. Her body- her magic, was the source of life on the planet and without her around to supply it, the ecosystem died, the atmosphere began to break down, and even gravity slowly lost its hold as Torga ate away at planet's mass. In fact, the gravity had become nearly ten times weaker, than when he'd first arrived; Water would float through the sky as if it were air, the sky had become almost completely transparent as the atmosphere slowly dissipated, leaving Torga with an amazing view of the stars... and a constant reminder of the imminent death of a once beautiful planet...

"Suppose I start making my way back to the branch. I don't want to get too distracted and let this place become my grave, after all..."


 On the other side of Yggdrasil, Lokir's POV

"Gods damn it!" Lokir raged. 

He grabbed a lamp from a nearby table and hurled it across the room and into the opposite wall. His mother and sister winced at the sound but didn't otherwise react.

"Breaking our furniture won't change the past, Lokir." His mother said in a calm voice.

"I know!" He paused for a moment, then let out a deep breath. "I know... I... I failed to protect her."

"Jeez, you're acting like she died. So she has a scar, what's the big deal?" His sister asked.

"That's not the point. If Findral hadn't been there, Ayla would have died to that damn assassin." Even while saying so, his mind went back to the previous night when he heard the scream and the sounds of battle coming from inside her room.

He almost broke down the door in his haste to enter and what was the first thing he saw? Why, it was Findral standing over the would-be assassin in her 'true' form; Her reddish-pink skin had turned a deep, blood red, her hair appeared to be made of a living flame, a long, onyx-black tail swayed just above the man's face, with a dangerous looking point hovering just above his left eye. Occasionally, a wave of fire would encircle a limb or her torso, then would travel down her body and burn the man.

"Lokir?" His mother interrupted.

"Yes? What is it?"

"Have they made any progress in determining his allegiance?" She drawled.

Lokir grit his teeth at her blasé attitude, but held in his anger so he could shake his head.

"No... They have not." He replied.

"Well then, what are you still doing here?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" 

"It was your bride-to-be that was attacked, correct?"

"Yes. What's your point?"

She rolled her eyes at the question. "Why haven't you asked for my permission to interrogate him yourself? I'd think you'd be itching for a chance to question him... or was I mistaken?" She drawled.

Lokir shook his head in surprise, "I... May I?" he asked.

"Of course, just ask Fira to heal him as needed so he doesn't die before you get what you need." She replied with a slight smile.

Lokir's mouth briefly hung open, then it snapped shut and he grimly smiled. "Thank you... Your majesty." He bowed low, then left the room.

As he made his way down to the dungeon a cruel smile made its way onto his lips. "Time to stop the goody-goody act... for awhile, at least." 

He wound his way through the castle and eventually, he made it to the dungeons where a guard stopped him.

"Sorry sir, but the queen has stated that no one is allowed to see the prisoner." 

"I've been given orders to interrogate the prisoner for information on his allegiances." The prince stated matter-of-factly.

"I'll need you to wait here while I confirm this information-" The guard began, but halted after seeing the look on the prince's face. "Uhh... Go on in." The guard stammered, then stepped out of Lokir's way.

"Find lady Fira and bring her here. She's to be my second." Lokir ordered.

"Right away, sir!" The guard saluted, then ran off to follow his order.

Lokir waited a few seconds for him to leave, then grabbed the key off of the nearby wall, unlocked the solid iron door, and stepped inside.

Once inside, he slowly began to take off his leather vest, armbands, pauldrons, and the white shirt he wore beneath. All the while, he stared the chained up would-be-assassin in the eye.

"I do so hope you're more durable than you look... Otherwise," He pulled a faintly glowing, silver necklace over his head and sat it on the ground with the rest of his clothes. 

Lokir's body seemed to blur for a moment as he took the five steps from the door to the wall, where the man was suspended in the air; his arms and legs chained in such a way, as to keep him in an X-position. 

The man blinked several times, clearing up the 'blur' with each one until he could finally see what was standing before him; A six and a half foot tall, pale blue skinned man, with ebony horns rising from his forehead.

The man cried out in surprise and began to struggle as Lokir continued speaking.

"You may just die before Fira even gets here." He finished with a cruel smile.

A while later, a middle-aged blonde woman rushed into the cell and came to a stop at Lokir's side. 

"What have ya done now, you foolish boy!?" She yelled at the pale blue man even as her hand began emitting a faint green light. She dropped to her knees heedless of the blood now staining her white dress.

"Sorry, I... Uh... Made a bit of a mess." Lokir lamely said.

"A bit of a mess!?" The woman yelled. "Yer went far past, 'A bit' of a mess!" 

Which was true. The would-be assassin's body was mangled almost beyond recognition; His arms and legs were bent in ungodly painful ways and a few bones were poking through the skin in multiple places, the skin on his face had been peeled off in various sized strips, and his right ear had been cut off.

"You need to get that temper in-check boy!" She ranted, as she frantically worked to save the man's life... If only so he could be interrogated further.

Lokir watched her work in silence for ten minutes, before he slipped the necklace back over his head, re-dressed, and said. "I'm sorry, Nan... But that little shit tried to take what's mine." Lokir coldly said as he finished fastening his armor.

The woman sighed and looked over her shoulder at him.

"Did ya get whatcha need, boy?" She asked.

Lokir shook his head.

"Then go find yer girl and leave him to me... I'll see what I can do to keep him alive, so you can try again tomorrow." She finished.

"Thanks." Lokir said gratefully, then he left her to work.

Torga POV

Torga, after tearing off a building-sized chunk of Unger's body for the 'road', left the planet behind and rapidly flew along the branch.

"Next planet, here I come!"

A note from Kenaren

Thanks for reading everyone!

Also, just as a reminder. While it is true that Torga's appetite is damn near limitless, it does have a limit. The planet he was on had a diameter of 100,000 miles+ and while he could have eaten the whole thing, if given enough time, he only had 90 days to eat what he could and leave.

So, unfortunately, the ??? Evolution is still just out of reach. (Though it's still pretty close.)

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