The first thing Torga saw after opening his eyes, was this pop-up

You have arrived at your destination; Planet Beglore: Territory of Unger, The Primordial Leviathan


Find and Slay Unger



All Serpent Leviathans will follow your commands

Torga dismissed the pop-up, began shrinking down to his smallest size, then set out to explore the area for a few hours.

He explored for a full day and in that time; he found caves, underwater volcanoes, and large coral reefs... But no other signs of life. Because of this, after searching for a long time, Torga decided to go back to sleep until the next morning, so when he woke back up the shrinking process would be complete.

The next morning, Torga woke up and decided to inspect himself and compare his 'small' size to the surrounding terrain... Because of his current size, Torga's 'smallest' was still over a mile long. As such, he also had to turn into a snake-man if he wanted to survey the area without everything in a ten-mile radius fleeing for their lives. In his snake-man form, Torga stood just over five-hundred feet tall, which meant he was tall enough to stand on the ocean floor and still have the majority of his torso be above water.

While stretching his body in an attempt to rid the sleep from his mind, he noticed a little orange light floating around his head; it was the ball.

"I guess it's shrunk with me... Good, it would have been really annoying, otherwise."

With a radius of a little over twenty-feet, the 'ball' had shrunken until it was little more than a boulder orbiting Torga's head.

"Hmm... Now, which way should I go- huh?"

He glanced down and saw a group of large, blue, water snakes swimming around his legs. One of which was biting into his left leg, though it was unable to actually do anything other than be a mild annoyance.

He reached down and plucked the snake off of his leg, then touched it to his forehead.

You have created a new puppet!
Water Titan Boa Tier:3

The puppet's eyes snapped open and Torga saw himself through its eyes; His three burning red eyes, his dark green-gray scales, and the dark, unkempt, hair-like spikes that hung past his shoulders and across his chest.

"I look like a girl with this hair... An ugly one, but a girl nonetheless." He though with a twitch of the eye.

He reached up and gave the 'hair' a few light tugs to see if any would come loose, but since it refused to come loose, Torga decided to ignore it.

"Maybe I'll get Ayla to cut it once I get back... Now that I think about it, I wonder how she's doing?"

He closed his eyes and searched for the other puppet he'd left with her all those years ago...


The puppet's field of view slowly came into focus and Torga realized he was in a dark area.

"Where is this-" He was interrupted by a low moan.

"Ahh!" The voice moaned.

The puppet's head slowly turned in the direction of the voice, which allowed Torga to see to shadows; one on top of the other, moving in the darkness.

"Ayla?" He asked.

The two shadows stopped moving instantly and one fumbled for something on a nearby table for a few seconds before the lights were turned on to reveal... Ayla and Findral... In bed together... with equally horrified looks on their faces.

"Oh... OH! That's my bad!" Torga yelled, before cutting the connection and returning to his body.

Torga's mind slammed back into his body and he felt his face heat up.

"What... The hell... Was that!?" He wondered. "No, nevermind, I really don't want to know." he decided after his mind went in an... unwelcome, direction.

Meanwhile, with Ayla and Findral

"You don't think he..."

"Thinks we were having sex?" She tilted her head from side to side, then said. "Probably."

"That's just great! One more thing I'll have to explain!" Ayla threw off the covers to reveal her still fully clothed body and the thin line of blood just under her breasts.

"I wasn't done cauterizing the wound." Findral said as she lifted up Ayla's shirt and placed her finger on the wound.

"Ahh!" Ayla hissed in pain.

"Oh, stop complaining. If you'd just hold still and let me do this, then it won't even scar."

"Yeah, well if you'd just done it quicker, then Dad wouldn't think we were having sex!"

"You're the one who said to turn off the lights because you were embarrassed, so don't blame it on me."

The two continued to bicker, all the while being completely oblivious to the mental damage they'd done to Torga...

Torga created three more puppets, then sent them all out to explore the surrounding area. As they were all around fifty-feet long, they could easily enter places that Torga could not.

"And now... we wait- hmm?" Something caught Torga's attention when it destroyed one of the puppets he'd just sent out... And whatever it was, it was close.

He slowly rose out of the water and turned in place until he was facing the direction the destroyed puppet was in... Then he saw it; an extremely large black shadow that twisted and turned as it sped towards him. It appeared to be several miles wide and was so long Torga couldn't see its end.

"Well... That sucks." He muttered as the shadow came within a hundred feet of him and two long, thin shadows split off from the larger shadow and sped towards him.

Torga jumped out of the water in time for the shadows to pass under him, stop, then explode out of the water.


The 'shadows' revealed themselves to be two of the largest creatures he'd ever seen; Leviathans, each over a mile long and as big around as Torga's chest... And, as Torga soon found out... they weren't alone. The giant 'shadow' exploded out of the water to reveal hundreds, possibly thousands, of Leviathans and they were all aiming for Torga.

His third eye fired a large blast of magic into the Leviathan swarm, obliterating several hundred of them almost instantly... But they replaced just as quickly by even larger serpents.

"That's not going to work~" A musical voice chuckled from just behind him.

"Unger, I assume?" 

Torga spun around in the air and saw a pure white serpent staring at him; Its scales were the color of fresh snow, its eyes were milky white as if it'd long since lost the light in them, and it. was. BIG! Its body stretched into the distance far beyond the limit of Torga's sight, its body easily had a diameter of several thousand feet, and to top it all off, the things whiskers were as thick as the other Leviathans.

"Surprised?" It asked with a musical lilt to its voice.


"Beautiful? Gorgeous? How about perfect beyond measure?"

"I was gonna say fat, but hey, to each there own."

 Unger's eyes narrowed and her lips pulled back to reveal obscenely large teeth.

"You're a rude one, aren't you?"    

"Me, rude?... Never." Torga sneered.

He fired three blasts in quick succession; each one larger than the one he used to wipe out the Xalarian army... And they did nothing. The blasts passed through Unger's body as if they were a ghost, then flew off into the distance.

"I told you~ That. Won't. Work~" Unger sneered. 

Suddenly, one of its whiskers slammed into Torga's side and sent him flying into the waves. He quickly stood up and punched the first serpent to attack him, causing its head to burst into gore, then he turned back to Unger... Only to see empty air.

"Where'd they go!?" He wondered aloud, even as he had to duck under the jaws of another serpent.

He swung his arm through the body of the serpent, cleaving it in two, and giving him enough time to leap into the sky once again.

"Find them!" He commanded his puppets, causing them to speed off, leaving Torga to face down the seemingly endless swarm.

"Fine, you want to hide from me!? We'll see how long you can hide once I start tearing this place apart!"

"Soo~ Dramatic~" Unger's said from behind him.

Before Torga could turn around, he was smacked into the water, and attacked by the swarm. 

He fired off dozens of blasts, and though each one killed many serpents... The more he used this tactic, the less it seemed to affect the Leviathans.

"Surprised? Good, you should be."

"This is the moment you start bragging about your 'power' isn't it?" he asked while creating a wall of ice around him to block the swarm's charge.

"Now, why would I do that? Do you think I'm stupid or something?"

"Honestly? It just seemed to be something you 'Kings' do."

"Is that so~?" Unger laughed. "Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I'm far too old to fall for such paltry taunting."

"Old? Please, Old isn't what I'd use to describe you-" He slapped a serpent out of the air when it tried to grab him, then he went back to killing any that came near. "Now, Ancient... That's more your speed." 

"There's that rudeness, again. Did no one teach you to respect your elders?"

"Yep~," He grabbed to serpents out of the air and slammed their heads together, busting them open like they were over-ripe fruit. "Then again, my elders also had the sense to die before they became so old they breathed dust instead of oxygen."

"I think, that's quite enough of that." 

Torga had just jumped into the air to avoid being grabbed by three serpents when Unger wrapped her whiskers around him and began to squeeze.

"Be a good lad and die for me... Won't you?"  

Torga struggled for a bit, then sighed... "Alright, you win... I'll die for you."


"Fuck no!" He yelled as he released the jewel's enchantment and slowly began to grow larger.

"It'll take a while yet for me to return to full size, so let's have some fun before I eat you!" He flexed his muscles, then activated his 'Enhance' skill; Causing his strength, durability, and speed to increase by thirty percent.

He slowly lifted his arms and pushed the whiskers ever so slightly apart then, just before he fell, he turned into a serpent. He flew high into the sky and quickly retreated from the battlefield.

"Let's play a game~ If you catch me, you win... But if I find your real body first-" The look in Unger's eyes told him he was correct, so he 'smiled' at her. "Then I win~" 

"After him!" Unger roared which prompted the leviathans to give chase. 

The chase lasted for almost fifteen hours and during that time; The planet had been covered in darkness as the sun went down, Torga ate several of the leviathans to replenish his supply of energy, he killed thousands and wounded many, many more, but despite all of that- he was still no closer to finding Unger's 'real' body or putting a dent in the leviathan's numbers. In fact, if anything, there appeared to be more of them now, than when he started.

"This shit is getting old!" Torga internally growled as he shifted back into his 'Snake-man' form.

He'd long since lost his patience with the 'swarm', especially after they killed off the last of his puppet's and forced him to do the searching himself.

Torga landed in the water so he could search in a new area when his right arm blurred and caught a leviathan just behind its head, then he fired a blast down its throat in anger.

The blast traveled the length of its body, then slammed into the ground below...

"Arghhh!!!" Something roared.

Torga's eyes glanced at the ground beneath his feet, and through the crystal clear water, he could see a dark red liquid seeping through the ground.

"I found you~" He jumped into the air and rotated until his eyes were pointed at the 'ground', then he fired the largest blast he could muster directly into it.

The water exploded in every direction, sand and dirt were sent flying into the sky, and for the first time since he got here, Torga saw his prey; Unger was coiled into a ball of such magnitude, one would be forgiven for thinking it was coiled around the very core of the planet... Or were they?

"So... You finally found me." Unger winced in pain from the large wound on her side.

"... You're even bigger than I thought."

"I am the largest serpent on Yggdrasil... Or at least, I was until someone took my title from me."

"Hmm, Shame that... But ultimately not my problem. Now, are you going to fight or lay there and die?"

"I choose... Option C; Killing you!" 

Unger lifted her massive head into the air; it was easily bigger than Torga and she still had her body coiled into a ball!

"What's the matter!? Bring out the rest of your body!" He roared as he bodily slammed into the top of her head.

She winced in pain, then used her whiskers to swat him out of the sky.

"I've long since been unable to leave this place. I am the core of this planet, after all. And should you actually manage to kill me, then this planet will collapse around you."

"Oh~" Torga moaned as he pulled himself to his feet. "Why didn't you say so from the beginning!" 

He dashed forward and tackled Unger's neck, then, using all of his strength, he held it down and sent four blasts of energy into her immobilized body.

Unger roared in pain and order her swarm to attack Torga... But Torga had finally found her and he wasn't about to let this fight drag on any longer than necessary!

His third eye turned snow white and the warm water around him slowly turned to ice; freezing the leviathans in place and giving Torga the time he needed to attack again. He struggled to hold her down, even as a massive spike of ice formed above her body.

"Die already-umph!" He yelled as one of her whiskers threw him into the spike before it could so much as touch her, breaking it into pieces and rendering it mostly useless.

"You think you're the only one who can use magic!?" Unger's body began to glow and suddenly the 'swarm' dissolved into bright white lights and fixed itself to her body, forming a clear 'shell' of magic around her.

Torga climbed to his feet and fired three shots at her body... They simply bounced off the shell.

"Well... That's inconvenient." He drawled.

Unger raised her head high into the sky, then shot forward and attempted to eat Torga in one bite. However, when Torga held out his arms, CAUGHT the behemoths mouth, and pried it open until he had a clear view down her throat.

"Lunchtime!~" He grunted as he struggled to hold her mouth in place, then he fired a beam of highly concentrated magic down her throat.

Unger was understandably surprised at the strength Torga possessed... until the magic ripped through the back of her neck, ricocheted off the shield and back into her body over and over again until her massive body was torn to shreds inside the thing meant to protect her...

Eventually, Torga grew tired of holding her in place, so he tossed her now lifeless head to the side and fell onto his back in exhaustion. He focused on maintaining the ice around him, so water wouldn't suddenly rush in and fill up the 'hole' Unger's body was lying in, after all... 

"I'm soo hungry~" Torga moaned while climbing to his feet and making his way over to her head.

"As I said before... It's lunchtime." He muttered to the corpse as he ripped out an eyeball and began tearing into the body...

You have successfully killed '' Primordial Leviathan Unger" and taken her title. 
You have gained the ability to command all serpent Leviathans and have earned the title of 'Leviathan King'

Please proceed to the next Royal Serpent territory.

 "Later... Eat now, climb later." Torga said in between mouthfuls.


Due to Unger's death, the core of this planet has become unstable.

Total planetary collapse in 90 days, 20 hours, 37 minutes, and 15 seconds

 Torga swiped away the pop-up, "Ninety days... That's plenty of time to eat my fill~" He laughed, then tore into the corpse with renewed energy...

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