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1,000 miles into the journey

Torga was flying at top speed, while occasionally stopping to eat some of Yggdrasil when he noticed just how thirsty he was getting; His mouth felt like he'd been eating sand for days and microscopic granules were sticking to his teeth.

So, Torga momentarily stopped flying and, using the small amount of breathable air around the branch, created as much clean water as he could to wash out his mouth, then he continued to fly forward.

50,000 miles into the journey

Torga had flown for as long as he was able, then he gently lowered himself to the ground and carved out a hole just big enough for him to sleep in.

He slept until he was fully rested, then he began flying again.

100,000 miles into the journey


Though Torga was still feeling the effects of eating the branch; namely the massive increase in energy, his body seemed to be getting slightly heavier with each passing meal.

It was almost as if the branch's magic was having an... odd effect on him; He wasn't in pain, nor was he feeling ill. In fact, it was just the opposite and Torga was feeling better than he'd ever felt. However, as the slight increase in his weight was noticeable, Torga was beginning to think he should stop eating it... For now, anyway.

But since he didn't want to turn around and there was nothing besides magic and the branch to eat out here, Torga decided against it and pressed on.

1,000,000 miles into the journey

Sleep became the worst part of Torga's 'days', as everytime he tried to sleep his body was wracked with growing pains. After a month of eating nothing but the branch and drinking a combination of magic and water to frequently wash his mouth out, Torga's body entered a growth phase. His body was almost constantly growing longer, while his overall size remained fairly consistent. 

This allowed him to rapidly lose his 'fat' stomach and slim down, though his body still retained the same amount of muscle, which stopped him from getting any thinner. 

As it was, his snake-man form looked almost as large as Holstig did the last time Torga saw him... Though Torga was much, much taller.

After getting his daily four hours of restless sleep, Torga resumed his flight.

5,000,000 miles into the journey

Torga noticed something... odd. On the very tip of his tail; between the two massive spikes and floating just above the third, smaller one, sat a tiny red sphere; It appeared to only have a diameter of six or seven feet, though whenever he tried moving it, its small size didn't do the massive weight he felt justice.

"I've thrown dragons that weighed less than this damn ball!" Torga growled in frustration after one of his many failed attempted to pull the ball away from his tail.

But after a dozen failed attempted to remove it, Torga decided to leave it alone and to press on.

 20,000,000 miles into the journey

 Ever since the ball first formed, Torga body has slowly, but surely, adjusted to the new weight. So much so, that he no longer even noticed it was there... Which was surprising, since it had almost tripled in size and weight. With the change in size/weight, came a change in color as well; turning from a very dark red to a much lighter orange with yellow flakes.

Torga, after noticing the change, began to pay much closer attention to the ball and would inspect it after every meal. Though this slowed down his travel speed quite considerably, he believed it to be a fair trade-off for ensuring he actually made it to his destination...

100,000,000 miles into the journey

 For the first time in Torga's life, he finally found an enemy that not even he could defeat... His own mind. After years of monotonous flying, Torga had finally begun to have hallucinations; he heard the voice of Ayla desperately calling out to him for help, he saw in his mind's eye her dying over and over again because he wasn't there to protect her.

He saw Findral being beaten to death, Siofs being executed, Holstig being mutilated, Hogunn being gutted, and after their deaths, came the elves... Torga had nightmares about the slave traders he once fought for their freedom coming to reclaim them, he dreamed of them dying and of him being truly alone in this vast world... But that only pissed him off.

"No, they're safe. I made sure of it before I came here... Is someone messing with my head again or have I been alone for so long that I've finally gone mad?" he wondered.

He wasn't sure exactly how long he'd been traveling, after all, the branch didn't have day or night per se... the branch only had a light side and a dark side; one side facing the system's star and the other facing away from it. Because the star didn't move and neither did the branch, for that matter. If Torga wanted to feel the warmth of the sun on his scales, he had to fly to the side of the branch that always faced the sun and the same applied if he wanted some darkness so he could sleep peacefully.

This far into space, nothing Torga could see even looked like a planet anymore and even the star was but a glowing ball in the distance...

"Wait a minute..." Torga stopped moving and slowly turned his head until he could see the little orange ball on his tail. He stared at it in silence for several minutes, then he 'shrugged' and turned back.

"Nah, I'm probably wrong."

300,000,000 miles into the journey

"I really hate it when I'm right..." Torga sighed as he stared at the much larger ball floating just above his spiked tail.

It'd slowly gotten bigger over time until it eventually grew to well over two-hundred feet in diameter and weighed several million tonnes.

Though this weight was almost negligible to Torga as he was now, it was still noticeable; like the weight of a ring on a finger, Torga felt the 'ball' resting on the tip of his tail...

"Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk, I suppose. Especially since I can't get the damn thing off, even if I wanted to, now..." He sighed.

Again, after losing all sense of time. Torga found himself coiled around the 'ball' inside a hole he'd dug out of the branch and was sleeping days away at a time. 

He'd truly lost all motivation by this point and just... couldn't seem to push himself any further. He'd easily been traveling for a decade by this point and still, no end was in sight.

"I'm never going to make it... am I?" He wondered as he stared off into the dark reaches of space. He long since lost count of the 'nights' he'd spent doing exactly this; staring into the darkness at the seemingly infinite number of lights. 

It was during these 'nights' that Torga's body grew larger and so did his concern for those he left behind.

Would he ever see them again or was he destined to be stuck on this branch forever? Would he even remember what they looked like if he did see them again?

"Worries for another time, I suppose... I've wasted enough time here as it is." He uncoiled himself and slowly left his 'bed', then continued on his way.

360,897,567 miles into the journey

Once again, Torga found himself floating aimlessly through space as he moved ever forward. He was back in his snake-man form for the first time in... He wasn't sure how long. After all, time was quite meaningless when you controlled whether or not you saw the sun.

However, a sideways glance jolted Torga out of his funk and caused him to fly at speeds he'd not reached in years; the reason for this?... He saw the light at the end of the branch.

"There it is... Holy shit... There it is!" He laughed as he rocketed forward.

365,366,261 miles in.

 "Almost there..."

He pushed his body to its utmost limit traveling miles in mere seconds, this continued until the planet filled his vision and he broke through the atmosphere. The planet itself was obscenely large with a diameter of almost one-hundred-thousand miles, it appeared to be completely covered by a mix of dark blue and light purple water, with little to no landmass visible from Torga's position.

Once Torga was through the atmosphere and he was subjected to gravity for the first time in decades, he began to weep with joy even as he slammed head-first into the surface of the water, completely submerging himself, and causing a massive tidal wave that traveled for miles in every direction, even as he greedily gulped down as much of the crystal clear water as he could.

"Finally... I've finally made it." Torga sighed as he floated just beneath the waves.

Torga closed his eyes and allowed himself to briefly fall into a trance as he was gently rocked back and forth by the current... Until he heard a ding.


You have completed 'The journey of a million miles' feat and have earned an increase in speed for accomplishing this feat.

Torga blankly stared at the window for several minutes before his mind kicked in and anger flooded him.

"Where the fuck was this while I was traveling!? Torga screamed in rage.

"Fine! you know what? Fuck it, Fuck you, and Fuck this shit!"  He roared.

He exploded in a rage and began eating as much of the 'fresh' food in the area as he could before he settled down and fell asleep...


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Thanks for reading everyone!

365,366,261 miles = 588,000,000 KM  

Update on Torga's size, weight, and speed 

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